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SHOCKING: Lightening Kills 5, 20 Hospitalised



Five people have been struck dead by lightning and more than 20 have been hospitalised at KIU and Komboni hospitals.

The 25 people were struck while harvesting tea in Nyanga, Bitooma sub county in Bushenyi district.

Greater Bushenyi police spokesperson Marshal Tumusiime confirmed the incident saying that it happened today at noon during the heavy downpour in the area.

Tumusiime identified the deceased as Elisam Tayebwa 65, Innocent Atwemerire 18, shallot Tuhwerirwe 14, Nickson Atunkunda 13 and Kansiime 15 years.

He said that the bodies of the deceased are still laying at KIU mortuary while the injured are still getting treatment at Komboni and KIU hospitals.

According to Jafari Basajjabalaba, the chairman LC V Bushenyi district, the 25 people were plucking tea leaves, when the rain started, they rushed to forest where the lightning struck them from.

“It’s not the first time that such an incident is happening in Bushenyi. We have tried our best to put preventive measures like lightning arresters because this is becoming too much,” Basajjabalaba said.

By Grapevine reporter



I Cannot Allow You To Marry An Old Woman Like Sheebah – Tamale Mirundi Warns Son On Flirting With Musician Sheebah…



No nonsense political commentator Joseph Tamale Mirundi has strongly warned his son to drop his sexual ambitions of bonking celebrated singer Sheebah Karungi.

Speaking immediately after the graduation of his son Joseph Tamale Mirundi junior, Tamale Senior insisted that he cannot allow his son to start flirting with queen dancers like Sheebeh because he has invested millions in him.

“Now he has finished his studies, he has specialized in psychology, I am sure he is going to be successful in life but I cannot allow him marry an old woman (Nakiyombekede) like that girl Sheebah,” the senior presidential adviser on Media insisted.

The self-claimed media consultant boosted that as long he is still alive, he will never allow a mediocre like Sheebah to penetrate his family.

He further argued that if he allows his sons or daughter to go with jokers, he might end up getting joker grandchildren something he has been fighting against since his childhood.

Mirundi was supported by his wife who said that she also cannot allow their son to go with necked dancers like Sheebah. Mirundi junior recently reveals that he has a crash on musician Sheebah and dreams of being with her one day.

“I love Sheebah so much given the fact that she is even my best local musician of all times. It would have been possible to marry her so easily if we were in the same age brackets,” Mirundi Junior told the media.

Meanwhile, When Mirundi senior was on Pearl FM, he blasted his clanmate who doubles as Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago for parading himself with his daughter who scored 8 points in the recent Primary Leaving Examination (PLE). He said that if his daughter got such grades, he would be worried because no serious secondary school can admit a kid with such grades unless he bribes the school management.

By Jamil Lutakome


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We Never Broke Any Law Because We Wrote To Police – FDC Speaks Out After Being Blocked From Holding Mbale Celebrations…



Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party Deputy Spokesperson John Kikonyogo has wondered why Uganda Police stopped their celebrations yet they followed the law.

In a short interview with the Grapevine, Kikonyogo insisted that, “Police is now proving that it operates on Museveni’s orders but not on behalf of the ‘Bwanyinchiz’ (citizens).”

“We followed the law and wrote to police, we did not break any law, we urge our people to stay strong because the junta will have to eventually leave,” he said.

FDC party leaders attempted to hold a public rally in Mbale to celebrate their 15th anniversary but were blocked by police. Police said that the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola did not grant FDC permission to continue with their rally.

The leaders that were meant to address the rally include Hassan Birigwa (the FDC National Chairperson), Ms. Margaret Wokuri (the FDC Mbale chairperson), Mr. Jack Wamanga Wamai ( Mbale Municipality MP) among others.

However, the Elgon police spokesperson Mr. Robert Tukei, said that FDC celebrations were blocked because the IGP did not grant them permission to hold the rally. “They wrote to the IGP and attached a letter from the Deputy General Secretary notifying us that they were going to have a meeting today in Mpummude grounds, the IGP did not write back to them,” he said.

