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The Ten Billion Shillings Stealthily Given To MPs Will Haunt You To Your Graves – Actor Ashraf Ssimwogerere Pens Scathing Letter To Kadaga…



Actor Ashraf Ssimwogerere has warned the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga that the 10bn shillings they have shared as MPs is going to haunt them to their graves.

Below is his letter:

Asalaam alaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh.

During the war that brought NRM/NRA into power, my internal exile village from Namuloge was Kasayi Kyagwe in Mukono district. I stayed with my maternal Jjaja Nanfuka Aisha (RIP). Little did I know that I had jumped from saucepan into fire itself. This village in the middle of a forest was surrounded by fighting forces, UNLA in the east and south, FEDEMU in the west and NRA in the north. We used to travel to and from Kampala passing notorious road blocks maned by government soldiers (UNLA).

One day during holidays a group of rebel men requested jjaja to allow me join them in the bush. Jjaja refused and urged me to concentrate on my books.

At the beginning of the term as I was passing a road block at Kiwango, all my tuition and the pocket money was robbed by the government soldiers. I continued to Seeta town and In the evening, I went back home to tell jjaja the bad news. She just kept quite and sadly with tears, walked away to her bedroom. Late in the evening she called me to her bedroom and advised me to join the bush and fight. Though she changed her mind the following day to give me money and went back to college for my books.

Jjaja reached the decision to send me to the bush thru anger. Let me call it “KWEKYAWA”. Many people joined the bush because of “Kwekyaawa”, following the atrocities which were committed by the then governments. Government soldiers used to torture wanainch on road blocks, killed many, stole their property, rapped women and girls, plus several dirty atrocities against them that made them “Kwekyawa”, to pick guns and fight.

When Jjaja Zakaria was kidnapped in 1977, he disappeared completely to date. But soon after his kidnap a friend of my late dad Mukiibi Abdhala approached him and asked for money to give some soldier to release jjaja. Being a good friend, dad trusted him. He was sure jjaja was going to be freed. This man actually knew no any soldier to help release jjaja Zakaria. But he used the situation to con dad. “Omuntu akubbira mubuzibu aba mubi nnyo”. Dad gave him the money but he kept on lying to him until “musajja watu taata wange” gave up. From that incident dad “Yakyawa omwami oyo”.

Having told those two stories, let me relate them to the current situation of CORONA and the Ugx 10billion given to the parliamentarians for sensitization.

Sincerely speaking the ten billion shillings stealthily given to the parliamentarians is like that friend of my father who used the sad situation to con my dad. “Abantu bajja kwekyaawa nga era jjaja bweyeekyawa” like my jjaja did and accepted that I join the rebels.

Yesterday I heard the Hon madam speaker stopping the rest of the parliamentarians to talk about that money. That she is the only one to explain. This made me remember the Late Paul Muwanga. After rigging the 1980 elections, he (Paul Muwanga) issued an order/decree that nobody was allowed to announce the results except himself as chairman of the military commission. But he wasn’t the chairman of the electoral commission. Later the vice chairman of the military commission Mr. Museveni went to the bush. And many Ugandans lost their lives.

Madame chair/speaker you are repeating bad history. I see a Paul Muwanga in you. And I don’t think Madam Speaker you are the right person to explain that money, when just weeks ago you excited the nation with fake news that a certain Professor from your land had invented the drug to cure covid-19. The voters will never trust your word. You sit in parliament as if you are immune against Covid-19, “nze mbadde mbasaasira nti corona aja kubakwata kumbe” you were busy planing to rob the national coffers. Temuswaala, naye “Abantu bekyaaye”.

What are you going to explain really about that loot. Good people are contributing to save the vulnerable poor, for you, you are busy breaking into Bank of Uganda to loot ten billion. “Temulina kissa naye abantu bekyaaye.”

I last demonstrated during no Lule no work. I hoped to demonstrate when Mulago hospital was renovated using taxpayer’s money, but made private. I would have demonstrated again this time but I fear being disabled. I’m just waiting for the explanation from you madam speaker. When it isn’t certifying which I don’t expect to certify. I will just turn to the Almighty Allah I know Allah answers the prayer of the cheated. “E dua yoyo gwebalyazamanyiza terina jjiji Allah ajja kutwanukula”. “Abantu bekyaaye”.

I don’t have authority to stop you from eating that money. But it will haunt you to your graves.



Hajj Ashraf Ssimwogerere.



I Didn’t Ask You To Interpret The Law, I Asked For M7’s Papers – Bobi Wine’s Lawyer Nkunyingi Tells Byabakama, Declares Next Move…



Controversial National Unity Platform (NUP) party lawyer Muwada Nkunyingi who is also aspiring to become Kyadondo East Member of Parliament is at crossroads after the Independent Electoral Commission refused to give him the certified academic papers of president Yoweri Museveni.

In the letter dated 3rd Sept 2021 signed by Leonard Mulekwah, the secretary general of the electoral Commission received by Muwada stated that the academic documents of Museveni don’t need verifications as Muwada wanted.

