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Stop Playing ‘Komanyoko Politics’: Why Do You Attack Nambooze Over Her Sickness And Tribe – Mukono Legislator Blasts Muntu Supporters



Dear Muntu Cyber Promoters,

Yesterday,I wrote a public letter to my brother and leader General Mugisha Muntu the obvious leader of the new party under formation.My intention was to air out my genuine and honest concern on the happenings in the Opposition especially in relation to the formation of a new party and our relationship as an opposition that is advocating for working together.

Secondly,I wanted to check out if indeed we have a third force under formation,a formation that would handle things a bit differently from what we have,with a new approach to issues,a party that would mirror the image General Mugisha Muntu is struggling to put out there;of decency,tolerance,non violence,listening and responding to others with respect and courtesy.
JEEMA is one party that has tried on this issue of morals…for sometime I have silently been burning with an idea of moving closer to JEEMA but one thing somehow puts me at a distance,however I find a lot of peace talking politics with Kyanjo and I confide in him a lot.

Dr.Col.Kizza Besigye is my friend and everybody knows that but we almost fell out in the 2016 elections due to the way his supporters and aides handled the Go Forward team and Amama Mbabazi. I didn’t find merit in attacking Mbabazi in particular. I thought in Mbabazi we had a route through which we in the Opposition would show people imprisoned in NRM that they are welcome to the to our side.I talked to Dr. Besigye about this and he silently talked and counseled his people. Don’t forget easily,I went public about it and wrote about the same in both main and social media.

I supported Besigye,yes but I didn’t want our campaign to target Mbabazi more than Museveni.I was misunderstood and heavily attacked by my own and fellow supporters of Besigye to the extent that they physically assaulted me in my own constituency when I turned up for Besigye’s rally only out of the need to show solidarity.My people in Mukono,know me and what I stand for,they returned me to Parliament with 45000 votes while the FDC got 1500 votes. Besigye defeated Museveni in my constituency with 38000 votes,the rest is history. On my side I forgave FDC for the sake of the big struggle.

Back to my public letter to Gen Muntu, you his promoters have without going to the gist of my submission jumped out to attack the person of Nambooze over sickness,tribe and relationship with DP President Mao.I disagreed with Mao over the administration of DP but I have never attacked him over his health,I can’t descend as low as talking about who might have assisted him when he was sick,I want my brother Mao alive as we continue with our arguments about DP management.

In the same direction,I have never moved to create a new Party out of DP and when you come to Mukono you will see what is now one of the most vibrant branches of DP maybe only next to Masaka. So when Mao comes to Mukono to meet DP leaders he sits in an Office I built adjacent to my home and funded to run by myself. I remain Mao’s Vice President for Buganda region although on suspension by him for organising a meeting for DP~Buganda leaders something well within my mandate. I support Besigye as Mao supports Amama Mbabazi…simple.

The rapidly expanding social media in Uganda, has given the country a group of online users who have taken on a routine exchange of abusive terms and accusations with choicest swearwords hurled even for the seemingly non-inflammatory political debates. Borrowing from the words of brother Mao, I call This “Komanyoko Politics” .Words like stupid,idiot, are commonly used by the generation of Museveni’s bazzukulu. When you address them on any matter instead of reasoning you by facts and persuasion they go for your person…blackmail is the biggest tool for debate by this generation. I have seen their equal in Ofwono Opondo on NBS frontline whose debate is but only blackmail.

The culture of “Kumanyoko politics” as a means for political participation is a shame especially to those who have been promising a different crop of politics. In essence you are saying that you are no different from those you posture to oppose…there is no third force under formation anyway. Many people have been vindicated by your reaction…what we have is other Ugandan politicians who are forming a political party to lead and are not in any way prepared to contribute anything towards the unity of the Opposition.

Dear Muntu Promoters,Betty Nambooze was wounded in the line of duty,why demonize her for seeking support from fellow combatants instead of going for the Junta regime money? Are you going to quarrel with FDC for eternity and the same be justified because Besigye assisted Nambooze when she was sick ? At a personal level am happy that I caused this debate. A public letter to leaders shouldn’t constitute an attack or a dislike for that leader but a call on them to make public accountability. Public figures should never be hurt when called upon to address the public. Another political party is welcome,people are free to associate as they wish BUT please let it not be at the expense of our unity as opposition,Uganda is bleeding and the best we can do now is to die a little bit for the bigger struggle against Museveni’s dictatorship.



I Don’t Trust Them They Are All NRM Cadres – DP Boss Mao Attacks Constitutional Review Team



Democratic Party (DP) president Hon. Norbert Mao has expressed concerns over the assembled constitutional review team citing partisan grounds and lack of integrity.

