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SHOCKING: Top Senior Land Registrar Ataro, Businessman Ssemakula In Another Fat Land Scandal



Top senior lands Registrar in the Ministry of lands Housing and Urban Development, Louella Ataro and businessman Hajji Haruna Ssemakula were again cited in another fat land grabbing scandal in Kayunga District.

It should be remembered that recently, Jude Clement Kidega , an assistant commissioner in the works ministry testified before the commission of inquiry into land matters that he was assisted by Ataro to purchase  part of Ssayi Central Forest reserve in Mukono and he even got a land title after paying Ataro Shs10m. 

By that time, Ataro was a senior land registrar in Mukono District and other districts like Buikwe and Kayunga before being transferred to Mbale District where she is. She has been recently also implicated in giving away government land including wetlands, forestry reserve and road reserve.  She denied all the allegations put against her. Suprisingly, on Friday, Ataro appeared before the same probe to answer queries on how she allowed the surveying and titling of Bajjo, Wamala and Kiula forest reserves. 

Commission’s Assistant lead counsel Andrew Odit revealed that Ataro used her office as the land title registrar and allowed private individuals to get land titles in the forestry reserve. 

“Madam Ataro, between 2013 -16 when you were the land title registrar Mukono District, you allowed the surveying, mapping and titling of three forest reserves in Kayunga district. The forest reserves are now being encroached on by private people carrying out cattle keeping. They are even waving land titles given to them by you,” Odit reveaed.

Ataro, who was accompanied by his lawyer Richard Balungi denied all the allegations put against her, she said that she looked into all the records of land transaction in Kayunga and never got any evidence that he gave titles to anyone on of three forest reserves in Kayunga district.

However,  she asked the commission chair justice Catherine Bamugemereire to give her time to go back and do more verification of the documents the commission is probing.  She also testified that while verifying the record on the land she allowed to be titled, sent to her by the commission investigators, Kyagwe block 100 plot 171 was not indicated. She only learnt of those land particulars  when she was being interviewed by the commission investigators.

She told the commission that she must be allowed to go back and look for the record on the concerned Kyagwe block 100 plot 171. Earlier, city businessman Haruna Ssemakula also asked the commission to give him more time to verify the documents asked by the commission investigators. Odit revealed that Ssemakula is among the beneficiaries of the three forest reserves after conniving with Ataro. Odit said that Ssemakula was given a land title and sold off the land to different government officials including those working in State House. Ssemakula was also grilled by the commission for grabbing Nonve forest reserve and giving part of the grabbed land to his relative Ian Kyeyune the former Wakiso District chairperson and Wakiso District RDC.  Ssemakula was also allowed to go back with fresh summons and told to verify the documents he used to obtain the controversial land. National Forest Authority complained to the commission over the frequent grabbing of forestry reserve. The commission is still investigating the matter.

By Jamil Lutakome



UNTOLD STORY: Inside The State House Meeting That Resolved To Fire, Arrest And Prosecute Top URA Bosses Including Akol, M7 Wants Army To Help Clean Up URA…..



L-R: Former URA boss Doris Akol, her successor Musinguzi and Kateshumbwa who resigned recently

Multiple credible sources in the State House have told the Grapevine that two weeks back, there was an emergency meeting chaired by president Yoweri Museveni on how to clean the national tax body Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

The meeting was attended by David Bahati, the State Minister for Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Lt Col Edith Nakalema, the commandant of the state house anti-corruption unit, AIGP Grace Akullo, the Director Criminal Investigation Department of the Uganda police, Chief of Defense Forces Gen. David Muhoozi, Deputy Inspector General of Police Major General Sabiiti Muzeyi and the newly appointed URA Commissioner General John Musinguzi.

A source privy to the details of the meeting disclosed that a furious Museveni told the members in the meeting that he had received intelligence report that there is a lot of corruption among the top URA leadership.

Museveni told the meeting that all corrupt officials must be weeded out and the issue urgently resolved.

Museveni stated that there was a lot of fraud among the top URA honchos with some officials pocketing millions of shillings in bribe every week.

Sources at State House disclosed that before this meeting, Museveni met Musinguzi who reported to him that he is not willing to work with some of the commissioners because they were already proving to be stumbling blocks in his administration, they agreed that all of them be fired.

They also agreed that all the top URA officers be replaced with military men like it was done in Uganda police.

It should be remembered that when Museveni appointed Maj. Muzeeyi Sabiiti to help the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola clean Uganda Police, he faced a lot of resistance from some of the top police officers who were defiant in implementing his orders claiming that they were illegal.

Sabiiti reported the matter to the appointing authority and it was resolved that some of the important offices be filled with UPDF officers.

