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SYSTEM VOLONGOTO: UTL Saga Deepens, IGG Petitioned To Investigate Anite Tormentors, Rukutana And Muhakanizi Over Their Huge Wealth Worth Trillions



L-R: Rukutana, Anite and Muhakanizi

The Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL) saga has taken a new twist after David Ssemwanga, a concerned Ugandan petitioned the office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Irene Mulyagonja to investigate the massive wealth owned by Attorney General (AG) William Byaruhanga, his deputy Mwesigwa Rukutana and Permanent Secretary (PS) to finance Keith Muhakanizi.

According to Ssemwanga’s petition, he alleges that top government officials have accumulated a lot of wealth through corruption and abuse of their offices because the huge wealth worth trillions of shillings that they own does now reflect the monthly salaries they receive from government.

“The mentioned public officials have been on record disagreeing to the audit into Uganda Telecom Communication limited,” Ssemwanga stated. In his letter, Ssemwanga alleges that, “”Infact, Mr. Rukutana owns 5 arcades, 6 storied apartments in Zana and 2 houses in Kololo. Keith Muhakanizi owns 5 storied apartments in Bukoto, 4 in Naguru and 3 houses in Germany where he stays as he was staying as he got treatment recently and 2 houses in Mbarara. Also Keith Muhakanizi owns in total 50 square miles of land/farm. William Byaruhanga has bought land infront of rwenzori courts buildings. He wants his law firm to manage UTL affairs.”

Last week, a whistleblower petitioned the IGG seeking an investigation into the huge wealth accumulated by state minister for investment and privatization Evelyn Anite. He claimed that Anite received a bribe from Mauritius Telecom limited to award them the deal to run UTL. He insisted that it was because of the bribe that Anite decided to go against the cabinet recommendations that UTL should be given to Teleology Holdings Limited.This week, Anite told journalists that her life is in danger over UTL. When contacted to confirm whether the IGG has received Ssemwanga’s petition, Ali Munira, the Public Relations Officer in the office of the IGG confirmed receipt of the petition. Munira told the Grapevine that the IGG will soon kick off with the investigation into the petition.

By Jamil Lutakome



EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Rwanda Has Sent Beautiful Women To Poison Me 3 Times – Mulago Doctor Reveals Shocking Secrets Why Kagame’s Men Want To Kill Him…



Finally, Dr Gideon Rukundo Rugari, a senior surgeon and head of Department of Minimum Access Surgery at Mulago Hospital has spoken out on how he survived being killed by Rwanda intelligence operatives.

In an exclusive interview with the mighty Grapevine, Rukundo said that he has survived Rwanda’s deadly DMI operatives three times including baits of beautiful Rwandese women.

Rukundo, who was among the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) doctors who fought hard to make sure that the welfare of the doctors and nurses at Mulago hospital improves, during their strike in 2018 together with UMA boss Dr. Obuku Ekwaro has said that Rwandan agents started hunting for him in 2017 when he operated on a patient who had escaped from Rwanda.

 “They brought to me a patient who was badly beaten, I tried to save his life not knowing that I was putting my life in danger,” he explained. He revealed that as a medic who pleasures in saving people’s lives, he worked hard and with the help of God saved the patient’s life.

However, when the patient gained consciousness, he told him horrible things.

He said that the patient told him that his names was Pasco Manikiza, a Rwandese national who came to Uganda as a refugee but he was kidnapped by a known people who took him to a certain safe house in Namugongo.

He said that Manikiza told him that when he was in the safe house, a group of people recognized him because he was with them in the camp and started torturing him.

Rukundo revealed that his patient told him that he tried to escape from the safe house but he was re-arrested and driven to another place where he was seriously beaten, his tormentors thought that they had killed him.

He narrated that the patient pleaded with him to find ways of hiding him because dangerous people from Rwanda government were looking for him.

“I thought of discharging him since he was recovering but when he told that touching story, I told the security guards and nurses not to allow anybody to access him. I sensed that it was a serious matter. Later, the security guards and nurses told me that some unknown people always came to the hospital asking to see him,” Rukundo said.

Rukundo said that he worked with the Mulago hospital management and they secured a secret room for Manikiza until he fully recovered.

When we tasked him to tell us who paid the hospital bills because he said that he was kept in private room at the hospital.

Rukundo told us that the hospital bills were paid by the office of the prime minister. He added that when his patient was discharged, unknown people started following him from the hospital up to his home.

He decided to report the matter to police after realizing that people had started following him.

He reported the matter to Old Kampala police and gave the a business card that the patient had given him so that they kick of their investigations from there.

“The business card was for a one Bonabana. One of the police detectives was very scared when I mentioned Banabana’s name, he told me that he knows her very well and she cannot be a criminal. He convinced me and we met her. Bonabana told me that she was an activist who was fighting for lives of Rwandese who were being hunted by unknown Rwandan government agents. Banabana admitted that she was the one who gave Manikiza her business card after explaining to her what he was going through and the people who were hunting him,” Rukundo said.

