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    This Election Is Not A Two-Horse Race – ‘Surprise Package’ Mao Buoyant In Gulu…



    The Democratic Party (DP) Presidential candidate, Norbert Mao campaigned in Gulu town today. And he was given a warm home welcome where he was born.

    The last time he contested for presidency, he beat both Museveni and Besigye in Gulu.

    Mao downplayed reports that this year’s presidential election is rotating around only two candidates.

    Mao has counted himself in, despite popular reports prioritising the National Unity Platform (NUP) flag bearer, Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine and Yoweri Museveni, the incumbent contesting in a National Resistance Movement (NRM) ticket.

    “I disagree with people who say this is a two-horse race. The elections have many contenders, but with front runners, however, front runners can lose steam,” Mao stated.

    Mao said that this election in Uganda is going to be catalytic. He thinks it’s going to stir up the still waters. “When you stir the water, that is when you find out which animals are in it,” Mao said.

    Mao admits that this year’s presidential journey has been so troublesome with a alot of challenges but he’s positive the pain will subside. “We have been facing some unreasonable police officers who have thrown teargas canisters to us, and we have not been able to go to some areas,” Mao said.

    Mao campaigning in Gulu

    “We have a dedicated team that has done a good job. We have had a mix grill relationship with the media, and we appear as if we are field reporters instead of candidates. Some people thought we would give up but DP was founded for a reason, not a season,” Mao added.

    Mao contested for presidency in 2011, he won Nwoya with 54 percent. He also won Amuru and Gulu districts scoring 44 and 42 percent respectively. Mao also polled 35 percent in Kitgum district.

    Mao is the only candidate who has ever snatched a district from President Museveni and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) four-time presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye.

    The North had another candidate in the 2011 election, Ambassador Olara Otunnu who carried Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) flag. Otunnu’s best scores were, Amudat where he polled 29 percent, Lamwo where he polled 20 percent and Nebbi where he scored 17 percent.

    The presence of these two candidates greatly affected Dr. Besigye’s performance in Acholi sub region. Besigye had won all Acholi districts impressively polling more 70 percent in all of them in 2006. Yet in 2011, he did not score more than 22 percent in any Acholi sub region district.

    But Museveni improved his scores in the region. He won Agago which had been carved out of Kigtum with 59 percent and Lamwo also carved out of Kitgum with 50 percent. He also scored above 40 percent in Pader and more than 30 percent in Kitgum and Amuru carved out of Gulu.

    In 2016, Mao did not contest. Besigye won Gulu and Amuru. He scored 45 percent in Pader and above 30 percent in Lamwo, Agago and Kitgum. Besigye isn’t in the race but Mao is back.


    By Baron Kironde



    M7’s Brother Kaguta Sodo Bows Out Of Hotly Contested Mawogola North Parliamentary Race…




    President Yoweri Museveni’s younger brother Godfrey Aine Kaguta aka Sodo, has stepped down from the parliamentary race just a day before the elections, less than a month after he was officially named the National Resistance Movement  (NRM) Mawogolo North flag bearer, following weeks of contention with Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa’s daughter Shartsi Musherure Kutesa.

    Sodo had earlier on (during primaries) been denied the party ticket by the NRM Secretariat after his rival Musherure filed complaints of malpractice.

    However, court mid last month granted him the NRM Party ticket following a suit he had filed challenging the decision of the NRM Secretariat.

    The impasse arose after Sodo won in the NRM party primaries but Musherure petitioned the Secretariat and alleged that there had been lots of malpractices.

    Since there was no time to hold another election, the NRM secretariat decided to withdraw the party ticket from Sodo who had initially won it and ordered both candidates to contest as independents.

    But Sodo went to court to reverse this decision since he had won the primaries.

    After hearing both sides, court ordered that Sodo must hold the NRM party ticket in the 2021 general elections.

