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The Judges Are Not The Ones In Charge Of The Country – Museveni Blasts Judges For Denying His MPs Extra 2 Years




President Yoweri Museveni has blasted the five constitutional court judges for denying his MPs an extra two years.

In a statement released today, the president pointed out that the judges are not the ones in charge of the country and if the NRM MPs follow his guidelines and bond closely with the people, through wealth and job creation, they can make the necessary Constitutional reforms with or without judges.

Below is the president’s full statement:

Countrymen and women,

1. I draw your attention to my two recent short speeches: one, in Parliament when HE Modi addressed Parliament of Uganda; and, the second one, when, I addressed BRICS ( Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) in Johannesburg, South Africa. All of them illuminate different angles of NRM’s four principles: Patriotism (anti-sectarianism); Pan-Africanism (working for African Unity economically and politically); social-economic transformation (modernizing the African society); and Democracy (the democracy of substance, not mere form). We are making good friends all over the World that will help us to achieve our goals, starting with unity of our African brothers and sisters in the form of the EAC and CFTA in order to unite our markets.

2. Unfortunately, our judges in Uganda spend more time on form and not substance, on procedure and not substance. My freedom fighter’s sense of justice, in this matter (the age limit ruling) focuses more on the convenience of 7 years rather than 5 years. With the 5 years, a lot of time is spent on electioneering and less time on development; the 1st two years settling in, the 3rd year some work in the constituency and, then, by the 4th year, electioneering again.

In the end, however, the judges are not the ones in charge of the country. If the NRM MPs follow my guidelines and bond closely with the people, through wealth and job creation, we can, together with the people, make the necessary Constitutional reforms, judges or no judges.

The Constitution should facilitate the modernization of Uganda and the economic and political integration of Africa for the survival of the people of Africa as free people, not just the theatre of democracy of form without addressing substance.

The Judges should have taken into consideration the recent L.C.1 and Women Councils and Committees elections which gave massive victory to the NRM, soon after the age limit and the seven years’ debate. This was more or less a referendum. There was open participation by the millions.

We shall harmonise and galvanize our position. The undemocratic age limit nonsense was clear. “Nibagaya Engabo oti mwihemu abagurusi?” (How can you say old soldiers should be disqualified when everybody’s efforts are needed because the good soldiers are not enough?)

3. I congratulate the NRM on winning the 4 seats for MPs and the 5 seats for Mayors in the seven new municipalities. The new municipalities were: Apac, Nebbi, Ibanda, Sheema, Bugiri, Njeru and Kotido. It is a shame to hear of the sectarian manipulation by some elements of opposition in Bugiri- using religion (Islamism) and tribalism (Busogaism Vs Badaama). Such nonsense grows when there are weaknesses in the local area of handling the social- economic issues, service delivery and lack of sensitization. The NRM leaders need to deal with social- economic issues, and the rest will be easy. This year’s budget has focused on these very issues.

Those who use sectarianism of religion and tribe or gender chauvinism are bankrupt ideologically and dangerous for the future of Africa. They were the problem of Uganda in the past and they have no value economically and, therefore, socially ( socio-economic transformation).
I went to the schools in the 1950s and 1960s because my father was able to pay the school fees of that time by selling some of his cattle in the monthly auction markets of Ntungamo. Who were buying the cattle? Three businessmen, none of them a Munyankore. These were: Walusimbi-Mpanga from Kampala, Bukyenya (Bukenya) from Mbarara and Shear, a Muzungu, operating out of Ishaka, that was taking cattle to Kilembe to feed the miners there. Who, then, were the supporters of my education apart from my father? Certainly not the Banyankore or Church of Uganda, my denomination.

Sectarianism is Pseudo-ideology.

If we get evidence about the promoters of sectarianism, we shall act against them politically and criminally. I also got alleged reports of importing voters in Bugiri as happened in Kyadondo and Jinja East. The case of Jinja East is in the courts on the same issue of importing voters from other areas. Back to the question of sectarianism, we should never allow identity to eclipse or subvert interest. Down with opportunists ( Nalilawa, abanyaanda) – those who do not have positive ( beneficial ) principles that cause our countries to grow.


Last week, the five justices who included the Deputy Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo, Justice Remmy Kasule, Justice Kenneth Kakuru, Justice Elizabeth Musoke and Justice Cheborion Barishaki, on a 4:1 majority verdict ruled that the MPs followed the law in amending Article 102(b) of the Constitution that removed the age limit on the presidency that will allow president Museveni to stand for re-election as many times as he wishes. They however, on a 5:0 verdict nullified the extension of the MPs’ term of office from 5 to 7 years saying it was against principles of good governance.


By Adadi Kanyike



No Apology Can Bring Back Life Lost, Government Thuggery And Nepotism To Blame For Bududa Deaths – FDC



Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) have expressed their heartfelt condolences to the people of Bududa who perished in the mudslides on Thursday last week and blamed government for negligence and failing to protect its people and their property.

Addressing journalists in their weekly press briefing at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi today, FDC’s deputy spokesperson Harold Kaija stressed that it is a pity that some government officials are doing business at the expense of people’s lives.