Rukundo said that he was not contented with the way Old Kampala was handling his matter because people were still following him and, on several occasions, tried to kill him at his home.

He said that to save his life, he ran out the country and went into hiding.


He said that the situation in exile was not good so he decided to come back to Uganda.

When he came back home, he was approached by a beautiful woman who tried to convince him to enter into a relationship.

“At first, she came as a patient but when I realised that she was a Rwandese, from her name Jolly Mutesi, I was scared because it was clear now that Rwanda government wanted to finish me with this woman and I started avoiding her,” Rukundo said.

He said that later, detectives from Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) approached him and warned him that the government of Rwanda wanted to kill him.

He said that detectives told him that CMI is going to put him under 24/7 surveillance because some people in the Kigali administration think that the patient he worked on gave him important information.

He said that when CMI started guarding him, he gave them Mutesi’s number. They tried to call her for 2 weeks but all her numbers were switched off. He warned Uganda men to be careful because the Rwanda administration has deployed a lot of beautiful women with a mission to kill important Ugandans so that they create chaos here.

Efforts to speak to the army were futile since army spokesperson Brigadier Richard Karemire was not picking his known phone numbers.


When we asked him to tell us what his patient told him, Rukundo told us that he cannot tell us everything but the patiently partly told him that president Paul Kagame’s men wanted to make embattled former Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura the next president of Uganda. He insisted that according to the patient’s confession, there was a well-planned move by Kayihura and Kagame to destabilize Uganda.

“Kagame’s tactic was to destabilize the country’s security and make natives hate their leaders. This is what he did to Rwanda’s former president Juvénal Habyarimana, many people including politicians who were challenging Habyarimana lost their lives which annoyed the natives,” he said.

He revealed that when the security situation worsened, Kagame’s men and his RPF rebels declared war on Rwanda. He insisted that Kagame’s men had a hand in the murder of fallen police spokesperson AIGP Felix Kaweesi and a number of women murders in Entebbe, Wakiso district. He further revealed that Kagame’s men were using Kayihura’s men like the incarcerated flying squad commander Nixon Agasirwe to kidnap and take Rwandans back to Rwanda in the hands of the sitting government.

He told us that right now, Kagame is very desperate after Museveni got wind of their agenda and arrested Kayihura and his men and he is now looking for politicians to help him implement his mission to oust Museveni.

He warned Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine that some people may soon infiltrate his camp and try to use him.

“I warned that boy Bobi Wine because for me I survived, he should be suspicious of some people who may use him they used Kayihura and kill his future. I sent him a text message and I am sure he received it even though he didn’t reply it,” Rukundo added.


When contacted, counsel Edson Karuhanga from the famous Kampala Associated Advocate (KAA), who represented Kayihura in court rubbished Rukundo’s claims. The soft spoken Karuhanga said Rukundo is peddling falsehoods against his client.

Karuhanga pleaded to the likes of Rukundo to leave his client to rest and run his private businesses instead of spoiling his name.

“Those allegations against General Kale Kayihura were raised before and found to be totally without merit. It’s an old and discredited rumor that has no basis and won’t become true simply because malicious efforts are made to repeat it numerous times,” Karuhanga told this website.

By Ssengooba Alirabaki


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INSIDE M7’S MEETING WITH NETANYAHU: Govt. Hires Top Israel IT Experts To Hack Into Whatsapp As Elections Draw Near, Israel PM Asks M7 To Open Embassy In Jerusalem And Allow Direct Flights Between Uganda And Israel…



The Indian Ocean Newsletter has revealed shocking secrets why Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Uganda today.

The newsletter has claimed that Uganda government through President Yoweri Museveni has hired an Israel Cyber Intelligence IT firm to provide the country with modern technology to detect characters of espionage especially in security organs.

It has further revealed that Israel based NSO group of company has subsidiary contracted Q cyber Technologies to supply Uganda with Pegasus software which is used to back door to hack the WhatsApp applications which is mostly used by operatives in third world countries to communicate with their bosses.

It adds that the firm has also teamed up with their Kenyan peers to oversee a data analysis and see how it can be used as a political strategy to develop a digital campaigning tool for Museveni and NRM in the coming 2021 general elections. The newsletter however doesn’t reveal the cost of the technology.

When contacted on the matter, government deputy spokesperson Col Shaban Batariza rubbished the claims saying that Uganda has enough IT experts to do whatever it needs.

“You go to the ministry of IT and Uganda police cyber-crime unit and see the experts we have there, they are young brilliant Ugandans. Now, why should we hire those non-Ugandans?” Batariza asked.


In the meeting, President Yoweri Museveni affirmed that Uganda is seriously considering the proposal of building its embassy in Jerusalem.

