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    STOP YOUR DRAMA: MPs Ssegirinya, Ssewanyana Families Nearly Exchange Punches Over Former’s Acts Of Dramatising Court Trial; Why State Wants To Hide Witnesses…



    MPs Muhamad Ssegirinya and Allan Ssewanyana arrive at court today

    The families of the embattled Kawempe North Member of Parliament (MP) Muhamad Ssegirinya and his Makindye West comrade Allan Ssewanyana nearly exchanged punches at the Crimes War Division of the High Court.

    The exchange of bitter words started immediately when Justice Elizabeth Jane Alividza, the pre-trial presiding Judge adjourned the matter to 1st September, 2022, Ssewanyana’s mother lost her temper and blasted Ssegirinya and his mother Nakajumba Ssanyu for always playing comedy and dramatizing the situation whenever they see the cameras infront of them.

    “We are also hurt because our son is being imprisoned for nothing, but this comedy must stop, we are not here for cameras please, give us a break, we are tired of you people, you always come with your personal motive of making news, enough is enough,” Ssewanyana’s mother told Ssegirinya’s family members.

    She was supported by her young daughters and the husband who advised her to leave the place because she has high blood pressure and she was taken away.

    Ssewanyana’s mother first lost her temper when Ssegirinya started protesting in front of the cameras and stopped walking insisting that he wanted to first talk to his brother who was among the many people at Court, when the prison warders refused him, he pretended that the warder had hurt his stomach while pushing him and he could not walk.

    He was handcuffed with Ssewanyana but his resistance from walking was giving Ssewanyana a lot of pain which forced Ssewanyana’s mother to blast the stubborn Ssegirinya.

    When the prison warders forced him to walk to Court Cells, his mother started crying on top of her voice calling the name of the newly appointed Justice and Constitution Minister Norbert Mao to save his son from being imprisoned for nothing.

    She was supported by other NUP supporters who raised their voices at prison warders accusing them of mistreating and harassing their people as if they were criminals and warning them that one day those who are not in uniform with guns will pay for it.


    Before this drama, the state, through Assistant Director of Public Prosecution Lino Anguzo told Court that he had filed an ex-perte application to protect some of the state witnesses who are set to testify against the accused.

    He explained that they have witnesses who they don’t want the public to see, who have serious evidence that will help Court to deliver justice to both the accused and the deceased.

    Recently, Butambala district woman MP who also doubles as NUP’s deputy secretary general, Hajjat Aisha Kabanda, revealed to theGrapevine that security agencies are threatening their members especially youths who were close to the accused legislators that if they don’t testify against them, they will test the state’s power.

    “Those boys don’t know what happened in Masaka where the alleged crimes were committed but because they were friends to the MP, state wants to use them to score their political goals,” Kabanda said.

    State alleges that the legislators together with Jackson Kanyike, Jude Muwonge, Buulu Wamala, Mike Ssemanda masterminded and commanded the pang wielding men who murdered 28 elderly persons in greater Masaka.

    State also alleges that the crimes were committed on political grounds because the legislators wanted to incite the public against President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s government that it had failed to protect them and their properties.

    State also disclosed to the defense 19 other witnesses’ statements, post-mortem reports, medical reports and sketch maps of the crime scenes which will be relied on in the main trial.

    Justice Alividza promised that the pre-trial will be concluded in September.


    The presiding judge also gave the state upto 01/09/2022 to respond to counsel Geoffrey Turyamusima’s submissions that his client Jude Muwonge is illegally detained at Kigo government prisons.

    Turyamusima told Court that his client was not charged with the accused and was not given the committal papers to be tried with murder, attempted murder and terrorism charges.

    He pleaded to Court that his client should be unconditionally released with immediate effect.

    State lead prosecutor Lino asked for more time to consult Justice Jane Abodo the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for guidance and a briefing on why Muwonge was not given the committal papers.

    Turyamusima further told Court that before the main trial kicks off, he wants to file an application to the Human Rights Enforcement over the torture of his clients by state operatives.

    He explained that his clients were badly beaten and tortured when they were forcing them to make statements pinning Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana of masterminding the greater Masaka killings.