    However, in a sheer twist of events, Sodo has since shocked and surprised many after he announced that he had pulled out of the race in favour for Musherure, who wields immense support in the constituency.


    By Baron Kironde


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    We Shut Down Facebook, If They Can’t Cooperate, They Will Not Operate In Uganda – Museveni Warns…



    Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, the president of Uganda has banned Facebook in Uganda.

    Museveni argued that it is not appropriate for Facebook to partially interfere with the usage of its services to target some groups.

    “The other day Facebook decided to block the NRM message senders. Why would anybody do that? When I heard about that I told our people to warn them. That social media channel (Facebook), if it’s going to operate in Uganda, it should be used equitably by everybody,” Museveni said.

    “I am sorry for the inconvenience to those who have been using this channel (Facebook), but we cannot tolerate this arrogance of anybody coming to decide for us who is good and who is bad,” the president warned.

    “There is no way anybody can come and play around with our country to decide who is good and bad,” he added.

    President Museveni also warned some groups that he said have made it a habit to cheat in elections. “I want to tell you, that cheating is treason. When you use violence to intimidate to be voted for, you are committing treason,” he warned.

    “If you plan to cheat or alter results so that you win even when the majority didn’t vote for you, it means you won’t go back to solve the issues of the people because you will cheat in the next election. This renders democracy null and void. I am warning everyone, don’t try to cheat,” he added.

    President Museveni also appealed to EC to not allow any voting where a thumbprint is not used. “Anybody trying to cheat, we shall go for them. Don’t waste our time by trying to cheat. One of the reasons we are appealing to you to vote peacefully is because your country is doing very well,” the president said.

    President Museveni revealed that sometimes he gets problems with some of Uganda’s foreign partners because they don’t understand the history of Uganda. He said they don’t know that Uganda is strong because of the massive organization, strong strong army, and strong economy.

    “We realized the importance of the private sector, and because of that, we have a very strong economy which will be stronger if we eliminate corruption. Ugandans, be confident, we have everything. Our economy is strong and so is the army, and it is well experienced,” the president said, urging all citizens to go and vote. “If anybody tries to intimidate you, we shall deal with him or her,” the president warned.


    By Baron Kironde


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    Museveni Leads Kyagulanyi In New Poll, Most Losers Will Not Accept Results – Afro-Barometer…



    As the country nears the D-day for presidential elections this Thursday, a new research from Afro-barometer shows that National Resistance Movement (NRM) presidential candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who is also the incumbent is in the lead.

    In a 54-page document, Afro-barometer says that the research was conducted between 22 December 2020 and 7 January 2021 in 300 enumeration areas across 110 districts.

    “President Museveni holds a clear lead, but many respondents would not say how they intended to vote, so the final outcome may be much closer. The nation could also be headed toward electing a more closely divided Parliament,” Afro-barometer says.

    They add that although a majority of Ugandans are prepared to vote and see the Electoral Commission as well prepared, fewer trust that the 2021 elections will be free, fair, and credible.

    “Large majorities of respondents say they have National ID Cards (85%), are registered to vote (84%), have confirmed the name and location of their polling station (77%), and have verified their voter registration status (74%),” the research says.

    “Among the 84% of survey respondents who said they were registered to vote, more than half (53%) indicated they would vote for President Yoweri Museveni, while 18% said they would cast their ballots for challenger Robert KyagulanyiSentamu (better known as BobiWine).”

    Concerning whether drama that has been witnessed during the campaigns, the research notes, “Fewer than half of respondents feel that the election campaign environment has been free and fair for all candidates.

    The proportion of Ugandans who say the opposition and its supporters are “often” or “always” silenced by government has almost doubled compared to 2015, to 61%. Fear of political intimidation or violence during elections has increased compared to 2011.”

    “Large majorities expect that the losing side will not accept the election results (80%) but believe that security agencies will be able to prevent large-scale violence (73%),” the research says.

    Below are some of the highlights from the research:


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