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Stop ‘Komanyoko’ Politics, You Abused Me That I Demanded For Money From Bobi Wine To Support Him And Alleged That I’m Not My Father’s Daughter – Nambooze Pens Missive On Opposition Fights…



Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakireke has warned politicians to desist from playing ‘Komanyoko/Chemical politics.

In a missive on his Facebook page, Nambooze, who is trying to warn her daughter Angella Namirembe (but indirectly cautioning opposition politicians) on how to conduct herself if she is to enter into the political battlefield warns her to be very careful of people who will abuse, belittle and concoct words to pull her down.

Below is Nambooze’s missive:

Dear my daughter Angella Namirembe,

Mukyala Bakireke Junior,

I know you will properly stand in my shoes and I count myself lucky to have you walking in my footsteps. I pray that God grants us life and enable me to reach a day during my old age to sit aside and see your generation running this Country.

Onething my daughter, that has assisted me to mantain influence in my small way is to endevour to be honest atleast with myself, do alot of research and search for information and knowledge. Am by and large a self taught person and on any ordinary day I sleep for only five hours. This is one thing I wish to request you and other young politicians and activists to learn…Do critical reading.

I have also overtime ĺearnt that when some people realise that they are doing badly in a debate they turn to abuses and sometimes fighting. That is the proper “Komanyoko Politics”. When someone tells you that you are in the default of this Law,Principal or Policy…Wisdom dictates that you challenge back that person by stating a law, principal or policy that exonorates you…it will always be there if you do enough research. If you cant find it,just know that whatever you’re doing is irredeemably wrong and tactifully back out.

You lose it, when a person presents facts to you, quoting laws very specifically…And you answer back by saying that, ” you have an ugly nose”. Maybe you can succeed in embarrassing that person before cheap people like you but I bet that what you’re doing is not sustainable…Without your knowledge you will lose one by one of the reasonable members of society…it will be a matter of time,for you to land in your true self.

The other brand of politics I have seen in the City is “Chemical Politics”. You further lose it when you pick very outrageous things and say them against a person for expediency. Wisdom can only be challenged by Wisdom. For example the letter below was written on the 27th of February, days before the election of the Capital City -Speaker at KCCA as the institution prepared to recieve new officers due to change of the law.

The new law created new political Offices and officers in Kampala…A speaker and his deputy at City hall and Divisions plus City and Division executive Committee Ministers and this has dictated that the City management run a transition to move from the setup that has been in place for the last nine years to the new arrangement brought about by the ammended law. The new arrangement is to cost us 7bn for a start. Changing from one system to the other requires transtion and interim measures properly guided by the law. KCCA will also need a supplementary budget.

One thing that has however caught my attention is in this letter communicating interim arrangements that include setting up of Offices and satisfactorily equip them. On the issue of furniture…KCCA executive Director Mr.Kitaka in this letter informs the Lord Mayor that he will be buying new furniture and taking some old chairs for repair including that of the Lord Mayor.

Our politicians who practise “Chemical Politics” through cyber hooliganism and Radio call -in Political- conflict enteprenuars have told the Country that the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago picked the chair and ran away with it despite the fact that information showing that the same was picked by the techinical staff and taken for repair is available.

They have also accused Lukwago for running away with the Mace. The fact is that World over a Mayor is handed a mace as he assumes Office. Go in any City in the World the Mayor is dresses in expensive garbs with chains and a mace is always carried to signify his/her presence.The position of the City- Speaker in the hierarchy is a recent creation. Mayoral roles have been in existence for ages…So we are not inverting anything new in Kampala. As a Shadow Minister,I know that speakers’ maces for the six offices at the City hall and in Divisions are being handled by the Procument Office and will soon be delivered.

This same group has for three years now been telling people that I Betty Nambooze demanded for money from Hon Kyagulanyi when he sought support from me. They have branded me not my father’s daughter and all form of hopeless talk. Unfortunately these people claim to be members of the People Power movement which I now have reason to doubt. The Principal of PP deep in his heart knows the truth. In addition he knows that we have always stood with him long before he joined Politics.

I have always used the words of the great Mandela…He said that,” The measure of a freedom fighter, the measure of a leader lies in how he/she reacts to crime or menace committed in his/her favour”. My daughter never harvest in Satans garden even where the opportunity so enticing present itself. Angella never be compelled to opportunistically embrace delinquency, a true freedom fighter, revolutionalist and leader is one who stands for principals and values and use those to determine his/her stand at a particular time.

People have strategically decided to employ terrorism against us….our only offence being that we got up early in our life to fight the dictatorship in Uganda and consistently continued to do the same even when it turned so dangerous. Before anybody gets to demonise Erias Lukwago in relation to power struggle in the City, first ask one’self that hadnt he (Lukwago) stood firm to resist the junta would we have a Kampala to elect a Speaker today? Museveni had plotted to make Kampala an authority like Civil aviation or URA in exchange of creating Mengo City…its even written in the Constitution as ammended in 2010.

My daughter, some years ago,when our agemates under the Youth Brigade led by Nasser Ssebagala got out to fight and through demonizition destroy Dr.Kawanga Ssemwogere and the group of his agemates with whom they had been fighting for freedom in Uganda,I and Erias Lukwago refused to join them (the youth). For this we were bittery fought by the CHEMICAL POLITICIANS….but in the end,time vindicated us.

Today Dr.Kawanga Ssemwogere who was humiliated and edged out of DP leadership remains the most respected member of the Democratic Party. And the Chemical politicians don’t want anybody to remind them that during that time, they preached to the Nation that the true opposition and right person to succeed Museveni was Nasser Ssebagala. WHY DO PEOPLE REFUSE TO LEARN FROM HISTORY?!

