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THIS IS WAR: You Wanted To Sell Bobi Wine To M7: Bobi’s Bodyguard Eddie Mutwe Blasts DP Block, Bwanika Calls Bobi A Dictator, Worse Than Museveni



L-R: Bwanika, Bobi Wine and Eddie Mutwe

Kyadondo East Legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine’s bodyguard Eddie Mutwe has blasted DP block members for trying to sell his boss to president Museveni.

In a post on his page earlier today, Mutwe, who was responding to rants from DP block’s Abed Bwahika and Norbert Mao said that Mao and Bwanika tried to control Kyagulanyi with the aim of negotiating power with Museveni.

Mutwe revealed, “Yesterday, Nobert Mao came out with a long statement in which he directed DP Bloc members not to join or associate with People Power. Today Bwanika was on radio saying that Bobi Wine is killing their project by appointing regional coordinators.

It should be remembered that these two gentlemen have tried unsuccessfully for two years to control Hon. Kyagulanyi. Their ball game was to use him to build DP which died long ago, and when he helps them recover it, be able to have some more negotiating power with Museveni.

Bobi dicovered their trap and distanced himself from them because he is a clever man. He decided to deal directly with the people and not necessarily the leaders who are double dealers.

Their mission has now been fully exposed. But let them know that Ugandans are not stupid.”

Eddie Mutwe with Bobi Wine


When Bobi Wine released a list of his regional coordinators, Mao warned him that it is impossible for the new coordinators to work for Bobi without undermining their own parties hence the need for DP members to keep away from him. Mao didn’t disclose what will happen to the DP MPs and other leaders who already accepted positions in PP coordination team but only said more guidance would be issued after their DP Bloc high level meeting on Monday.

The DP boss added that they will summon Bobi and his team to discuss more.


Today morning, during ‘Palamenti Yaffe’, a political talk show on CBS radio moderated by Med Nsereko, Bwanika denounced Bobi  and portrayed him as a dictator who doesn’t believe in elective processes.

Bwanika told listeners that what happened at Magere on Wednesday, where Bobi unveiled his coordinators amounted to betrayal of the original principles on which they founded People Power and Bobi jumped on the bandwagon later.

“This means it has now become individual power and not People Power anymore,” Bwanika said.

Bwanika warned that Bobi’s list was full of moles, money-makers and self-seekers 70% of whom will by December have defected to NRM leaving Bobi with only 30%.

“This has worked for President Museveni because he now knows who is who and he is going to buy off all of them. I’m here and by December 70% of them will be with NRM. The 30% remaining will be moles just spying for President Museveni on what remains of PP,” Bwanika said.

Bwanika also alleged that many of the people on the list paid. ‘I know of one whose name had been omitted and was only included at the last minute after paying Shs10m. And that isn’t the only one. There are many others who paid to be on that list,” Bwanika said.

He reiterated Mao’s statements that Bobi had no rights to give DP members responsibility without consulting the paarty leadership.

“Even if you are Bobi Wine you don’t just go dealing with our members as DP and giving them responsibility. You have to come through us as leaders. You consult and we give you names of people to include. This is why all those who have denounced membership of that list are right. It simply can’t work that way. You are PP not DP and yet you want DP members to go mobilize for you,” Bwanika ranted.

He added, “We have been speaking to other parties like ANT, JEEMA, DP and even FDC asking each to prepare a proposal on how we can work together under PP as a joint opposition platform but the list Bobi Wine released has taken us back to square one. He has turned PP into a political party yet it was supposed to be the umbrella under which we come together. I have been in talks with FDC Chairman Birigwa and we were expecting their written proposals on how we can work together under PP as a joint opposition front. But now this isn’t possible anymore because he has turned PP into one of the competing entities at the talks.”

