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The Untouchable Tormentor Kiconco Speaks Out: I Won’t Leave Lusanja Land Unless They Pay Me All The Money I’ve Spent



Troubled businessman Medard Kiconco, who allegedly evicted over 350 families and demolished their homes in Lusanja  Kawempe Division has been unearthed.

Kiconco, who appeared before Bamugemereire’s land probe for grilling today told journalist at the commission offices in Wandegeya that, “I hear a lot of accusations put against my name, I am here, you have been telling people that am in hiding. Whatever happened at Lusanja, it was not my fault and don’t waste your time asking me that, you go and ask court, they are the ones who gave me my land back.”

He disclosed that he purchased the land on block 206 plot 671 Mutubba 11 Mpererwe, from Paul Katabazi

Bitabariho, the administrator of the late Katabariho. He said that before he bought the land, he first verified that he was buying the land from the rightful owner and discovered that the Late Bitabariho bought the land from Manjeri Lukuse Namasole in 1979.

He revealed that when he went to Buganda Land Board to verify whether the said land was owned by  Namasole, he was informed that the land was owned by Namasole but she sold it to Bitabariho.

The title that Kiconco showed as proof of ownership

Kiconco noted that after verifying the land, he bought it. He said that after buying the land, he discovered that it had encroachers.

He asked the area local leadership to advise him on how to deal with the encroachers, Henry Sejemba the chairperson of Ssekanyonyi village where the land located advised him to compensate the people who were residing on his land. Kiconco said that he paid over 100 people who were claiming that they own ‘bibanja’ on the land.

“Some of those people even cheated me, I compensated all of them, I gave everyone Shs 75m and above. Others left willingly, like that man Samuel Mayanja who I saw crying before the president when he visited Lusanja,” Kiconco noted.

He added that when the people refused to vacate his land, he decided to go to court, he was given an order by Baker Rwatooro the deputy Registrar Execution Division of the High Court Kampala to evict them from the land.

He said that after obtaining eviction orders, he hired Spear Leak Auctioneer to process the land and give it to him as court had ordered. He said that Moses Kirunda, a court Bailiff from Spear Leak Auctioneers did the eviction and he only received a report from Kirunda showing that the court order was implemented and the land was vacated. Kiconco put the blame for the Lusanja eviction on political leaders especially Wakiso District member of Parliament Rosemary Seninde and junior lands Minister Persis Namuganza who politicised the matter.

Kiconco speaking to the press

He said that Namuganza and Seninde lied to the president when he visited Lusanja that he evicted over 350 families from his land which was not true because he only owns 9.6 acres of land. He added that he didn’t evict people of Lusanja, the people he evicted are from Sekanyoni village in Kampala not in Wakiso as Seninde claims.

“I wonder what type of MP Seninde is who doesn’t even know the boundaries of her district. Maybe she wants to show the president that she is working hard,” Kiconco said.  He said the land in Lusanja belongs to

Paul Katabazi and it’s a lease mailo land on block 198 plot 55 Mpigi.

Kiconco further accused Namuganza and Seninde of defrauding the president and showing him fake people who they claim were evicted from the land. He said that the people who met the president were not among those evicted from his land.

He rubbished Justice Catherine Bamugemereire’s claim before the president that her commission has been investigating the land dispute in Lusanja. He revealed that from the day he bought the land, he has never seen any summons from the commission that they are investigating him.

He said that as per now, he is not ready to leave his land because he paid for it and he is not willing to just leave it to go because a politician has put him on pressure. Kiconco bragged that if Museveni wants him to leave the land, he should pay him all the money he spent buying it.

“I am not a thief, I have never stolen anybody’s property and I can’t just leave my property to go. I am just looking for survival like any other person,” Kiconco said.

When asked about his relationship with the first family, Kiconco, who first smiled said that it’s not true that he is working for the first family. He accused Namuganza and Sseninde of politicizing the matter to get something from the president. He revealed that he is planning to establish a juice factory on the land and he has already acquired money from equity bank.


By Jamil Lutakome



Police Extends Zaake’s Criminal Summons After He Fails To Turn UP.



Police at the Crime Investigations Department (CID) Kibuli has today extended the criminal summons of Mityana Municipality MP Hon. Francis Zaake Butebi after his lawyer Nicolas Opiyo informed them that his health condition was still poor and he couldn’t make it.

Counsel Nicolas Opiyo told this website that police had accepted the terms and agreed to extend his criminal summons to the 3rd of December.

Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake told this website on Sunday that he had been summoned to appear before the police’s Criminal Investigations Department (CID) headquarters in Kibuli on Wednesday to be questioned on possible charges of escaping from police custody and treason.

Mr. Zaake further told this website that he had received the summons and would turn up for questioning. He however, described the act of the police as “reckless and traumatising” because he was still recovering from “physical and psychological wounds” that he suffered during the chaos that happened in the lead up to the Arua Municipality by-election in August.


