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    THIEVES EVERYWHERE: Top Ministry Of Gender Boss, Wife Grilled For Selling Air (Land) Worth Shs 3bn To Evicted Locals



    William Tumwine with wife Kakuba

    William Tumwine the project Manager Uganda women’s fund in the ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development has been grilled for selling air land worthy to Sh3bn to the community evicted from Luwunga forest reserve in Kiboga.

    John Bosco Suuza the deputy lead counsel of the commission of inquiry into land matters revealed that Tumwine together with his wife Stella Kakuba sold 984 acres of land in Degeya Gomba district to Kiboga Twegate cooperative society and was paid Shs1.6bn.

    Suuza said that the money paid to Tumwine was part of the Shs 3bn donation from Oxfam international to the government of Uganda for the 2500 families evicted by National Forestry Authority (NFA) from Luwunga Forestry reserve.

    In his defense, Tumwine testified that in 2014 he was approached by Ramathan Balaba a city land broker who told him that he has a group of people who were interested in purchasing his land.
    He however told Balaba that whoever wanted to purchase his land must buy it at a go. He said that on his five square miles of land, the buyers only wanted to purchase half of the land something he refused. He testified that he put stringent measures to stop the new buyers from buying his land in bits including raising the price of the land to Sh2.7m per acre.

    Stella Kakuba

    He testified that John Onyango the lawyer representing the buyers pleaded with him to sell to his clients the portion of the land that they wanted because they had obtained a donation from government which they have to use before it’s returned back to the treasury.

    Tumwine said that during the negotiations, Onyango negotiated with him to reduce the price of the land from sh2.7m to sh1.7m per acre. He said that Onyango together with other members from Twegata cooperative society later refused to seal the deal because his name was not on the land title which they were buying, the title was in the names of his wife Stella Kakuba.

    He decided take them for a meeting at Kolping hotel Bwaise where he introduced them to his wife Kakuba who signed for them the transfer forms.  He testified that Shs1.6bn was paid to his bank account from the account of Onyango.

    Suuza wondered why he registered the land title in the names of his wife and he didn’t inform her. He told the commission that he registered his land title in the names of his wife because he feared that if he died, his relatives could steal it. Commissioner Rose Nakayi was dissatisfied with Tumwine’s testimony of registering the land in the names of his wife, she pinned him further that he was hiding from declaring his wealth before the Inspector General of Government.

    Nakayi noted that the commission has investigated and discovered that Tumwine has registered most of land he grabbed in the names of his wife Kakuba.

    Tumwine said that they later agreed with his wife to stop registering any property in her names because it was tarnishing her name.   Suuza asked him to reveal to the commission the way he obtained the five square miles.

    He testified that he bought the land in 2006 from the family of the late Hood Matovu at Shs 150m. He said that it was his friend Hassan Wasswa who brokered the deal because he was a relative to Matovu.

    He further added that by the time he bought the land, it was a ‘kibanja’, he applied for a land title from Mpigi land board and the land was allocated to him.

    Suuza wondered how someone could have a ‘kibanja’ measuring five square miles of land in Buganda.  He asked Tumwine to bring to the commission the agreements he made when he was purchasing this land. He promised to surrender them to the commission before the close of this week.

    He however defended himself that in 2016, he received a telephone call from Huzail Ssendagire the chairperson of the society asking him to show him the land he sold to them.

    He said that he tried to access the land with the new owners but he was warned by people on the ground that a one Joseph Gahije had threatened to kill him if he stepped foot on the land. He decided to sue Gahije and defeated him from the magistrate court up to the High Court.

    Huzail Sendagire

    Surprisingly. when he tried to evict Gahije from the land, his efforts were frustrated by the authorities.  He reported that it was Gahije, Gomba RDC Fred Nayebale and AIGP Asuman Mugenyi who evicted the members of the cooperative society who tried to use the land. He told the commission that it was Nayebale who ordered the eviction because he wanted to grab his land.

    Suuza put it to him that he sold air to poor people because even the family members of the late Matovu petitioned the commission claiming that their land was grabbed by Tumwine. He said that five members from Matovu’s family told the commission that their father left for them a land title but surprisingly they are being forcefully evicted from the land by police and military men.

