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    STOP YOUR LIES: Churchman Kabuleta Is Tied In Psyche Of Lies…



    Joseph Kabuleta (R) and Faruk Kirunda (L)

    On October 3, 2022, Mr. Joseph Kabuleta, appeared on Radio Simba talk show “Olutindo” where he made various allegations to wit:

    That there is unfair compensation for people along the oil and gas pipeline project, especially in Buliisa District, by Government which has caused hunger, famine and unemployment in the Bunyoro Sub-region, yet in Tanzania, the PAPs have fully been compensated:

    On this, first, we need to appreciate the fact that the people were indeed compensated. Compensation of Project Affected Persons (PAPs) is a process; it is not a one-day issue as Mr. Kabuleta wants to express. The process even provides for those wanting to appeal in case they feel that the process or figures are unfair. One is free to appeal or even resort to the Courts of Law. Government cannot take people’s land by force or without compensation.

    Uganda is actually a liberal Government where citizens are compensated for right of way for public projects yet in other countries all land belongs to the Government and there is no compensation for land taken for such projects. Have Kabuleta’s complainants gone to court for redress or do they exist in his private records only?

    Mr. Kabuleta alleges that H.E. The President and the First family have personalised natural resources like oil and gas for selfish interests; Here, we will need evidence. Show us the shares belonging to Mr. Museveni and the first family!

    Secondly, if you have evidence in this regard, you are free to present this concern to the Courts of Law and even to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) or any other avenue. Short of that, the former presidential candidate’s statement is intended to tarnish the image and record of the President and the first family, and in furtherance of his partisan political agenda. Having failed to convince Ugandans with his crafted manifesto, he has resorted to mudslinging.

    Matters of oil and gas are matters that are fully discussed through the national entities such as the Parliament. Are you insinuating that all Members of Parliament (MPs), including those in opposition, betrayed Ugandans and handed Uganda’s oil and gas to the President and the first family for personal benefit? Does this sound like a credible query that even deserves to be heard on public radio?

    The former journalist and churchman also stated that residents of Kibawe in Hoima District who were affected by the construction of the airport found it hard to get land titles such that they can be valued fairly and that only Government officials managed to get the land.

    I wish to ask why Mr. Kabuleta is bringing up this issue at the tail-end of things when the airport construction is getting completed. Is it to divert the minds of people from the mega investment of the airport project and to fight the project at large? Why do I see a connection with foreigners who were targeting the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP), to fail its construction, only to look at the argument when subject to the logical test of their allegations? We have agents around and we must be on the lookout as we push our beloved country, Uganda, into the fast tracked phase of development.

    However, I need to state that obtaining a land title is a process and being as such, show us the stage at which the exercise failed and why! As a “son of the soil”, Kabuleta should have helped his people right at the beginning and brought this issue up then before the project reached advanced stages where it cannot and should not be interrupted. Bringing it up now when the airport is about to be handed over for use is suspicious and an indictment on the leadership credentials of the claimant.

    Mr. Kabuleta advances the claim that the indigenous people of Bunyoro sub-region are denied well-paying jobs which instead go to people from other districts. Here, Mr. Kabuleta is promoting nepotism and thinking tribal rather than looking nationalistically. Where is it stated that jobs in a particular district go to indigenous citizens of that district? Are there no Banyoro working in other districts? Has Kabuleta worked in Bunyoro all his work life? When he was looking for votes, did he only campaign in Bunyoyo? I see him isolating himself from the reality that is a united Uganda under the very able leadership of President Yoweri Museveni. Imagine if Kabuleta had won and become the country’s leader. Tribalism would be the only ticket to employment and services!

    And his claim must stand, then the Basoga and Baganda would also claim for the same-that no non-Musoga or non-Muganda must serve within their tribal territory. They would also prohibit, for instance, that power from the power dams constructed in their areas must be consumed by their people only.

    No, these are national goods to benefit all Ugandans! These jobs are given on merit. If one qualifies, and they apply, appear and pass the interviews, then they are taken on. It is imperative to explain how the Banyoro are denied the jobs using clear facts, showing the trend, the particular actors behind the move and backed by motivating factors and actionable data. Besides, rather than express these concerns through the media, one can present them through the Inspectorate of Government or the Courts of Law to challenge the recruitment process or better still to take them to the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC).