    Caleb Alaka, the lead defense lawyer to Ssewanyana and Ssegirinya revealed that they have filed fresh bail application in the Crimes War Division of the High Court seeking for a temporally release of their clients.

    Alaka told the Court that three justices of the Court of Appeal guided them that they should file their bail application at the High Court not the Court of Appeal where they have gone.

    The High Court has severally dismissed the legislators’ application for bail basing on strong grounds from the state who challenged the grant of the applications.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    MP Who Shouted “Vote rigging! Vote rigging” During EALA Polls And Punched Police Officer Summoned At CID…



    MP Alioni Yorke Odria

    The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has summoned Aringa South County Member of Parliament, Alioni Yorke Odria.

    The Directorate of CID has summoned the Member of Parliament for Aringa South County for statement recording.

    According to police mouthpiece, Fred Enanga, the summon was sent through the office of the Rt. Hon. Anitah Among to appear at CID Headquarters on October 4th 2022, at 10 am.

    He revealed that Hon. Alioni Yorke Odria is alleged to have acted in a disorderly manner on 29th September, 2022 in Parliament where he attacked and punched a police officer who was on duty without any legal justification.

    It should be remembered that on September 29th, at about midday, Mr. Alioni Yorke Odria stormed the House with a ballot box of pre-ticked ballot papers and accused some individuals of ballot stuffing and rigging the elections.

    Alioni insisted, “There is rigging happening here. Vote rigging! Vote rigging. I am ready to die. The ballot boxes have been stuffed.”

    Moments later, he punched a police officer on the neck. The officer quietly walked away from the legislator.

    Hon. Odria then hurriedly walked off to Parliament’s South parking lot where a team was setting up ballot boxes [under a tent] that were to be utilised later for the voting exercise.

    “Media should stay here because there is rigging taking place,” Hon. Odria said. He eventually walked away.


    By Kalamira Hope


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    Where Is My Brother And Cousin Who You Picked From Our Home In A Drone? Former NBS Journalist Tasks UPDF…



    Jornalist Bahati Remmy and UPDF spokesperson Brig. Felix Kulayigye (R)

    Former NBS journalist, Remmy Bahati has questioned government over the unlawful arrest and detention of her relatives.

    Bahati alleges that her family fell victim to the drone abductions yesterday.

    She revealed that armed plain clothed men driving a drone with no plates stormed her 76-year-old father’s house in Fort Portal City under the guise of searching for ‘guns’.

    “They didn’t find any (guns) and abducted my brother, cousin and his friend who was visiting. Their whereabouts are unknown. Help me find them,” she added.

    The US-based journalist has since pleaded with the defence Spokesperson, Brig. Felix Kulayigye to investigate the matter and help her find her family members.

    “My dad has been going from one police station to the other looking for them but no luck. I demand to know the whereabouts of my brother, cousin and friend identified as Abala.”

    In response to her cry, Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) Spokesperson, Brig. Felix Kulayigye revealed that last evening, the flying squad arrested a one Allan who has been masquerading as a soldier.

    “Police flying Squad assisted by other security agencies carried out an operation to apprehend criminals who have been masquerading in military attires, conning people in & around Fort Portal City. On a tip off, one Kanyesige Allan, main suspect, was netted in Semuliki Lodge and Bar with a lady accomplice, Peace Sudai.”

    “On brief interrogation, he led the security team to the home of Katungi Kelvin, claiming to be his place of aboard. Katungi Kelvin was also on the wanted list as an associate. He too was apprehended. Two other associates Mugisa lsaaya and Asa ba Abdulatif were also arrested. They are all detained at CPS Fort Portal.” UPDF spokesperson said in a statement.

    However, Bahati told the UPDF Spokesperson that none of the people mentioned is a relative to her.

    “None of the pictures of the suspects shared by UPDF is related to me. UPDF don’t play games with me. I need to know where my brother is. Period! The unlawful detentions, torture and abductions must stop.”

    “Where is my brother Mr. Katungi Kelvin, My cousin Mugume Latif and their friend Identified as Abala who you picked up from home in a drone?” she asked.

