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    STATEMENT: Don’t Sell Your Land But Use It Productively: Lands Okalany Guides At The Commissioning Of The Model Pilot Subcounty Customary land Registries In Kijomoro And Oluvu In Maracha District…



    Ministry of Lands PS Dorcus Okalany

    The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Land and Urban Development Mrs. Dorcus Okalany, in her statement delivered by her representative Mr. Dennis Obbo has advised the people of Kijomoro and Oluvu In Maracha District not to sell their land but use it productively.

    Below is her statement verbatim:

    The Lands Ministry is was grateful for the initial support provided to implement the pilot land component of the Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU) Land Component With support from UNCDF and the European Union (EU) under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF).

    Capacities of local government to deliver land services to communities were strengthened; and there has been improved land governance and registration of Certificates of Customary Ownership.

    The Direct beneficiaries of this intervention have included the District Land Management institutions – Area Land Committes (ALCs), the Subcounties the Lower Physical Planning Committees, the District Land Office, the District Land Board, and the office of the Recorders in rural subcounty areas and divisions in urban areas.

    This pilot intervention contributed to Uganda’s infrastructure development through the construction of 6 sub county land offices at a cost of UGX 75 million each to enable the documentation and storage of customary land records and take land services closer to the land owners.

    The Bamugemereire land commission report into the land sector raised a serious issue that that there was office space for ALCs and the Recorders to enable the registration of customary land. This intervention has come to provide practical solutions to the challenges affecting registration of customary land transactions by Government, as provided in the Land Act.

    I therefore congratulate the newly registered customary land owners for acquiring legal documents at a low cost of UGX 10,000. Of course this was highly subsidized by Government . We expect a return on this investment within one year as the registration of the next land transactions on the CCOs is now being demanded.

    Mr. Dennis Obbo who delivered the PS’ message

    The CCO you receive today is not of lesser value than the freehold titles. The only difference is that the CCO is governed governed according to the traditional or cultural norms and practices, while the freeholds are governed by the Registration of Titles Act.

    The CCO like the Freehold has 4 parts: discretion and location of your land; the names of the owners; The conditions, restrictions and limitations; and incumbrances where third party right are recorded.

    Your customary titles now have coordinates of the boundaries of your land. So in case of disputes, they can be used to determine and resolve the land conflicts.

    In the near future, the Ministry plans to introduce new administrative measures where mapping of customary land is done using the same techniques of surveying freeholds, so that if the customary land owners want to convert their CCOs to Freeholds, they do not have to re-incur the costs of surveying.

    I thank our Partners for accepting the proposal to design and build the model subcounty Registries instead of renovating 2 rooms to store the subcounty customary records. ALC records have either been kept at their homes or in unguarded spaces and prone to being lost.

    This investment has costed UGX 75 million. Already out of the 1,400 CCOs, revenue generated and collected was UGX 14 million. If we intensify the registration of land transactions, the sub counties shall have a steady and strong source of income.

    The registration process is continuous. We have prepared simple materials for Recorders to be taking through customary land owners to guide on how to lease or rent your land without sealing it; how to register the loans on your CCO; how to search the CCO Register; how to register rent agreements; how to replace a lost or stolen CCO and other transactions. It is done at a fee and stamp duty is supposed to be paid. That’s why we have a room for assessment and payments inside the new office.

    This office shall not be used for any other purpose but for customary land registration. It should be strongly guarded by you the owners because without it, you are nothing.

    The Benefits
    a. You now have legal documentation which customary land owners have been demanding from Government for over a long period of time.
    b. Your land was registered using a cheaper to process.
    c. The ALCs, District Land Board, District Land Office and Office of the Recorder were trained on their roles and responsibilities and given guidance on what to do and the procedure. Each can ably handle the registration of customary land at the subcounty in rural areas and at the Division or municipal levels in urban areas.
    d. The customary setting at the subcounty level doesn’t require the illiterate, marginalized and vulnerable groups to hire advocates or lawyers to register or defend their claims of interest.
    e. The customary tenure registration is the most all inclusive, compared to other 3 tenure systems. It has also provide for mechanisms under the law to ensure inclusive land registration.
    f. Customary land with a CCO is now viewed as an enabler for PDM related development and has increased land productivity, since time for disputes is over.
    g. The variation of land forms to suit the circumstances surrounding the use of sketches drawn to include the geo-referencing of the computer generated sketches with coordinates and the orthophoto has greatly enhanced the accuracy of the Sketch. This variation has permitted geo-referenced data to be migrated into the Land Information System (LIS) with no overlaps, in order to guarantee the registered rights of individuals, families, clans and communities.

