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    Tycoon Ham In Hot Soup For Attempting To Steal From Kabaka: Buganda Attorney General Narrates How Businessman Tried To Defraud Kigo Land Titles…



    Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II (R) and Ham Kiggundu (L)

    Controversial city tycoon Hamis Kiggundu, the proprietor of Ham Enterprises Limited is set to face prosecution for defrauding Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s Kigo Land Titles.

    On Tuesday Baker Mugaino, the acting Commissioner Land Registration canceled Kiggundu’s land titles which were registered in Kiham Enterprises Limited, a company he owns with his uncle Edward Nakibinge as Chief Executive Officer and Director respectively.

    The land titles which were canceled are situated on Kyadondo Block 273 plots 23974, 23975, 23977 all subdivided from plot 23720 measuring 140 acres of land.

    “Now therefore by powers conferred upon me under S.91 of the Land Act having found that the certificate of titles comprise in Kyadondo Block 273 plots 23974, 23975, 23976, 23977 subdivided from plot 23720 were illegally issued. I hereby order that the same be cancelled and expunged from the register Block forthwith. You are accordingly directed to deliver the Duplicate Certificate of title for eventual cancellation” Mugaino stated.

    Part of Kigo Land on the shores of Lake Victoria

    Immediately after receiving the ruling, Buganda Land Board (BLB) spokesperson Denis Bugaya boasted that people like Kiggundu who play on people’s land titles deserve serious punishment as a lesson to others never to joke with other peoples’ land.

    Sources in Kabaka’s legal team revealed that the process to institute criminal charges against Kiggundu and other government officials is in the final stages and very soon they may be arraigned before Courts of law.

    Bugaya added that they have given Kiggundu 75 hours to remove everything he has put on Kabaka’s land before more criminal charges are slapped against him.

    “He planted sweet potatoes on Kabaka’s land as a basis to claim for Kabaka’s land, they must be removed,” Bugaya said.

    Early this year, Kabaka Mutebi filed a complaint before the Registrar land registration against Kiggundu who started upgrading his land at Kigo guarded by the military.

    Ham insisted through his lawyer Fred Muwema that he legally obtained the said land title from Wakiso district land board.

    He told the Land title registration boss that he followed the required process needed to secure a land title on the public land.

    However, his explanation was rubbished by the land title registration boss.

    Kiggundu’s lawyers insist that they are going to challenge Mugaino’s decision on their client’s land titles.

    Buganda Kingdom Attorney General Christopher Bwanika


    Addressing the press today, Wednesday, at Bulange Mengo, Buganda Kingdom Attorney General Christopher Bwanika emphasized that they will not surrender in the fight to rescue Buganda’s land from fraudsters.

    Bwanika insisted that they are going to leave no stone unturned to fight, protect and preserve Buganda Kingdom land.

    “The land at Kigo where Kabaka’s Mirembe Villas project was constructed is on one side, while Serena Hotel Kigo run by Pearl lies on the other side.  Kigo land belongs to the Kabaka of Buganda and is part of the official mile of 350square miles and the Kabaka has had titles and the ownership is routed in the 1919 Buganda Agreement,” he explained.

    He added, “A company called Ham Enterprises owned by one business man Hamis Kiggundu purported to obtain free hold titles on part of the land.

    “The land between Mirembe Villas and Kigo Serena Hotel is a wetland and the kingdom left that channel to drain the runoff water from the main road to the wetland and to the lake.

    “Now Ham Enterprises through Illicit Designs went and obtained freehold titles to over lay on the Kabaka’s titles. It obtained four illegal titles namely; plots 23974, 23975, 23976 and 23977.”

    He further revealed that when Ham encroached on their land, Buganda Land Board (BLB) protested and showed him all necessary documents and invited him to come to the Kingdom headquarters to be shown the true picture.

    “The titles complained of were just registered in 2019 but based on illegal transactions and illegal documents.”

    He asserted, “There were some engagements and Ham came over to Buganda Land Board and he agreed that he should not pursue or fight with the Kabaka on land that is proven to be his.

    “But immediately or soon after, he went ahead with his pursuits of encroaching on the Kabaka’s land.”

    Bwanika adduced that Buganda kingdom decided to instruct its lawyers, K & K Advocates and S & L Advocates through his (Bwanika) office to file a complaint and petition to the Commissioner of Lands to act under Section 91 of the Land Act to counsel the land title.

    “As established by the law, the Commissioner for Lands carried out public hearing starting with 6th, May, 2022 and all sides were allowed to produce there documents and present there arguments and be heard, ” he said.

