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Top Criminal Lawyers To Face No-Nonsense Criminal Prosecutor In Historical Kanyamunyu Murder Case…



City businessman Mathew Kanyamunyu, his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari and brother Joseph Kanyamunyu have paraded a team of the top celebrated criminal lawyers to defend them in the historical murder case.

The three relatives are charged with the killing of a social worker Kenneth Akena in 2017 after denting his posh car along Kampala-Jinja Road opposite Malik car bond. To be on the safe side, the Kanyamunyus have hired self-styled devil’s advocate MacDusman Kabega from Tumusiime Kabega and Company Advocates. Kabega is known for taking on unpopular cases especially murder cases of high-profile people in the country and surprises other lawyers on the legal tricks he uses to win cases.

The soft-spoken lawyer saved international heart doctor Aggrey Kiyingi who was accused of murdering his wife lawyer Robinah Kayaga Kiyingi, he also successful saved Sarah Nabikolo who was charged with killing her husband Eria Bugembe Sebunya commonly known as Kasiwukira. On Kanyamunyu’s team is also controversial but determined lawyer Evans Ochenge, who saved Adam Kalungi a boyfriend to late Cerinah Nebanda, the former Butaleja woman Member of Parliament who died suspiciously and Caleb Alaka also a criminal law general.

Alaka is remembered for representing the suspects in the 2010 Kyadondo and Kabalagala terror trial.

However, it will not be a one-way trial, the defense lawyers are going to face off with nonsense senior prosecutor Jonathan Muwaganya. Muwaganya is known as one of the fearless prosecutors who doesn’t fear big names and always puts up spirited fights for the dead to get justice.   This public interest file was allocated to High Court criminal Division judge James Mubiru and he will preside over the trial starting on 10th /01/2020.

By Ssengooba Alirabaki



We Are Scared Most Of Our Witnesses Might Go Missing Like It Has Been In Many Criminal Cases: Akena Lawyers Plead With Court After Judge Pushed Kanyamunyu Trial To Next Convenient Session…



The Top management of the High Court Criminal Division Kampala is set to decide the fate of Matthew Kanyamunyu and his girlfriend Cynthia Munangwari in the murder trial after the presiding judge pushed it to the next convenient session.

Steven Mubiru, the presiding judge revealed that he cannot proceed with Kanyamunyu’s trial because the time allocated to him by his bosses to handle criminal sessions including Kanyamunyu’s case expired on Friday 21st of February 2020.

“I adjourn this matter to the next convenient session; I have to go back to my circuit because I am the only judge there and my absence has affected many court users. It’s now two months when I am not there and it affected the fixed cases. The file of this case should be taken back to the head of the Division and it will be the head of this division to determine when this case will be fixed again” Mubiru said.

The Judge’s statement was welcomed by the defense lawyers led by MacDusman Kabega but the prosecution said they were saddened. Jonathan Muwaganya tried to convince the judge to extend the session but he refused. The judge told suspects to report to the High Court Criminal Division Registrar once every month as part of their bail condition.

However, on Thursday Muwaganya told court that they are scared that most of their potential witnesses and court assessors might go missing like it has been happening in many criminal cases.

He said that as prosecution, they were ready to proceed with the matter to its conclusion speedily because it’s a public interest case.

Earlier in the day, court received testimony from senior police detective Steven Walimbwa.

Walimbwa said that he led a team of investigators who  searched Kanyamunyu’s car, a Toyota Prado registration number UAW 548M and that of the late Kenneth Akena. Walimbwa testified that they found a brown shoe for the right foot which corresponded with the one they found with the deceased at Nakasero hospital and was missing. They also found a sharp pocket knife, two phones and keys. They captured all these items and recorded them in the police exhibits books.