The President said in a joint Press Conference with Netanyahu at State House Entebbe, that the sour relations between Israel and Palestine would not affect Uganda’s plans.

“The issue of the embassy, we are discussing it. The good thing with all the controversies is that there is a part on Jerusalem which under the partition plan was in Israel. At least that is not part of the argument,” Museveni said.

Museveni was responding to PM Netanyahu, who directly asked the president at the press conference to build an embassy in Jerusalem

“I have a simple suggestion that you’ll have to consider Mr President my friend. You open an embassy in Jerusalem and I’ll open an embassy in Kampala,” Natenyahu  said.

Netanyahu asked Museveni to consider having direct flights between Uganda and Israel.

If Uganda, follows through on President Museveni’s promise, it will be following in the footsteps of the United States under President Donald Trump, who in 2018 moved the US embassy from the Israeli capital Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, amid international backlash.


Dr. Anas Kaliisa, a Top Researcher said that Museveni’s meeting with
Netanyahu is going to benefit the Israel president more because his political career is on a standstill after allegations of corruption against him arose.

“Netanyahu knows how to play his political cards right. He is facing a lot of problems at home and very soon he is going to be imprisoned. Now he is looking for allies that’s why you see him running to Donald Trump to endorse Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel. He wants Museveni to endorse the same so as to impress his people at home to exonerate him on a sympathy vote on the corruption charges which he is battling,” he said. 

He also explained that Netanyahu has come to Uganda to remind his countrymen that his family sacrificed a lot for Isreal. Natenyahu’s brother was killed by Idi Amin while trying to rescue Israelites who were held hostage by Amin.

He said that Netanyahu understands how good Museveni is when it comes to mobilization of fellow African leaders.


On Sunday, Makerere Kikoni based House of Prayer Ministries International senior pastor Alouysius Bujjingo asked his followers to pray to God to give wisdom to president Museveni so that he allows the transfer of Uganda’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Bujjingo revealed that Israel has played a big part in the growth of Christians in Uganda.

The ‘Sabasaba’ pastor insisted that Jerusalem should be confirmed as the capital city of Israel because of its historical to Christianity. 

By Ssengooba Alirabaki


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SHOCKING: Is A Top UPDF General Putting Electoral Commission On Pressure To Buy One Of His Building In Bugolobi Expensively At Shs. 72 Billion To House New EC Offices? Taremwa Speaks Out…



L-R: EC Secretary Sam Rwakoojo with EC boss Simon Byabakama

Finally, the Electoral Commission (EC) has cleared the air on allegations that they are being pressurized by one of the top generals in the country to purchase his building in Bugolobi at Shs.72bn as their new headquarters.

This week, Members of Parliament (MPs) who sit on the finance and budget committee got information that the commission is looking for shs72bn from government to purchase a new home.

Justice Simon Byabakama Mugenyi, the EC chairperson told the committee that they want the money urgently because Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has already warned them that the contractors of Kampala-Jinja Express high way are going to demolish their current headquarters to pave way for the much anticipated high way.

There was a proposal that since the government doesn’t have money to purchase a new home for Byabakama’s team, they should be allowed to rent a property around Kampala until government gets the money to construct for them a permanent place.

However, this proposal was challenged by a delegation from the EC who claimed that they have a lot of sensitive machines which can be damaged when moved from one place to another.

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo supported EC saying that they cannot transfer CCTV cameras to a rented place because in six months, they will have to transfer them again to another place since government is likely to get the money for their new home.

However, when he was on NBS TV’S famous frontline political talk show, Ofwono Opondo said that the process of procuring a home for EC kicked off years back and government had the money but the process was halted after some people complained to the Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets (PPDA) and others run to court challenging the process of acquiring the new EC offices.

Opondo revealed that there might be people in parliament who want to benefit from the Electoral Commission through renting them their buildings that’s why they are challenging them on procuring their home.

On the same talk show, Butambala County legislator Muwanda Kivumbi revealed that the building which EC wants to purchase belongs to a UPDF General who has a tendency of selling and rent his building to the government at very high rates. However, Muwanga was challenged by Ofwono Opondo to reveal the name of the General if he is not spreading false news.

“If Honorable Muwanga Kivumbi is not a coward let him reveal the General’s name,” Ofwono challenged the man from Butambala.

When contacted for a comment, Jotham Taremwa, the EC spokesperson told the Grapevine that a few years back, the commission had started the process of procuring a new building but the government didn’t allocate funds for them.

“You cannot start looking for a building when you don’t have money, that Bugolobi issue is not true” Taremwa said.

He denied allegations that there is a UPDF General who is on the neck of Sam Rwakojo, the secretary to the electoral commission to purchase his building in Bugolobi. He confirmed that the new home they want is in that range (of shs72bn) and that they are prepared to look for it if government gives them money.

By Ssengooba Alirabaki


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