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    THEY WANT TO KILL ME: Nambooze Narrates How Deadly Goons Have Been Hired To Finish Her, Pins RDC Bamwine And Rival Kagimu…



    Nambooze pins Kagimu (inset L) and Bamwine (inset R) of plotting to kill her

    Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze Bakireke, who is currently on the campaign trail to retain her seat has narrated how unknown assailants attacked her at a rally.

    Nambooze says that the killer squad was hired by the Mukono Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Fred Bamwine and her rival from Democratic Party (DP) Fred Kagimu.

    Nambooze narrates, “We have survived death when we landed into an ambush by a killer squad master minded by RDC Bamwine, the good DP Kagimu and a one Wamala Joseph.”

    “I’m told that a meeting sat after Bobi’s visit to see how to deal with Nambooze-NUP/Bobi Mukono supporters. Funds were received to finance this and one Kamulegeya of Kiwanga was appointed to lead this devilish mission. Similar attacks are to be in Budiro East, Masaka Municipality and other areas,” she says.

    “Goon were ferried into the constituency and deployed at my remote village in Bukerere Ward with stones, clubs and pangas. These deadly goons had instructions to kill Nambooze.”

    Nambooze further narrates that when the residents of the Area innocently organised a big meeting with a group of dancers comprising of the children under her care, the goons started throwing stones at her

    “Without noticing that I was surrounded, I got up to address my people from the roof of my car. As soon as I shot up, stones stated landing with two of them hitting me on the left arm and the other on the Neck. The next minutes the goons beat up my people, smashed car screen. My team which was caught unaware moved to protect me and fight back. Well we have sustained injuries, lost property but we shall not back out,” she says.

    She adds, “We decided to withdraw and the goons jumped on motorcycles to pursue us. Unfortunately for them, my team decided to fight back and, in the process, captured the Commander of the team. He has already told us a lot about this plan to use hooligans to fight NUP in Buganda.”


    By Grapevine Reporter



    Inside LOP Ssenyonyi Talks With Court Martial Boss Brig. Gen. Mugabe To Rescue Bobi Wine Political Prisoners…



    Court martial boss Brig. Gen. Robert Freeman Mugabe (R) and LOP Joel Ssenyonyi (L)

    The mighty Grapevine has exclusively landed on information detailing how on Monday morning Brig. Gen. Robert Freeman Mugabe the chairperson of the Makindye based Court Martial held a secret meeting with the Leader of Opposition in Parliament Joel Ssenyonyi.

    Highly placed sources both in the Office of the Leader of Opposition in Parliament and at the Court martial revealed that the meeting was held immediately after the court sitting.

    Ssenyonyi was accompanied by a team of legislators who were directed to escort their boss to Court to stand surety for the 28 supporters of Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu’s National Unity Platform(NUP) who were charged before the court martial.

    When we contacted Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro the party deputy spokesperson on Tuesday to confirm whether Bobi Wine and the party secretariat had any knowledge about the development, Mufumbiro distanced himself from the said meeting explaining that he was not at court.

    He advised us to contact Ssenyonyi or the legislators who were at Court on Monday.

    theGrapevine made several phone calls to Ssenyonyi but he did not pick our calls.

    When this reporter contacted two of the legislators who accompanied the NUP mouthpiece for a comment on the matter, they told us to look for Ssenyonyi adding that they are not in position to comment on that matter.

    Both legislators from Buganda region did neither confirmed nor denied the meeting, but only asked us to look for Ssenyonyi.

    On Monday, an order was issued not to allow members of the public inside court martial premises including journalists.

    It was only Ssenyonyi, the legislators, Makindye Division mayor Ali Kasirye Mulyanyama and lawyers George Musisi and Benjamin Katana who is also the NUP treasury general who were allowed inside.

    Immediately after the in-camera case hearing, Ssenyonyi briefed journalists confirming that the bail application for the accused persons was entertained.

    Unfortunately, the State asked for more time to respond to the grounds and submissions made by the accused lawyers but informed court that they were going to object to the bail application.

