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SHOCKING: Has Museveni Girl Anita Among Opened War On Bobi Wine?



Bukedea woman MP Anita Among is these days a very powerful lady. She is so connected to Museveni and doesn’t need to be a Minister because she is already more powerful than ministers. As such, she is doing many political errands for Museveni including working hard to disorganize and weaken opposition groups. She has two assistants helping her to achieve her goals and these are Mike Okwi and Ismail Kasule. Okwi is a former Red pepper journalist for the Soroti bureau, these days he is a councilor in Bukedea and also the political assistant running Among’s errands in the constituency.

This has made him very powerful especially on social media. He is always the one posting things against Bobi Wine, a man who Among claims to be her friend. She even got permission from the President and went to Makindye prison and visited him there. She came back and said Bobi was very okay and hadn’t been tortured. But when he came out, Bobi denounced her saying it wasn’t true that he told her soldiers had treated him well. If her assistant Okwi’s views can be taken to be hers, then Among is now deeply in the fight against Bobi. Okwi who is her campaign manager has been everywhere on Facebook accusing Bobi Wine of being a front for the imperialists who want to use people power to take Uganda’s oil. He has also posted things saying Bobi is funded by homosexuals. Okwi has also posted that Bobi was stuck in the US having failed to pay hotel bills.

(L-R) Anita Among, Winnie Kiiza and Atkins Katusabe pose with President Museveni after a meeting with Kasese MPs at Kisozi farm recently

All this turned out to be false propaganda aiming at humiliating him. Some concerned leaders tried to ask Among to stop Okwi from opening war on Bobi but she just kept a deaf ear. She also refused to denounce his Facebook posts against Bobi. Among has no problem accessing opposition secrets because many of the young girls now calling themselves Bobi’s coordinators are on her payroll for example Zelda Kakayi of Nakawa. She has benefited from Among’s budget since 2016 when she was tortured and Among gave her 15m for treatment. In Kyadondo she was a close female friend of Apollo Kantinti and she fought hard against Bobi whom she now claims to like so much. She has a big group of other opposition ladies like Nassasira Happy of Nakawa & Phiona Busingye of Mbarara. These are very much behind Bobi these days but their links to Among are well known. It’s not clear if they are connected to Okwi, Among’s assistant, who has been active in character assassinating Bobi. In Arua where Bobi and others were arrested and tortured, these three women were there and were always posting photos enjoying Bobi’s company. Their being in Arua was also the sure way for Among to access any info she wanted as they were in the middle of Bobi camp.


Kasule calls himself a youth leader from Hoima and was brought to opposition politics in Kampala by Makindye MP Ephraim Kasozi. Ismail Kasule earns his daily bread by being the PA to Among. He also says he is a strong believer of Gen Muntu’s 3rd force. He is also a strong admirer and assistant to LoP Winnie Kiiza. Even his profile photo is a photo of Winnie Kiiza. In Arua he was among those who worked with MP Kasozi to facilitate Fred Nyanzi who convinced Bobi to go and support Wadri. He had refused saying his message was for the young people and not old pensioners like Wadri. But Nyanzi on being facilitated became excited and convinced Bobi to travel to Arua which he had refused. The fuel for Bobi’s car was even bought by a good Samaritan, an MP, who sent it through Ismail Kasule to his brother Fred Chairman Nyanzi. In Arua, Kasule was among those who received Bobi and kept posing as his bodyguard.

Kasule (where arrow is pointed) with Winnie Kiiza and other MPs at Gulu police station

Kasule (circled) with MP Karuhanga at Arua police station

He took many photos with Bobi while putting on army fatigues which were banned for civilians and many kept wondering why nobody was questioning Kasule for that. On the day of the torture, Kasule was arrested with 32 others to make them 33. He was in cells with Gerald Karuhanga and others. However, what left many totally shocked, with Karuhanga saying, “I didn’t know we have been infiltrated,” was when security operatives came to the Gulu prison cell at night and took away Kasule. That’s why when the group was brought before a judge in Gulu, Kasule wasn’t part of the group. After getting bail Karuhanga was so much disappointed and wanted to call a press conference and expose Anita Among’s PA Ismail Kasule but some powerful MP from Kasese who is also a strong Muntu supporter and a good friend of Among told him to forgive and not do it. But the questions remain as to what exactly happened; who are the men that picked Kasule from the Gulu cells and why he wasn’t charged for treason with the others.

