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    State House Boss Killed My Uncle: City Engineer Pins Museveni Adviser



    Galabuzi testifying before the commission


    City engineer James Galabuzi Mukasa the proprietor of Gala construction company limited pinned president Yoweri Museveni’s adviser Resty Nakayenga Kigguli on killing his uncle.

    Galabuzi testified before Bamugemereire’s commission of inquiry into land matters that in 2004, his uncle Albert Mackay Kalula Mukasa was murdered under unclear circumstances.

    While narrating his story, Galabuzi said that it all started in 2004 when he received a phone call from Nakayenga who introduced herself as a presidential adviser.

    Nakayenga told Galabuzi that she wanted to get his defence because Samson Kibuuka Mukasa, John Ssessanga, Wilberforce Mayengo and Nakasaga Namakula had reported to her that Galabuzi had allegedly kidnapped their father Kalula.

    Galabuzi said that he asked Nakayenga to give his defence in her office at state house but Nakayenga refused and asked him to get another place. They decided to meet at Peter Mulira’s chambers because Mulira is a relative to Kalula and Galabuzi and also a lawyer to the Ham Mukasa family.

    Galabuzi testified that he met Nakayenga together with other family members and explained to her that they have secured a court order and a medical report signed by Dr James Walugembe from Mulago hospital to take Kalula to Butabiika hospital.

    They further explained to her that the medical report indicated that Kalula was mentally disturbed. Galabuzi said that they also told Nakayenga that the people who had earlier reported to her that they are children of Kalula were lying. They told her that Ssessanga and his friends were doing all this to steal his big chunk of land which he got from his father Ham Mukasa who was a chief in Kyaggwe.

    Kalula received over 2000 acres of land in Nabuti Mukono, Ttakajjunge, Kabembe, Nakabugo, Ndeeba and Mengo.

    Galabuzi told Nakayenga that Ssessanga was using the opportunity of Kalula’s mental illness to steal his land titles and transfer them to their names.

    Galabuzi said that one day, he drove directly to Butabiika hospital where Kalula was admitted to see him but unfortunately, they were denied access. The junior officers at Butabika told them that they have received orders from state house not to allow any body to see Kalula because some people wanted to kill him over land.

    Galabuzi said that Nakayenga explain to them that she was the one who issued those orders restraining anybody to see Kalula.

    Galabuzi later agreed to meet Nakayenga at a certain restaurant in Kampala and have a breakfast meeting to explain to him what she wants to discuss with Kalula before proceeding to Butabiika.

    Unfortunately, he received a call from Nakayenga telling him that she had canceled the meeting because she had got an emergency issue to deal with.

    Galabuzi said a few minutes later, he received another call from one of the officials at Butabiika hospital telling him that Nakayenga was at the hospital forcing her way through to meet Kalula with papers she wants him to sign.

    Galabuzi quickly drove to Butabiika hospital together with other relatives and found Nakayenga fighting with Butabiika officials with armed men.

    Galabuzi decided to leave without interfering, Nakayenga and her men where overpowered and she didn’t see Kalula.

    A few days later, Galabuzi said he received a call from Butabiika officials telling him to go and pick Kalula because he had recovered.

    The hospital officials however advised him not take Kalula home but first hide him somewhere where he will be safe because they had realized that some evil minded people wanted to harm him.

    Galabuzi took Kalula to the home of one of his friends Jaby Kironde where he spent three days. Kironde called Galabuzi to come and pick Kalula because he was home sick.

    Galabuzi took Kalula to his home in Mukono. A few days later, he received a call from one of the Kalula neighbours who informed him that Kalula was kidnapped by armed men who were moving in a white vehicle with state house number plates.

    Galabuzi told the commission that upon receiving this disturbing news, he immediately reported a kidnap case on file number SD/REF/25/28/08/04 at Mukono police station and on SD/153/30/08/04 at CPS Kampala.

    However, after three weeks, he received another call from Kalula’s neighbours telling him that Kalula was brought back guarded by armed men.

    Galabuzi drove to Kalula’s home and tried to ask him where he had gone but he refused to tell him because while he was talking to him, a certain armed man came with a phone and told Kalula to talk to the woman who was on phone.

    The woman warned Kalula not to reveal to Galabuzi where he was.

    Galabuzi testified that while he was still talking to Kalula, a certain Lady who introduced herself as Mary Nakafeero came and told them that he wants Kalula to sign his land papers to legalize his tenancy.

    Nakafeero also told galabuzi that Kalula was staying with Nakayenga at his home in Kyaliwajala, a Kampala suburb.

    Nakafeero also told Galabuzi that Kalula signed many land transfers while in Kyaliwajjala. Galabuzi stopped Kalula from signing any more papers and informed Nakafeero that Kalula is mentally disturbed.

    Galabuzi later received a call from a Lady who told her that she was called Birungi and told him that Kalula was dead and his body was taken to Kadic hospital.

    Galabuzi drove to Kadic hospital but he didn’t find Kalula’s body there. The management of Kadic told him that Kalula’s body was taken to Mulago because by the time they brought him, he was already dead.

    He drove to Mulago mortuary but still Kalula’s body was not there. Galabuzi called the late Lawrence Kaggwa who was the director of Mulago hospital.

    Kaggwa advised him to go to KCCA city mortuary because that is where some bodies are kept.

    Galabuzi drove to KCCA mortuary but surprisingly, he found Nakayenga there with many armed men.

    He moved directly to the mortuary authorities asked for the body of Kalula.

    Dr. Moses Byaruhanga told him that they are working on it and that Nakayenga had already signed his postmortem report as the next of kin.

    Galabuzi said that he told the doctors that Nakayenga is a masquerader and is not in any way related to Kalula.

    When doctors called Nakayenga and informed her about Galabuzi’s claim, she shouted at Dr. Byaruhanga and drove off with her armed men.

    Galabuzi told Bamugemereire’s commission that the postmortem report indicated that Kalula died of a heart attack.

    He said that the mortuary, one of the lady who was with Nakayenga told him that Kalula first ate breakfast before signing certain papers.

    The lady further told Galabuzi that after breakfast, Kalula developed stomach complications and pain. He was rushed to Kadic hospital but died on the way.

    After burial, the Kalula family decided to appoint Michael Galabuzi, Zakaliya Mukasa, James Galabuzi and Edward Kasedde as adinistrators to Kalula’s estate.

    They secured powers of attorney granted by justice Remmy Kasule but they also got information that Sessaenga and Kibuuka were also securing powers of attorney from justice Moses Mukiibi to manage Kalula’s estate.

    Galabuzi decided to run to court and court ordered that all transfer forms signed by Kalula be examined.

    A writing expert discovered that the will which Ssessanga and Mukiibi took to court to secure powers of attorney was forged.

    Court also ordered DNA test from Ssessanga, Mukiibi and relatives of Kalula especially Edward Kasede was the biological brother to Kalula. They all refused at first but later Ssessanga accepted to be tested, the results indicated that they were not related to the late Kalula.

    When court ordered Mukiibi to be tested, he took off and went into hiding.

    Galabuzi asked the commission to save them from Christian Namirembe, the Mukono district land titles registrar because she denied them an opportunity to acccess documents of Kalula’s properties.

    Bamugemereire promised that very soon Nakayenga will be summoned because she has already made her statement on the matter.


    By Jamil Lutakome


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