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  • ARTICLE 102(b)

    Togikwatako Week: Bwanika, Lukyamuzi, Basalirwa Sue EC, UCC And Attorney General Over Life Presidency




    By Hadadi Mubiru.


    Today, opposition members Ken Lukyamuzi (CP), Asuman Basalirwa (JEEMA) and former presidential candidate Abed Bwanika, through their lawyers of Nalukoola & Kakeeto solicitors and advocates and Rwakafuzi Advocates have filed a case against Uganda Electoral Commission, Uganda Communication Commission and the Attorney General over amending Article 102(b). The case was filed at the High Court in Kampala at 10:00am.

    According to Luyimbazi Nalukoola, one of the lawyers handling the matter, the decision by their clients came after the trio, UCC, EC, and Attorney General mismanaged Bwanika’s application of subjecting the amendment of Article 102(b) to a national referendum.

    “In early June, Bwanika applied to the Electoral Commission to allow him collect signatures across the country on whether article ‘102’b should be amended through a referendum but the electoral Commission never responded until Magezi tabled the bill,’ Nalukoola pointed.

    Nalukoola adds that besides the Electoral Commission’s laziness in the national matter, other parties in the case, who include UCC and Attorney General have ‘joined’ the ruling party to amend Article 102(b) knowing that the majority of Ugandans are against it. He says, this is disrespecting the constitution.

    Nalukoola goes further and gives reasons why they have resorted to court.
    He notes that the Electoral Commission let his clients collect signatures across the country, but they have faced many challenges which the state parties, UCC and Attorney General should be accountable of.

    “My clients have been tortured by police in the process of signature collection even though they have always moved with and presented their accreditation from the Electoral Commission.”

    He further says that after police’s endlessly torture of his clients, they opted to use electronic means of collecting these signatures. However, UCC has delayed the process saying that they have no means and enough gadgets to collect these signatures electronically.

    “We checked the constitution and realised its possible to collect signatures electronically after police frustrated our clients initial efforts. We then hired IT experts but surprisingly UCC is saying its impossible yet it has used it before even during sim card registration,” Nalukoola said.

    He adds that going to court is the only way they would fight Magyezi’s bill which might turn deadly in the next years to come.


    Nalukoola says they have only 3 reasons why they are gong to court.

    One, they want court to stop the Attorney General’s move of moving the bill before all Ugandans are consulted and the only way of doing this is through a referendum.

    Secondly, they want court to order UCC to quickly process the issue by giving out codes to be used in the process just like they did during sim card registration.

    And lastly, they want the Electoral Commission to answer why it failed to respond to Bwanika’s application until Magyezi tabled the bill.


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    ARTICLE 102(b)

    You Used Me And Dumped Me – Abiriga Cries To M7



    By Jamil Lutakome

    Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Ibrahim Abiriga is bitter with president Museveni for jettisoning him after passing the Age Limit bill.

    Speaking to NBS, Abiriga revealed that president Museveni broke his heart after he refused to give him the huge sums of money he promised him.

    “When I was still an RDC, I meet president Museveni and explained to him how I used my money to solicit support for him.  He promised to refund all the money but up to now, he has never given me that money,” Abiriga cried.

    He further explained that when he started the Age Limit bill, he again reminded the president of his promise. Museveni assured him that he will pay him after the bill is passed. Abiriga says since the bill was passed, he has tried to reach the president but he never picks his calls.

    “I’m excluded in everything in the NRM party, those people who are near the president are telling him lies about me, that’s why he doesn’t pick my calls,” Abiriga grieved.

    Abiriga added that he now survives on loans and borrowing to cater for his extended family needs and his electorate. He says people think he got a lot of money from the president to blow the trumpet for the age limit bill which is not the case.

    Abiriga however boasted that he is glad that people in Buganda love him and wherever he passes, they sing praises to his name.