He further explained that on 28th of November 2017, he received a letter from the deputy Director of Public Prosecution instructing police to give Kanyamunyu his car. He said that the deputy DPP acted on a complaint from Kanyamunyu’s lawyers of Ochieng Associates and Solicitors. He told court that he also went to victory hospital Kamwokya where he took statements from four medical doctors; he cited a statement made by Doctor Peter Kigonya who told him that they received the deceased but refused to admit him because he was bleeding profusely and needed to be taken to the intensive care unit.

He testified that doctor Kigonya told him that while they were giving the victim first aid, they asked Kanyamunyu and his girlfriend, who brought the patient to identify themselves but they refused.

Kanyamunyu even told them that he doesn’t have any identification because his identity card was at his home.

Walimbwa further told court that doctors told him that when they recommended that the decseased be taken to Nakasero hospital, Kanyamunyu pleaded with them to take the patient to Nakasero hospital using their ambulance. When they told him that the ambulance was not available, he suggested that they use his car. He told court that he also participated in the reconstruction of the crime scene and Kanyamunyu told them that Akena was shot by a person who he was moving with in his car.

However, he said that when they took Kanyamunyu’s girlfriend to the crime scene she said that Akena was alone in his car and she didn’t hear the gunshot that killed him.

State claims that Kanyamunyu shot Akena a social worker along Jinja Road opposite UMA show ground after he scratched his posh Toyota Prado.

By Ssengooba Alirabaki


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It’s Inhuman To Kill Someone’s Daughter At Shs. 30,000: Why High Court Judge Kazibwe Sentenced ISO Boss’ Son To 32 Years In Prison …



Today soft-spoken High Court Criminal Division Judge Moses Kazibwe sentenced Brian Bagyenda, the son to Internal Security Organization (ISO) boss Kaka Bagyenda, Innocent Bainomugisha, a Cleaner and Vincent Rwahwire, a casual laborer to 32 years in prison.

In his judgement, the judge said that there was malice forethought before the commitment of the murder of 22-year-old Enid Twijukye a girlfriend to Bagyenda. He noted that he was very convinced that the state prosecutor led by Joseph Kyomuhendo and Joan Keko proved all the ingredients in this murder case.

The judge said that these ingredients were proved by 15 prosecution witnesses who included Dr. Sam Kalungi a pathologist who examined the deceased’s body and established that she was strangled to death.

Kazibwe further noted that the deceased was unlawfully murdered by the convict.

In his judgement, the judge put emphasis on the testimony of Evas Turigye, the elder sister to Twijukye who told court that on the 3rd January 2017, Bagyenda picked the deceased from their home in Bweyogerere, Wakiso district and drove her to his home in Luzira Kampala and she never returned. He said that the next day, she called her number and she did not pick. However, another person later picked and told her that Enid had left the phone at home.

The judge rubbished Bagyenda’s defense testimony arguing that by the time he committed the crime, he was mentally disturbed, the judge based on the testimony of Turigye who told court that Bagyenda spent the entire Christmas season of 2016 shopping with the deceased and on in turn she spent her nights at Bagyenda’s home.

The judge further noted that Turigye told court that while they were still looking for her sister, she received a telephone call from Bagyenda apologizing to her that he was feeling guilty of killing Twijukye and that he wanted to make a confession.

The judge said that Turigye told court that by the time Bagyenda called her, she had hired a lawyer to join a team of investigators to look for the murderer of their sister. Bagyenda was later arrested after the burial of Twijukye and taken to Jinja road police station.

The judge however said that Turigye didn’t confirm to court that Bagyenda was a boyfriend to Twijukye because she was always telling them that her boyfriend and future husband was staying in USA.

The judge also cited the evidence of Esther Mirembe, the mother to the deceased who told court that she did not know Bagyenda as his son -in law because her daughter always told her that her future husband was in the US.

Kazibwe also based on the charge and caution statement recorded by Innocent Bainomugisha who told police that on the fateful day when the deceased was murdered, Bagyenda told him and Rwehirwa in the morning that she was going to discipline her girlfriend for cheating on him.

