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    Sobi Speaks Out: Why Police Wants Me ‘Dead’ And ISO Wants Me Alive





    By Hadadi Mubiru


    Paddy Sserunjogi a.k.a Sobi, a hard-core criminal turned police informer has told the Grapevine why police want him dead but ISO want him alive.

    Speaking to this reporter, the former Kifeesi leaders confessed that his team has been working for so many people who include policemen, opposition politicians and business men.

    Sobi told us that some people in police wanted to use him and dump him like a hot potato but he raised his ante quickly and escaped their traps. He says that he knows each and every gang in Kampala and the suburbs and soon he is going to produce a list of these gangs and their commanders inside police. Here is our brief discussion with him:

    Grapevine: Hello Sobi

    Sobi:  Clear ‘Kawani ki ‘.  Just call me notorious Sobi original, who will never be used and dumped like a toilet paper.

    Grapevine: You have said you are on police/ opposition wanted list, why?

    Sobi: Without us those guys (police/opposition) don’t work. Those strong opposition politicians have always hired us to cause insecurity in Kampala and its suburbs. The more we cause chaos in town, the more vouchers are signed by some big police officers in the guise of keeping law and order and the more government is defrauded of billions by the force.

    Grapevine: So, you are saying police/opposition are a team and they work together.

    Sobi: Yes. Both directly and indirectly. For example, when we cause insecurity through opposition riots, after being hired, these opposition leaders are called and given huge envelopes. Some police bosses also write reports that opposition is very strong and need to be contained and the only way to do that is through a fat police budget to buy things like teargas and anti-riot vehicles and equipment. Let me tell you, if we don’t show up, or stop the criminality, as we did during the festive season, police aren’t working. The big guys in the force won’t get the big vouchers.

    Why do you think police budget was slashed by almost 721bn? Security agencies have learnt that the force has been stage managing insecurity in the country and when we gave up, obviously it had to go down because they have nobody else to use, given that we know all the trouble causers in this town. Ask yourself why, when we came out and announced that Ugandan’s will have a safe, crime free Christmas, it happened just like we said. We know the command centers of crime.

    Grapevine: So, you have been dealing with the forces’ operatives to cause insecurity?

    Sobi: Yap. That’s why our crimes have always been clean. There are people who have been doing the cleaning exercise in the force when we mess up. But we are now saying enough is enough we shall hunt all criminals and the force will never defraud the state by using criminals. I’m am Sobi the original, I will hunt them in person. Uganda has to be free.

    Grapevine: Who are the operatives you have been working with?

    Sobi: I will list them soon.

    Grapevine: Why have you decided to give up?

    Sobi: I have realised we can be better people. If Bobi Wine from the ghetto is an MP now, why not us. We want to be productive in our communities. We never choose to be bad people torturing people on the streets, Circumstances forced us because we have to survive.

    Grapevine: What do you want the gov’t do for you and other youths you command, since you have turned your back on criminality.

    Sobi: We don’t need hard cash from the president. All we need from him is production materials say wood, timber, metals and machines because we can do carpenter and welding as well.

    Grapevine: You said you now some criminals who work with police, can you list some of them and where they work from.

    Sobi: John Kutula, leader of Kasolo group, used to operate in Kawempe but now works at Nabugabo, Orbit Kalerwe Mini Price, Mongolia, who is now reformed based at Kalerwe Lufula but is now working now for ISO to fight crime, Kato Muto a brother to Kato Musege Arua Park, Jesus Mulago Lumum Street, Roger Maaso City Square, was vipers second in command, Kimala, Yassin Kapata , Tong Po and many others.

    While appearing before the parliamentary committee for Defence and Internal Affairs, IGP Kayihura pleaded with the committee to allocate more funds to police after the force was given 514.7 billion instead of 1.2 million. Sobi told us that his crossing over to ISO is one of the reasons why the police budget was cut and why police wants him arrested.



    Before becoming a thug, Paddy Serunjogi a.k.a. Sobi was a taxi Driver at Luzira stage. He says time reached when money wasn’t coming in and he had a lot of responsibilities on his head. He decided to quit taxi driving and start stealing small items like women’s bags, watches, necklaces around town.

    He later started stealing big things and big money started flowing in. He says he would be arrested and detained for a dew days or hours and then released. Because of being arrested almost every day, he made friends with some officers who started giving him guns to steal. He used to share what he had stolen with these officers.

    On top of giving him guns, these officers would also help get him out of prison in case he was arrested. In 2012, Sobi was arrested after he was pinned for being involved in a robbery and murder that took place at Arua park, in which some Forex bureaus were robbed. He was charged with murder and sent to Luzira prison.