Addressing Journalists at the party headquarters, Hon. Mao said that he doesn’t trust the people nominated on the Constitution review commission because most of them are NRM cadres.

Some of those appointed on the review team include; former Yumbe MP Nusura Tiperu, former Attorney general Prof Khiddu Makubya and the chairperson of the Uganda National youth council Lillian Abert. According to Hon. Mao, the team requires people who are independent minded and who care about the future of Uganda without Museveni. He however commended government for the idea of coming up with this constitutional review saying it is timely.

Government named 14 people to sit on the Constitutional Review Commission committee to consider various constitutional amendments according to a letter sent by president Museveni on May 23, to Gen Kahinda Otafiire, the Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister, who also wrote a reminder on August 7 to the President.

In the letter, Gen Otafiire recommended former Attorney General, Prof Khiddu Makubuya, to chair the commission deputized by former Speaker of Parliament and retired diplomat Francis Butagira.

“Your Excellency, as you are aware, government has committed itself on several occasions to establish a Constitutional Review Commission as a more elaborate process of amending the Constitution. This process will take into account the many constitution reform proposals that have been received by government,” Gen Otafiire wrote.

Sources at State House and in other government circles had varying opinions on President Museveni’s decision about the Commission and some said he has already made the appointments while others said he has not formally responded to Gen Otafiire’s letter despite the reminder.


By Remmy Atugonza


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WHY I QUIT NBS TV: The Man Is A Real Witch, A Sorcerer, A Hypocrite, A Liar And A Demon – Basajjamivule Speaks Out



Political Commentator and NBS TV ‘the Eagle’ political show panelist,Basajja Mivule alias Bwadene Nsolonkambwe has poured his heart out over intrigue from one of his fellow panelists who is also an FDC member.

In a rant on his Facebook page titled ‘Polite Apeal’, Mivule blasted the FDC man for being a liar, a hypocrite and a witch, and promised to report him to Besigye.

Below is Mivule’s rant verbatim:

DEAR FACEBOOK FRIENDS , thank you for the greater love you continually share with me , again I say THANK YOU .

There’s this kind request I want to put before all of you : The truth is that I was not chased away from NBS TV , and Mr.Kin Kalisa , a very good friend of mine should not be blamed for my disappearance from the EAGLE PLATFORM .

The reason why am not appearing on the EAGLE SHOW is entirely personal , Mr . Kin Kalisa and the entire NBS TV management are not in any way to blame , I know how much you miss me and you have the reason WHY , but am the one to blame for keeping you guessing for quite long .

Any time I can go back because I’ve become part of NBS TV FAMILY , BUT HEAR THIS :- There’s a devil , a real snake which I can never work with again .

He made my life miserable, he never wanted me and another panelist on that show . One day someone gave him only 50,000 /= to go on air and say that I went to statehouse, and Museveni gave me 8 millions , and that I was going back next week to pick the balance of 4 million. .

He repeated it the following week , and again he repeated it the third week .

Another time he put it on me that together with Dr. Abed Bwanika , we were given money by the government of Uganda , to go to South Africa and buy goats but we ate the money .

I have heard Mr.Tamale Mirundi on several times talking about the money that was given to Dr Abed Bwanika but he has never , never , never added my name in that project . In fact , it’s something I first heard about from Tamale’s mouth , but he mentioned my name on air without first carry out any research on that matter.

This demon, the son of the biblical beast , has tried so much during it’s programs on air , to convince the viewers that he’s a saint , even the public tends to believe that the man is an angel , because he speaks like a priest , he demonizes NRM people and even the panelists yet he’s not as clean as am going to tell you.

This time round he’s spreading the rumor that there’s an MP who took me two weeks ago to President Museveni , and he gave me two hundred millions , to stop criticising him , and it’s the reason I left NBS TV .


NOW , two months ago , the Snake went to state house , and met Col. Kaka the ISO Director , who is a very good friend of mine because we knew each other many years before he entered that office .

He had written a proposal to president Museveni through the ISO DIRECTOR , Col . Kaka , requesting for billions of money , to recruit all the prominent talk show hosts and the reporters plus some program producers into becoming NRM / Museveni’s private supporters .

He proposed that he was going to convince all the vocal journalists and presenters , to abandon all the opposition parties plus their leaders , mainly the people power of BOBI WINE , and they stop highlighting events , statements and programs for the opposition .