    The Kingdom Attorney General added that since May, 2022 up to August, 2022 there has been a public hearing where due process was observed and each side was given its day in court to present and prove their case.

    He propounded, “Ham Enterprises side requested that a joint survey be carried out on the ground and the Commissioner for lands agreed and constituted a committee of experts comprising of the Commissioner of Surveys and Mapping who is the Head Surveyor in this country and also Wakiso district Land Board, NEEMA, surveyors from the Academia and top surveyors from Makerere University.

    “Each of the sides also had their surveyors representing them on that committee and on 3rd, August, a joint survey exercise was carried out where all disputing parties participated.

    “A report was issued to the commissioner on 30th, August, 2022 and the commissioner commenced on preparing his decision based on the issue whether the titles owned by Ham enterprises where illegally issued by the office of titles.”

    Bwanika further revealed that it was proven by the Survey report that Ham’s four titles  encroached on Kabaka’s official mailo titles plots, 3887 and 99 and that the whole process of surveying the land led to issuance of free hold titles to overlay on mailo which was grossly illegal because Kabaka’s title can be traced in the 1919 agreements and instruments relating to the registration of the Kabaka are traced as far back as 1920’s as opposed to the illicit free hold titles created in favour of Ham Enterprises created in November 2019.

    “The law is settled according to the decision of the commissioner that free hold titles can’t be issued over land which has mailo titles.”

    He stated, “The decision found that the issuance of the free hold titles in favour of Ham Enterprises were based on illegalities and procedural irregularities including that documents supporting those freehold titles were purportedly issued to Kajjansi Town Council area land committee while the land falls under Makindye Sabagabbo jurisdiction and this was grossly illegal.

    “Articles 237 and Section 44 of the Land Act make it illegal to issue titles in wetlands or lakes or rivers and Ham’s arguement that his titles were in the lake area.

    “It was also established that the purported minute from the Wakiso Land board which was not owned up by Wakiso Land Board was fictitious and non-existent which proves that the titles have no route and were issued illegally.”

    Bwanika therefore concluded that the commissioner ordered those freehold titles which overlayed the mailo titles of the Kabaka be handed over for cancellation.

    “He ordered that Ham Enterprises hands over the titles for cancellation, but even if he doesn’t hand them over, the titles will stand cancelled,” he confirmed.


    By Hope Kalamira and Sengooba Alirabaki



    I Want My Child; Mother Cries Out To Majambere To Release His Son Who He Abducted, NRM Diehard Denies Allegation, Vows To Drag NUP To Court…



    Nambazira Sauda (R), the mother to Godfrey Kirumira and Majambere

    A mother has cried out to National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporter Kamuntu Majembere to fight with fellow old men and bring back her child.

    Nambazira Sauda, the mother to Godfrey Kirumira, 17, wept while asking Sam Majembere alias Empologoma ya NRM to bring back her child who he kidnapped.

    Appearing at National Unity Platform (NUP) headquarters in Kamwokya Kampala, Sauda, with tears rolling down her eyes disclosed that on 5th, November, 2022, her child was kidnapped in a drone and taken away by Majambere.

    “The kids he was playing with that day came running to me and saying ‘mummy mummy’ Majambere came with other men and slapped Godfrey. He fell to the ground and they carried him away to a waiting drone and took him,” Sauda narrated as she cried.

    She added, “Majembere, you killed my child, you killed my 17-year-old child, you should have fought with your agemates and left my child.

    “I don’t even know how exactly he killed my son. Majambere give me my son at least I bury him myself. But why don’t you fight those who fought you not my little boy. Please give me my child, I’m in a lot of pain.”

    Embattled Sauda adduced that Majembere picked her son at 8:30 pm in a lot of pain.

    “At least you would have just slapped him and told him to sit down and asked him whatever you wanted, he would have obeyed but you shouldn’t have taken my son in that kind of bitterness.”

    She cursed, “May God do the worst to you Majembere that you will also die badly just like you killed my son but please give him to me so I can bury him. I no longer eat or even drink because of my child.

    “But you are a big man, how do you not know the people to fight with. What exactly did you want with my son. I will never forgive you.”


    When theGrapevine spoke to Majambere concerning the allegations, he denied them insisting that at the time they claim that Godfrey was abducted, he was in hospital receiving treatment after succumbing to injuries from angry mob at the burial of late Jakana Nadduli.

    “I am even at my home right now but I want you to know that I’m not a police officer neither am I an army officer. We have already seen the intentions of NUP. Recently they got accident victims and took them to Kenya and claimed they were tortured by government,” he told theGrapevine.