    He was later released and announced that he had quit stealing and was working with police to help them arrest thugs that were terrorizing people.  Interestingly, during the close of last year, Sobi came out and announced that he had developed misunderstandings with some police bosses and they were after his head.

    He said that he had now decided to work with ISO in helping them clean the nation of criminals. In November last year, ISO boss Col. Frank Kaka Bagyenda told jounalists that they were working with Sobi to arrest all the hard-core criminals in the country so that Ugandans can be safe.

    Last week, due to public outcry, Sobi was arrested by Nsangi police at Rose Gardens in Kyengera a Kampala suburb. He was taken to Nalufenya detention center. However, he was released a few hours later.

    Police chief Kale Kayihura later told journalists at parliament that ISO requested police to release Sobi. Sobi says he is now a reformed man and he wants to help clean the country of criminals.


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    Mayor Mulyanyama Takes His Fight Against Bobi Wine’s Brother Nyanzi For NUP Ticket To CBS Radio…



    Makindye Division Mayor Ali Kasirye Mulyanyama

    Fight within National Unity Platform (NUP) for Kampala City Lord Mayor ticket has deepened as maverick Makindye Division Mayor Ali Kasirye Mulyanyama declared war on Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu, the elder brother to Principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine).

    Both Nyanzi and Mulyanyama have declared interest to contest against the current Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago and they are clandestinely mobilizing for internal party support.

    theGrapevine haa established that Mulyanyama has entered a deal with Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s CBS radio to popularise his political ambitions for Lord Mayor seat and he has already started using the platform to fight Nyanzi.

    Last week, he accused Nyanzi of using reckless statements which placed their boss Bobi Wine and their party in bad light.

    Mulyanyama was responding to the statement made by Nyanzi on the misunderstanding between NUP leadership and Masaka region journalists who accused Bobi Wine security of insulting them.

    Nyanzi told CBS radio that the said journalists are making these malicious allegations because they are working for Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba’s group to fight Bobi Wine .

    Nyanzi and other NUP leaders particularly accuse CBS radio’s Masaka city news reporter Tomusange Kayinja of masterminding the drive of attacking and giving false news against Bobi Wine which Mulyanyama rubbished.

    Mulyanyama asserted that CBS is a radio with professional journalists and presenters and they should not be dragged in petty internal party fights.

    He disclosed that he cannot look on as Nyanzi and other people use their positions in the party to fight Kabaka’s radio which has always given many opposition politicians the platform that has helped them win elections against President Museveni’s NRM party.

    It should be noted that there is ongoing bad blood between the Mengo administration led by Premier Charles Peter Mayiga and NUP leadership.

    The bitter verbal exchanges have come from both sides.

    However, insiders at CBS radio told theGrapevine that Mulyanyama wanted to use CBS as his political mobilization weapon to weaken Lukwago.

    Sources said that he is desperate, frustrated and confused after learning that there are ongoing talks spearheaded by Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakireke for Lukwago to join NUP and one of the conditions involves giving him the Lord Mayor ticket come 2026.

    Recently, Bobi Wine stopped Nyanzi from campaigning for the office of the Lord Mayor and even threatened to take disciplinary action against him.

    Nyanzi accused NUP Secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya of compromising Bobi Wine to humiliate him because he is also interested in the position.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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    NUP boss Bobi Wine with MP Joyce Bagala

    Mityana district woman legislator Joyce Bagala Ntwatwa has warned supporters of the National Unity Platform (NUP) principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) to stop attacking her because she has a good relationship with troubled former Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LOP) Mathias Mpuuga.

    A furious Bagala admitted that she has been receiving a number of phone calls from her voters pleading with her to dump Mpuuga to save her position come 2026.

    She explained that she cannot isolate Mpuuga because he accepted a service award of Shs500m for being a good Leader of Opposition in Parliament which she says was passed by Members of Parliament legally.

    Bagala added that she has been a friend to Mpuuga even before joining politics and she cannot accept to be dragged in the internal fights he has with Bobi Wine.

    She further noted that she cannot be threatened over the party card come 2026 parliamentary elections because she is loyal to her party and very sure that she will be given the party card again.

    On the issue of not escorting Bobi Wine to Masaka during NUP’s political mobilization tour, Bagala said that she was busy in her constituency preparing for Bobi Wine’s visit in Mityana and not accompanying him is not a sign of disloyalty to the party.