Once the UPDF officers were deployed in Uganda police, they helped Sabiiti clean up police. This is what Museveni wants Musinguzi to do at URA.

A Furious Museveni said that some top URA managers have been conniving with business men and foreigners to frustrate the country’s taxation system for their personal benefit which is un acceptable.

The source told this website that URA bosses embarrassed Museveni when he recently met Tanzanian president John Magufuli to explain why he was refusing Ugandans to sell their sugar in Tanzania when both countries are members of the East African community.

Museveni disclosed that the soft spoken Magufuli told him that his officials are corrupt, they export sugar from Brazil and other South American countries to Uganda, repack it and rebrand it to show that it’s from Ugandan companies and export it to Tanzania.

Museveni said that Magufuli gave him evidence to prove his allegation of the repacked sugar.

The old man with hat from Rwakitura said that when he told Akol to clean her house, the only thing she did was to transfer some of the implicated officers to different departments but left them within the system.

Akol transferred Hebert Rusoke from CCC to CIAC, Patrick Mukiiibi was transferred from CTI to CCS, Henry Saka was transferred from CDT to CTI, Dickson Kateshumbwa transferred from CCD to CDT, Patience Rubagumya was transferred from CLSBA to CLSBA and Abel Kagumire was transferred from ACCA to Ag CCD.

According to insiders in URA, the changes were supposed to take effect on 1st April 2020.

Museveni was very bitter with the way Akol handled the matter and it was one of the reasons why he fired her and appointed Musinguzi.

The source said that before firing Akol, Museveni’s lawyers advised him to wait for the URA board to carryout interviews to get her replacement and send the name to the Minister of Finance for approval.

Museveni told them that he no longer had trust in the URA system that is why he wanted a replacement quickly especially if the country is to survive the looming COVID19 economic crisis.

Museveni instructed his lawyers and the Attorney General to handle the legal gymnastics while Musinguzi is in office.

Sources inside URA told this website that Musinguzi was not well received at URA head offices because they looked at him as an alien in the system.

Some senior staff expected Akol to be replaced by Kateshumbwa as the new Commissioner General.

Sources revealed that because of the heat and uncertainty at the tax body headquarters, Musinguzi did not use the security which was protecting Akol, instead, his security detail comprises of Special Forces Commanders (SFC) who protect the First Family because the president is aware of the troubles ahead of him.

Musinguzi is very obedient to Museveni because he facilitated his education abroad and helped him when mafias wanted him dead for helping former Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura fight illegal smuggling of goods to Uganda under the Special Revenue Protection Services (SRPS).

Insiders in URA have told this website that early this week, Musinguzi summoned top URA commissioners and directed them to resign because he had orders from the appointing authority to fire them.

State House sources further revealed that Museveni also directed Lt. Col. Nakalema and AIGP Akullo to kick off investigation into the embattled commissioners including their boss Akol.

By the press time, Hebert Rusoke, commissioner Internal Audit and compliance department had been placed under investigations.

However, Kateshumbwa is still insisting that he was not fired but resigned willingly and his contract was still running.

He told Muhereza Kyamutetera of CEO magazine that, “I resigned on my own. My contract was still running.”

By the time of his resignation, Kateshumbwa was the head of World Customs Organization. Akol also congratulated Kateshumbwa for the good work done in the transformation of URA.



By Sengooba Alirabaki


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What I Want Bobi Wine To Do – Besigye Reveals Why He Regularly Meets People Power Boss….



Bobi Wine (L) at Besigye's home last week

Finally, four-time presidential candidate Rt. Col. Kizza Besigye has cleared the air on the frequent discussions he is having with People Power movement boss Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

The Former Forum for Democratic (FDC) party president revealed that they have held a series of meetings with Kyagulanyi to see how easily they can oust President Yoweri Museveni from power as a united force.

“You know very well that honorable Kyagulanyi is my village mate he just crosses from Magere and comes to Kasangati, we always meet, unfortunately in our last meeting, our photos leaked to you (media). We have to join all forces of change together to oust the junta. Ugandans have to regain power to control their country,” Besigye said while appearing on Olutindo program on radio Simba.

He revealed that the reason why they always meet is to come up with a single statement to Ugandans who have been yearning for change for a long time.

He disclosed that he is happy that very soon, this is going to happen.

Besigye praised Kyagulanyi for his effort and collaboration to see that they join hands to force change together.

When contacted for comment, the leader of the informal sector in People Power Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu said that their movement welcomes the initiative of all forces of change coming together.

He however insisted that all the other forces of change should stand behind their candidate Kyagulanyi in the 2021 General elections.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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FULL LETTER: It Wasn’t Me: Mbale Judge Narrates How Traffic Officer Was Knocked Dead By Speeding Ford Driver, Tasks Police To Produce CCTV Footage….



