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Stop Playing ‘Komanyoko Politics’: Why Do You Attack Nambooze Over Her Sickness And Tribe – Mukono Legislator Blasts Muntu Supporters



Dear Muntu Cyber Promoters,

Yesterday,I wrote a public letter to my brother and leader General Mugisha Muntu the obvious leader of the new party under formation.My intention was to air out my genuine and honest concern on the happenings in the Opposition especially in relation to the formation of a new party and our relationship as an opposition that is advocating for working together.

Secondly,I wanted to check out if indeed we have a third force under formation,a formation that would handle things a bit differently from what we have,with a new approach to issues,a party that would mirror the image General Mugisha Muntu is struggling to put out there;of decency,tolerance,non violence,listening and responding to others with respect and courtesy.
JEEMA is one party that has tried on this issue of morals…for sometime I have silently been burning with an idea of moving closer to JEEMA but one thing somehow puts me at a distance,however I find a lot of peace talking politics with Kyanjo and I confide in him a lot.

Dr.Col.Kizza Besigye is my friend and everybody knows that but we almost fell out in the 2016 elections due to the way his supporters and aides handled the Go Forward team and Amama Mbabazi. I didn’t find merit in attacking Mbabazi in particular. I thought in Mbabazi we had a route through which we in the Opposition would show people imprisoned in NRM that they are welcome to the to our side.I talked to Dr. Besigye about this and he silently talked and counseled his people. Don’t forget easily,I went public about it and wrote about the same in both main and social media.

I supported Besigye,yes but I didn’t want our campaign to target Mbabazi more than Museveni.I was misunderstood and heavily attacked by my own and fellow supporters of Besigye to the extent that they physically assaulted me in my own constituency when I turned up for Besigye’s rally only out of the need to show solidarity.My people in Mukono,know me and what I stand for,they returned me to Parliament with 45000 votes while the FDC got 1500 votes. Besigye defeated Museveni in my constituency with 38000 votes,the rest is history. On my side I forgave FDC for the sake of the big struggle.

Back to my public letter to Gen Muntu, you his promoters have without going to the gist of my submission jumped out to attack the person of Nambooze over sickness,tribe and relationship with DP President Mao.I disagreed with Mao over the administration of DP but I have never attacked him over his health,I can’t descend as low as talking about who might have assisted him when he was sick,I want my brother Mao alive as we continue with our arguments about DP management.

In the same direction,I have never moved to create a new Party out of DP and when you come to Mukono you will see what is now one of the most vibrant branches of DP maybe only next to Masaka. So when Mao comes to Mukono to meet DP leaders he sits in an Office I built adjacent to my home and funded to run by myself. I remain Mao’s Vice President for Buganda region although on suspension by him for organising a meeting for DP~Buganda leaders something well within my mandate. I support Besigye as Mao supports Amama Mbabazi…simple.

The rapidly expanding social media in Uganda, has given the country a group of online users who have taken on a routine exchange of abusive terms and accusations with choicest swearwords hurled even for the seemingly non-inflammatory political debates. Borrowing from the words of brother Mao, I call This “Komanyoko Politics” .Words like stupid,idiot, are commonly used by the generation of Museveni’s bazzukulu. When you address them on any matter instead of reasoning you by facts and persuasion they go for your person…blackmail is the biggest tool for debate by this generation. I have seen their equal in Ofwono Opondo on NBS frontline whose debate is but only blackmail.

The culture of “Kumanyoko politics” as a means for political participation is a shame especially to those who have been promising a different crop of politics. In essence you are saying that you are no different from those you posture to oppose…there is no third force under formation anyway. Many people have been vindicated by your reaction…what we have is other Ugandan politicians who are forming a political party to lead and are not in any way prepared to contribute anything towards the unity of the Opposition.

Dear Muntu Promoters,Betty Nambooze was wounded in the line of duty,why demonize her for seeking support from fellow combatants instead of going for the Junta regime money? Are you going to quarrel with FDC for eternity and the same be justified because Besigye assisted Nambooze when she was sick ? At a personal level am happy that I caused this debate. A public letter to leaders shouldn’t constitute an attack or a dislike for that leader but a call on them to make public accountability. Public figures should never be hurt when called upon to address the public. Another political party is welcome,people are free to associate as they wish BUT please let it not be at the expense of our unity as opposition,Uganda is bleeding and the best we can do now is to die a little bit for the bigger struggle against Museveni’s dictatorship.



