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The Two COVID19 Deaths Are “Jaribu”: M7 Panics After Getting Covid19 Symptoms, Loses His Voice, Warns Careless Ugandans After Being Nominated …



President Museveni has disclosed how he feared for his life after getting CCOVID19 symptoms such as soar throat over the weekend.

While addressing members of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) at Kyadondo in Kampala, Museveni said his troubles started over the weekend when he had long meetings and he had to talk for hours while wearing a mask.

He said he quickly contacted his medical personnel and they took samples from him which later tested negative of COVID19.

“It appears that when you talk for long in the mask, it affects your voice. When I lost my voice, my thought was, this is Corona. My immediate reaction was to call my young doctors,” he said.

Museveni’s lawyer submits the Presidents credentials to the party EC

However, he lost his voice again prompting him to end his speech prematurely.

“I think let me stop here, my voice is my weapon I think let me stop here, I will use it to (address) those who need it in future,” Museveni added.

The President earlier on warned Ugandans who were downplaying the severity of COVID19, he said, “If you wanted to see death, you have now seen. We have been begging you not to die. These two are “jaribu”.”

After returning the nomination papers and ticking every requirements box, he was nominated as NRM national chairman and party presidential flag-bearer.

“‪I thank the NRM party that has this morning nominated me as its national chairman and presidential flag-bearer for the 2021 elections. In due course, we shall unveil our detailed plan and message/manifesto,” he said.

Museveni has revealed the East African Integration and Pan Africanism will be high on his agenda if he’s voted in the highest office in 2021.

He said he was also touched by the increasing income inequalities in the country where money is concentrated in the hands of a few government officials leaving many Ugandans starving.


By Ronald Kisekka



WORLD AIDS DAY: Because Of The Music He Wanted To Create, He Did Not Mind About His Life – Philly Lutaaya’s Daughter On Her Father’s Legacy Over 30 Years On….



The late Philly Bongoley Lutaaya

It’s the 1st of December, a day dedicated to creating global awareness and reflecting on the sad reality of the deadly HIV virus.

In Uganda, Philly Bongoley Lutaaya has definitely dominated the whole month of December for a record period over 30 years now.

The artist who wrote ‘Alone and Frightened’ grossly graces the airwaves at least more than once daily whenever the last month of the year kicks in.

Lutaaya is remembered as the very first prominent Ugandans to publicly declare his HIV status.

When Lutaaya came back to Uganda from Sweden a few months into 1989. On April 13, during a press conference at the Sheraton Hotel, he declared his status at a crucial time when the disease had ravaged the country, and people did not talk about their positive status openly, for fear of being segregated.

He said, “Fellow comrades of Uganda, it is with utmost regret that today I inform you that the sickness bothering me has been diagnosed as Aids.”

Lutaaya’s courage evidently changed how Ugandans viewed HIV/Aids, an influence that spread beyond Uganda.

Lutaaya supplemented his heroic announcement with an iconic song which has since become an AIDS anthem of sorts, Alone and Frightened, inspired by Swedish band Roxette’s It Must Have Been Love.

During the 1980s, also christened as the “plague years” for HIV/AIDS, the disease was considered a death sentence. There was no known treatment for the virus and HIV/AIDS was negatively stigmatized by the spreading of disinformation and heightened media propaganda, only causing more confusion and fear about the virus. In Uganda, it was linked to witchcraft.

Lutaaya said that on knowing he did not have enough time to live, he felt he wanted to leave a legacy. He thus, spent a big part of 1989 doing advocacy work as well as recording new music.

Tezra Lutaaya, one of his daughters in a 2010 interview intimated that the period wore him down; “Because of the music he wanted to release, he did not mind his life anymore; he missed his appointments with the doctors and even his medication.”

While he recorded his albums Alone and Tumusinze, his hair had started falling off. A relative intervened by making him a dreadlocks wig.

It was mainly because of his family and music that he was in and out of Uganda all the time.

Artists have been ideally regarded as the gatekeepers of truth. Today, artists are a civilization’s radical voice, and the proposition is no exaggeration.

As for music’s impact on HIV/AIDS, it’s biggest push forward has come in the form of speaking out and spreading awareness.

World AIDS Day was first observed in 1988.

We at theGrapevine have endeavored to increase HIV awareness and knowledge by speaking out against HIV stigma, and call for an increased response to move toward.

According to UNAIDS data released recently on the prevelance of HIV/AIDS in Uganda, an estimated 1.4 million people were living with HIV in 2018, and an estimated 23,000 Ugandans died of AIDS-related illnesses.