Angella, be a Politician of values, a woman of Principal let your position be determined by honesty…a thing is bad when done by our opponents and that same thing remains bad even when done by our friends or in our favour. We are fighting for change and not an opportunity to do the things that enemies of this country has been doing. Stay well and struggle on; Tozikiza

From your Aunt, my brother’s most loved Sister-

Mukyala Bakireke Senior.



Court Gives Tortured Mityana Municipality MP Zaake Powers to Prosecute Top Police Officers…



Zaake (L) with one of his lawyers Basalirwa (R)

Mityana Chief Magistrates Court has given powers to tortured Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Francis Butebi Zaake to go ahead and privately prosecute top senior police officers who tortured him.

Zaake applied to court to privately prosecute SSP Bob Kagarura (the police commander Wamala Region), D/ASP Musa Walugembe (police officer in charge of special investigation unit Kireka –Kampala), D/SSP Elly Womanya (the commandant special investigation unit Kireka), Hamdan Twesigye (police officer working with Special Investigations Unit –Kireka) and SP Alex Mwine (Mityana district police commander).

In his affidavit, the people power movement diehard alleged that in April 2020, he was brutally arrested from his home in Mityana Municipality and taken to different police stations and security safe houses where he was brutally tortured.

According to the summons seen by this website, the trial is expected to kick off on 5th August 2020 at Mityana Chief Magistrate courts.

Zaake boasted that he has paraded a number of witnesses to pine the errant officers.

He narrated that he spends sleepless nights waiting for the day he will see his tormentors in the dock. He added that he is very sure that justice will be served.

Zaake was arrested by police on charges of violating the presidential directives to fight Covid19 pandemic after being arrested distributing food to his voters around Mityana Municipality allegations that Zaake strongly denies.

Zaake insisted that the errant officers picked him from his home and he was not distributing food.

President Museveni condemned the selective arrest by security agencies after his Minister and senior party members were found guilty of Zaake’s alleged crime but walked away scotch free.

Ugandan laws permit private prosecution even though the Director of Public Prosecution has powers to take over any criminal case at any particular stage before the judgment.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Besigye, Bobi Wine Cannot Make An Alliance To Oust M7 Because They All Have Selfish Interests – Kabuleta…



L-R: Bobi Wine, Kabuleta and Besigye

Celebrated veteran sports journalist turned Pastor Joseph Kizza Kabuleta has revealed that four time presidential candidate Kizza Besigye cannot make an alliance with People Power strongman Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine to oust President Yoweri Museveni because both politicians have hidden selfish interests.

In an exclusive interview with theGrapevine, Kabuleta said that since 2001, attempts by the opposition to form a coalition to overthrow Museveni have not yielded any fruits.

“You remember in 2001, Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala dropped his intention to stand for president in favor of Besigye but do you know how many were on the ballot paper? They were nine and it has been the same story up to 2016, that is why I am sure they cannot achieve it in 2021,”  the flamboyant Pastor said.

He explained that the reason why the opposition in Uganda always fails to agree is because they don’t speak the same political language, everyone comes from different political background hence they have deferring agendas.

He advised them to think outside the box and come up with another uniform principle which brings them together instead of always thinking that their uniting factor should always be to remove Museveni from power.

“They will tell Ugandans that there are going to unite but at the end of the day everyone is going to go and pick his nomination papers from the Electoral Commission,” Kabuleta explained.

He added that he is not supporting a single opposition candidate to stand against Museveni because when they are many, they will deny President Museveni 50 plus 1 vote % to win the presidential race.

He explained that once they deny Museveni the said percentage, then in the re-run they join forces and support the top runners-up to decisively defeat Museveni.

He insisted that he is prepared and sure that Museveni will not steal his votes like he did in 2006 and 2016 because with the current political wave around the country, people will pour on the streets to challenge his fraudulent victory.

He insisted that people have a lot of hope in him.

He warned the army and other government agencies to stop thinking of killing people who will be demonstrating on the streets but just learn from what was in Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia and Zimbabwe.

On the issue of the born again churches which many think is the winning constituent for Museveni, he said that this is no more.

He boasted that born again people are already tired of Museveni’s rule that is why some are already demonstrating in prayer dressed sack clothes.

He added that Born Again people are tired after Museveni intentionally refused to open their churches, and very few Pastors like Robert Kayanja, Joseph Serwada will vote for him.

He insisted that he joined the presidential race to seal the gap between the rich and power which has been created by Museveni.

He disclosed that Uganda is a rich country with a lot of minerals but they are benefitting a few people in the first family.

He revealed that he is going to contest as an independent under his pressure group, ‘reclaiming our country’ which he plans to use to liberate Ugandans financially.

He refuted allegations that he has been sponsored by Museveni to divide the opposition votes after allegations that he signed this agreement when he was detained for embarrassing the first family.

He said that he was not bought and he is the only candidate who is going to change the living standard of Ugandan.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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VIDEO: Minister For Health Dr. Jane Aceng Joins Active Politics, To Contest In Lira…



The Minister for Health Dr. Jane Aceng has declared that she is joining active Politics.

In a video shared by Emmanuel Ainebyona, the Senior Public Relations Officer MOH, Dr. Aceng says, “I want to declare openly that I’m taking up a political position as a representative of the Women in Lira district and I will contest for the position under the Movement ticket. I thank the People of Lango for their great Love and support.”
Currently, Atim Joy Ongom, is the incumbent woman Member of Parliament representing the Lira District.
Below is the full video:

Breaking News:
Minister for Health Dr Jane Aceng joins active Politics, to contest in Lira.
“I want to declare openly…

Posted by UBC TV on Sunday, July 5, 2020


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