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    Teargas Rocks Kyambogo As Students Reject Online Classes Amidst COVID19 Worry…



    Kyambogo University students protesting the "unfairness" of online classes

    Teargas rocked Kyambogo University campus as students protested over what they called inconsiderate treatment from the administration.

    The strike closely follows a development that saw the Kyambogo University Vice Chancellor Prof Elly Katunguka suspend physical learning and order for online learning following a spike in covid19 infections at the university.

    Kyambogo University students protesting

    The university has registered eight cases of covid19 with six being students and two administrative staff.

    However, the students fraternity sat and agreed among other things that the Open Distance e-Learning (ODel) is not favorable to all the students.

    After exchanging ideas on surcharges and semester duration, the students started a protest, also demanding that the University administration provides them as clients with the graduation road map.

    The students cabinet engaged with the administration in a dialogue, but later the students turned rowdy in demanding for fairness.

    Kyambogo University students’ leaders in dialogue over matters affecting them

    “While at the senate in a peaceful match with the common students, with orders from the Administration, the guild president Mbaziira John Snr and the Vice President Namara Claire have been brutally man-handled, pepper sprayed and inhumanly arrested and taken to unknown places just for standing with the common students,” one of the students narrated.

    Meanwhile, Prof Katunguka insists that in addition to the confirmed cases, many students have cough and flu and yet many have refused to get tested warning the situation could worsen.

    Unless otherwise, Prof Katunguka’s directive still stands that all deans and heads of departments should engage students through ODeL to avoid physical contact.

    He has meanwhile urged all students and staff who present symptoms of COVID-19 to stay at home until they fully recover.

    This comes at a time when the Ministry of Health has confirmed 207 new cases of COVID-19, as of May 26, pushing the cumulative number of confirmed cases stands at 44.281.

    By Hope Kalamira



    Why I Refused To Come To Makerere University – Museveni…



    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has disclosed why he refused to join Makerere University.

    Museveni made these remarks while addressing dignitaries at the Freedom Square in celebration of 100 years at Makerere University.

    Museveni said, “How were African societies organised before colonialism? I’m one of the people who refused to come to Makerere. All my three choices were Dar-es-salam University because I wanted to be near Nyerere.

    Museveni started by reminding them how God said they should multiply and fill the world.

    “He also said, establish dominion over nature. I want to thank Prof. Kagonyera in his re-enforcement of my battle of science,” he said.

    “Therefore, when we are auditing Makerere in these 100 years, we should ask, did they understand Africa before colonialism? The Europeans came here very slowly because of the problems they had in Europe.”

    Museveni divulged that the prima of social change is technology and innovation.

    “The Africans brought fire, domesticating of animals and crops and invention of iron. How did Africans lag behind? When the Europeans invented gunpowder, for us we didn’t know about it,” he adduced.

    He further congratulated Makerere, especially the science department.

    He maintained, “This is why I said 70% of scholarships should go to sciences. Recently I said salaries of scientists should be increased. Science is the Prima of society.”

    Museveni noted, “Either you disappear or you leave at the mercy of others. I will not allow Uganda to disappear. Look at Japanese, they don’t have any natural resources, but they are one of the richest in the world. They produce goods, we give them money.

    “What is the plan here in Africa? Social scientists and economists should be talking about integration. Building models and assuming, reality is here. why assume when reality is here?”

    He also urged their social sciences counterparts to have something to show for their efforts to solve the country’s problems.

    “Social scientists and economists should be talking of economic integration. For social scientists, let’s get time and talk. If Makerere has survived 100 years, what has not been done will be done.”

    According to former chancellor for Makerere University, Prof. Mondo Kagonyera, in spite of all the problems Makerere University has, it has continued to be among the best universities in Africa.

    He revealed that there are only two chancellors of Makerere who are still alive, President Museveni and him.

    He added, “I want to thank the brave men and women who remained at Makerere University during the tough times of Idi Amin.

    “Mastercard programme that I introduced has been able to enable many students to get scholarships.”

    “I want to thank you (President) for promoting science. I want to declare publicly that the people who are opposed to the pipeline have totally got it wrong. We know there will be problems, but these can be surmounted.”


    By Kalamira Hope


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    St. Peter’s SSS Naalya Dragged To Court For Suspending Female Student On Allegations Of Selling Marijuana, Matchboxes To Fellow Students…



    St Peter’s Senior Secondary School Naalya has been dragged to the High Court Civil Division Kampala for suspending a female student on allegation of selling marijuana and matchboxes to fellow students.

    In his suit, Tracy Bamanya Natukunda, a senior six student accuses the school of denying her a fair hearing when they decided of indefinitely suspend her.

    However, the presiding Judge Musa Ssekaana, the head of the Civil Division of the High Court dismissed Natukunda’s application where she was seeking a Court order directing the school to allow her to continue with her studies as Court proceeds with the hearing of the main suit.

    In their defense, the school confirmed that the applicant was admitted in February 2020 to study the combination of Divinity, Entrepreneurship and Literature in senior five.

    The school divulged that after months of admission, they established that she was indiscipline and disobedient to the extent of selling cookies with marijuana and matchboxes to fellow students.

    The school said that when she was caught red handedly at first, she was given the opportunity to defend herself through recording a statement over the allegations and her parents were summoned and informed of their child’s behaviour.

    The school told Court that even though the applicant committed a grave crime, she was allowed to stay in the school because her parents pleaded with the school administration.

    However, she abused the opportunity given to her when she started physically attacking and harassing students and teachers who testified against her thus becoming a threat to the entire school community.

    It was overwhelmingly agreed to indefinite suspend her.

    In his ruling, Ssekaana agreed with the school authorities that the applicant is a threat to other students and teachers because she even physically fought with them when she was handed over to the school’s disciplinary committee.

    Ssekaana said, “The school should be given a benefit of doubt in exercise of its disciplinary powers against the student until the Court finds otherwise. The rights of the applicant against the entire school community should be a factor to consider and the likely danger of the applicant returning to the school and the entire school atmosphere in such circumstances.

    “In result for the reasons stated herein above, this is hereby dismissed and the costs shall abide the outcome of the main cause. It is so ordered.”

    The hearing of the main suit is still ongoing.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    MPs Propose Sign language To Be Adopted In Schools…



    Members of Parliament have proposed that Sign language should be adopted and integrated in most of the schools.

    During plenary today which was presided over by Deputy Speaker, Rt. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa, MPs noted that it can be done by increasing sign language teachers and ensuring that children are introduced to sign language at early stages of learning.

    The decision follows the upcoming commemoration of International Deaf Awareness week scheduled to take place between 19th to 23rd September 2022.

    The celebrations for the International Deaf Awareness week will be held at Iganga Municipal Primary School grounds, in Iganga Municipality, on Friday 23rd September 2022.

    According to the 2014 Uganda National Housing and Population statistics, there were over 1,083,649 deaf people in Uganda.

    “This has since increased to 1,290,000 of the current Uganda’s population,” Asamo said.

    State Minister for disabilities, Allen Asamo said that the International Deaf Awareness Week draws attention to the accomplishments of people who are deaf, raises awareness of their unique needs and also promotes their human rights.

    “During this week, state and non-state actors publicize many activities and informational campaigns to educate people about deafness and hearing loss,” she explained.

    She added that the International Deaf Awareness Week seeks to increase awareness about deaf persons, their challenges, and their culture.

    “It helps in motivating the community to learn and appreciate the importance of sign language, address grievances, and promote the human rights of deaf persons.”


    By Kalamira Hope


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