I Don’t Enjoy Being Teargassed – Besigye Blasts Critics, Asks Mbabazi To Stop Hiding Behind Doors And Curtains, Tells Bobi To Learn From His Political Experience



Opposition strongman Dr. Kizza Besigye has blasted former presidential candidate Patrick Amama Mbabazi on his last statement that he is politically selfish.

Veteran journalist Simon Kaggwa Njagala who had hosted Besigye on NBS TV’s famous morning breeze show tasked him to explain to the nation why he is selfish and why he thinks that without him no one can lead the opposition. Njala cited statements made by opposition leaders like Mbabazi and members of the DP block.

The four times presidential candidate asked Mbabazi to stop banding him as a selfish politician when he is hiding behind doors and curtains. He tasked him to come out and publicly tell Ugandans who are yearning for change that Besigye is politically selfish then Ugandans decide.

“I have no problem with anybody to lead the struggle and I have never fought for positions.  So, whoever wants to be a leader of the struggle should come and leads us. I don’t enjoy being teargassed and shot at with bullets, I am not really anxious to be in teargas. I have never seen    Bwanika in the heat of things, I have never stopped them,” Besigye said. 

The defiant man from Rukungiri revealed that he is not politically the same as Museveni as many people claim including people in the opposition.  He said that even though he is battling with treason charges, president Museveni must also be charged with treason charges because he has committed a lot of atrocities. He cited a situation when Museveni ordered military personnel in the broad day light to attack the Members of Parliament who did not support the lifting of age limit from the constitution.  The former political commissioner in the NRA government insisted that what Museveni did was a sign of dictatorship and even his predecessor, the late Milton Obote never did such when he was abolishing the constitution through the pigeon hole constitution and MPs were not beaten.

Besigye (L) with Bobi Wine (R)

Besigye also reacted to the bitter statements issued by people power leader and Kyadondo East Member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine that it’s not democratic for someone to stand four times for presidency and later claim that election cannot remove a dictator from power.  Besigye said that all the new opposition members should learn from them and clearly understand why veterans stand for presidency many times.

“The struggle today is not a struggle for leadership, we have nothing to lead, we have to first regain the country. The struggle is to end the rule of the few. This struggle is not my struggle but a struggle must help all Ugandans to regain freedom and control of their country,” Besiggye said.

He noted that the reason why he is challenging Museveni’s 2021 presidential bid is that Museveni uses his executive powers to frustrate other candidates. He gave an example of the last election where he was arrested in the middle of his campaigns. He advised other opposition members to understand the difference between winning an election and taking power. He cited the 2016 elections which he said he won but was denied victory and not allowed to even challenge Museveni’s claimed victory in courts of law because he was put under house arrest.

By Jamil Lutakome and Evalyne Musimenta


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Abtex And Bajjo Are Conmen, They Want Bobi Wine To Fall Into M7’s Trap – Tamale Mirundi: Some People Have Been Paid To Be Stupid – Abtex Fires Back



L-R: Events organisers Abtex and Bajjo with Mirundi

President Museveni’s former Press Secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi has warned Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine to be careful while dealing with people like events organisers Abtex and Bajjo claiming they are conmen.

While speaking to Sanyuka TV’s Uncut, Mirundi cautioned Bobi Wine to be careful because the two events managers especially Abtex will fail him. He added that the two are claiming that they are putting up Bobi concerts yet in actual sense they are trying to lure him into a trap by getting money from Museveni.

In his words, Tamale Mirundi said, “the one who stopped Bobi Wine from singing is the one who will allow him sing again so, now they have not allowed him to sing. Secondly, Bobi said he wants to be president, he is not a candidate now. The law allows a candidate to stage rallies but that will be in 2021 when the year is ending, they will give them three months. He is not a presidential candidate now. He is the Kyadondo east Member of Parliament meaning he is not allowed to stage rallies,” the presidential adviser on Media warned.

He continued, “thirdly, the government said Bobi Wine turns his concerts into political rallies, this man who puts on a hat (Abtex) has over failed Bobi Wine, I wish some people attack him because they are playing Bobi. If those men just come up and say that they are going to share the money they get from Museveni with Bobi wine, he will have fallen because he will have deceived his fans, people will think he is a thief.”