He proposed that he was going to give the selected media personalities beginning with the editors and producers a minimum of 50 millions to buy a simple car and the balance they buy a plot of land , and he said he was going to start from the media house where he works.

This holy priest who speaks like an angel from heaven , who spends a lot of time talking about how he was well brought up by her mom , highly educated , he calls himself a principled man , a man of integrity , he always talks about the professors who taught him at Makerere University and for that reason he looks down at his guests as no bodies ,


If he’s truly a principled man , one who is a member of the opposition , and who wants Museveni to leave power and go , how can you make a proposal requesting for billions of money to recruit all journalists / media personalities to become NRM supporters and automatically Museveni moles ?

Did his party send him to Museveni or approve of that proposal ?

Let someone help me to share this with Dr. Kiza Besigye , so that he may understand some of the people confess to belong to the opposition .

More info about the SNAKE with two legs , which puts on suits like human beings is coming soon , WATCH THIS SPACE .


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Ugandan’s Blasting Besigye For Telling Lies Have Memory Lapse, We Have Ourselves To Blame That M7 Is Still Here – Makerere University Councillor



Makerere University Councillor Doreen Nyanjura has blasted Ugandans who are calling former president for Forum for Democratic Change Dr. Kiiza Besigye a liar.

Earlier today, a section of Ugandans took to social media and blasted Besigye for making endless prophecys of Museveni leaving power yet he (Museveni) is consolidating his stay.

Nyanjura, who is a die hard Besigye and FDC supporter reminded Ugandans that Besigye is in opposition to see M7 gone, and they have been voting for him because they want to see change. Below is Nyanjura’s post:

“I see some Ugandans with memory laps accusing Dr Kizza Besigye for telling ‘lies’ about M7’s exit in 2006, 2011 and 2016! They accuse Besigye of promising a tsunami, they accuse him of assuring Masaka people that they would witness M7’s departure.

The reason Besigye is in opposition is indeed to see M7 gone, the reason you and me are in the opposition is to see change. You vote for Besigye because you want to see change.

Who would not expect M7 not to be defeated with the numbers that turn up during KB’s rallies? Who would not expect a tsunami when we see M7 desperately paying, bribing and ferrying people to attend his rallies? Who would not expect a tsunami under the current high unemployment rates, high economic prices, land grabbing, nepotism, poverty etc?.

I am still confident, Masaka people will witness his exit.

Fighting for change is not an individual responsibility, is it not ashame that with all the over stinking challenges, we can afford to sit on social media and in front of TV sets and expect full realization of the tsunami to emanate from Besigye alone?

After the 2001 elections, Dr Kizza Besigye was incarcerated permanently at his home, they accused him of forming a rebel group, his life was in danger, many lives were lost. By the grace of God, he escaped to exile. What role did you play after Besigye was forced to exile?

When he returned from exile in 2005, he was imprisoned, charged with rape, treason, murder etc. The temple of justice was raped by the popular black mambas that rearrested KB and his co accused after they were granted bail. He was nominated while in jail. We all know KB won the 2006 election, that wasn’t KB’s victory, it was our victory and we ought to have fought for it until the end.

After the 2011 elections, A walk to work campaign was introduced, KB was at the front line, KB was even shot at, his car was smashed, he was spread with deadly chemicals. The Mulago arrest was such a horror!

KB won the 2016 elections, we was sworn in as the legitimate winner of the elections. Social media was switched off as soon as the video of his swearing in was released. He was brutally arrested, airlifted to Karamoja prison where he survived an assassination. No one was allowed in court during the mention of the charges. He was airlifted from Karamoja to Luzira Maximum Prison and his case transferred to Nakawa court, there were even attempts of transferring the case to Luzira prison in order to isolate him from the public and his supporters.

I vividly and painfully remember how KB used to be transported like a caged dog from Luzira prison to Nakawa court. The caged car had three different caged compartments and KB would be incarcerated in the centre cage, all the compartments would be locked with heavy paddocks.

During his Nakawa appearances, court would start at 7;00am not the official 9;00am! He would appear alone with his tormentors.

When he was finally granted bail, KB made it categorically clear that he had won the elections and he had the evidence which he was ready to produce in court. He went ahead to assure the chief Magistrate that he will was never appear in court again, he said M7 was the supposed to be in the dock answering treason charges because he committed treason by swearing in and yet he had not won the election. Indeed KB has never gone back to Court.

All I am saying is that KB has never let us down, he has always led us, we have ourselves to blame that M7 is still here. Besigye alone can’t defeat an armed ruthless dictator, we have a role to play.

I applaud several Ugandans who like KB have been at the fore front of the struggle.”


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