By Remmy Atugonza


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REVEALED: How NRM Mobiliser Maama Kisanja Connived With Senior Lands Officials To Grab Land From A Full Village



Luella Ataro being grilled by the commission

The Commission of inquiry into land matters has unearthed how a racket of ministry of lands officers connived with NRM mobilizer Peninah Kalenge Busingye alias Maama Kisanja and her daughter Natasha Kalenge to grab villages in Namavundu sub county Wakiso District.

Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, the chairperson of the Commission revealed that the Commission has established that the entire fraudulent transaction of the land was masterminded by senior officers in the ministry of lands.

She wondered how the entire process was worked on during the festive season of 2016. She gave an example that on 29th December 2016, the senior Registrar land registration Luella Ataro approved to the Commissioner land Registration to issue a special certificate of land title to Peninah Kalenge without making due diligence.

Bamugemereire added that in the same period, Ataro sent request to Dr. Joseph Batume, the Wakiso District staff surveyor for a deep plan on the controversial land and asked him to issue instruction to survey the land.  She disclosed that Batume immediately responded to all the requests without ascertaining them. She further revealed that Ataro also didn’t follow the normal procedure that when someone applies for special certificate of the land title, the registrar has to wait for 30 days after an announcement is done in the national gazette.

She said that within five days, before Ataro received the application for the special certificate of the land title, it was already issued in the names of Peninah Kalenge. She showed Ataro an application made by Natasha and her mother which read that the land title was misplaced and they needed a special certificate of the land title for the immediate transaction on the land.

She said that Ataro, Batume and Venansio Ajero, the Wakiso District cartographer were the beneficiaries of the Shs4.7bn Natasha allegedly used in the process of obtaining the title fraudulently.

Bamugemereire was supported by Ebert Byenkya, the Commission’s lead Counsel who revealed that immediately after issuing the special certificate of land title, sub divisions were done and over 60 other land titles were fraudulently created.

He said that Ataro also issued a special certificate of the land title well knowing that all the plots which were created in 1999 on the mother certificate of the land title were made in handwriting.

He added that Ataro headed the entire scum from the Ministry. After reporting the loss of the certificate of the mother title; fraudulent plots were created in the kalamazu when they were not indicated in the title made in 1999.

He said that the new plots created by Ataro were measuring over 184 hectares in the names of Kalenge. In her defense, Ataro told the Commission that she was not aware of the scum and she got to know about it last week when she met Natasha. She said that Natasha told her that the special certificate of the land title she processed for her had problems.

Commissioner Mary Ochan asked her to tell the Commission where she met Natasha and what they were planning to do.

Ataro said she found Natasha in the office of Vaniey Lutaaya, a government surveyor.  She said that on 29th December 2016, the date she issued a new special certificate of the land title to Kalenge, she was in office on orders of the permanent secretary Ministry of lands and whatever she implemented, she was following the information given to her by Wakiso District land office.

On the issue of not following the 30 days announcement in the gazette, she said that it was an oversight and asked for forgiveness. She told the Commission that her powers in the land registration department in the ministry of lands were reduced from approving the issuing of land titles and now she is only handling the Complaints desk in the department.

Commissioner Robert Ssebunya told her that she masterminded the whole scum and put the suffering of poor Ugandans on her. Ataro told the Commission that she is going to write to the Commission land registration to cancel the certificate of the land title because it was issued fraudulently.

She said that she is going to tender in her letter tomorrow Wednesday and she will copy in the Commission to fulfill her commitment.  Justice Bamugemereire also ordered Ataro to bring to the Commission her passport.  The Commission also grilled Wakiso District staff surveyor Joseph Batume who issued the instruction to survey the land which does not exist.


By Jamil Lutakome


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Supreme Court Sets Date To Determine Speaker Kadaga’s Fate Over Age-Limit Removal



The Supreme Court has set the date to hear an application filed by City Lawyer Male Mabirizi seeking Court to order Rebecca Kadaga the speaker of parliament  to appear before the Court for cross-examination.

According to the statement issued by Opefeni Ogwadiya, the registrar supreme Court, the seven justices are set to kick off the hearing on 12th December 2018.  In his application, Mabirizi challenges the decision of the five justices of the Constitutional Court headed by Alfonso Owinyi Dolo who reject his application for Kadaga to appear before the Court for cross examination.

He stated that during conferencing on the matter in the court of appeal, he asked Dolo, who was chairing the process that he wanted Kadaga to appear in the dock. He further stated that Kaahwa Christine the acting Director for civil litigation in the chambers of the Attorney General told Dolo to give him more time to file the affidavit of the speaker who was out of the country.

Mabirizi said that with such submission, he thinks that the court was going to allow him crossexamine Kadaga because she was at the center of controversy which Dolo rejected.  He said that he was only served with affidavits of Jane Kibirige the clerk to parliament, UPDF commander Gen David Muhoozi and Keith Muhakanizi, the secretary to the treasury.

“That consequently, before hearing of the Constitutional petition, intended to examine the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga so that the court can be able to ascertain her true role in the entire process relating the constitutional amendment Act 2 of 2017,” Mabirizi stated. The court will first hear this application before the main appeal in January 2017.


By Jamil Lutakome


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