Kasule was among those arrested during the Arua Fracas but he never stepped in court

What is even more suspicious is that when he reached Kampala, Kasule feared to be identified and hunted down by Bobi’s supporters and removed all the photos of Arua which he had taken campaigning with Bobi. The stronger supporters of Bobi have been instead accusing an innocent man Abed Bwanika that he is the State House mole who betrayed Bobi Wine in Arua. But informed group members close to Karuhanga say Abed is innocent and the man they are suspecting is Ismail Kasule who even took a low profile after his controversial release from prison in Gulu. It’s being said that some members of this spying group have also been spying on Bobi Wine in America and followed him on the plane all the way from Amsterdam up to Entebbe airport where he was arrested once again. All in all Bobi must sit down and check his team properly because he is already surrounded by moles who are ready to sell him for 30 pieces of silver.


By Edward Mutebi

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Disgruntled Official Spills JEEMA Dirty Secrets: Party Is Rotten Beyond Redemption



JEEMA President H.E Asumani Basalirwa

In a 1040 words dossier, Abdunoor Kyamundu Sentongo the spokesperson for the party has exposed the extent to which intrigue and rot has gotten to the core of Asuman Basalirwa’s Justice Forum Party (JEEMA). The strongly-worded dossier, similar to the stinger Besigye authored before leaving NRM in 1999, is reproduced in its original form.



Bugiri election didn’t only bring *power power* excitement in the country, it also brought with it unnecessary expectation in JEEMA due to the material gains that come with a party’s presence in Parliament. This has exposed their greed and dictatorship to a level no one ever thought of them.

The Secretary General now wants to run the party as if it’s his family business and he is the only director with all the veto powers on everything. The JEEMA secretary general has heightened the campaign to fight people who do not share his line of thinking and who cannot bow. He is stuck in the self-glorification moods of how he is a founder of JEEMA and anybody who is outside that circle must simply salute him. He assumed veto powers over every decision that

various organs of the party take even over the party president himself.

Although the JYL chairperson is an elected position, the party president took a decision to appoint Youth league leadership as we lobby for funds to organize a youths delegate’s conference that will bring in elected leaders. The SG disregarded the president’s appointments and appointed his parallel team claiming that the president did not consult him.

We looked in JEEMA constitution cover to cover to find a close that requires the president to consult the Secretary General before making any appointments. In fact the secretary general is a position appointed by the party president

Recently when JEEMA got readmitted to IPOD, Mr Kateregga without consulting the party president or any organ of the party selected IPOD representatives. This angered many including the party president who called for an urgent meeting to air out his dissatisfaction and assert his position. His team was dissolved in a compromised position.

When we were organizing the swearing in ceremony of the party president as elected Member of Parliament for Bugiri municipality, the Arua incidents happened and Bobiwine’s driver was shot dead. We had planned to bring his electorate to Kampala to grace the function and then have a luncheon at One love beach Busabala. The SG called me to call off the event. I explained to him why we cannot call it off and in his usual way of belittling everyone barked at me, that "as a secretary general, I have cancelled the event, it will not take place. When I consulted the party president, he gave me a go ahead to organize the function. Mr. Kateregga then actively demobilized people against coming to the function including the party chairman who was personally dissuaded by this folk. Just recently, his veto powers were exerted again during the IPOD summit selections. A meeting sat and set quotas for various organs of the party and it remained with the leaderships of the various organs of the party to file their lists to be compiled into a final list. In Mr. Kateregga’s dictatorial management style, the party organs that submitted the lists were not wiser to his extent that he decided to re-do the lists with the help of his best friend, the JEEMA finance secretary who admitted reorganizing the lists disregarding what was done by various organs of the party.

What brings the above impunity is a belief of self-entitlement, self-glorification, and arrogance limited knowledge on the running of political parties as opposed to limited companies that he seems to know most. I think Mr Kateregga in his mind asks where was Basalirwa when we were starting JEEMA?

Secondly, I also think it is his limited conceptualization of political parties and political organizations act that he is bragging to his presumed cronies that he is going to expel me, the youth leader and all those opposed to his inefficiency. Mr. Kateregga sees JEEMA as a private business that should be run on the whims of the Directors. Political parties are national assets and should be run by majority members; decisions.

There is also a narrative recently propagated by the Secretary General being the official spokesperson of the party. Whereas under the JEEMA constitution, the SG is stated as the official spokesperson of the party but the current SG is so incompetent and with very limited capacity and knowledge to do such a complex role that is why I assumed the role to help the party advance. He can’t bring out a single press statement he has issued for the last three years he

has held that office.

When I had just assumed the office of JEEMA publicity Secretary, the SG told me of how the media hates JEEMA that government warned them against reporting about us. I told him it is because there is nothing to write about us that we think the media is against us. I thank God that our publicity team has broken that thinking.