    The accused persons are; Olivia Lutaaya, Rashid Seguya, Yasin Sekitoleko, Robert Rugumayo, Muhydin Kakooza, Patrick Mwase, Simon Kijjambo, Abdul Matovu, Ronald Kijambo, Sharif Kalanzi, Joseph Muwonge, Mesach Kiwanuka, Abdallah Kintu, Umar Kato, Musa Kavuma, Ibrahim Wandera, Asbert Nagwere, Steven Masakulu, Jimmy Galukande, Paul Muwanguzi, Sharif Matovu, Devis Matabi, Abdallah Gibusiwa, Livinston Katushabe, Swaib Katabi, Siraje Mudebo, Joseph Muganza and Steven Lwanga.

    All the accused persons denied the charges related to being in possession of military store and terrorism.

    Recently, Brig Gen Felix Kulayigye was quoted saying that they reason why UPDF didn’t take action against Lilian Aber the Kitgum district woman legislator for slaying in military uniform was because she apologied for putting it on when she is not a military personel.

    Kulayugye added that NUP supporters before military court refused to apologise because if they had apologised, the army was willing to forgive them.

    Highly placed sources close to Ssenyonyi told theGrapevine that one of maiden plans is to make sure that political prisoners before court martial are released.

    “I was surprised when he told me that he had to work with Anita, she was working with Mathias Mpuuga. I told him that he was brought in that office to change the narrative but he just ignored me and asked me to meet him on another day because he was having other assignments awaits him,” a staunch Senyonyi supporter who frequently publically attacked Mpuuga when he was still a Leader of Opposition in Parliament told theGrapevine.

    On Tuesday, Speaker Among made a surprise visit to Ssenyonyi’s office and sources disclosed that a number of issues including the release of NUP supporters were discussed.

    Sources added that Speaker Among was very instrumental in helping Mpuuga secure court bail for Kawempe North legislator Muhammad Ssegirinya and his Makindye West comrade Allan Ssewanyana who were in detention on murder, attempted murder and terrorism charges.

    Bobi Wine put Mpuuga’s name in the book of traitors and since then.

    He even distanced himself from Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana accusing them of negotiating with president Museveni’s people to be released.

    Ssewanyana denied involving himself in any negotiations and challenged his accusers.

    Sources in parliament told theGrapevine that by the time Ssenyonyi was appointed LOP, Among had drawn up a plan on how to handle him after realizing that legally she cannot stop Mpuuga’s removal.

    “She asked her personal legal assistant to guide him on whether there was any loophole which she can exploit to have Mpuuga stay as LOP for five years. She was advised that it was not possible,” a source said.

    Sources added that when Mpuuga was removed from the Office of the LOP and appointed a commissioner of parliament, Among directed that he should be given a big office.

    It is alleged Mpuuga told her that he has many people who come to parliament from greater Masaka, Buganda and Catholic church to see him.

    A former staff at parliament told theGrapevine that Ssenyonyi is using the same script Mpuuga used when was fighting for Ssegirinya, Ssewanyana’s release, to have NUP supporters released.

    Last week, Ssenyonyi and the legislators who were taken to court to stand surety for the accused persons were with him at Kitalya and Luzira prison where most supporters are kept.

    However, a senior military officer told theGrapevine that the release of NUP supporters is not going to be as easy as it was for Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana because Museveni was given reports detailing how the accused persons were organizing a deadly plan to put Kampala on fire a few days to the 2021 general election.

    “They were given code names, the only thing that saved Kyagulanyi was he was not personally involved at the final stage. The boys through their commander asked him for Shs20m and his people only released Shs1m,” a senior military officer claims.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Bobi Wine’s Brother Nyanzi In Talks With City Tycoons As Fight For Lord Mayor Lukwago’s Seat Deepens…



    Chairman Nyanzi (R) and Ssalongo Erias Lukwago (L)

    Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu (Chairman Nyanzi), the elder brother to Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) has intensified his fight to oust Ssalongo Erias Lukwago from the Office of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Lord Mayor seat.