By Doreen Menezer



Ugandans Are Tired Of Your Impunity, Very Soon You Will Cause Anarchy In This Country – Minister Kutesa’s Son- In- Law Grilled



Muganga (in spects) before the land probe

City tycoon Albert Muganga, the son-in-law to the Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kahamba Kutesa is still shaking his head and thinking about the prophetic statements made against him by land probe commissioners.

Muganga, the proprietor of Kenlloyd Logistics Uganda Limited, who married Ishta Kutesa, a daughter to Kutesa and co-owns Pioneer Bus Company was informed that Ugandans are bitter and tired of the way they use their connections to carryout impunity against them with a mission to enrich themselves.

“Mr. Muganga, get it from me that Ugandans are bitter against you people who take yourself to be so special and run every business in this country. You must stop that arrogancy. You claim that you help the government to provide public transport to Ugandans, you mean you are the only ones who are in this business of transporting Ugandans? What we can tell Ugandans is that you are providing riches for yourselves not Ugandans.  Ok, if you think that Ugandans love you and your company (Pioneer easy bus company) let us organize a referendum, that’s when you will discover that Ugandans are tired of you people,” soft-spoken commissioner George Tikamanyire Bagonza said. 

Bagonza further warned Muganga that one day, their group will pay for the impunity they are doing today to Ugandans by grabbing public properties for free and later demanding for billions in compensation because they are connected to powerful people in government offices. He said that such impunity is creating tribalism in this country which will soon result into anarchy and lead to the death of innocent people.

The soft-spoken man from Bunyoro was supported by justice Catherine Bamugemereire the chairperson of the commission who asked Muganga to tip other Ugandans how he gets opportunities to be awarded juicy government contracts in a controversial manner. She cited the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway. Bamugemereire further revealed that there is a click of youthful people who think that they have to illegally occupy public properties and space like swamps and forest reserves with a hidden motive of asking for compensation. She warned him that in other countries, people like him would be in jail for grabbing public land which the government obtained using tax payer’s money.

The tough Bamugemereire pinned Muganga that he gave NRM party diehard, who is also the commissioner Uganda Land Commission, Hajjat Madinah Nsereko money to corrupt other commissioners who sit on the commission to fraudulently award his company a Namboole stadium lease at a cheap.

Bamugemereire wondered how bags of money blinded an old man like Baguma Isoke’s to the extent of him awarding government land to Pioneer without the consent of the Namboole stadium management. She revealed that Muganga and company first used a one Norah Nabagesera who was compensated by government in 1989 when the government was acquiring Namboole stadium land to establish the stadium to come back and claim for the same land.

The court of Appeal justice told Muganga that he facilitated Nabagesera by paying all her legal fees to drag the stadium management and the Attorney General to court well knowing that the land which shewas fighting for was not hers.

Commissioner Robert Sebunya tasked Muganga to explain how Pioneer Easy Bus was transferred from former minister Mathew Rukikaire’s hands to him. He warned Muganga to stop boosting that he provids public transport to Ugandans, something that was supposed to be done by the government.

The former Buganda kingdom health minister stated that many Ugandans are crying after losing jobs because of Pioneer Easy Buses.

He cited other companies which are providing the same services like Pioneer Easy Buses like Awakula Ennume bus company, taxis and bodabodas but were not given government incentives like they did to Pioneer Buses company. Commissioner Joyce Habaasa tasked Muganga to explain why he is not paying ground rent to the government yet he was using its land.

Muganga defended himself that he is not paying ground rent to government because he is not using the land. He blamed the commission of inquiry into land matters for stopping him from opening the boundaries of the land.

Lead counsel Ebert Byenkya tasked Muganga to explain to the commission why he only paid Shs598m for the lease on the 30 acres of land for five years with a condition to extend it to 49 years yet an acre in Bweyogerere where Namboole land is located, costs over shs200m (which means Muganga was supposed to pay Shs1.6billion), he said that this could be the reason why Muganga sidelined Namboole stadium when purchasing the land.