Justice Byaruhanga's car. He has written to the CJ Katureebe (R) explaining what happened

Mbale Resident Judge Jesse Byaruhanga Rugyema has explained what happened on the day Innocent Ayesigye, a traffic police officer attached to Seeta Police station was knocked dead.

In a letter to his boss the Chief Justice (CJ) Bart Katureebe written on 27th May 2020, Justice Byaruhanga says that Ayesigye was not knocked by his car, he was knocked by a Ford driver who never stopped to offer help .

Below is Justice Byaruhanga’s letter to the CJ verbatim:

The Hon. Chief Justice

May 27, 2020


It was on Sunday the 24 th of May, 2020 at around 07:15pm when I was on my way home to Mukono from Zana, Kampala. I was driving motor vehicle Reg. No. UAS 597U in the company of my wife and the body guard.

As I approached Namanve, there was traffic officer riding a motorcycle infront of me who was also moving towards Seeta Mukono. Upon approaching Namanve SGA motor vehicle inspection facility about 200 metres from a road CCTV Camera, I saw an incoming motor vehicle from Mukono side being driven at a very high speed knock the traffic officer who was on the motor cycle. I was behind the traffic officer at a distance of about 100 metres and therefore in a position to clearly see the incident.

The traffic officer appeared to had tried to dodge a rough part of the road on his side and collided with a high speeding vehicle that had also left its part of the lane for reasons not known to me. Upon collision, I saw a dust of glasses and fragments filling the atmosphere and the motor cycle flew to my vehicle, on the driver’s side and scratched the vehicle as it rolled passed me.

I immediately stopped to assess the condition of the traffic officer. The traffic officer had been thrown into a ditch on the left hand side of the road. My body guard tried to pull the injured traffic officer from the trench but humanely failed.
He complained to me that the traffic officer got broken legs and that without gloves he could not do much. We agreed that we needed to seek for help. I immediately rang a traffic officer known to me by the names of Aheisibwe on 0772323312 whom I had passed along Kinawataka road. I implored him to mobilise his colleagues to go and help the victim.

In the meantime, the onlookers who had gathered around were photographing my car imagining that it is the one that knocked the traffic officer.

I rushed to Seeta and I found a traffic officer called Acan (Tel. 0770540930) and others on a patrol vehicle. I personally approached them and implored them to rush to the scene. I gave them my phone number for a follow up. The police promised to alert me on every development and they rushed to the scene.

On the following day, when it clocked afternoon without any information, I again rung the traffic officer Aheisibwe for the updates. I was informed that the officer was retrieved and was being hospitalized.

The Ford car that allegedly knocked Ayesigye dead

In the meantime, I started seeing information attributed to the police on the social media which was to the effect that it is my vehicle which knocked the traffic officer. That my vehicle and its driver are being sought. This shocked me.

Later, on Tuesday, I got a call from Ms. Acan of Seeta Police seeking my presence. I dispatched my body guard and a driver by the names of Hamis to take my vehicle to police and for the body guard to record a statement.

To my surprise, upon reaching police, both were immediately detained. With this kind of development, I suspected foul play. It appeared to me that police of all institutions, wanted to take advantage of my position and malign us by embarrassing me.

In the meantime, I requested police to send an officer to take my statement. I was told to hold on. Considering what I now see in the media, I seek from the police the following clarifications:-

1. Why is police still holding my bodyguard and driver whom I entrusted to take the vehicle to police so that he takes charge of it to avert any possibility of tampering with it. What offence have these 2 people committed?

1. Why is police not referring to any CCTV footage regarding the collision yet the accident occurred about 150 metres or thereabout from the camera?

2. A Ford motor vehicle Reg. No. UBD 896E has been revealed to be the one that knocked the traffic officer. How did this vehicle reach Bweyogerere Police?

3. Why was police condemning me before getting the driver of the Ford UBD 896E? why are its pictures not being released to the media but its only mine which are being released?

Judiciary as an Institution is being maligned and it should therefore demand for the following:-

1. The CCTV footage of the collision.

1. An explanation why the Ford driver never stopped to offer help or to ascertain the life of the knocked traffic officer if his version of the incident is the correct
one to be believed.

2. The release of my driver and the body guard who up to date are still being held for no apparent reason (it is suspected that police intends to intimidate them to divert from the truth).

3. A forensic examination of both vehicles and the motor cycle which the traffic officer was riding and then the surface of the road at the scene.
It is my firm belief that the above will reflect the truth. The just God we serve shall judge.

Byaruhanga Jesse Rugyema

c.c. The Principal Judge


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