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STANDOFF: We Are Going No Where, We Are Also Ugandans, It’s Museveni Who Can Stop Us – Tuku Tuku Drivers Warn Tax Drivers And Police



TukuTuku drivers working along Nakawuka Kasanje road have vowed not to leave the road after receiving threats from Taxi drivers and police.

Taxi drivers asked TukuTuku drivers to leave the road because they are killing their business yet according to the law, they are not licensed to do the business of transporting Ugandans as they do but are supposed to carry luggage.

Today, police and the army fired tear gas and live bullets in air to disperse tax drivers who had decided to close the Nakawuka Kasanje road saying that they are no longer in business because of these TukuTuku, which are operating outside of the law.

“We had a meeting with the commandant of traffic police in Kampala Metropolitan about the TukuTuku issue and he told us that the they are not allowed to do public transport. They don’t even pay taxes and they are not licensed. Norman Musiinga gave them fourteen days to work but up now they are still on road, we want Dr. Kasiima to intervene, if these TukuTuku are allowed transport people, let them do it on other roads,” the taxi drivers cried out.

When the Grapevine spoke to the chairman of Tuku Tuku drivers, Arinaitwe Denis, he told us that they are not going anywhere because they are also Ugandans.

“President Museveni launched TukuTuku, no one can stop us from working, we are all looking for what to put on the table, it’s only the president who can stop us from working, we are resuming work tomorrow morning because today we agreed with police not to cause commotion,” Arinaitwe said.

Arinaitwe added that they have always contacted the authorities to give them PSV licenses but the authorities and government have turned a deaf hear.

However, the Officer in Charge of Natete police station Byansi Mohammed, who was pinned by the taxi drivers for being behind these TukuTukus said that it was the president who gave them a go ahead to operate. He added that there is no problem for a person to operate business in Kampala like others and tasked the commandants of different stations within Natete and the surrounding that for TukuTuku drivers to stop working, an order has to come from the president himself.


By Mboowa Nathan



Mayiga Speaks Out On Next Move If The Kabaka Fires Him, Says He Is Thinking Of Taking Legal Action Against Mirundi And Gashumba…..



Mayiga (R) receiving the instrument of power (Ddamula) from the Kabaka (L)

Buganda Premier (Katikkiro) Charles Peter Mayiga has revealed that he is going back into legal practice if he is fired from Katikkiroship by his boss Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II the Kabaka of Buganda.

In an interview with Seruga Matovu from his posh home in Lweza, Mayiga said that he is prepared to return the ‘ddamula’ (instrument of power) given to him by the Kabaka at any time.

He said that once he retires from the office of Katikkiro, he will go back to legal practice as a lawyer since he is still a young established lawyer.

“Don’t you think that one would be happy to be represented in court by the former Buganda Premier and don’t you think that my chances of winning cases will be high!” a joyful Mayiga jokingly told veteran journalist Seruga.

He said that he is very happy that his law firm of Buwule, Mayiga and company Advocates is doing well in legal practice that is why they recently celebrated 25 years in legal practice.

Mayiga added that he is also thinking of going into writing books and farming.

He emphasised that he is not shaken by words from a small section of people who are criticizing him, calling him corrupt and a non-performer.

“Let me tell you, I would be worried if people like Bishop Joseph Anthony Zziwa, His Grace Steven Kazimba Mugalu, Hajji Mutaasa Kafeero,  Professor Badru Katerega, Kiyimba Freeman were negatively talking about me and distancing themselves from me but these people (Mordecai) whose employment is not known, I just ignore them,” Mayiga said.

When asked whether he is considering taking legal action against the Mordecai, Mayiga said that he is still thinking about it although he thinks that they have already been disciplined by the public.

He said that people are critizing him over the delayed completion of Kasubi tombs which were burnt in 2010, but at the time of his appointment as Katikkiro in 2013, nothing was in place.

He said that he started from the foundation and now everything looks promising. He revealed that by the end of this year, the people of Buganda will be happy.

He explained that the delay was as a result of the many traditional steps that had to be followed during the rebuilding the tombs.

He admitted that he always talks to president Museveni but denied receiving money from him and government to run the daily Kingdom work.

He explained that the reason why Kabaka agreed to his proposal to scale down on the number of Ministers at Mengo was to make them full time staff so that the kingdom starts paying them.