Today, when JEEMA has an activity, we are covered by a minimum of 25 media houses. We now have weekly radio and TV appearances where we don’t even pay a coin. We are only limited by the human resource to appear on talk shows.

Because of media coverage and our continuous appearance in mainstream media, very many people now want to join JEEMA and it’s is the reason the SG has remembered that he's the party official spokesperson which he never realized three years ago. But even this issue should be put to context. The S.G. is the supervisor of all departments of the party, why is he insisting on being spokesperson and accounts?

Fundamentally, we are hurt by such individuals who think they can render our efforts useless because of their senseless wars to get at certain individuals. Many resourceful people have either exited the party or are silent about party activities because of Mr. Kateregga Muhammad’s funny tendencies. I conclude by telling members that we are not about to succumb to such circusm. We invest in the party our limited resources and time because we subscribe to the ideology of its founders and that is where our loyalty lies. Individuals should drop egos of self-entitlement.

Abdunoor Kyamundu Sentongo is the publicity secretary of the Justice Forum/JEEMA (Contact. 0701756756)


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Corruption Still A Big Problem But We Are Committed To Ending It – Museveni



President Museveni (Centre) with the first Hon. lady Janet Museveni on his left and Vice president Rt Hon. Edward Ssekandi on the right

President of Uganda H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has expressed big concerns over the growing levels of corruption sighting it as one of the big problems the country is facing.

Mr. Museveni was addressing a gathering that attended the Annual thanksgiving ceremony held last evening at state house Entebbe. “The major problem now is corruption and we are committed to ending it. I can guarantee you we shall defeat corruption. I recently made some announcements but will dwell more on this subject in my New Year message

With First Lady Janet, we hosted guests at State House, Entebbe for the Annual Thanksgiving ceremony, whose theme was picked from Psalms 133:1 “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in Unity”.

Uganda is beginning to go over the hill after we started from a low base in 1986. We have been trying to get up the hill but with a firm foundation now, the movement uphill is faster and easier.

We now have enough electricity, better roads and general infrastructure. Bishop Joseph Abura from Karamoja testified about how easily he now gets to Kampala.

Ugandans are also working harder. For example we have had a bumper harvest and prices of foodstuffs are coming down. It will help reduce inflation too. Take maize, production has gone up to five million bags from two million bags.

I thank Dr Barry Lenhardt, the preacher, for his good message, especially praying for our country’s prosperous future. I also commend the organisers for giving this function a national character by inviting Ugandans from all parts of the country,” Mr. Museveni said.

In attendance was also the religious leaders from the different sects


By Remmy Atugonza


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End Of The KCCA Road For Musisi As  She  Finally Hands Over Office Today



KCCA outgoing Executive Director Ms. Jennipher Musisi (Left) with President Museveni

Kampala Capital City Authority(KCCA) Executive Director Ms Jennipher Musisi has this morning handed over the office official to the Minister of Kampala, Hon Betty Olive Namisango Kamya.

Ms.Musisi who ends her seven and half tenure as the KCCA director, leaves her office following today her resignation notice she wrote to president Museveni informing him about her resignation two months ago that takes effect today, December 15th. In her resignation letter, Ms. Musisi cited lack of political support and low funding among other reasons as the major factors that led to her resignation. In her words Ms.Musisi said, “When given an opportunity to make a difference, let your existence matter by leaving things better than you found them.” She also informed journalist’s earlier that she has achieved a number of things in the city ranging from infrastructure, healthy, education among others asserting that the authority will thrive even when she departs.

Ministry for Kampala Hon. Betty Kamya thanked the outgoing executive director of the commendable job done and insisted that she had receive the office ceremonially and await further instructions from the president on what to do. she also informed Ms. Musisi that president Museveni had not yet technically accepted her resignation and to this effect he had not yet appointed her replacement. On the 15th October 2018, Ms. Musisi submitted her 21-page resignation notice to President Yoweri Museveni Monday indicating that she would step down on December 15, 2018. In her letter to the president,Ms. Musisi highlighted a number of challenges in the management of Kampala. Key among them was the unceasing bickering between the political and technical wing of KCCA. “One of the challenges has been to reconcile the competing interests between political perspectives/ decisions and the strategic plans of the KCCA technical team. Consequently, it has increasingly become difficult to achieve set targets,” Musisi said.

She equally pointed out the inadequate political support to the efforts of the KCCA technical team to transform Kampala, a result of which many planned city improvement plans have not received political support and Musisi acknowledges that KCCA is unable to fully meet the government and public expectations in city development programmes and service delivery demands due to inadequate funding.


By Remmy Atugonza


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