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    SHOCKING: Has Museveni Girl Anita Among Opened War On Bobi Wine?



    Bukedea woman MP Anita Among is these days a very powerful lady. She is so connected to Museveni and doesn’t need to be a Minister because she is already more powerful than ministers. As such, she is doing many political errands for Museveni including working hard to disorganize and weaken opposition groups. She has two assistants helping her to achieve her goals and these are Mike Okwi and Ismail Kasule. Okwi is a former Red pepper journalist for the Soroti bureau, these days he is a councilor in Bukedea and also the political assistant running Among’s errands in the constituency.

    This has made him very powerful especially on social media. He is always the one posting things against Bobi Wine, a man who Among claims to be her friend. She even got permission from the President and went to Makindye prison and visited him there. She came back and said Bobi was very okay and hadn’t been tortured. But when he came out, Bobi denounced her saying it wasn’t true that he told her soldiers had treated him well. If her assistant Okwi’s views can be taken to be hers, then Among is now deeply in the fight against Bobi. Okwi who is her campaign manager has been everywhere on Facebook accusing Bobi Wine of being a front for the imperialists who want to use people power to take Uganda’s oil. He has also posted things saying Bobi is funded by homosexuals. Okwi has also posted that Bobi was stuck in the US having failed to pay hotel bills.

    (L-R) Anita Among, Winnie Kiiza and Atkins Katusabe pose with President Museveni after a meeting with Kasese MPs at Kisozi farm recently

    All this turned out to be false propaganda aiming at humiliating him. Some concerned leaders tried to ask Among to stop Okwi from opening war on Bobi but she just kept a deaf ear. She also refused to denounce his Facebook posts against Bobi. Among has no problem accessing opposition secrets because many of the young girls now calling themselves Bobi’s coordinators are on her payroll for example Zelda Kakayi of Nakawa. She has benefited from Among’s budget since 2016 when she was tortured and Among gave her 15m for treatment. In Kyadondo she was a close female friend of Apollo Kantinti and she fought hard against Bobi whom she now claims to like so much. She has a big group of other opposition ladies like Nassasira Happy of Nakawa & Phiona Busingye of Mbarara. These are very much behind Bobi these days but their links to Among are well known. It’s not clear if they are connected to Okwi, Among’s assistant, who has been active in character assassinating Bobi. In Arua where Bobi and others were arrested and tortured, these three women were there and were always posting photos enjoying Bobi’s company. Their being in Arua was also the sure way for Among to access any info she wanted as they were in the middle of Bobi camp.


    Kasule calls himself a youth leader from Hoima and was brought to opposition politics in Kampala by Makindye MP Ephraim Kasozi. Ismail Kasule earns his daily bread by being the PA to Among. He also says he is a strong believer of Gen Muntu’s 3rd force. He is also a strong admirer and assistant to LoP Winnie Kiiza. Even his profile photo is a photo of Winnie Kiiza. In Arua he was among those who worked with MP Kasozi to facilitate Fred Nyanzi who convinced Bobi to go and support Wadri. He had refused saying his message was for the young people and not old pensioners like Wadri. But Nyanzi on being facilitated became excited and convinced Bobi to travel to Arua which he had refused. The fuel for Bobi’s car was even bought by a good Samaritan, an MP, who sent it through Ismail Kasule to his brother Fred Chairman Nyanzi. In Arua, Kasule was among those who received Bobi and kept posing as his bodyguard.