    For those that have received the customary certificates, never laminate them and never write in them. keep it as it is. If you ever want to do anything with it come to the Office of the Recorder. The law permits only the Recorder to write in it.

    Do not give your Certificate away because you will have given away your land.

    For you go and thank God the Almighty for this achievement because now God and Government now know you as the registered landowner.

    That document protects you from eviction and destruction of any investments you may have done on the land.

    Don’t sale your land but use it productively.

    I thank you.



    Shock As Kabaka Mutebi Sidelines Wife Nagginda When Choosing His 3 Next Of Kins, Chief Prosecutor Tasks Mayiga On King’s Gifts…



    The Buganda Kingdom clan heads were shocked to learn that Sylivia Nagginda Luswata the Queen mother of Buganda is not among the individuals Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi chose as his next of kin.

    In their planning meeting on the trip to Namibia to meet Kabaka Mutebi, clan heads were advised that before leaving the country, they should first know the people registered as next of kin to Kabaka because they will need their approval to access the king.

    Many rubbished their friend who made the said submissions boasting that with the help of Joyce Nabbosa Ssebugwawo the former Buganda Kingdom minister and also the junior minister in charge of technology and information in President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, they cannot fail to access Kabaka.

    They claimed that Nabbosa is a close friend to Kabaka Mutebi but also a relative and friend to Nagginda who has the final say on accessing her husband.

    The planning meeting was held at Mengo in a place opposite Bulange building the headquarters of Buganda Kingdom. A decision was taken to first consult and confirm that Nagginda is among the next of kin to Kabaka Mutebi.

    However, they were shocked that she is not among them.

    Their investigations established that Kabaka registered his young brother Prince David Kintu Wasajja, Buganda Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga and his sister Nnaalinya Agnes Nabaloga Lubuga as his next of kin.

    One of the clan heads told theGrapevine that last week when they met President Museveni, he promised to facilitate their travel to Namibia where Kabaka Mutebi is allegedly receiving treatment from but advised them to first agree with his immediate family.

    Sources said that before the end of this week, clan heads are going to meet clan council speaker and also the Kkobe clan head omutaka Ssalongo Augustine Kizito Mutumba on the way forward, and they are proposing to lead a delegation to go and meet Mayiga over the matter.

    Mutumba confirmed to Grapevine that a resolution was passed in their council to send a delegation to Namibia to visit Kabaka so as to check on his health status.

    Another clan head told theGrapevine that President Museveni confirmed that he is ready to help them to talk to Namibian authorities so that they have a save passage there.

    He divulged that the President however insisted that they should first secure the approval from Kabaka’s immediate family members.

    A section of clan heads have started processing their travel documents and are very excited.

    “We were told that even Nagginda or Kabaka’s children have to first seek approval from the next of kin to see him. But, I don’t think Mayiga will allow us to access Kabaka in Namibia,” a clan head said.

    Kabaka Mutebi, members of the royal family and Mengo administration officials missed Nagginda’s book launch at Sheraton hotel in 2022 sending a big statement of the misunderstanding in the palace.

    Since 2019, Kabaka Mutebi has been in and out of hospitals locally and internationally and Mayiga.

    On a related development, Buganda Kingdom chief prosecutor and also the clan head of Empeewo omuttaka Nadduli Kibale Mayiga has threatened to storm Mayiga’s office to get an explanation from him on who is eating gifts donated to Kabaka by his subjects.

    Nadduli explained that he has been receiving a lot of complaints from people that they are collecting gifts and sending them to Bulange but they don’t know who is eating and benefiting from the gifts because Kabaka is abroad receiving medication.