“There was also controversy over the venue, the Deputy Assistant Town Clerk of Northern Division had Okayed it but on Saturday the Town Clerk of Mbale Municipality wrote nullifying the offer, we couldn’t allow FDC to hold a meeting today,” he said. Mr Tukei noted that he had informed FDC officials to follow up their matter with the IGP before they are allowed to hold any rally at the grounds.

In Jinja, Besigye was arrested by Police and Army and taken to the notorious Nalufenya.
Police first fired teargas and bullets, to disperse the rowdy crowds and later called in the Army for reinforcement from Ghaddafi barracks.

By Josephine Kauma


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I Own Bujjingo – Teddy Naluswa: You Have Done Everything To See Your Husband’s Downfall, Get His Name Out Of The Media, Focus On God – HPM Elder Fires Back…



Teddy Naluswa, the embattled former wife to House of Prayers Ministries (HPM) pastor Alouysious Bujjingo has told the New Vision newspaper that Bujjingo will soon return to her because she owns him.

In an interview in their Sunday newspaper, Naluswa, who was found at her newly formed World of Salvation Church, told Carol Kasujja that she will not sign the divorce papers until Bujjingo returns to her.

Meanwhile, a HPM church elder who told us not to reveal his name because Bujjingo refused them to make any public comments on the matter told the Grapevine that, “Teddy accepted to be used by the enemies who want her husband down. These are big pastors in some big churches and some media proprietors. She has failed to do what every bible believing Christian/wife should do (report her matter to God through prayer). She has put her trust in people. The very people by the way who want to put her former husband down. Why does she allow to be used?”

He added, “before she left, she made sure that the whole church is split. She convinced some church elders, who are now in her new church, convinced some choir members, who are now in the choir of her new church and made sure that they put Bujjingo down.”

He said, “She is working with one of the big media houses in the country with the help of other pastors who are pulling the strings from the background. You know people are judgmental, but let us leave God to be the judge. She is already being exposed; her intentions are being put in broad day light. She has started a church and she is already using all the people who she influenced using divisionism from HPM.”

“Every time the matter is getting out of the news, Naluswa and the team of pastors that are derailing her go through that big media house to bring the matter back and incriminate Bujjingo, if those are not ill intentions what is it!” he wondered.

“Maybe Bujjingo would be hers if he belonged to the devil, remember the Lord we serve is a jealous God. Jesus said, In Mathew 12:30 and Luke 11:23 (Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters). She (has) worked so hard to scatter the believers and divide them. She is still doing so even outside the church. What kind of wife does that?My problem with her is her continued use of that media house that her handlers pay to endlessly drag Bujjingo into their matters. They always get a new angle to the story and make sure it gets space on their front pages,” he said.

Asked about Naluswa’s interview where Naluswa claims ownership of Bujjingo, the church elder said, “Some of us know Naluswa. She openly destroyed and scattered her husband’s church in the name of greed? Her problem is she wants to be in charge of everything including the husband. She wanted to be the man in Bujjingo’s house. What hasn’t she done to see Bujjingo’s downfall and death? She did everything to defame and destroy Bujjingo’s personality, what else does she want?

She took elders, she took followers and funnily, she is still using his name for her cheap popularity.  She is still not ashamed to say Bujjingo is hers. These are things that can be seen by a blind person.”

He added, “When you read the interview, she used the whole interview to attack and discredit Bujjingo, you can clearly see her goal and the intentions of her handlers, but God is good, and he will finally judge on this matter, already some of the things that Bujjingo complained about are coming true, the more she continues to climb, the more the world will see her nakedness.”

Bujjingo asked court to allow her divorce his wife over irreconcilable differences. However, Naluswa told court that she cannot allow the divorce. The matter is still before Kajjansi Chief Magistrate Mary Babirye.

By Prossy Mulungi


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