He said that as one of the longest serving ministers in Mengo, he discovered that the kingdom work cannot be done fast when people are working part time.

He gave an example that when he was still working for free at Mengo, he used to come to office very late because he was supposed to first do his personal work at his law firm.

He revealed that right now, since the kingdom started paying the ministers, their performance has greatly improved compared to when they were working without pay.

On the issue of Kingdom’s land at Mulungu landing site where thousands of people were evicted, he said that the kingdom did not evict anyone. It was NEEMA that evicted locals to save them from the rising waters from Lake Victoria.

Mayiga emphasized that people should recognize that even if they are using and staying on the kingdom’s land, they have to pay rent and other dues to run the kingdom’s work.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Why Should They Serve Me The President’s Letter Through Social Media? –  Sakwa Speaks Out On M7 Letter Directing Him To Leave Office….



Embattled Jinja Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Eric Sakwa has asked why they had to serve him a letter from the president directing him to leave office through social media.

In a phone conversation with the Grapevine, Sakwa, who told us that the mafias have indeed finished him off said, “I don’t know how true it is because I have not yet received the letter and right now I am going for a meeting but surely, why should they serve me the letter through social media?”

He added that he thought that the president was going to save him but it seems the lies the mafias told the President traveled faster than his truth.

In a letter dated 15th May 2020, President Museveni directed Sakwa to leave office with immediate effect for two months.

Museveni told Sakwa that his issue is not a political matter that needs dialogue but a serious criminal issue which should be handled by the office of the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) and courts.

“A Ugandan dying is very serious. It is in the interest of, first and foremost Sakwa for the fact to come out establishing the Truth. Was Sakwa on the scene when the LDUs were beating a mwanainchi? That would be bad enough even if the mwanainchi did not die. Violence by security forces should only be in self-defense, if a suspect is violent. Even then it should only be violence to subdue the suspect and arrest him not anything else,” M7 said.

He added that he was also informed that Sakwa was not at the scene when the Mwanainchi was beaten and that a section of people in Jinja have framed him because of the good work he has been doing, he however advised Sakwa that this will be ascertained from the evidence which will be presented in court.

Yesterday, the deputy registrar Fred Waninda issued a directive stopping anybody from interfering with Sakwa’s work as the Jinja RDC until his judicial review application which he filed at the high court in Jinja challenging the way he was interdicted from the office of the RDC is heard.

Sakwa ran to the High Court challenging the way he was interdicted. He said that Hajji Yusuf Kakande, the State House secretary does not have powers to write a letter interdicting him because he is not his supervisor. He noted that his supervisor is the Minister for presidency on behalf of the president.

Sakwa is still battling with criminal charges of manslaughter and theft in Jinja magistrate’s court.


By Sengooba Alirabaki



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I Was Illegally Interdicted – Embattled Jinja RDC Sakwa Runs To High Court…



Controversial interdicted Jinja District Resident Commissioner (RDC) Eric Sakwa has petitioned the High Court in Jinja challenging the process followed to interdict him from office.

Through his lawyers Caleb Alaka and Evans Ochieng, Sakwa protests that the letter interdicting him was illegally issued.

He says that the letter was not signed by his supervisor but rather a secretary to the office of the president. He says that Hajji Yunus Kakande’s letter was violating the public service standing orders and thus was against the law.

Sakwa insists that the only supervisor he knows, who should be responsible for his interdiction in law is Esther Mbayo, the Minister for Presidency not Kakande.

He notes that as an RDC, his office is under the supervision of Mbayo on behalf of the president not Kakande. He wants court to declare that he was illegally interdicted and that the process was against the public service standing orders.

He also wants court to order that he remains in the office as the Jinja RDC until his trial in court is completed.

It should be noted that Kakande directed Sakwa to handover office to Jinja District Internal Security Officer and he is supposed to get half pay of his salary until his case is determined.

Kakande also told Sakwa that his salary balance will be refunded once he is acquitted by court.

However, Sakwa still insists that the charges put against him were fabricated by mafias who want him out of the RDCs office.

When contacted by the Grapevine, Sakwa said that he challenges his interdiction because it was illegal. He further explained that he wants court to save him from mafias who want him dead.

He however referred us to his lawyers for more information on his applications. Efforts to speak to lawyer Alaka and Evans were futile since their phones were off.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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