    Bagala admitted that she is very proud of being on the committee that is organizing Mpuuga’s thanks giving ceremony which is expected to take place on 21st June, 2024 in Masaka where Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga is expected as the Chief Guest.

    She further rubbished allegation that Mpuuga is set to announce his next move during the ceremony.

    According to sources close to the Nyendo-Mukungwe legislator, there are allegations that he is going to form a new political party which his henchmen will use as a political vehicle in 2026 general elections.

    Bagala made the rebuttal on Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s CBS radio after being pressurized by NUP’s Deputy Spokesperson Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro who mentioned her as one of the legislators the country is waiting for to sign the impeachment motion against the four parliamentary commissioners.

    Mufumbiro said that Bobi Wine is set to publically read the names of all legislators who signed the impeachment motion against the four commissioners for illegally receiving Shs1.7bn.

    Bagala joined Kira Municipality’s Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, Kampala Central’s Muhammad Nsereko and others who declared that they will not sign the impeachment papers.

    Ssemujju said that he cannot be threatened that by not signing the impeachment papers, he will be voted out of parliament come 2026 noting that even if he goes out of parliament, he will remain in a good life because even before joining parliament, he was in a good life.

    He said that in one of the elections, he was threatened by one of the voters that he will be voted out of parliament in the next elections but by the time elections came, the said voter was dead and he even gave the mourners the car they used to transport his dead body.

    He noted that what should be done is to educate leaders to know their role instead of being threatened by voters.

    He predicted that what happened in his Forum for Democratic Change is going to happen to NUP and many leaders and supporters are going to leave before the 2026 general elections.

    He was supported by Bagala who said that leaders should be trained especially in the Buganda region if Baganda want to compete nationally.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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    Journalist Mwenda, Top Military Bosses Face Sanctions As American Spies Place Them On CIA Radar Over M-23 Rebels Dealings….



    Veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda

    Veteran celebrated journalist Andrew Mwenda and top military intelligence bosses are on the brink of being sanctioned after United States of America (USA) spies placed them on Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) radar over their dealings with Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) rebel movement the M-23.

    Mwenda confirmed that he received summons from the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning a report authored by American pinning him on being in bed with M-23 commanders who are accused of having the agenda of destabilizing the East and Central African region starting with overthrowing President Felix Tshisekedi of DRC.

    The mighty Grapevine understands that before the Americans wrote to Gen. Jeje Odongo’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the matter was first discussed, facts collected against the suspects and verified by CIA top operatives and after which they forwarded their findings to the United Nations ‘s Security Council.

    A final decision on the fate of Mwenda and a section of military bosses will soon be taken.

    Mwenda admitted that he was contacted by M-23 Commanders and he is very sure that CIA and other international intelligence operatives who have interest in DRC were spying on their conversation.

    He admitted that he received a phone call from M-23 Commanders who told him that they need his service to help them talk to US officials to lift the sanctions they placed on them.

    He added that when he talked to his contacts in President Joe Biden’s administration, they told him that what he wanted them to do was difficult since only their bosses at the Pentagon and Washington could handle his issue.

    Sources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed that the American government officials accuse Mwenda of being a broker between M-23 rebel commanders and military bosses in some of the countries in the East African Community.

    Mwenda is further accused of always dealing with sanctioned tycoons, especially those dealing in gold and other minerals obtained from the DRC.

    He admitted that he is very aware that Americans are planning to sanction him but he is not scared.

    The development comes days after United States of America sanctioned Ugandan Speaker of Parliament Annet Anita Among, her husband and also football association president Moses Magogo, junior Minister of Finance in Charge of Economic Planning Amos Lugolobi and his wife, former Minister of Karamoja Affairs Mary Gorreti Kitutu and her husband and her former junior minister Agnes Nandutu on the allegation of corruption.

    Former Deputy Chief of Defense Forces Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu was also sanctioned on the allegation of committing crimes against humanity.

    Minister Gen. Jeje Odongo said that the effect of the sanctions took immediate effect and the sanctioned government officials are not allowed in the United States and their properties and bank accounts were frozen.

    The United Kingdom in April 2024 also sanctioned Speaker Among and Ministers Nandutu and Kitutu.

    Sources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that during the several meetings held between officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomats from the British High Commission in Uganda and at the American Embassy, it was agreed that the sanctions issue does not affect the public offices but the persons occupying those offices.

    “In simple explanation, the sanction placed on Among don’t affect the office of the Speaker of Uganda. This means that the Uganda government will continue dealing with both the United Kingdom government and the American government,” a senior diplomat in the ministry of foreign affairs said.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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