    Tumwine denied and asked that the commission to ask the Mpigi land board who approved his application.  Suuza revealed that the commission also discovered that the CIID investigated Tumwine and Kakuba and the investigating officer George Gabandi recommended to the Auditor General that both should be prosecuted on corruption charges and mismanaging of public funds.

    Tumwine defended himself saying that the investigations were carried out with bias from Gabandi and Christine Nandigi because they were in bed with his tormentors especially Gahije.

    Yesterday, Tumwine’s wife Stella Kakuba, a judicial officer working as office supervisor at the High Court Anti-Corruption Division, after lying to the commission that she was a housewife, denied selling land to Ssendagire at Shs 1.76bn. She said that it was his husband William Tumwine who gave her agreements and transfer forms to sign without knowing the details of the transaction and that he should be the one to explain these fraudulent transactions. She said that she is not aware how husband got the land, she thought that registering it in her names was out of the love he had for her. She even denied having knowledge of where the money got from selling the land in question went.

    The commission is still investigating the matter..


    By Jamil Lutakome



    State House Boss Narrates How Lt. Gen. Elwelu’s Stay On Top Of UPDF Command Threatened M7’s Stay In Power…



    Joseph Tamale Mirundi (C), Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu (L) and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (R)

    Maverick Senior Presidential Advisor in Charge of Media who also doubles as the spokesperson of the Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU) for Buganda region Joseph Tamale Mirundi has narrated how Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu’s being on the top command of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) have been a threat to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s stay in power.

    Last month, Museveni exercised his powers as the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed forces and dropped Lt. Gen. Elwelu as the Deputy Chief of Defense Forces and replaced him with Lt. Gen. Sam Okiding. Elwelu was appointed the Senior Presidential Advisor.

    While speaking on youth and children affairs minister Balaam Bagaruhare’s Radio 4, Mirundi celebrated Lt. Gen. Elwelu’s dismissal adding that he nearly caused trouble for president Museveni and the entire country.

    “Whenever I look at that man, I see him in the image of Idi Amin and I always get a thinking that what Amin did to President Milton Obote in 1971, he can do it to President Museveni,” Mirundi said.

    He added that he was very scared with the way Lt. Gen. Elwelu exposed himself after commanding the deadly attack on the palace of Omusinga wa Rwenzururu Charles Weasly Mumbere in 2017 and after boasted that he had killed criminals yet his boss by then, Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala was denying having knowledge about the attack.

    Mirundi explained that Gen. Katumba, as an exposed and intelligent army officer realised the trouble ahead especially the looming sanctions from the international community as a result of the attack, and this is the reason why he denied the attack much as Lt. Gen. Elwelu kept boasting thinking that he had scored before the president.

    He narrated that currently, Lt. Gen. Elwelu cannot fly out of the country because he was slapped with international sanctions and any country has the obligation to arrest him and parade him before the International Criminal Court.

    He noted that because of his being overly ambitioous, he was not surprised when Lt. Gen. Elwelu sharply disagreeg with Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba the current Chief of Defense Forces on the issue of Standby Class One order issued in 2022 when President Museveni was away in Rwanda.

    Mirundi revealed that Gen. Muhoozi who was then the Commander of Land Forces challenged Lt. Gen. Elwelu on the issuing of the order insisting that it was not necessary. However, the controversial General from Teso just boasted and issued threats thinking that he was untouchable and was in good books with President Museveni.

    “I laughed because in Uganda, I know we are few people who understand Museveni very well and carefully follow his political and security calculations. Really how can you believe that Museveni can trust Lt. Gen. Elwelu more than his son when it comes to the issue of power and his survival!” Mirundi exclaimed.

    Army sources who spoke to theGrapevine in 2022 confirmed that Standby Class One order was issued because there was a coup de-tat threat, the president was out of the country, his vice president Jessica Alupo was bedridden, the Chief of Defense Forces then Gen. Wilson Mbadi was also was out of the country.

    The matter caused a misunderstanding between Lt. Gen. Elwelu and Gen. Muhoozi which resulted into Museveni summoning the UPDF High Command for a meeting in Ntungamo.