    Yes, it’s okay for people to lobby for their own but it must be done with the consciousness of a united Uganda.

    On the same talkshow, Mr. Kabuleta, claimed that Uganda will not benefit from the oil and gas project because the NRM Government has been selling crude oil secretly and that he sees trucks moving during the night carrying crude oil; I need to state that crude oil is such a heavy item that you cannot transport stealthily for an extended period of time without being traced. Even the roads would heave under its weight, leaving them in dire despair.

    That is why the Government has emphasised construction of the pipeline to ease pressure on our road infrastructure. I would challenge Mr. Kabuleta to bring footage of CCTV cameras (whether Government or private) along the routes to prove his allegation.  Do these cameras show anything of what he is describing? Please, get us this footage and we will start from here! Even eye witnesses would do. Does Mr. Kabuleta still harbour the old mentality of thinking that during night time anyone can commit crime and escape? That is very old thinking and shows someone lacking imagination. Maybe that is why the Government at times ignores such people; their claims can be so ridiculous that they don’t deserve responses but out of respect for our general public, I have come out on their behalf.

    Her went on and claimed that over 200 people have been killed in Bunyoro sub-region, arguing that Oil refineries are associated with human rights violations citing the case of Nigeria’s Ken Saro Wiwa who was brutally killed in the 1990s because of his environmental activism; I wish to challenge Mr. Kabuleta to produce this list of the persons murdered to prove his case.

    By saying this, you are trying to tarnish the image of the Government and giving more ground to the distorted assertions of the European Union (EU) Parliament on EACOP. Please, show us the names of the deceased and their families! Indeed, the security agencies should pick interest in this matter which is aimed at undermining Government’s efforts in rebuilding the economy and sowing seeds of hatred and insurgency. Security agencies should demand for this list and expose those that may found answerable!

    Bringing in the Nigerian scenario of Ken Saro Wiwa is an attempt to “import” evidence in a futile attempt to stir emotions. This is Uganda, not Nigeria! Saro Wiwa was tried by the court of the day in his home country, fairly or not, and executed publicly. Has anyone been executed in Uganda for standing up for human rights, more so to do with oil and gas developments? Can we have the names?

    During the EACOP saga, residents in the oil basin came out to defend the human rights record of sector developments in Uganda. If there are any violations, they can be reported with Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) or court for redress but not lamenting in the media or reporting to foreigners. Begging for freebies can be done another way!

    On the allegation that Uganda has for a period of three to four years been selling in excess of US 1bn of gold to Dubai and that there is no accountability for it to the general public; you need to silence us with facts. How does that business run and what makes him sure that proceeds are not captured in national financial records? What is special with the gold trade that transactions cannot be tabulated as with coffee, tea and other goods?

    I would advise Mr. Kabuleta to come clear if he wishes to retain any integrity and trust from the people. The Ugandan public is not all that “green” as some think; they operate with a great deal of logic and scientific analysis unlike in the past. They can cross check for themselves from international and local sources and sieve fact from fiction. Uganda’s gold trade is subject to audit procedures and complies with regulations of the International Financial system which is very sensitive to illicit trade of any kind. This claim ties in with the one on the ghost oil trucks. It doesn’t make sense unless the alleger can substantiate.

    Mr. Kabuleta stated that the discovery of minerals in Uganda is a curse to ordinary citizens alleging that when gold was discovered in Mayuge and Namisindwa Districts, the Government started arresting and killing people accusing them of being part of ADF rebels; and that 53 people were killed and several others chased from their land without compensation in Sebei Sub-region where oil and gold were discovered I wish to ask him to provide us with a list of persons that have been arrested and killed on those grounds.

