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    Ex-MP Ssebagala Explains Why Oulanyah And Ssemujju Stand No Chance Against Kadaga…



    Rebecca Kadaga

    Former Kawempe North Member of Parliament (MP) Latif Ssebagala has put forward that no other Speakership candidate can beat incumbent Rebecca Kadaga to the post.

    He said, To be realistic, looking at the 11th parliamentary MP numbers; NRM has more than the majority, 265 MPs are required for majority but NRM already has 336 MPs so the speakership position is hugely in its favour.”

    “Whilst My brother Hon.Semujju Nganda is a very good candidate for speakership, opposition has no numbers to triumph in the race,” he added.

    Ssebagala refered to the fact that altogether, opposition (NUP, FDC, JEEMA, PPP, DP and UPC) have only 109 MPs in Parliament.

    He brought in the fact to stress that like it or not, it is going to come down to a game of numbers.

    “Even if we consider a few opposition leaning independents, the number is still low. On the other side, looking at NRM candidates; Kadaga Vs Oulanyah, in my judgement with the experience I had in Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga is the best candidate,” he stated.

    However, Ssebagala’s still remains just another personal opinion, as he can not vote the next speaker since he was trounced by talkative Muhammad Ssegirinya for the Kawempe North MP seat.

    Besides Ssemujju and Oulanyah,  Democratic Party’s Richard Ssebamala is also on the long list of people who want to oust Kadaga from her Speakership seat.

    Deputy Speakership

    Mr Jacob Oboth Oboth, the former Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee  chairperson, also picked forms for the deputy Speaker position yesterday.

    Ms Nabbanja and Mr Oboth joined Ms Anita Among (Bukedea Woman MP) and Mr Thomas Tayebwa (Ruhinda North) who were the first candidates to submit their credentials.

    The party members eyeing Speaker and deputy Speaker seats have up to today to conclude the activity before the CEC sits tomorrow to vet the names on each of the positions before they are subjected to a vote during the caucus meeting expected on Sunday.


    Opposition deputy Speaker candidates are Dennis Oguzu, (Maracha County, FDC), Muhammad Nsereko(Kampala Central, Ind) and Yusuf Nsibambi (Mawokota South,Ind).



    UMEME Is A Mistake – M7 Insists…



    President Yoweri Museveni has reiterated that UMEME, a leading power distributer in Uganda is a mistake.

    According to Museveni, the country ought to get a quick way out of the UMEME “trap”.

    “The cost of electricity is distorted by the mistakes committed by some of our actors without my knowledge. Especially the mistakes of Bujagali and UMEME,” Museveni said as he addressed the nation at the Kololo Independence Grounds.

    The President faults UMEME for the increased cost of electricity and the disruptions in the industry sector.

    “The high cost is caused by these. We shall see how to get out of this mistake. We shall see how to get out of this mistake,” he insisted.

    The president believes that the government can get over UMEME to avoid other mistakes and use other means to distribute electricity to some industrial parks.

    “For some industrial parks, we shall supply power straight without going through UMEME,” he said. It is not yet even a month ever since Museveni castigated UMEME.

    It is the second time in just weeks that the president is hitting at the company for “failing industrialization” and as a result, affecting job creation because electricity tariffs were high.

    In his speech during Labour Day Celebrations at state house Entebbe, Museveni said;

    “They went behind and then brought something called UMEME. What is this for? A private company, looking for profits, you make it a middleman between the generation of electricity and the final consumers, including the factories which you want to create jobs. What’s this, what are you looking for?” the President furiously asked.


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    Pr. Bujjingo Waters Down Mediation In Divorce Case Against Wife As Justice Murangira Proposes UNRA Boss Kagina To Help…



    Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and Teddy Naluswa

    House of Prayer International Ministries senior Pastor Aloysious Bujjingo has watered down the mediation process in divorce case with wife, Pastor Teddy Naluswa.

    Apparently, the Executive Director of Uganda National Roads Authority, Allen Kagina has been proposed as the new mediator between the two pastors after recommendation from the High Court in Kampala.

    However, on Monday, Bujjingo told Justice Joseph Murangira of the High Court family Division that he does not want his case to go through mediation as it has been in all civil matters.

    “My lord, what I wanted this Court to do for me is to hear the case without going through the mediation process,” Bujjingo is quoted telling the presiding Judge.

    Last month Bujjingo through his lawyer Ronald Ruhinda rejected Bishop Joshua Lwere who was proposed by Court to mediate both parties on biased grounds. Bugingo accuses Bishop Lwere the General secretary of the National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostals Churches of Uganda of maligning his name in 2019 of being an abuse to the born again community.

    Pastor Bujjingo through his lawyer Ronald Ruhinda rejected the earlier proposed mediator Bishop Joshua Lwere, the National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal churches of Uganda citing that Bishop Lwere exhibited bias in July 2019 when he allegedly badmouthed Bujjingo in a press statement.

    Naluswa is interested in the proposed mediation, but Pastor Bujjingo is not interested in the process.

    He wants court to proceed and hear the case without going through mediation.

    The pastor vowed never to go back to, or even discuss anything with Naluswa even if God comes back.

    High Court Judge Justice Joseph Murangira gave the parties one last chance to explore the option of mediation within three weeks, stating that if the final mediation process fails, the case will be heard.

    In 2019, Pastor Bujjingo filled a divorce case at Kajjansi Chief Magistrates’ Court against his wife seeking for the dissolution of his marriage.

    By Alirabaki Sengooba


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    Gen. Katumba To Burry His Murdered Daughter On Martyr’s Day…



    General Katumba at his Najjera home

    Doctors at MediPal Hospital in Kololo have confirmed that former Chief of Defense Forces Gen Edward Katumba Wamala is in good health and will be allowed to attend the burial of his slain daughter Brenda Nantongo.

    Brenda Katumba, who was killed together with their driver, Haruna Kayondo on Tuesday morning at Kisasi in Kampala in a failed attempt at assassinating her father is to be buried on Thursday (Martyrs Day).

    According to Christ Katumba Kigunddu, Gen. Katumba’s eldest son, burial will take place at 4pm at Kikandwa, Kasawo in Mukono district.

    After her burial, the family will head to Masaka to bury their grandmother (Gen. Katumba’s mother-in-law) who was meant to be buried on Tuesday but was cut short by the Kisasi attack on Gen. Katumba, who was being driven to Masaka for the said burial.

    The burial had to be postponed, family says. She will now be buried on Thursday, same day as her granddaughter.

    Meanwhile, UPDF spokesperson, Brig. Flavia Byekwaso has reassured that the UPDF has provided maximum security to Gen Katumba.

    “Right now he has a lot of security around him. I would encourage those looking for him to give up because they can’t get to him,” she said.


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