When the Grapevine contacted Abtex, he told us that people like Mirundi have been paid by the state to be stupid.

“People saying such things have been paid to be stupid. Right now, Bobi Wine has put a lot of pressure on Museveni, He never expected a young man like Bobi to put him under a lot of pressure, he was used to the Maos and Besigyes. I cannot at the moment present myself as the person trying to fight Bobi Wine. When Bobi entered politics, he wanted to leave stage performances, I personally convinced him to keep performing on stage. Tony Sempijja, who is an NRM mole took some events organisers to President Museveni who gave them over 1.8 billion, now, me and Bajjo never went there. I personally fought enemy forces to make sure that Bobi performs at the Kabaka’s enkuuka fete. How can a man who did all that fight his own creation. Right now, they have hired bloggers and people like Mirundi to spoil our names. We were arrested and caged with Bobi Wine because we were fighting hard to make sure that his Busabala concert stands, how them can one say that we want his downfall?

We don’t want any compensation from president Museveni, we just want him to allow Bobi to sing and hold his concerts,” Abtex said.

He added that they have hired the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago to handle their court case in which they have taken government to court for stopping Bobi’s shows.

Bajo told us to give him 10 minutes

By Doreen Menezer


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You Succeeded In Removing Age Limit But You Will Not Cheat Death – Mao Stings President Museveni



The Democratic Party president who also doubles as the chairman of the Inter Party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD), Nobert Mao has stung president Museveni over the amendment of article 102(b) of the constitution.

While addressing the press at the DP headquarters at City House in Kampala, the DP boss said, “according to article 126, Judicial power is derived from people and shall be exercised by the courts established under this constitution in the name of the people and in conformity with the law and the values, norms and aspirations of people.”

“The colonization of the Supreme Court reflects the colonization of Uganda and the division in the country which was evident in the supreme court. The supreme court has now put the last nail in the coffin of the 1995 constitution, one of the main problems we have here in Uganda now will be the peaceful transfer of power,” Mao said.

He said that him and the likes of Abed Bwaniika were young during Idi Amin’s regime and that they have never seen peaceful change of power.

Mao told president Museveni that he might have succeeded in lifting the age limit cap off the constitution but one thing he (Mao) is sure of is that he will not escape death.

“We grew up seeing wars following the disputed 1980 elections, then we witnessed 20 years of war in northern Uganda which drained Uganda’s economy, billions of dollars were spent on that war, services to other parts of Uganda couldn’t be given and Uganda paid the price as a whole,” he added.

“We had all our hopes on term limits which we thought would allow a peaceful transition but we lost that in 2005 and we remained hopeful that we had the age limit which also was recently removed. Naturally, we don’t want to take up arms but that doesn’t mean we can’t but all this is based on choice,” he said.

He further said that in the various meetings they have held, the talk about taking power through the use of arms usually ends with question marks.

“If we take power by force, why would we listen to anybody? There would be no reason, that’s why we want Ugandans to be part of the struggle so that we don’t black mail them. When people are involved, we will not start saying that we liberated them and asking questions like where were they during the liberation. Our struggle is about breaking the cycle of unconstitutional changes of government,” Mao said.

He said following the supreme court ruling, citizens now have no protection against a life presidency.

“We have not lost hope we are now going to appeal to the people’s court and Museveni this time won’t bride or intimidate us. We are encouraging the determined youth whom we meet in different societies who are ready to shape their own future. And that if we stand in their way, they will push us aside which I think is in their rights. Why does Museveni want to be a life time president? What does he fear?” Mao asked.

He added that he once heard president Museveni saying that after the age of 75, someone starts to diminish and becomes confused, why then does he want to sink with the country. Mao said that as DP, they are determined to put alternatives which Ugandans can trust who will take the country forward.

“We want to present an alternative team which Ugandans can trust. NRM is not a party but an eating house and all those who are there don’t believe in what is going on, they are all with us and we blame the opposition for not uniting and by appearing extremely disorganized.

Museveni’s power is based on gun power and ours is based on people power, let us see which is more powerful between gun power and people power. Guns were invented by the people and Ugandans should stop fearing them but believe in themselves, I urge leaders to unite,” he added.

By Evalyne Musiimenta


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