He revealed that in 2013, the office of the prime minister issued a directive to have the people of Bududa relocated after the 2010 incident but some Mafia and an MP of the area who sits on the committee of economy forged a land title on land that wasn’t vacant because it housed over 300 families, sold government air and ate over 8 billion. Kaija added that since that time no cause of action has been taken against the culprit and he is still a member of parliament up to date. Kaija revealed that the people of Uganda are dying because of Nepotism and thuggery exhibited by people who are charged with the duty of protecting them.

“There are no drugs in the hospital in Bududa, why won’t the victims die. Someone is rushed to a hospital that is empty. People in Uganda don’t even have money to run effectively their business. At every moment the people in government are killing citizens because of the greed and their heartless policies. Look at how Hon. Malinga died of hyper tension with the nearest hospital being 40 miles away, but still nothing was learnt, one day they will eat their poisoned food,” Kaija warned.

Bududa suffered another disaster since 2010 last week on Thursday when soil buried people with over 40 people recorded dead, houses and plantations destroyed and many left homeless after heavy rains. The president Gen. Museveni visited the area yesterday and apologized to the affected local. He pledged to support the homeless through the ministry of disaster and preparedness and vowed to punish those government officials who let him down.

At the Grapevine, we stand together with the people of Bududa in this trying moment and continue to pray for the departed souls.

We Won’t Allow Police To Threaten Us – Kaija Warns Police

In the same learning, Kaija has condemned the manner in which police stopped party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat from going to Kasese today. Kaija strongly condemned the decision by police to stop the party president Eng. Patrick Amuriat Oboi (POA) in company of Kasese MP Nzowa and others from proceeding to Kasese ahead of the party planned activities today.

“This action today seals our allegations that the police regime is still operating under the script of Museveni. I pity Ochola a trained lawyer who operates under the trigger of the regime. We shall not allow the impunity of this NRM police and we are going to continue being defiant on the Un-legitimate laws that cartel party activities yet they are mandated by law,” Kaija said.  Kaija added that such acts are a threat to the democracy of Multi-party politics.

He said that such acts were dragging this country back to the eras of “Movement permits” just like what happened in South Africa which acts violate human rights.

“We don’t need to seek police notification in order to meet party officials. Two weeks back, Mr. Museveni was in Kampala addressing rallies and police didn’t say a word but should FDC organize to go there because we truly speak their voices, you will see how they will stop us. About the Kasese activity, we wrote to the police but they became reluctant to respond to us. We implore all democracy seeking Ugandans and colleagues to fight and put an end to this impunity,” Kaija said.

FDC party president Eng. Patrick Amuriat Oboi (POA) was this morning stopped at Rwimi alongside Hon. Nzowa and some other party officials as they travelled to Kasese district to attend party activities of auditing members and party progress, he was asked to go back to Kampala.


By Remmy Atugonza


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Museveni Is Drunk With Power And The People Around Him Are Deceiving Him That He Is A God – Bobi Wine



Kyadondo East legislator and Leader of the People Power Movement Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has launche another scathing attack at president Museveni.

In an interview with Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange last evening, Bobi Wine told president Museveni that he has been hoodwinked by people around him who have made him think that he is the alpha and omega or a ‘god of sorts’ and has ignored the problems of Ugandans.

The Kyadondo East Legislator described the President Museveni as a person drunk with power and those around him have convinced him to feel that way through the empty praises they shower him.

He further claimed that Mr. Museveni had done worse things than the former dictator Idi Amin Dada who was accused of killing many Ugandans during his 9-year rule.

According to Bobi Wine, institutions and leadership in Uganda are failing because the people around the president are his relatives and tribesmen.

“It has been said before that power corrupts, absolutely, I believe he is drunk with power. He has been convinced by those around him that he is a god of sorts,” Kyagulanyi said.

When asked what kind of advice he would give him, Bobi asked President Museveni to be true to his words and his people. “Mr Museveni before becoming president said the problem with Uganda and Africa in general is leaders who over stay in power. He has overstayed and doesn’t want to leave,” Kyagulanyi said.

On the chaos in Arua that happened on the 13th September, Kyagulanyi said that even though he has recently come out publicly to protest against Museveni, he is aware that those who have tried that before have suffered their own share of brutality. The lawmaker expressed confidence that the situation would change since Museveni will not remain in power forever. “Freedom comes to those who fight, not those who cry. The more you cry, the more your people continue to die. So, rise (up) and defend your rights,” reiterated Mr Kyagulanyi.


By Remmy Atugonza



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Police Warns: Zaake To Be Taken Home Bobi Wine Style



The Uganda Police Force (UPF) have warned that they will avail Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake Butebi security from the airport to his home.

In a statement released this evening, the deputy police public relations officer Patrick Onyango says they have got intelligence that some people are being mobilised to go to Entebbe International Airport to welcome the legislator. The police add that the procession to welcome Zaake will be unlawful and would disrupt normal business activities including movement of people to and from the airport.

As a result of this, Onyango cautions that Zaake will be received at Entebbe airport by his immediate family members and will also be given security from the airport to his home.

It should be remembered that when Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine was returning from US, he was picked from the airport and driven straight home, it’s the same technique that police plans to use on  Zaake to keep his supporters from disrupting traffic on Entebbe road.

Mityana Municipality MP announced yesterday that he will be returning home tomorrow from India where he has been receiving treatment after allegedly being tortured by security operatives during the Arua by-elections fracas.


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