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SHEEBAH HAS NO HOUSE: She Is Not A Musician, She Is A Karaoke Dancer From The Cursed Lubaga Division – Full Figure



Musician Jennifer Namutebi alias Full figure has warned Sheebah to stop calling herself a musician.

In an exclusive interview with the Grapevine’s Doreen Menezer, Full Figure said that she knows Sheebah as a karaoke dancer from the cursed Lubaga division. Below is our interview with her:

Grapevine: People out there would like to know who Full Figure is?

Full Figure: I am Jennifer Namutebi and Namutebi is my mother’s name.

Grapevine: When did you start sing.

Full Figure : I started music in 2006 in Eagles production. I was humble and had a song called Mukyakale in my head then when I got a chance to meet Chance Nalubega, she gave me a chance to hold a microphone and she taught me how to sing properly. I later joined her group and we made a song which turned out to be a mega hit and when Pallaso came back from ‘kyeyo’ he asked for it.

Grapevine: There is this issue of Sheebah and Cindy doing a battle, what do you talk about it?

Full Figure: There is no point in all that it is just stage managed, they are just making promotions, looking for money from people.

Grapevine: You recently said that you can sing better than Sheebah, how true is that?

Full Figure: Yes, I am better than her she only has songs and management but I have more money than her. Sheebah is not a musician, she’s a dancer.

Grapevine: Why do say she’s not a musician?

Full Figure: She is not a musician because she cannot master the key codes. The codes she sings is not music, I know they write songs for her, but even if they write songs for you, you have to select the parts of the song that have to be there and which ones to drop, but for Sheebah’s case, songs are just written, recorded and then after she listens to them and mimes them. Ask her if she has ever written a song or if she can correct a song.

Grapevine: Have you ever written any song?

Full Figure: I write all my songs including the “mukyakale” song that we sang with Pallaso when he had just returned from abroad. I write my songs myself; I even write for other musicians like Kusasira and others and those songs turn out to be hits.

Grapevine: Your fans are out there saying you are too silent nowadays.

Full Figure: I am not silent. First there is no money in music now, music is no longer a viable business venture. I am just concentrating on my other businesses because I am a hard-working lady. Ugandan musicians who are looking only at musician are poor.

Grapevine: Sheebah came up and showed off that she has a house, what’s your take on that?

Full Figure: Sheebah has no house, the house she is showing off with isn’t hers, it’s for Team No Sleep (TNS) because Jeff Kiwa sleeps in the same house. At the moment, Sheebah has nothing, not even clothes because Jeff Kiwa can take everything from her in a blink of an eye. But some of us have lots of properties and we don’t show them off, why, because this is not about properties it’s about music.  Sheebah has no child that means she has no responsibilities. She doesn’t have a man her man is a woman they put on the same clothes unlike us, I have a foundation I take care of but I have never come up and asked for help.

Cindy is better than Sheebah 1000 times. She writes her own songs without management and she is a performer. She dances on stage with energy something that Sheebah doesn’t do.

When Sheebah tried to show the energy on stage, she fell. Music has no meaning nowadays people just start singing from nowhere, Sheebah came from dancing Karaoke in Lubaga, I think that place is cursed, every disorganized fellow comes from Lubaga. You hear people like Kato Lubwama, Victor Kamenyo among others. I think it is a good place that needs someone with brains because it houses important places like the hospitals and some good radio stations. Sheebah cannot stand in Cindy’s shoes. The only woman I give respect to in the music industry now is Irene Ntale, why? because she can play a guitar while singing, meaning she knows in which key she sings her music, it is not like dancing.

The Winnie Nwangis are not musicians they are just there to sell their sexy bodies. If you think they are musicians, give them a live band and see if they will handle.

 Grapevine: But when she’s singing, she sounds like she knows music.

Full Figure: differentiate between knowing and singing music, they are few people who can sing live. If a gospel artiste like Judith Babirye cannot do that what about the Sheebahs and Nwagis.

By Doreen Menezer



When You Are Giving Your Private Parts To Rich Men, Also Use Your Brains – Bad Black Displays Receipts Of How She Detoothed Bryan White….



L-R: Vivian Mutanda, Bad Black and Stella Nandawula

Socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black has advised women to use both their brains and private parts like she does when they are using rich men.

The self-proclaimed prostitute was weighing in on allegations that socialite Bryan White has been raping some of the girls in his Bryan White foundation, making them pregnant and forcing them to abort.

For the past two weeks, three girls have come out to pin Bryan White for sexually assaulting them.

Bad Black displays a receipt of the money she received from Bryan White

Vivian Mutanda, Leticia and Stellah Nandawula have all accused Bryan White of raping them. Mutanda even testified against Bryan White before Parliament’s Human Rights committee today.

“Let me make this clear ‘Bakyala’ (women) learn how to use rich men before coming crying on media When things go wrong that’s why I always say use your brain not pussy,” Bad Black told the trio.

Bad Black displayed evidence of receipts showing that Bryan White paid her for all the time they were working together.

“These receipts prove how Bryan white gave me money while I was in Malaysia ‘muwoome obusolo okusinga okutuwoganila’,” Bad Black said.

Another receipt that Bad Black presented as evidence.

In a turn of events, Stella Nandawula, one of Bryan White’s alleged victims has praise him as a good man who cares for everyone and is incapable of hurting anyone.

Nandawula said that the photos that leaked where she had a swollen face were as a result of fighting with other girls after taking a lot of alcohol but not because Bryan White tortured her.

Parliament’s Committee on Human Rights has summoned Bryan White to defend himself.


By Sandra Mukisa


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Kadaga Wants Kenzo Brought Back Home And His Bills Paid – Musician Cries To Speaker For Help….



Musician Kenzo (L) with the Speaker Kadaga (R) - Courtesy photo

Musician Edrisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo has cried to the Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga for help.

Kadaga today revealed that she received a call from Kenzo asking for help to come back home after spending everything he has in Cote d’Ivoire where the lockdown found him.

“This afternoon, I received a phone call from Eddie Kenzo, a Ugandan musician, stuck in Cote d’Ivoire where he had gone to perform. He is in dire straits and has spent whatever he had. He’s unable to come home because flights are not available,” Kadaga said.

She added, “I would like to call upon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, working through our Mission in Abuja, to offer him consular services so that he can be assisted to come home; and to also meet his bills.

“I will also be informing H.E. the President about this matter so that he can be assisted. For him its even worse because he is in a French speaking country. Life is not as easy as it would be if he was in an English-speaking country where he could talk with people and get assistance,” she said.


By Sandra Mukisa


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This Is A Hoax!!!! Treat It With Contempt – Juliana Bitter At Allegations That First Son Muhoozi Is The Father Of Baby Taj…



Juliana Kanyomozi (courtesy photo)

Songbird Juliana Kanyomozi has refutted social media allegations that First Son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba is the father of her son Taj.

According to a social media post on ‘Top Secrets Revealed’, they allege that Juliana had a bitter excahnge with Gen. Muhoozi after refusing to test for the DNA of the baby.

“My dear, Gen. Muhoozi, I have sacrificed everything for you including the most dear thing to me my music career which you forced me to abandon because of your insecurity on me being noticed by other men on stage, and now you have abandoned me in the hospital,Man up please and take responsibility, I’m not stupid, I will never give you the DNA test on your new born baby, either you take him as your baby or not,” the post alleges.

However, Juliana, who seemed bitter with the post says that allegation is a hoax (in capital letters).

“THIS IS A HOAX!!!! Treat it with the contempt it deserves!!!! Thank you,” Juliana posted on twitter.


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