They escorted him to his bedroom and killed Twijukye by suffocating her using two pillows which were on their bed until she breathed her last. He further revealed that while they were executing the mission, Bagyenda increased the volume of the tv so that people outside could not hear what was going on in the house. Bagyenda paid them Shs. 30.000 each for the job well done.

The judge wondered why Bagyenda who claims that he is mentally disturbed gave money to his maid to go out and buy a bottle of soda and after that also go to Kalerwe market to buy food.

He wondered why the maid was sent to Kalerwe yet there are very many markets surrounding Luzira.

In sentencing Bagyenda and his co accussed, the judge refused to consider the prayer of Bainomugisha and Rwehirwe’s lawyer that they killed the deceased on orders of their boss Bagyenda, the judge said that they were in their right mind and did not work on the orders of their boss as robots. The judge also explained that there are misunderstanding in most relationships but they are not solved by killing each other.

He noted that the country and the family of the deceased lost a very important person and that court must punish those who cut short the life of the deceased. The judge however advised the convicts that they have the right to appeal if they are not satisfied with his judgement. Nsubuga Mubiru the defense lawyer in this case said that he is still studying the judgement to decide on whether to Appeal or not.

By Ssengooba Alirabaki


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I Was Arrested On Orders Of Traffic Boss Musinga, Kept In A Dark Room, Beaten Daily For 16 Days And Forced To Drink Urine – Man Takes Police Boss To Court…



Kampala Metropolitan traffic police commander SSP Norman Musinga has been dragged to Court for torturing farm manager and forcing him to drink urine.

Through his lawyers of C/O M/S Luswata-Kibanda and Company Advocates, Stephen Kamanzi claims that he has been a farm manager for the estate of the late Patrick Nyindo, the father to Musinga for 27 years but on 15th October 2019, he was summoned by his boss at his offices at CPS Kampala.

“I was arrested on orders of SSP Musinga Norman. This was based on false allegations that I had stolen cows from Kaya farm located at Kakonge. I was detained from 15/10/2019 up to 31/10/2019, I was kept in a dark room and I was beaten daily for 16 days. I was produced before court after my family members protested my illegal detention through media,” Kamanzi claims in his affidavit.

He told court that while in CPS coolers, he was seriously beaten and told to confess that he had stolen 60 cows. When he refused, he was denied food and water.

Kamanzi narrates in his affidavit that he was locked up in a dark room and forced to drink urine on top of being denied access to the toilets for the 16 days he spent at CPS.

He also told court that Musinga ordered flying squad men like ASP Ronald Owitwali, ASP Edger Kulayigye, AIP Fred Nuwagaba and Sam Rwihura to torture to death.

Some of the pictures that Kamanzi presented to court as evidence of how he was tortured

He said that when he was paraded before Buganda Road Court and charged with offences of theft, the presiding magistrate referred the matter to Luweero magistrate court where the offence was committed from. He said that he was examined by celebrated physiologist doctor Sylvester Ozivua who established that he was indeed tortured.

He insisted that for the 26 years he looked after Musinga’s farms in Kiruhura and Luweero he never stole anything as the defendant claimed.

He now wants court to declare that his arrest and detention at the Central Police Station (CPS) in Kampala for 16 days was illegal and unlawful. He also wants court to declare that he was tortured and treated in a cruel and inhuman and degrading manner by the defendant.

He is also seeking an order for the dismissal of all the police officers who tortured him from the force and an order staying the criminal proceedings against him at Luweero magistrate’s court.

He also wants a compensation of shs500m from Musinga for detaining him illegally.

In his defense, filed in court, Musinga denied all the allegation. The Grapevine tried to talk to Musinga concerning the matter but he did not pick our calls. The case was adjourned to 10/03/2020 because the presiding High Court Civil Division Judge Andrew Bashaija was having an emergency matter to attend to.

By Ssengooba Alirabaki


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