    According to Mubiru Njuuki, a Buganda Kingdom historian, Nadduli culturally is the one responsible for mediating Kabaka when he gets into any misunderstanding with his wives.

    Nadduli made the threatening statement in a meeting with Church of Uganda Bishops led by the Archbishop of the church of Uganda Dr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu at his home in Wakiso district.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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    INSIDE STORY: How Top Legislators Shared $5m Vitol Oil Deal Bribe; Intelligence Warns M7 On How Corrupt Officials Can Cause Downfall Of His Gov’t…



    Yusuf Mutembuli (Bunyole East), Paul Akamba (Busiki county) and Cissy Namujju (Lwengo Woman MP) who were charged with corruption

    During the State of Nation Address, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni revealed that he is very careful when dealing with corrupt government officials.

    Museveni however explained that if he fires or imprisons all of them, who will he work with in his government.

    Highly placed sources in one of the highly feared intelligence agency told theGrapevine that Museveni made the said statement after reading a well detailed dossier on how government officials especially those from the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development connive with senior Members of Parliament and heads of government agencies to fuel corruption in the country.

    Through the said report, Museveni established that his government officials and MPs own multibillion properties locally and internationally and most of them are registered in shudder companies and names of their relatives.

    Details in the report authored by the said intelligence agency matched with the details in the private report authored by Museveni’s trusted seasoned diplomat who revealed the particulars of the properties and companies owned by government officials abroad.

    Museveni instructed his trusted diplomat to author for him the said report after the United Kingdom sanctioned the Speaker of Parliament Annet Anita Among maintaining that he owns fat bank accounts, owns a house abroad and is a big spender.

    It was also revealed that Among has children who are studying from good schools in their country insisting that investigations made by United Kingdom intelligence established that all the money Among used to purchase, buy and educate her children is as a result of corruption.

    However, in his letter to speaker Among, Museveni asked the speaker to confirm to him whether the house in the United Kingdom is owned by her or she is just renting it.

    Among publicly disowned the said house and properties insisting that Rishi Sunak’s government was giving forged documents to President Museveni to cement their allegations that she owns properties in their country.

    She maintained that she doesn’t even own a pussycat in their country.

    Because of the sanctions against the speaker, Museveni directed further investigation in alleged corruption in parliament and more rot was discovered which included $5m Vitol Oil Company bribe.

    Highly placed sources claim that when the Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka started the process of legalizing the monopoly of selling oil in Uganda and all the powers be given to Uganda National Oil Company (UNOC), Swiss based Vitol Oil Company also kicked off the process of taking the deal.

    Sources claim that a number of senior legislators especially lawyers and those sitting on the parliamentary legal committee were approached and they accepted the deal of fighting for the interest of their company to be chosen as the only oil company to sell fuel to UNOC.

    “When the president was in Kenya recently, President Ruto complained that Kenyan companies lost the deal to supply fuel to UNOC because of corruption. The President was preaching the cooperation of the East Africa countries and was shocked because Ruto had all the evidence implicating top government officials and legislators. What the President is doing is to punish those greedy people who placed him in bad light,” a source said.

    Museveni struggled to convince President William Ruto to accept the issuing of the operation license to UNOC because Kenyans were very bitter with the way they lost the multibillion oil deal in Uganda.

    Museveni government and that of Ruto also signed other deals in agriculture and trade and with immediate effect Museveni direct Kiryowa Kiwanuka to withdraw the case Uganda had filed in the East African Court of Justice against the government of Kenya.

    Sources claim that $5m bribe was paid to legislators in installments and legislators especially those on parliamentary committees received their share in installments.

    It should be noted that among the legislators who are currently in detention include; Yusuf Mutembuli, the Bunyole East Member of Parliament and also the vice chairperson of the parliamentary legal committee; Cissy Namujju Donozio the Lwengo district woman legislator and Paul Akamba the Busiki County legislator.

    The trio were yesterday charged have with corruption and they pleaded not guilty. Court records indicate they solicited a percentage share of the Uganda Human Rights Commission’s 2024/25 budget, promising to influence its increase.