Muganga testified that in 2016, together with his partner James Yafero, they applied for a lease in Uganda land commission because they wanted to establish a bus terminal. He boosted that they paid a lot of money in that transaction even though they signed an agreement with the government to be given the contested land to help ease public transport in the country. He told the commission that he was first defrauded of shs150m by Nabagesera who misled him that he was the owner of the land. 

The commission is still investigating the matter.

By Jamil Lutakome


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PICTURES: We Have Agreed: M7, Kagame Shake Hands, Sign Agreement To End Tension



President Museveni has signed an agreement with his Rwandan counterpart Paul Kagame to improve the political and economic relations between the two countries.

According to president Museveni, the signing of the agreement was witnessed by Dennis Sassou Nguesso, the Chairman of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region in the presence of Angolan President Joao Lourenco and DR Congo President Felix Tshisekedi.

“Today, I joined my counterparts from Angola, DR Congo, Rwanda and Congo Brazzaville in Luanda, as together with President Paul Kagame, we signed an agreement to improve the political and economic relations between our countries.

We have agreed on a raft of issues that will be implemented between our two countries, largely meant to improve our security, trade, and political relations. Uganda is fully committed to enforcing this agreement.

I thank Presidents; Joao Lourenco of Angola and Felix Tshisekedi of DR Congo for overseeing this process. I also thank His Excellency Dennis Sassou Nguesso for witnessing the signing as Chair of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region,” Museveni confirmed.

Tension mounted in March this year when Rwanda’s security at Gatuna border barred Ugandan trucks from crossing to either side of the border. Rwandan authorities blocked vehicles or Ugandans from entering or exiting the country.

Both presidents later made remarks which were seen as threatening to each other, with Museveni warning that “those who try to destabilize our country do not know our capacity” and Kagame countering that “nobody anywhere can bring me to my knees.”

By Doreen Menezer


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SYSTEM VOLONGOTO: UTL Saga Deepens, IGG Petitioned To Investigate Anite Tormentors, Rukutana And Muhakanizi Over Their Huge Wealth Worth Trillions



L-R: Rukutana, Anite and Muhakanizi

The Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL) saga has taken a new twist after David Ssemwanga, a concerned Ugandan petitioned the office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Irene Mulyagonja to investigate the massive wealth owned by Attorney General (AG) William Byaruhanga, his deputy Mwesigwa Rukutana and Permanent Secretary (PS) to finance Keith Muhakanizi.

According to Ssemwanga’s petition, he alleges that top government officials have accumulated a lot of wealth through corruption and abuse of their offices because the huge wealth worth trillions of shillings that they own does now reflect the monthly salaries they receive from government.

“The mentioned public officials have been on record disagreeing to the audit into Uganda Telecom Communication limited,” Ssemwanga stated. In his letter, Ssemwanga alleges that, “”Infact, Mr. Rukutana owns 5 arcades, 6 storied apartments in Zana and 2 houses in Kololo. Keith Muhakanizi owns 5 storied apartments in Bukoto, 4 in Naguru and 3 houses in Germany where he stays as he was staying as he got treatment recently and 2 houses in Mbarara. Also Keith Muhakanizi owns in total 50 square miles of land/farm. William Byaruhanga has bought land infront of rwenzori courts buildings. He wants his law firm to manage UTL affairs.”

Last week, a whistleblower petitioned the IGG seeking an investigation into the huge wealth accumulated by state minister for investment and privatization Evelyn Anite. He claimed that Anite received a bribe from Mauritius Telecom limited to award them the deal to run UTL. He insisted that it was because of the bribe that Anite decided to go against the cabinet recommendations that UTL should be given to Teleology Holdings Limited.This week, Anite told journalists that her life is in danger over UTL. When contacted to confirm whether the IGG has received Ssemwanga’s petition, Ali Munira, the Public Relations Officer in the office of the IGG confirmed receipt of the petition. Munira told the Grapevine that the IGG will soon kick off with the investigation into the petition.

By Jamil Lutakome


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