    UPDF responded to her that, “I did not say they are your relatives, we have shown you those that we arrested from Fort Portal. That’s all.”

    This comes after a number of alleged abductions of different opposition supporters in the infamous drones.

    National Unity Platform (NUP) president, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine recently demanded the release of these victims dead or alive.

    He noted, “The Drones Are Back.” These past three weeks, 15 of our people have been abducted by state operatives. Most are still missing. Others were brought to court days or weeks later, limping as a result of grave torture.”


    By Kalamira Hope


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    We Don’t Want A Country Where People Are Being Picked Up By Drones And No One Is Held Accountable – Muntu Warns On Rampant Broad Day Light Kidnaps…



    Mugisha Muntu

    Former presidential candidate, Gen. Mugisha Muntu has warned on the rampant abductions that have taken lead in the country.

    Muntu statement was premised on the rising cases of gunmen picking civilians off the streets or their homes in drones.

    Muntu emphasized that they don’t want a country where people are being picked up by drones and no one is held accountable, and the government doesn’t speak out even when issues are raised.

    “What we see currently on the surface of things seems to be calmness, but beneath is a situation that we all need to focus on.”

    He explained, “We have two forms of fear. One is the fear that is deeply engraved in the minds of those people in power. They fear relinquishing power, and therefore, it drives them to do the things they do.

    “Unfortunately, in this country, we have never had a peaceful transition, which is abnormal, and therefore, we need to focus on where we are heading. It is not too late.”

    Muntu insisted that they need to use the platforms where they can speak and break the culture of impunity that keeps growing.

    “The principle of separation of powers in institutions is not working. Parliament is just a shadow of what Parliament is supposed to be. On the surface you might think that there is peace but below, the situation is worrisome,” he intimated.

    He added that sectarianism is a symptom of a larger problem.

    “If we want to have fairness, we have to ensure that whatever we practise, is rooted in these values of fairness, justice and equity, among others.”

    Muntu made the remarks at Golf Course hotel today during a Public Dialogue under the theme ‘Ending Secretarianism and Tribalism.’

    Today, a man in civilian attire accompanied by the three men wearing military fatigue and armed with assault rifles kidnapped Mr. Rafik Khan, a car dealer at Kireka C in Kira Municipality, Wakiso District at 5pm.

    Residents and Mr. Khan’s colleagues looked on helplessly as the armed men dragged the businessman into a waiting Toyota Probox car.

    This is on the heels of over 15 NUP supporters who have recently been arrested from various parts of the country by men moving in drones.

    Democratic Party president, Nobert Mao, who also doubles as the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs hailed Muntu for taking a strong stand against extra-judicial killings by those who wanted to take the law into their own hands.

    He argued that as they discuss the framework for the truth and reconciliation process, they must agree on what truth and reconciliation are not.

    “I have to give credit to Gen. Mugisha Muntu because of his militant and strong stand against extra-judicial killings by those who wanted to take the law into their own hands,” he adduced.

    He maintained, “Let me state what the truth and reconciliation process is not. It is not good to be confused about the aims of the truth and reconciliation process.

    “The truth and reconciliation process should not conduct a formal legal process and should not duplicate the work of criminal investigations, initiate court actions, among others, on matters already covered by other organs.”

    Mao noted that however, there are some trends that will lead them to conclude that colonialism played an important role in the false start that Uganda made as they headed towards independence and the years after, adding that he doesn’t believe that all the blame goes to the colonialists.

    “The North is seen as the “underprivileged backyard”. As Uganda went to independence, historical accidents disarmed the north of their fears that they had a position in an independent Uganda.”

    He propounded, ” Therefore, even a Munyankole that has made money is seen to have been corrupt. An Acholi who hasn’t killed anybody when they go to Luwero will be a suspect.

    “There was perceived dominance of the North, Baganda, and western Uganda. This was looked at as a problem that should be seen through sectarian lenses.”

    Mao therefore emphasized that a national truth and reconciliation process is the only thing that can salvage this country.


    By Kalamira Hope


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