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    Troubled Businessman Ham Drags Bank Of Uganda, Attorney General To Court In New Legal Battle Over Shs120bn DTB Bank Case…



    Lawyer Fred Muwema (R) and his client Ham Kiggundu (L)

    Lawyers to the troubled businessman Hamis Kiggundu the proprietor of Ham Enterprises Limited and Kiggs International Uganda Limited led by Fred Muwema have declared that all is set to challenge the Supreme Court judgment in the famous Shs120bn Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) case.

    Early this month, five justices of the supreme court led by Chief Justice Alfonse Chigamony Owiny Dollo, Stephen Musota, Mike John Chibita, Night Tuhaise and Faith Mwondah dismissed with cost Kiggundu’s appeal challenging the legality of the $10m loan he secured from DTB Kenya.

    The learned justices declared that the said loan was legally secured and directed for the retrial of the Kiggundu’s main case at the Commercial Division of the High Court.

    The justices also advised the Commercial Division to base on facts since the issue of the legality of the loan was settled in their judgment.

    Even though it is the highest court of the land, Muwema and his friends insist that they are going to challenge the said judgment.

    “We cannot just mourn the passing of this Supreme Court decision, we shall challenge it,” Muwema stated in the statement issued over the matter.

    He claimed that though the Supreme Court Judgment is dangerous, it will remain largely irrelevant to gainful regulation of commercial banking and practice of law in Uganda. He added that no serious bank will be motivated to engage in illicit money transfers and come out openly to acknowledge it, because of the said judgment.

    Muwema added that no serious court including the Supreme Court can allow it to continue flouting its rules of procedure and the established principles of law and any court which chooses to do so will cease to function as a court of law.

    He boasted that no serious lawyer in Uganda can risk his client’s case by casually defying the court’s rules of procedure and the governing law of Uganda.

    As reported earlier on this website, Kiggundu has instructed his lawyers to petition the Constitutional Court and the East African Courts of Justice challenging the said judgment.

    He insists that it violates his rights to be given a fair hearing.

    This time, Kiggundu is going to face off with Kiryowa Kiwanuka the Attorney General who he accused of using his office to influence the DTB ruling through intimidating judges at the Supreme Court.

    Kiwanuka’s law firm K&K Advocates is also expected to join the case as an interested party representing DTB bank and again Kiggundu will faceoff with Edwin Karugire whom he also accused of being a son-in-law to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

    Kigundu accused Karugire of using his status to influence the result of his case.

    Another party on the suit which is also likely to be represented by the Attorney General and has the right to hire other private law firms is Bank of Uganda whom Muwema accused of abdicating its statutory duty by declaring that it does not regulate lending obtained from foreign banks since they do not take deposits from the public in Ugandan.

    Muwema insists that one of the key functions of the Bank of Uganda is to maintain monetary stability, that is why they are wondering how Bank of Uganda can maintain stability in the country yet it refuses to monitor the external cash inflows from foreign sources.

    Muwema accuses Bank of Uganda of joining hands with the Supreme Court to take them in the opposite direction when it failed to ensure prudence of the monetary and fiscal policy of the country.

    He blamed Bank of Uganda as a regulator of the banking industry of working so hard to constantly devise means of ensuring that some players in the banking industry operate outside the rule book.

    Muwema further claimed that the Supreme Court judgment is promoting the shadow banking system at a time when the country is struggling to get off the gray list of the Financial Action Task Force, an international watchdog which monitors countries with significantly weak anti-money laundering and terrorist financing enforcement regimes.

    He added that the Supreme Court judgment can also be used by foreign money lenders who are not deposit-taking banks in Uganda to cross the border and transact without obtaining a license under the Tier 4 Microfinance Institutions and Money Lenders Act 2016.

    Muwema accused DTB bank of causing trouble when it turned down the audit meeting which was requested by Kiggundu to share his audit report on his bank account in the said bank after accusing them of illegally deducting his money from his bank accounts.

    He said that after the bank turned down the audit sharing meeting where he discovered that over Shs120bn was deducted from his bank accounts illegally, the bank instead started taking enforcement measures of recovering its $10m facility which forced Kiggundu to file a petition at the Commercial Division of the High Court which he successfully argued but it was overturned at the court of appeal and at the supreme court because the courts failed to trace the fact of the matter.

    However, the bank is also fighting to secure the hearing notice at the Commercial Division of the High Court to prosecute their matter as directed by the Supreme Court.

    Lawyers are also summing up the 50% of the court of appeal and Supreme Court costs awarded to them.


    By Grapevine reporters



    Businessman Kabanda, KACITA Leadership In Trouble As Traders Accuse Them Of Using Their Problems To Seal Juicy Deals With City Landlords And M7…



    KACITA's Thadeus Nagenda (L) and John Kabanda the Kampala New Generation Traders Association boss

    Thadeus Musoke Nagenda the chairperson of Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA) has declared that his association will not join the newly formed federation citing fraud and extortion.