    Two weeks back, Nyanzi met his core campaigners in one of the hotels in Lubaga Division Kampala city and confirmed to them that he will win the battle with Lukwago and assured them not worry about the money he will use come 2026.

    Sources close to Nyanzi told theGrapevine that Nyanzi told his people that he is in talks with a number of city tycoons who have assured him of full support.

    “Our struggle is going to be international. Last year, I met business men from Dubai and I sold to them my plans for Kampala and how I will help them invest their money in Kampala and they were positive. So it is up to us to deliver the victory to rescue our city,” Nyanzi was quoted telling his people.

    It is not surprising that city tycoons are supporting Nyanzi against Lukwago because for a long time, Lukwago has been fighting some of them claiming that they are mistreating people doing business in their buildings. He has also accused others of grabbing public land.

    Businessmen Drake Lubega and Mansoor Yanga threatened to imprison Lukwago after accusing him of inciting people doing business in their building to drag them to court.

    Insiders in NUP told theGrapevine that it is going to be very difficult for Bobi Wine to stop Nyanzi from contesting against Lukwago even though he wants to cooperate with Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Katonga faction where Lukwago is president.

    But before facing off with Lukwago, Nyanzi has to contest for NUP ticket for Lord mayorship with other NUP members like; Makindye Division mayor Kasirye Mulyanyama, Kawempe Division’s Emmanuel Sserunjogi and David Lewis Rubongoya the party Secretary General.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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    Top RCC Warned By Former ISO Spy On Executing Mayiga’s Request To Ask M7 For Buganda Kingdom Properties…



    Charles Rwomushana (L) and Ahmed Kateregga Musaazi (R)

    Former Internal Security Organisation (ISO) Operative and also Constitutional Assembly Delegates member Charles Rwomushana has challenged Ahmed Kateregga Musaazi the Masaka City Deputy Resident City Commissioner (D/RCC) that if he is man enough, let him execute Buganda Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga’s request to deliver to his request to his boss President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

    Kateregga admitted during this weekend’s popular ‘Gasimbaganne ne bannamawulire’ talk show on Radio Simba that he interacted with Mayiga when he was in Masaka city to officiate the reopening of the  Buddukiro building on Saza Hill in Masaka city which is also going to house the Buddu county chief’s office.

    “As a journalist, I have known Katikkiro Mayiga for a longtime. He also knows my capacity very well that’s why he asked me to help Buganda ask for “Ebyaffe” (properties Buganda Kingdom is demanding from Central government). I will help in my capacity,” a soft spoken Kateregga said.

    Mayiga allegedly told Kateregga to use his writing skills through his newspaper and magazine articles, radio talk shows to educate the public about “Ebyaffe”  and plead with the Central Government to release the remaining Buganda properties.

    However, Rwomushana warned Kateregga not to be excited over Mayiga’s proposal and cautioned him on writing articles demanding for “Ebyaffe”.

    Rwomushana warned his elderly colleague that he will lose his job and return to the streets grassing like he was before he was appointed Deputy Resident City Commissioner.

    “You Kateregga to convince Museveni to return “Ebyaffe”? You try and deliver the message as Katikkiro asked you” Rwomushana dared him.

    Senior journalist Peter Kibazo who was the moderator of the talk show also guided Kateregga by narrating to him how a strong minister lost his ministerial job because of being a secretary in one of Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s agencies.

    Kibazo said that a furious Museveni placed the minister who was a lady on the spot to explain to him how she demoted herself and undermined his ministerial job by working as a secretary at Mengo, the Buganda kingdom administration center.

    Kibazo disclosed that the lady thought that Museveni was joking, she told the President that even before appointing her a minister, she was working with Kabaka, Museveni rested his case.

    Few weeks later, Museveni reshuffled his cabinet and fired the woman from his cabinet.

    It is alleged Mayiga trusts Kateregga since he is one of the few remaining journalists who understands the relationship between Uganda and Buganda throughout the annals of history and he can help to guide the young generation.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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