    However, when commenting on the matter by then, UPDF spokesperson Brig. Gen. Felix Kulayigye told theGrapevine that the order was issued because the army wanted to clean some rot on their walls including counting the number of soldiers and weapons.

    But even though he was dropped, Lt. Gen. Elwelu recently said that he is grateful for President Museveni for trusting him and appointing him to several powerful offices in the army.

    Concerning his new appointment, Elwelu said that being a Senior Presidential Advisor is going to help him to give the big man advice.

    In the same development, Mirundi, the longest serving Senior Press Secretary warned government officials to be careful and avoid being excited when dealing with President Museveni because he is hard to understand.

    He explained that he warned PLU movement leadership especially junior Finance Planning and Economic Development minister in charge of microfinance Harunah Kasolo who is the Chief Coordinator for Greater Masaka Region to be careful with the statements he made against Museveni while praising Gen. Muhoozi their supreme leader.

    “I told Kasolo and other people, let us tell people that we are supporting Museveni and mobilizing for his 2026 presidential bid but also let us inform them that we have our standby generator if anything bad happens to our senior leader Museveni, but they were over excited and started making statements asking Museveni when is he giving Muhoozi power. That is why he made strange decisions against our thing,” Mirundi said.

    He noted that because Muhoozi knows his father very well, when he appointed him Chief of Defense Forces, he did not comment even though he still wanted to enjoy the political ride.

    He revealed that apart from Muhoozi, it is himself, Al-Hajji Moses Kigongo the NRM National Vice president and Museveni’s young brother and also Coordinator of the Operation Wealth Creation Gen. Salim Saleh who understand Museveni’s calculations.

    He said that Gen. Saleh once told him that because he understands his brother, when he summons him, he appears before him as an army officer, salutes him, talks to him, salutes him again and leaves.

    He rarely familiarizes himself with him even though they are brothers.

    Kira Municipality legislator Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda said that one thing Museveni never jokes with is power.

    However, Ssalongo Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi the NRM National Vice president in charge of Buganda insists that political transition has started and very soon Museveni is going to surrender power to the new generation. He pleaded with youths to prepare to take the country’s political power.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Bobi Wine Sends Warning Message To IGP Maj. Gen. Katsigazi With His Countrywide Tour Kicking Off In Mpuuga’s Masaka Backyard…



    Maj. Gen. Kasitgazi (L) and Bobi Wine (R)

    The mighty Grapevine can exclusively report that Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) is set to kick off his political countrywide tour early in May 2024.

    Highly placed sources at Makerere Kavule where the headquarters of the National Unity Platform (NUP) are located revealed that all strategies and plans have been concluded and David Lewis Rubongoya the party Secretary General was directed to inform the Acting Inspector General of Police (IGP) Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Tumusiime Katsigazi about their programme in writing.

    Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro the Deputy Party spokesperson confirmed the development and asked Maj. Gen. Katsigazi to be careful when dealing with their political tours this time because people are very angry with police’s selective implementation of law and order especially when it comes to issues concerning Bobi Wine.

    “The other time, he wrote a letter stopping our countrywide tour but I’m warning him this time to be very careful and to accept to cooperate with us because we are law abiding citizens,” Mufumbiro said.

    It should be remembered that in 2023, Maj. Gen. Katsigazi stopped Bobi Wine’s countrywide tour with immediate effect explaining that he was inciting violence through his tribalistic statements and violating road transport law and order which led to death of some people.

    Bobi Wine was in Luwero district when he made serious allegation against the person of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, his son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba and other members of the First Family.

    Criminal files were opened at Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headquarters against Bobi Wine and other members of his party and sources told theGrapevine on Thursday morning that investigations into the matter are still ongoing.

    Sources in NUP said that Bobi Wine’s countrywide tour is going to start immediately when he returns from the United Kingdom where he is expected to hold a music show on 20th of April 2024.

    Sources further revealed that Bobi Wine’s plan is to kick off his political countrywide tour in Greater Masaka and his first political rally is going to be held in the constituency of the former Leader of Opposition in Parliament Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba and he will politically respond to him and his blue eyed boy the Kimanya-Kabonera legislator Dr. Abed Bwanika.