    Musoke made the statements few weeks after controversial businessman John Kabanda of the Kampala New Generation Traders Association led a team of city traders to form a Federation named the Federation of Uganda Trade Association (FUTA ) and he was appointed the chairperson deputized by his friend Godfrey Katongole while Moses Lwegaba was appointed as publicity secretary.

    Former State minister for Trade Harriet Ntabazi was appointed as the patron of their federation which is set to open countrywide offices to assist traders to solve their problems.

    During the course of investigating this story, theGrapevine established that in Kampala city, there are more than seven traders associations and these are: Katukazane Shoe Dealers which brings together all traders dealing in shoes, Kampala Arcaders Advocacy Forum (KAFO), United Arcaders Traders Entrepreneurs Association (UATEA), Kampala New Generation Traders Association, Kampala Traders Association KATA), KACITA, Uganda Needy and Squatters Association, Kikuubo Business Community.

    According to Kabanda, all the said associations are supposed to be under his federation.

    However, Musoke’s KACITA, KAFO, UETEA declined to join the association because they did not participate in its formation.

    Musoke said that he cannot lead KACITA to join the new federation well knowing that its leader Kabanda is not a trader in Kampala city.

    He challenged him to prove by showing where his shop is located.

    He further explained that Kabanda is a known event and music promoter and he cannot be entrusted with traders’ issues to be handled with his team. Traders reveals to Grapevine that fellow members formed associations and federations to use it to seal deals with tycoons who are landlords owning city arcades and buildings where they operate from.

    “Their role is to incite us to demonstrate against the poor conditions we are operating from including paying high rent, paying money for using toilets, high taxes and when we placed the landlords on the wall by closing our shops, they invite our leaders in a closed door meetings, bribed them and came back when their tongues are changed speaking in different page with us, pleading with us to open our shops as negotiations proceeds and when you open nothing yielded,” a trader said.

    However Musoke explained that KACITA is currently the association that brings all traders in the country and they have over 20 associations which work under them while they are still in talks with others.

    Other traders accuse Kabanda of forming the federation to use it as a weapon in his ongoing drive to mobilize money for his coming introduction and wedding to his lovely wife.

    theGrapevine was told that traders were surprised when Kabanda decided to give his wedding budget to city landlords and one of them even offered to support him financially. Kabanda is of the view that once he gets married, his lifestyle will change and he will start handling issues respectively.

    Others claim that Kabanda has political ambitions to stand for a political office in Kampala city come 2026 and he wants to use his federation and the association to gather political support.

    theGrapevine also established that there is ongoing lobbying by city traders seeking to meet President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to discuss the problems the traders face during their operations and both Kabanda and KACITA are fighting to lead the traders to meet the President with each association fighting to be recognised as the umbrella of all traders.

    When contacted, Kabanda denied all the accusations explaining that city traders are tired of KACITA because their leadership is in bed with landlords who are mistreating them. He gave the example of Isa Ssekitto the KACITA spokesperson who is also the spokesperson of Bagagga Kwagalana association which brings together all tycoons in Kampala city.

    On the issue of not having a shop in the city, Kabanda rubbished the allegation and revealed that he owns a shop in BBC building a long Nabugabo which deals in open shoes nicknamed ‘Nigina’.

    Kabanda’s statements were supported by sources in Uganda Revenue Authority(URA) who told theGrapevine that KACITA leadership act like dealers who agree with URA over a matter on behalf of the traders but after, they turn against them and disassociate themselves from the matter agreed upon and incite traders to turn against URA.

    Edward Ntale the chairperson of UATEA revealed how traders’ association leaders enrich themselves through their associations.

    He gave the example of the money collected from traders as transport to be used when going for meetings with government officials on issues concerning their problems.

    Sulaiman Matovu, a trader dealing in shirts said that the problem they are facing is that all their association leaders want to take themselves as leaders of other associations and no one wants to listen to another which is hindering the way to solve their problems.

    The internal fighting among traders comes days after Kabanda through his federation declared a sit down strike which was expected to start on Monday next week.

    Kabanda asked all traders to close their shops to send a message to Museveni’s government that they have also joined the struggle to liberate this country after being worn out by the high taxes placed on their exports.

    He pleaded with fellow traders to avoid people telling them that they should not participate in the strike because of the coming Idi day festival because they will lose business when they close their shops.

    Kabanda advised them to buy all the goods which they will use on Idi day, insisting that they are in the struggle and they need to sacrifice to achieve what they want.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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    Top Lawyers, Court Bailiffs Cite Witchcraft After Buyers Shun Tycoon Hamid’s Pearl Of Africa Hotel…



    Businessman Abdullatif Hamid

    For the second time now, city lawyers of MMAKS Advocates and ENS Africa Advocates instructed Armstrong Court Bailiffs and Auctioneers to do fresh advertisement inviting suitable buyers to participate in the auctioning of Aya hotel.