    Kasule (where arrow is pointed) with Winnie Kiiza and other MPs at Gulu police station

    Kasule (circled) with MP Karuhanga at Arua police station

    He took many photos with Bobi while putting on army fatigues which were banned for civilians and many kept wondering why nobody was questioning Kasule for that. On the day of the torture, Kasule was arrested with 32 others to make them 33. He was in cells with Gerald Karuhanga and others. However, what left many totally shocked, with Karuhanga saying, “I didn’t know we have been infiltrated,” was when security operatives came to the Gulu prison cell at night and took away Kasule. That’s why when the group was brought before a judge in Gulu, Kasule wasn’t part of the group. After getting bail Karuhanga was so much disappointed and wanted to call a press conference and expose Anita Among’s PA Ismail Kasule but some powerful MP from Kasese who is also a strong Muntu supporter and a good friend of Among told him to forgive and not do it. But the questions remain as to what exactly happened; who are the men that picked Kasule from the Gulu cells and why he wasn’t charged for treason with the others.

    Kasule was among those arrested during the Arua Fracas but he never stepped in court

    What is even more suspicious is that when he reached Kampala, Kasule feared to be identified and hunted down by Bobi’s supporters and removed all the photos of Arua which he had taken campaigning with Bobi. The stronger supporters of Bobi have been instead accusing an innocent man Abed Bwanika that he is the State House mole who betrayed Bobi Wine in Arua. But informed group members close to Karuhanga say Abed is innocent and the man they are suspecting is Ismail Kasule who even took a low profile after his controversial release from prison in Gulu. It’s being said that some members of this spying group have also been spying on Bobi Wine in America and followed him on the plane all the way from Amsterdam up to Entebbe airport where he was arrested once again. All in all Bobi must sit down and check his team properly because he is already surrounded by moles who are ready to sell him for 30 pieces of silver.


    By Edward Mutebi

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    Museveni Set To Buy Two New Enhanced Security Cars Through Belgium…



    Some of President Museveni's outdated cars

    Even before Parliament passes the 2023/2024 financial budget, President Yoweri Museveni’s security handlers have already forwarded to a Belgium company security specifications and features they want installed in the president’s new cars.

    President Museveni is set to own new cars in the coming financial year and they have already been budgeted for in the proposed 2023/2024.

    The cars will be purchased from Germany and Japan and thereafter shipped to Belgium where a renowned company will fit in security features required by the son of Kaguta.

    The Belgian company has for long been working with President Museveni’s security handlers as far as providing the Ugandan leader with bullet and bomb proof vehicles. The current two limousines Museveni has were enhanced with security features by the same company.

    In 2012, Museveni purchased Mercedes Benz S600 Pullman Guard when the country was celebrating the golden jubilee since getting independence in 1962.

    Museveni is also using other bullet proof Toyota Land Cruisers but they become old and are always in the garage for maintenance.

    The president is also going to purchase other escorting cars because many of the ones he is using are too old.

    President Museveni considers himself a targeted person by terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) and he recently apologised to Ugandans who are disturbed by his security when they block the roads and stop them until he passes.

    He explained that he fears for his life.

    Museveni has been the United States leading partner in the region when it comes to fighting terrorists like Al Shabaab in Somalia and Allied People’s Defence Forces (ADF) in Congo who have links to Al-shabaab.



    By Grapevine Reporter


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    We Know How To Pull The Trigger, Watch Your Movements – ‘Tired Officers’ Give MP 10 Days To Live…



    Hon. Sarah Opendi

    Tororo District Woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Sarah Opendi has today told parliament that Members of Parliament (MPs) are continuously receiving death threats from individuals disguising themselves as ‘Association of tired officers in Uniform Uganda’.

    The ‘Tired Officers’ accuse MPs of failing to handle issues concerning their welfare.
    Hon. Opendi said that she received threatening messages from an individual who identified himself as Congo Bajo.

    “I received a letter on my Parliament email from the association of tired officers. It was a notice of engagement about the formation of the association as a result of Parliament’s failure to recognize their service, through improving their welfare, increasing their pay and work environment,” Opendi said.

    Opendi said that the association members claim to include, army officers, teachers, police officers and health workers.

    Opendi added that she was given a seven days’ ultimatum to pay the ‘association’ Shs 10 million lest she faces the consequences of failure to comply.