The epidemic is firmly established in the general population. As of 2018, the estimated HIV prevalence among adults (aged 15 to 49) stood at 5.7%.2 Women are disproportionately affected, with 8.8% of adult women living with HIV compared to 4.3% of men.

Other groups particularly affected by HIV in Uganda are sex workers, young girls and adolescent women, men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs and people from Uganda’s transient fishing communities.

There has been a gradual increase in the number of people living with HIV accessing treatment. In 2013, Uganda reached a tipping point whereby the number of new infections per year was less than the number of people beginning to receive antiretroviral treatment.

However, as of 2018 around 27% of adults living with HIV and 33% of children living with HIV were still not on treatment. Persistent disparities remain around who is accessing treatment and many people living with HIV experience stigma and discrimination.


By Baron Kironde


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You Can’t Be So Angry At Protestors Rioting With Stones When You Killed People With Guns To Grab Power – Besigye Attacks M7…



President Museveni and Kizza Besigye

Four time Presidential candidate, Rtd. Col. Dr Kizza Besigye has trashed President Museveni’s statements in condemnation of protests that left over 50 people dead.
Upto 32 of them were rioters according to the report presented to the president. Some were hit by stray bullets while others were knocked dead.

The president sent condolences to Ugandans that lost their relatives in what he termed as senseless riots, and promised that the government will compensate those who lost their lives and properties, but shall not in anyway compensate those who died and were rioters.

Besigye was so aggravated by his former bush war comrade’s “unrealistic” statements. He stresses that Museveni’s submissions are self destructive.

Besigye faults President Museveni for doing everything just to keep himself in power including continuously contradicting himself. He previously linked the notably numerous number of COVID19 deaths to the NRM presidential candidate.

“Mr M7’s selective memory doesn’t allow him to remember that he came to power by breaking the law for 5yrs, not rioting with stones but guns,” Besigye stated.

President Museveni while adressing the nation yesterday however insisted that the overall security posture of Uganda is robust, in spite of the weakness of the police that allows impunity of lawlessness to persist.

He said that such slight weakness is where rioters make miscalculations, and warned that they will be defeated anyway.

Besigye has had a series of endless battles with Museveni, and mostly against this dictatorial government which he helped into power when they fought in the bush. Besigye, a few weeks back accused President Yoweri Museveni of seeking “to unite East Africa by force,” questioning his plans to build roads in Congo, and saying that by accumulating huge supplementary and classified budgets for the Ministry of Defence and State House, the president is preparing for ‘War’. Though he did not specify what war, and against who.

Earlier this month, Besigye revealed that The International Criminal Court (ICC) formally acknowledged receipt of a petition to drag President Yoweri Museveni to be arbitrated in the same court.

Besigye, who was the first to append his signature on the petition, said the process was meant for all citizens who feel aggrieved.

The People’s Government headed by Besigye handed over the petition to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to open cases of crime against humanity against President Museveni and other government officials in security agencies.


By Baron Kironde


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Who Killed All Those Innocent Ugandans? Kabaka Mutebi Calls For Quick Investigation Into Death Of Over 50 People Killed During Bobi Wine Protests…



Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II

The Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has for the first time raised his voice to speak about the nasty incident where over 50 Ugandans were killed and hundreds sustained injuries mostly from stray bullets.

Kabaka Mutebi has sought for an immediate inquiry into the death of over 50 people in two days during the free Bobi Wine riots on November 18/19 in protests that swept Kampala and other parts of the country.

He stressed that that several unaccounted for deaths have occurred in the post-Independence era and the recent one should not be taken as lightly.

The Kabaka voiced out his condemnation to police and army brutality in quelling the riots. In his majestic voice, Mutebi said, “There should be an inquiry into the death of all these people.”

The Kabaka, who was addressing his subjects also weighed in on the current political atmosphere relating it to the 1945 riots which resulted into 8 fatalities and left scores injured.

While concluding his address at this year’s annual Airtel Kabaka Birthday run, organised to celebrate his birthday, Kabaka Mutebi hailed the continued-annual participation of his subjects in the run and acknowledged it as a celebration of the progress in health initiatives.

The run was initially scheduled for April but delayed owing to the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease.

More than 20,000 people across Buganda Kingdom participated in the annual Airtel Kabaka Birthday Run that seeks to benefit the fight against HIV and AIDS.

According to organisers, the traditional event around the Kabaka’s palace in Mengo-Kampala could not be held in adherence to social distancing guidelines over concerns about Covid-19.

Instead, about 200 participants were allowed into the palace while others were encouraged to choose their own routes near their neighbourhoods.

Most of the runners participated in their respective county headquarters as well as those in the diaspora.


By Baron Kironde


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