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    ARTICLE 102(b)

    Kitata Is Still Our Chairman – Tang Odoi




    By Mboowa Nathan 


    NRM Electoral Commission boss Dr. Tang Odoi has advised Rubaga NRM youths to stay calm and follow the right procedures if they are to impeach their leader Abdallah Kitatta. 

    Speaking about the fate of Abdallah Kitatta, who is the NRM Chairperson of Rubaga Division, Tang Odoi advised the youths to wait for investigations to be done. “Let them investigate, charge him in court and if he is found guilty, that’s when he can be suspended. Automatically the Secretary General of the party will write to the Chairman Electoral commission to organise fresh elections.”

    Tang further cautioned NRM leaders to always serve with integrity of the highest pedigree. Tang Odoi also noted that if Abdallah Kitatta is found guilty, he will also face the disciplinary committee of the party.

    Yesterday, NRM youths from Rubaga division gave an ultimatum of three days to their bosses to organise fresh elections in Lubaga after denouncing Abdallah Kitata as their chairman.


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    ARTICLE 102(b)

    M7 Defence Minister Almost Beaten At Parliament



    By Stella Mugoya

    Museveni’s defence minister Adolf Mwesige has survived the wrath of MPs the parliamentary defence committee.

    The fight was sparked off when the deputy chairperson of the committee, Kezakia Mbogo failed to manage the meeting in the accepted manner, after trying to protect the minister who was dodging some questions from committee members.

    It all started when MPs Ssekikuubo Theodore, Muwanga Kivumbi and Gilbert Olanya asked the minister to explain why Ugandan troops are still camping at the Congo-Uganda border. The MPs also tasked the defence minister to explain why the army is doing police work and why they are releasing criminals that are arrested by police. The minister refused to reply to the MPs questions which forced the committee chairperson to adjourn the meeting immediately without agreeing with fellow committee members.

    This sparked off a fight as MPs blocked the minister from vacating the room before answering their queries. They immediately stood up and locked the exit door shouting and ordering the chairman to call the meeting back to order so that the minister can answer them.

    “Tell us, when is he going to answer our questions, if not  we shall not allow him out. Let’s go back and sit, call the meeting back to order and let them all sit down. Afande, you are mature enough you can’t just push me. Just go back and sit and let the meeting be adjourned properly,” Ssekikuubo and Olanya geared on while standing  at the locked door.

    The minister tried to look for a way to escape but the biter MPs could not allow him access to the door. “Are you the sergeant at arms, let them settle first then we shall leave the door,”Ssekikuubo said while fighting fellow MP from Ntoroko, Rwenulikya Ibanda, who was trying to defend the minister.

    He added that,” These queries must be answered by UPDF, they must tell us but our chairman is here saying it isn’t of concern. We need to know who ordered the army to cross the borders.”

    The bitter MPs criticised their chairman for having a hidden agenda. “Chairman, if you have a hidden agenda in these matters, then we are opposing it,” Ssekikuubo warned.

    Muwanga Kivumbi, one of the committee members, expressed his bitterness at fellow committee member Rwenulikya Ibanda for trying to be a Judas. Kivumbi said that it was Ibanda who confessed, while they were compiling the committee questions, that as a boarder MP, he saw Ugandan troops in Congo, but after seeing the minister, he started changing his statements. “He is just hopeless,” Kivumbi blasted Ibanda.

    Olanya, a committee member, blasted the acting chairman saying, “We have a duty of protecting our soldiers and our country. I support the calling of a committee meeting to examine the role of the chairperson. Nabakooba had problems of managing this committee, she had challenges and we thought that since you are a senior member you could manage it better.”

    Kato Lubwama, who is also a committee member warned, “the biggest problem this committee has is some people who think they are bigger than others, all of us are MPs but it comes to a point when some members don’t want all of us to speak. Yes, you are a chairman but all of us are part of this committee. You must respect us and if we have a mandate to remove him let us do. Go back to school and learn these things.”

    Kezakia was acting as the chairperson of the committee since Nabakooba, who is the committee chairperson was not around.


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