    “We shall proceed to sell the property below together with developments thereon by public auction pursuant to a warrant of Attachment and sale issued by the High Court of Uganda (Commercial Division) unless the judgment debtor pays to us the entire outstanding decretal sum (including interest) and our fees and costs before the fall of the hammer at the auction,” the advertisement in today’s daily read in part.

    The advert further explains that the property under attachment comprises a 5 Star Hotel situated at an altitude of 1240 meters above sea level making it one of the highest points with a 360 degrees view of Kampala city.

    The advert added that the hotel spans 32,000 square meters and comprises 23 floors, 296 rooms, 37 suites, 2 restaurants, 3 bars, 9 meeting rooms, 15th floor executive lounges and a business centre with all top class amenities. The said property is owned by Sudanese national Abdullatif Hamid, the Executive chairperson of Aya Investments Limited.

    The property under attachment is in LRV 3556 Folio 9 plots 7A1-9A1 & 10 Lugogo Road and plots M32, M183 & 2E Nakasero Hill Road Kampala measuring approximately 5.975 hectares.

    According to the advertisement, the second auctioning is expected to take place on 3rd May 2024 at the bailiff’s offices.

    When contacted, one of the lawyers at MMAKS Advocates reveals to theGrapevine that buyers have been inspecting the hotel but have not shown interest in buying it and it’s the reason they have instructed bailiffs to advertise the property for the second time.

    “That man must be a witch, I’m telling you, people have been coming but they are not committed to participating in the buying process,” a lawyer said.

    According to court documents, between 2007 and 2017, AYA secured Shs305bn from the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), a South African lending company to construct Pearl of Africa Hotel in Kampala and was supposed to pay back the loan within ten years which he defaulted on.

    Hamid was dragged to the South African Tribunal and he did not defend himself which resulted in the judge Bruce Collins QC to issue a court order directing him to pay  Shs572bn which he challenged in Uganda Courts but he also lost the legal fight.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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    Locals Celebrate As Stay In School Initiative Empowers Youths in Technical Skilling…



    Lutakome (in a blue apron) interracting with parents during the meeting

    Locals in Busaana Town Council Kayunga District have celebrated the initiative spearheaded by Stay In School Initiative (SISI) a local Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) which empowered youths in technical skills.

    The excitement was exhibited during the showcase meeting held on Saturday 16th March, 2024 at the Offices the Organisation in Busaana.

    The project beneficiaries were given the opportunity to show their parents and trainers the skills they had acquired.

    The students exhibited skills gained in tailoring and hairdressing in front of their parents, who were invited for a special meeting as a precursor to the graduation ceremony.

    Ivan Lutakome, the Organization founder told parents that the initiative was brought into their community with support from VOICE as a commitment to empower youths through providing vocational skills to help them to become good citizens in the future.

    The partnership between the SISI and VOICE has been instrumental in providing valuable opportunities to young individuals to acquire technical skills that are in high demand in today’s competitive job market.

    “I am grateful to VOICE for believing in us and providing the resources we needed to excel,” he said.

    He added that they organized the said interaction meeting where the benefiting youths demonstrated their newfound skills to ensure that their children are ready to be job creators.

    Parents and friends, community leaders gathered to witness firsthand results of the youths’ hard work and determination for the first time since the initiative started a few months back.

    “The Stay in School Initiative has given me a second chance at building a career,” a happy Harriet Kwagala, one of the beneficiaries said.

    “Learning tailoring skills has not only boosted my confidence but also opened doors to new opportunities for me,” Lutakome, another beneficiary highlighted the importance of vocational training in creating opportunities for youths and reducing unemployment rates in the country.

    “The dedication shown by these young individuals is truly commendable,” remarked Pastor Moses Mbago, a parent who attended the event.

    “I’m proud to see my daughter excelling in a field she’s passionate about.”

    The tailoring segment featured an array of beautifully crafted garments, showcasing the students’ proficiency in pattern-making, stitching, and finishing techniques. From traditional attire to modern designs, each piece reflected the creativity and attention to detail instilled during their training.

    “I never thought I could create such intricate designs,” exclaimed Nyombe Allan, another benefiting youth.

    “Thanks to the guidance and support from the Stay in School Initiative, I now have the skills to pursue my dream of becoming a fashion designer,” he added.

    The graduates also transformed women’s hair into stunning creations, ranging from intricate braids to elegance, showcasing their mastery of cutting, coloring, and styling techniques.

    “I have always had a passion for hairstyling, and this training has allowed me to turn that passion into a profession,” said Rose, who was beaming with happiness as she presented her work.

    Parents and attendees were visibly impressed by the quality of work presented, applauding the youths for their achievements and determination.

    “My son has found his calling in hairdressing, and I couldn’t be happier,” remarked Mr. Chemba Joel, a parent.

    It was evident that the Stay in School Initiative’s commitment to empowering youths through vocational training had made a tangible and meaningful impact on the lives of these youths, their families and the community as well.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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