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SHOCKING: How Pastor Bujjingo Was Tortured By Wife And Daughter, Survived Poison And Was Denied Sex For Years



A very close family member to House of Prayers Ministries International senior pastor Aloysious Bujjingo has narrated to the Grapevine shocking information why the pastor is in a bitter split with Wife Teddy Bujjingo.

The close family member who told us not to reveal his names due to fear that he may be seen as a traitor before his very good longtime friend Bujjingo told this website that trouble began when the pastor started getting some money and assets for the church which included the 8-acres on which his church seats  in Makerere Kikoni.

The family member told this website that Bujjingo, who is known for his no nonsense approach to things refused to kow tow to some of the demands of his wife like registering all church properties in the names of his family alone. He also refused the idea of eliminating senior church members from church documents.

“Bujjingo was very close to his wife and supported her when she was suffering from vaginal bleeding. He spent over 6 years without sex but all he wanted was for his wife to be well. It’s very bad that the wife can come out now and say all those bad things against him,” the source said.

Bujjingo with his followers praying in the rain at his Makerere Kikoni based church

“He was very supportive to his wife and never slept or got any woman, that I can testify as a friend. Why do you think he finally had to change?” the source asked.

The source told us that when Bujjingo refused to give in to the demands from his wife of having all church property and the church media house (Salt Media) registered in the family names, the wife allegedly started receiving devilish advice from some wrong elements who don’t wish the family well.

“The main reason why Bujjingo left his house in Bwebajja was he was constantly tormented and tortured by the wife and the daughter Doreen. The man of God even survived being poisoned 4 years ago. Because he loved his family, he thought that this would pass and remained in his matrimonial home. However, his friends advised him to leave the house or a worse catastrophe might befall him. They actually asked him that he might have survived the snake in his house now but how sure is he that when the snake strikes again he will survive.”

He actually registered a case at Kitende police. The source adds that after carefully listening to his friends and advisers, Bujjingo was forced to rent a ‘muzigo’ in Kabusu, a Kampala suburb.

Bujjingo during prayers at his church

Bujjingo tried all avenues to talk to the wife. “There is also the issue of the daughter, the pastor tried his best to talk sense into Doreen, but the wife was always on the daughter’s side and showing her that she was not in the wrong. Bujjingo even refused to talk about these issues in the media. The wife and daughter ran to the media and started throwing stories there but he still refused to respond to any media house because he still thought that they could settle these issues without the media involvement.”

“To further provoke her dad, Doreen even went ahead and took her younger sister Winnie Bijjingo, who studies from UK to a bar. The pastor got to know about it and warned Winnie to be careful of her elder sister’s schemes because her intentions were bad. He asked her, “how will the public judge you a pastor’s daughter in a bar.” He warned Winnie not to be derailed by her sister because her goal was to make sure that they soil her father’s name and kill the ministry,” the source added.

“When they decided to open up a full-scale war against him in the media, he had nothing to do but defend himself, and he did it only on his Salt Media platform. He never ran to any other media house or give comment to any journalist concerning his family. He had to fight the fire that was set by the wife and the daughter. And whoever is blaming his actions should really know that he has done his best to protect his family but his wife and daughter could not let him settle things privately,” the source added.

When asked about Bujjingo’s new catch Suzan Makula, the source said, “Yes Bujjingo and Makula are an item.” He added, “but you are also mature people, when a lady takes you through all that hell, including being abusive, what do you do as a man?”


According to Bujjingo, Teddy and their daughter, Doreen are against him because they never wanted him to run the Church transparently but instead wanted him to register all the church assets in family names a thing he totally was against. He adds that this is what angered Teddy and Doreen.

“I will apologise to you church, I had initially fallen in the same trap in 2010 when I registered the ministry in my name and that of my wife and child like all the other city pastors do. But I changed and added more people because this is God’s work and not mine as a person. Strangely, my wife and daughter wanted me to remove all the rest except themselves. I told them that in this ministry work, God called me as the pastor, you are in this as who? Can you imagine they wanted to be allotted more shares than myself? If you get annoyed and stop stepping on the pulpit, will that make Christians desert the church?” Bijjingo told his church on Sunday.

However, Teddy Bujjingo, the wife pastor Bujjingo claims that her husband wants to marry another woman and it is the reason he is forcing a divorce.

We will keep you posted…

By Doreen Menezer



Attorney General Defends Appointment of BOU D/Governor, DPP, URA And Prisons Boss During Lockdown In East African Court….



L-R: URA's Rujoki, BOU D/Governor Dr. Antingi, prisons boss Byabashaija and the new DPP justice Abodo

The Government of Uganda through the Attorney General (AG) has defended the actions of President Yoweri Museveni to appoint the new deputy Governor Bank of Uganda, Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Commissioner General Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), Commissioner General of prisons and his deputy during COVID19 lockdown in the East African courts of justice.

In his response to the suit filed by city lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi, the Attorney General denied all the accusations and asked that the suit be dismissed with costs.