    However, just like legislators, top government officials are also panicking over the ongoing investigation against them plus Museveni himself.

    Sources disclosed that because of the scare, it is the reason why Museveni has summoned the National Resistance Movement (NRM) top party organ the Central Executive Committee (CEC) for an emergency meeting on Friday.

    Emmauael Lumala Ddombo the NRM Director for Communication and Information confirmed the said meeting noting that there was a serious decision which was not taken during the Monday meeting which was chaired by Al-Hajji Moses Kigongo the National Vice chairperson.

    Ddombo declined to reveal the decision which was not taken and why they need the guidance of their chairperson.

    Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi the NRM vice chairperson in charge of Buganda told theGrapevine that the president has started biting the corrupt and they will all support him in this struggle.

    He added Museveni has to act on corruption very seriously because it is going to be a strong factor in the coming elections.

    Sources allege that Museveni is going to use the said meeting to share evidence he has received on the huge corruption in parliament with CEC members and a decision will be taken on how to handle the situation.

    Sources said that the decision which is going to be taken is likely going to affect Speaker Among and Adolf Mwesigye the Clark to parliament since they have slept on the job as legislators used their positions to place the country in bad light.

    Museveni is also expected to brief CEC concerning the advice he received from intelligence who warned him that if he doesn’t properly handle the issue of corruption, it can cause the downfall of his government since these government officials can facilitate and sponsor candidates against NRM in the 2026 general elections, sponsor rioters and demonstrators hence creating insecurity in the country.

    But other sources said that CEC members cannot advise Museveni on corruption related issues, because they are also under probe.

    However, seasoned political commentator and also senior presidential advisor on media, Joseph Tamale Mirundi insists that there is no government official who can threaten Museveni because he is the one who made them and has the alternative to weaken them.

    He gave the example of how he weakened John Patrick Amama Mbabazi the former Prime minister and NRM Secretary General who was once branded as the engine that runs Museveni’s government.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    How Mafias Fought For Gen. Salim Saleh’s Bag After He Fell Very Ill…



    Gen. Salim Saleh

    It has been revealed that several emergency meetings were summoned by people termed as mafias strategizing on their next move after a strange disease attack celebrated 1986 war veteran and also President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s most trusted and beloved brother Gen. Salim Saleh.

    Joseph Tamale Mirundi, a long term friend of Gen. Saleh and also the Senior presidential advisor in charge of the media, confirmed the development.

    “When I saw people I know as mafias fighting to take over power after President Museveni’s government panicked, I got scared and I picked interest to establish what was going on because I know them, they can overthrow the government without our knowledge,” Mirundi said.

    He added that his sources in the corridors of power informed him that they were panicking because they want to use the opportunity of Gen. Saleh’s sickness to steal his money.

    He claimed that in one of the meetings, they were planning on how to access the bag where Saleh kept billions of money in cash.

    Mirundi revealed that with immediate effect, he contacted Gen. Saleh’s assistants to confirm what was told to him and they confirmed that the General is sick.

    “I pray for his quick recovery, you know our people thought that big people like Gen. Saleh I don’t get sick, we also get sick because we are human beings, but my brother Gen Saleh is recovering,” Mirundi said.

    He said that after the Mafia’s failed to steal Gen Saleh’s money, they are now spreading malicious propaganda that he mismanaged the money given to him through the Operation Wealth Creation.

    Kira Municipality legislator Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda noted that Gen. Saleh is the next powerful person in the country after president Museveni and it is the reason why whoever is given a top government job, they first seek appointment with Gen. Saleh to appreciate and confirm that he or she will follow his instructions.

    This is not the first time the General is falling sick. Recently, he got very ill that bad people announced him dead.

    According to late Lt. Gen. Pecos Kutesa’s book, ‘Uganda’s Revolution 1979-1986 How I saw it’, he explains how Gen Saleh survived the Bukalambi battle against the Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLA) in 1982 during the NRA rebel war.

    He describes Gen. Saleh as a loving commander noting that fighters always wanted him to command the operation against the enemy because under his command, they won.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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