    How many inmates are in prison cells because minerals were discovered in their areas? Has gold only come to be discovered in Mayuge, Namisindwa and Sebei? There is gold in Bihanga (Ibanda) and Buhweju among other places in Western region. Have they also come to be persecuted for that? Uganda is a mineral-rich country, have citizens all been branded ADF? I may ask, are these peasants who are arrested or killed the only ones owning land where there are minerals? How is it with the others who are still mining; can we know the families of the victims and how many they are? This is a very laughable but serious allegation that not only seeks to annoy Ugandans but also seeks to air brush acts of insurgency. Doesn’t ADF actually exist? And if the head of the ADF, Mr. Jamil Mukulu, was arrested and has not been killed, how about the innocent peasants referred to? Wouldn’t we have just had them slaughtered enmass?

    The Courts and Uganda Prisons Services should explain to the public if there are any such inmates linked to “mineral discovery”, even if just to allow Mr. Kabuleta “a hearing”.

    Lastly, Kabuleta claimed that people who were murdered in Masaka district last year were accused of stealing money meant for compensation because they were living along the demarcation of the proposed oil and gas pipeline. Another irresponsible allegation, I would say! Is fraud treated by killing the culprits or they are arrested, tried and sentenced accordingly if found guilty? Can he provide a record of who was killed and what amounts they were accused of swindling? Who are the complainants?

    In conclusion, I am nearly lost for words living in a country where the gift of democracy and freedom of expression is misconstrued for freedom to act anyhow and say anything. This is not a lawless country. Mr. Kabuleta, his hatred for President Museveni notwithstanding, should act like the churchman we knew him to be and speak facts or say nothing. He will be set free! For now, he is tied in a psyche of lies.


    Faruk Kirunda is the Deputy Presidential Press Secretary





    Who Are The 26 Corrupt High Profile Public Officers Set To Vomit Shs.18.2 Billion? Parliament Tasks Minister…



    Mityana District Woman MP, Joyce Bagala

    Members of Parliament have moved a motion that Anti-corruption day funds should be earmarked to victims of corruption.

    Appearing before Parliament during plenary that was presided over by Deputy Speaker, Rt. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa, Mityana District Woman Member of Parliament, Joyce Bagala noted that a lot of statistics on money purportedly tracked down, saved and sometimes recovered is not backed by faces that allegedly stole such funds.

    Bagala contended that the minister reported investigation of 26 high-profile cases.

    “We need to know who these high profile public officers are and what was the outcome of the reported investigations warranting recovery of shs18.2 billion,” she said.

    Bagala’s statements follow a report from the State Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Rose Lilly Akello who noted that the Inspector General of Government (IGG) has investigated 26 high-profile cases and directed the recovery of Shs.30 billion, 86 cases were prosecuted and 34 convictions secured whereas the Auditor General made audits which led to recovery of shs.175 billion.

    She added that the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) of the police has registered 318 cases and through prosecutions and recovered Shs.615 billion.

    This comes ahead of the International Anti-Corruption day set to be held on Friday December, 9, 2022.

    During plenary today, Mityana Municipality Woman MP however insisted that the shs.452 million earmarked for the International Anti-Corruption Day should be re-channelled to victims of corruption.

    “The victims of corruption are mothers who die during childbirth due to inefficiencies in the health sector public schools without toilets and communities without clean water. The activities of the anti-corruption day would make sense by thinking of those affected by corruption.

    Kazo County MP, Dan Kimosho asked whether they can look at a sector approach and see what cases are investigated and what is done against the officers.

    “We cannot keep carrying the burden for the corrupt. Whoever comes here should be specific and not demoralize those who are working hard,” he said.

    Ntoroko Constituency MP, Gerald Rwemulitya also urged people fighting corruption to be free and bold adding that there are people shielding the corrupt.

    He propounded, “You here, ‘call from above, he is from my region & religion’. This vice has no side. We need to start attaching property of the corrupt.”

    Leader of Opposition, Mathias Mpuuga however moved a motion that the shs.452 meant for marking the anti-corruption day should be channelled to ‘the victims of corruption in Ibanda District’.

    He wondered why they should put this money to tents, balloons and chairs and yet victims of corruption are around.

    The 3rd Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Rukia Nakadama however revealed that preparations for the anti-corruption day commended earlier, insisting that preparations are already in high gear and some activities have already taken place and so if there is need in the near future, they should come early.