In his suit, Mabirizi claims that it was illegal for the president to appoint Jane Frances Abodo as the DPP when she is a judge at the High Court.

He protested that the appointment of Abodo will create unfairness against the accused because she knows all the judges and can easily access them something the accused cannot do.

Mabirizi further protested that by the time Abodo appointed the DPP, she was under the Judicial Service Commission yet the law is very clear that for a person to be appointed as DPP, they must be recommended by public service commission. He wants the regional court to declare that Abodo was illegally appointed.

The controversial lawyer also protested that the appointment of John Musinguzi as the new URA Commissioner General was illegal since his name was not recommended by the board to the president as required by law.

He also objected the appointment of the Commissioner General of prison Dr. Johnson Byabashaija and his deputy James Mwanje, the appointment of Dr. Michael Antingi Ego and the deputy Governor Bank of Uganda by the president during the COVID19 lockdown arguing that Ugandans were denied their right and opportunity to raise their complaints against the newly appointed public officials before being approved by parliament.

He asserted that because Ugandans were not allowed to move during the lockdown, when he attempted to go to parliament to raise his complaint against one of the appointees, he was seriously clobbered by security operatives in uniform at Wandegeya a Kampala suburb.

He added that he tried again to challenge the legal declaration of the lockdown without a legal statuary instrument signed by the Minister of Health but his case was removed from the court records on orders of Dr. Andrew Byabashaija the head of High Court Civil Division which was also illegal.

In their defense, the Attorney General insisted that the president has powers to appoint a person to hold or act in any office in the public service of Uganda at the rank of head of department or above including their removal.

He insisted that  Abodo was appointed by the president on the recommendations of the public service commission and with the approval of the parliament. He told court that the person is not qualified to be appointed DPP unless he or she is qualified to be appointed a judge of the High Court.

While defending security forces for stopping Mabirizi, the AG argued that the function of the security forces is to cooperate with the civilian authorities in emergency situations and by stopping Mabirizi, they were implementing the presidential directives against COVID19.

He told court that the President issued the directives to control the spread of COVID19 under the statutory instrument issued by the health minister under the public health Act.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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We Have Not Sent You: Buganda Youths Warn Promoter Abtex On Leading Demo To Gashumba’s Home Over Attack On Katikkiro Mayiga ….



Kasolo Walusimbi (R) and Abtex (inset)

Buganda youth under their umbrella ‘Bazzukulu ba Buganda  international’ have warned events promoter Abbey Musinguzi alias Abtex on his planned move to demonstrate at the home of city businessman Frank Gashumba over his misunderstanding with Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga.

Speaking to his fellow Bazzukulu at Mengo, Kasolo Walusimbi, the chairperson of the association said that they will not accept non Baganda to be used by some kingdom officials to use Buganda Kingdom name to fight their personal battles.

He challenged Musinguzi to reveal the names of Baganda who asked him to fight on their behalf.

“We are tired of people who are facilitated by our oppressors to frustrate Buganda interests, we don’t agree with the way Gashumba responded to Katikiiro because he is a leader of the kingdom but we also condemn the way the Katikkiro attacks and embarrass Kabaka’s subjects publicly,” Kasolo said.

He further revealed that the reason why Musinguzi is fighting for Mayiga is he wants to be given back the contracts to organize the kingdom’s festivals like Enkuuka and Masaza cup tournament which were given to National Resistance Movement (NRM) party mobiliser Balaam Barugahara.

Kasolo added that the people of Buganda have suffered because of strange agreements signed between Mayiga’s administration and the central government without thorough consultation from Buganda people.

When contacted, Abtex rubbished Kasolo’s allegations adding that he is no longer interested in organizing Buganda festivals.

He said that since he is a Munyankole living in Buganda, he is grateful with Buganda hospitality and he cannot just sit down and look on when the likes of Gashumba are humiliating the kingdom’s administrators.

He declared a war on Gashumba to put him to order.

He revealed that preparations are in high gear to storm Gashumba’s home this Wednesday.

He boasted that he has worked so much for Buganda unlike people like Kasolo who want to make a name for themselves by attacking him.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Fire Guts Ntare School Headteacher’s House, Destroys Car…



Mr. Jimmy Turyagyenda and the car which was burnt

Mbarara police is investigating the cause of fire that gutted the house of the Ntare School headteacher, Mr Jimmy Turyagyenda, destroying his car.

There was a fire outbreak in the school at the headmaster’s residence.

Rwizi region police spokesperson Samson Kasasira said that the head teacher’s vehicle, a Toyota corolla, which was in the garage that is connected to main house and other household property was destroyed in the fire which started at around 2pm on Saturday, May 23.

The Mbarara fire team put out the fire that had gutted the garage that is connected to main house.

Cause of the fire is suspected electric short circuiting from the car battery.

Mr. Kasasira said police preliminary findings indicate that the fire could have started from electric short circuit in the garage connected to the kitchen.

Mr. Turyagyenda’s story


By Sandra Mukisa


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