    “We want to prove a point that both Mpuuga and Muhoozi Patriotic League of Uganda are nothing. We are not going to give out money to transport people to attend our rallies but we are going to double those who attended Muhoozi’s rally in Masaka,” one of the organisers of Bobi Wine’s countrywide tour revealed.

    Bobi Wine’s countrywide tour comes at a time when four time presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye is also on the countrywide political tour with his Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Katonga faction group members.

    Besigye said that the move is about consulting their party members on the next move after they disagreed with FDC Najjanankumbi group led by Patrick Amuriat Oboi and Nathan Nandala Mafabi.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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    Pastor Male Panics After Brother Mabirizi Asks Court To Force Family Lawyer To Testify Against Him In Legal Fight For Their Father’s Multibillions Estate…



    City Pastor Solomon Male (L) and his brother lawyer Kassim Male Mabirizi (R)

    Controversial City Pastor Solomon Moses Male is panicking after Justice John Eudes Keitirima of the High Court Family Division set a date to deliver a ruling in a matter in which his brother lawyer Kassim Male Mabirizi asked Court to force his lawyer Gabriel Byamugisha to testify against him and other family members in their legal fight for their father’s multibillion Estate.

    In his application, Mabirizi insist that Byamugisha has for a longtime been the family lawyer and severally represented their late father Mohamed Bazinduse Lulibedda Mutumba in a number of legal matters and even made statements on record which can be useful and help the Court to reach to a fair justice.

    Mabirizi filed evidence in Court showing Byamugisha submitting before Justice Irene Akankwasa in 2014 confirming that Mabirizi is a biological son to his client Mutumba.

    “Since the counsel for a Judgment Debtor said that the Judgment Debtor is a biological father of the MD, the Judgment Creditor let a NISC issue instead of a warrant of arrest. Family relationships have to be guarded. NISC for 13th/10/ 2014 at 2:30pm,” Justice Akankwasa’s ruling citing Byamugisha’s submissions read in part.

    Mabirizi further cited a number of authorities where a lawyer when found to be a potential witness can recuse himself from the case because lawyers are officers of court who help deliver fair justice.

    He provided other evidence including an appointment letter signed by Omuttaka Augustine Kizito Mutumba the head of Kkobe clan assigning Mabirizi as the clan minister in charge of legal, information and special duties in the office of the clan head.

    In his letter, he explained that the late Mutumba allowed his appointment after confirming to the clan leaders that he is the biological father of the appointed minister (Mabirizi).

    He produced other documents where Mutumba signed as his father noting that the move by pastor Male and a section of family members to sideline him on allegations that he is not a son of their father is intentionally targeting his personality to place him before well thinking members of the society as someone who has no family.

    He accused Pastor Male of influencing other family members to turn against him because of their personal grudge.

    He added that for a longtime, Pastor Male and a section of family members have been challenging Court orders to subject them to a scientific examination through DNA, noting that their main agenda was to sideline him and make sure that he didn’t benefit from his father’s multibillion Estate.

    Late Mutumba left behind a juicy Estate with huge chunks of land in different parts of the country including apartments and rentals in areas of Lubaga Division, Nakawa, Central Division.

    Mabirizi alleged that before securing letters of administration to manage the deceased’s estate, the accused persons had already started collecting money from the Estate.

    Mabirizi claimed that pastor Male masterminded the forging of their father’s will which he based on to challenge of his sonship to the deceased because he had a personal grudge against him.

    Lawyer Mabirizi sued pastor Male together with other family members who include; Sirim Mabirizi Mutumba, Muhamed Mutumba Junior, Faisial Sebatindira Mutumba, Shafik Nsereko Mutumba, Sarah Namala Mutumba, Rehema Nababi Mutumba, Farida Nambalirwa Mutumba Shameem Mutumba and Sophie Nassozi Mutumba.

    However, the accused persons through their family lawyer Byamugisha denied all the allegations insisting that the deceased’s will was brought to the attention of family members and friends by the widow who informed them that the deceased is the one who asked him to keep it and produce it after his death.

    Byamugisha added that the said will which Mabirizi is challenging was read openly before members of the family and friends and his name was not mentioned anywhere when the deceased was mentioning the children he left behind.

    He advised Mabirizi that instead of wasting his time and money in Court, he should look for his family and they settle their score so that life moves on.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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