    “I am now left with 2 days from the day of the notice. They said they will determine how to handle the matter the way they were trained. They said they know how to pull the trigger and how to give the right medication,” she said.

    Opendi revealed that Congo Bajo warned her watch her moves and that she was the next target.

    “These are direct threats to my life; the messages were saying that I am the next target, that I should not take their warnings lightly. Yesterday, I reported to the police but in the evening, I received more messages,” she added.

    The Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa said he had received reports about threats to more MPs noting that some threats are related to MPs involvement in the ongoing investigation of the National Council of Sports.

    “The one of Sarah Opendi and other MPs is related to the ongoing investigation of National Council for Sports. There are people in sports federations threatening some MPs to go slow on their investigations,” said Tayebwa.

    Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa said the police should arrest the culprits since they use registered simcards

    Tayebwa condemned the threats to MPs who he said are mandated to play their oversight role.

    “I don’t know whether these people know that oversight is the MPs’ role and whether they know the money they are using is appropriated by MPs,” he said.

    The Deputy Speaker tasked the Ministry of Internal Affairs to investigate and apprehend the culprits since they use phones which registered numbers.

    “We were told that all non-registered phone numbers were cut off; since Hon. Opendi has brought the number, it means you will know the criminals, or it goes on to say that numbers which are not registered are allowed to operate,” Tayebwa added.

    He urged all MPs who have received death threats to report Parliament’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

    However, the Minister for Security, Hon. Jim Muhwezi assured MPs of his ministry’s commitment to bring the culprits to book.

    “Government is aware of these threats and Sarah Opendi has shared the messages she received from criminals with me. We would like to assure this House and the country that we will get the culprits,” said Muhwezi.


    Source: Parliament



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    We Should Have A Dialogue With M7 For Peacefully Transition – FDC’s Wasswa Birigwa…



    Amb. Birigwa (L) and President Museveni (R)

    Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) chairman Ambassador Wasswa Birigwa has insisted that the opposition should have dialogue with President Yoweri Museveni.

    Appearing on TV today, Amb. Birigwa revealed that he is among those people in FDC who believe they should have a dialogue with Museveni.

    “Anything can happen in Uganda now. We need to transit and we need Museveni to be part of it.”

    Amb. Birigwa also revealed that some of their people think that elections are no longer viable and maybe they should take another path while others are saying they need to take part in the elections to stay relevant.

    “I am not into politics to be in the Opposition. I entered politics so that we can take power and power must be taken, no one is going to give it to you,” he emphasized.

    He further disclosed that the wave of Hon. Kyagulanyi and NUP was formidable at least in Buganda and that for him, wasn’t a bad thing per se if one looked at the overall situation of the Opposition.

    He however insisted that, NUP is not as widely recognized like FDC.

    He added, “We have more numbers of grassroots supporters than NUP and I can challenge anyone who says otherwise.

    “I can’t confirm that we have been infiltrated as FDC but I would be stupid not to think so.”

    He also maintained that he doesn’t think the Opposition should be in the Opposition just to be the leader in Parliament but rather Opposition should be working to take power.

    Amb. Bigirwa however emphasized that It’s up to NUP to decide how well they have performed as Leaders of Opposition in Parliament.

    “They know their people very well and their constituents. It’s NUP and those who elected them to decide how well they have performed.”

    He adduced that it is obvious NUP has taken some space in Buganda but he can’t see them in other parts of the country.

    He also wondered why they should be looking at 2026, adding that he wants a revolution now because people are tired.

    Birigwa divulged, “Why should Besigye be wooed back to Najjankumbi? We agreed as a party that we leave Najjankumbi to concentrate on party building. Dr. Besigye is a party mobilizer in Rukungiri, he officially vacated the party presidency. The way I see us going is in activism and to date, he has lived up to that and he and the People’s Government are recognized by the party (FDC).”

    He also maintained that as a country, we cannot have 500 plus Members of Parliament because the amount of money being spent on those people is obnoxious.


    By Hope Kalamira


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