“Kindly note and be informed that the academic documents of candidate Yoweri Museveni presented in 2016 didn’t need verification since they are governed under section 4(15) of the presidential Elections Act, 2005 as amended,” Mulekwah said.

He insisted that the issue of whether Museveni was illegally or legally nominated; was determined by the Supreme Court in the case of John Patrick Mbabazi Vs the Attorney General, Electoral Commission and Museveni that he was illegally nominated.

When contacted, Muwanda showed dissatisfaction with the Electoral Commission blaming them for speedily giving controversial lawyer Male Mabirizi academic papers of presidential aspirant Robert Kyagulanyi but coiling their tails when it came to Museveni’s papers.

“I am sure in the previous elections Museveni has been illegally nominated that’s why Byamukama is shielding him. By the way Byamukama should know that he is not the Court of Appeal that I wrote to him to interpret the law for me, I wrote to the chairperson of the Electoral Commission,” Muwada told the theGrapevine.

He revealed that as per now, he is considering meeting his lawyers to give him a legal opinion which he will base on to declare his next move.

This website has also established that there is pressure at the Electoral Commission after some officers were questioned on who gave Kyagulanyi’s academic documents to Mabirizi.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Don’t Worry My Girl You Will Be A Full Minister In My Next Cabinet – M7 Assures Embattled Former PPS Kamukama…



President Museveni has promised his trusted former Principal Private Secretary (PPS)Molly Kamukama a juicy job in his next cabinet once he wins the 2021 election.

This website has established that over the weekend, Kamukama, who is the State Minister for Economic monitoring received a phone call from president Yoweri Museveni assuring her that she will retain her ministerial office in the coming 2021-26 government.

Museveni gave Kamukama an olive hand after losing the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party flag Ms. Jennifer Muheesi with whom she was competing for the Kazo District Woman MP slot.

Credible State House sources told this website that Museveni also told his former PPS that he has directed the recount of votes in Kazo, Isingiro and Kiruhura.

“Tanga Odoi refused to announce me because I told him to first talk to the Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba when he wanted to see the president. Why should junior officers like Tanga meet the president when seniors are available? NRM’s Electoral Commission is under the Secretariat and I was doing my professional work,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

She added, “H.E, kindly prevail over Tanga so that he declares me, Katushabe, Rwakimaari, Kabasharira and Rwamirama.”

On the issue of staying in cabinet, Kamukama stated that the president assured her that she will be a full cabinet Minister in 2021 – 2026 whether she is an MP or not.

“I thank you Your Excellency for shaming these youth and Kazo self-seekers,” she boasted.

Ronah Ruranga Kemirembe defeated Kamukama with 13,288.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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If You Love NUP Let Us Work Together And Deliver Kampala Victory To Kyagulanyi – Ssebaggala Challenges Rival Chameleone…



Latif Ssebaggala (L) and Chameleone (R)

Latif Ssebaggala, the sitting Kawempe North legislator who will not contest for that same position this time is now beaming with joy after being selected to carry the National Unity Platform (NUP) flag for the Kampala Mayoral race.

“Fellow comrades, as you all might be aware, I was declared the official flag bearer of the National Unity Platform for the position of Lord Mayor of Kampala City,” Ssebaggala said.

“I am charged, energized, hungry and ready to hand over the city of Kampala into the hands of NUP led by Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi,” he added.

He thanked the members of the vetting committee who he said took their time to ensure that NUP has the strongest candidate at each position.

“Indeed, I have all the qualities of a selfless leader that will enable me to take charge of this magnificent city,” Ssebaggala boasted, adding that his track record speaks for itself.

Ssebaggala called upon loyal National Unity Platform members that weren’t selected to be flag bearers to team up with the official candidates for the good of NUP and for the good of Ugandans.

He urged mostly those who were dropped by the vetting process to put their differences aside and work together with those who got the ticket for a strong NUP victory.

“This war we are fighting is far bigger than all of us. Let us not lose sight of the overall mission which is to dislodge this NRM dictatorship,” Ssebaggala said.

“My brother and comrade in NUP Mr. Joseph Mayanja, let us work together,” he added.

The experienced politician challenged Chameleone to soldier on in solidarity if he indeed shares the passion to push the National Unity Platform to greater heights and to also make sure Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi and all NUP candidates in various positions win over Kampala and Uganda at large come 2021.

“Hand in hand, victory verily belongs to those that believe in it the most and believe in it the longest,” he emphasised.

Ssebaggala revealed that he will in a few days inform the people of Kampala on his campaign plans and strategies and how he hopes to traverse for votes throughout the city.

“We shall also be giving you information on the nominations programs and the so many activities we have lined up for this campaign season,” Ssebaggala said.

Ssebaggala also revealed that he will unveil his coordination teams in various divisions, launch the Lord Mayorship coordination offices and also launch his campaign manifesto in due time.


By Baron Kironde


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