    By Kalamira Hope


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    Maj. Gen. Takirwa Appointed Deputy Commander Land Forces…



    Major General Francis Takirwa has been appointed as Deputy Commander Land Forces.

    President Yoweri Museveni who also doubles as the Commander in Chief of Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) also promoted and appointed General Officers.

    Maj. Gen. Takirwa will deputize Maj. Gen. Muhanga Kayanja who was also appointed as Commander Land Forces (CLF) in October, 2022.

    He also appointed Maj. Gen. Jack Bakasumba as Acting Chief of Staff Land Force.

    Maj. Gen. Bakasumba has been Uganda’s delegate to the South Sudan Peace Monitoring Mechanism as the acting chief of staff land forces in the UPDF.

    Museveni has also promoted Brig. Gen. Bob P. Ogiki to Maj. Gen and appointed him 2nd Division Commander.

    Deputy Defence spokesperson, Col. Deo Akiiki congratulated the General Officers upon their well-deserved promotion and appointments.


    By Kalamira Hope


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    FOR PRAISING M7: Medical Association President Steps Down To Allow Independent Investigations..



    Dr. Oledo praising President Museveni at Kololo Grounds

    The President of the Uganda Medical Association (UMA), Dr. Samuel Oledo, has stepped aside to allow independent investigations, according to Dr. Luswata Herbert, the Secretary General.

    Last week, during the Patriotism and Youth Investment symposium, Dr. Oledo appreciated President Museveni for the great job when he decided that all scientists must be paid well.

    “We request that you increase the salaries of our brothers and sisters in uniform, the soldiers, Uganda People’s Association (UPDF) prisons, and others.”

    He went ahead and knelt before Museveni and asked him to stand again 2026.

    This has since been condemned by a number of people who have termed his acts of kneeling as disrespectful to the profession and asked that he should resign.

    On 4th December, 2022, UMA released a statement disassociating themselves from the actions of their President Dr. Dr. Samuel Oledo and his Kololo team.

    Their statement read, “Uganda Medical Association is non-partisan and therefore does not participate in political activities of a partisan nature. The current U.M.A President attended the particular meeting in his personal capacity but not as U.M.A and
    his communications at that meeting were not representing the official position(s) of UMA.

    “Uganda Medical Association dissociates itself from any and all partisan political actions or acts, and is constitutionally required to do so. U.M.A is committed to remain neutral to and to serve all Ugandan doctors and persons from all the political dispensations of, and in Uganda and globally.”

    Dr. Oledo’s team of medical personnel with President Museveni

    Today morning, Democratic Party member and Buikwe South Member of Parliament, Lulume Bayigga said that Dr. Oledo should be brought to book.

    Lulume made these remarks while appearing on NBS’ Morning Breeze today following an incident where Uganda Medical Association (UMA) president, Dr.Oledo Samuel was seen kneeling before the president and asking him to stand again in 2026.

    Dr. Lulume noted that when they were in medical school, they were taught to be respected professionals and serve their country by treating people.

    “The engagement we wanted the UMA president to be part of would be to advocate for the improved welfare of the medics to serve the country better,” he said.

    Dr. Lulume added that the people who followed Dr. Oledu were not from Uganda Medical Association, and that’s why Dr. Mirembe is distancing herself from the act (endorsing President Museveni).

    Dr. Joel Mirembe, a doctor at the UMA noted that they are not against Dr. Oledu and just like the UMA statement noted, whatever he did, he did it in his own capacity and so they are here to protect the Association.

    He adduced, “It is sad that the doctors leadership body is invited to discuss a topic of political succession. That is where the issue is.

    “We have reached out to Dr. Oledu and he is okay and safe. He hasn’t commented about his action, he seems not concerned about what is happening.”

    Dr. Lulume however insisted that UMA will continue with its aspirations because it is Constitutional but what Oledo did scandalized the whole Association, and he must be brought to book.

    “Impeachment is one of the reprimanding measures, but the doctors will take the decision.”

    Dr. Mirembe adduced that Dr. Oledo is the President of the Uganda Medical Association, but what he did was embarrassing and wrong for the profession.


    By Kalamira Hope


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