    Majambere however vowed to drag the deceased’s mother and the whole NUP leadership to court for accusing him of what he has no clue about adding that his lawyers are already working on it.

    He added that NUP just wants to kill him that is why they are now falsely accusing him.

    Majambere also denied allegations that he had a gun at the burial of late Jakana Nadduli noting that there is no way he would have had a gun and not shot at those who beat him up that day.

    “They have managed to fail me here in Uganda and so am going to go (to another country) and leave them that’s if they don’t kill me before I leave. Uganda has become a bush let me first run away and find protection.”

    Asked if he has managed to talk to his boss, President Museveni concerning the threats on his life before he runs out of the country, Majambere contended that President Museveni has never been his boss because he (Majambere) doesn’t work in security.

    “I just support NRM and I will never betray it even when NUP comes and attacks me and kills me, let them do so but as for me, I can never denounce NRM. And I’m not ready to do what they (NUP)  want me to do for them.”

    Majambere revealed to theGrapevine that there is something Bobi Wine asked him to do and he refused.

    He however refused to elaborate more on their chemistry and what separated them.

    This comes at a time when a number of opposition members have been abducted and taken by unknown men in drones, the recent being Sheikh Yahaya Mwanje and former presidential candidate, Joseph Kabuleta.


    By Kalamira Hope and Sengooba Alirabaki


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    NRM HOUSE ON FIRE! Speaker Among Directs Minister Otafiire To Beef Up MP Begumisa Security Over Minister Kawooya Death Threats…



    L-R: Minister Hanifa Kawooya, Begumisa and Speaker Among

    Annet Anita Among, the Speaker of Parliament has directed Internal Affairs Minister Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafiire to beef up the security of Mary Begumisa, the Ssembabule district woman Member of Parliament (MP) and her family over several death threats from health junior minister Anifa Kawooya Bangirana.

    Among told parliament that on several occasions, Begumisa has been in her office kneeling and pleading with her to give her an opportunity to raise her matter on the floor of parliament against Minister Kawooya until Thursday morning when she blamed her for being compromised to deny her the opportunity to raise her matter.

    “She cried and also said that I was also compromised not to allow her to speak, I said no this house is yours, you come and speak whatever you want to speak.

    Last week I thought that this issue will be resolved when I told the government chief whip and the Leader of the Opposition to resolve the issue of Hon. Namugga because it is the same issue but nothing has been resolved,” Among said.

    Among was responding to Begumisa’s submission during which she accused minister Kawooya of harassing her, her family members and her supporters because they are against her move to subdivide Ssembabule district to create another district.

    Begumisa told parliament that Kawooya told her supporters that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni directed cabinet to divide Ssembabule into two districts in the interest of implementing the ongoing Parish Development model as a tool to fight poverty in the region.

    She explained that those who protested her move are being imprisoned while others are on the run including Begumisa’s husband who is always hiding in her car.

    However, Among told parliament that minister Kawooya doesn’t have powers to create new districts because even the local government minister does not have such powers.

    She added that it was resolved to halt the creation of new administrative units like the one Minister Kawooya is fighting for.

    She directed with immediate effect the minister of lands to go to Ssembabule district to stop the demarcation of the boundaries which is allegedly going on because it is illegal.

    Justine Kasule Lumumba, the Minister for General Duties in the Prime Minister’s office, on behalf of the government promised that Begumisa’s security will be beefed it up. She advised women leaders to stop fighting in public because it is shameful.

    She promised to talk to Minister Kawooya.

    Lumumba asked the speaker to also give Kawooya the opportunity to defend herself concerning the allegations brought against her.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Minister Betty Among Successfully Kicks Byarugaba Out Of NSSF; Patrick Ayota Eats Big, Replaces Former Boss…



    Minister Amongi (L) and former NSSF boss Richard Byarugaba (inset L) and his successor Patrick Ayota (inset R)

    Minister for Gender, Labour and Social Development, Betty Among has succeeded in kicking out National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Managing Director Richard Byarugaba.

    According to a July 22 letter, Betty Amongi, the co-political overseer of the Fund with Finance Minister, Matia Kasaija, noted that under the Public Service Standing Order and NSSF Human Resource Policy, Mr. Byarugaba should have automatically retired on clocking 60 years.

    “You have, however, not officially retired although, by law, your retirement is mandatory and automatic upon attainment of the retirement age of 60 years,” Amongi wrote to Byarugaba.

    She further warned that all actions he takes now, on behalf of the Fund are not protected by any law and can be challenged.

    “This is dangerous for the operations of the Fund and I cannot continue to put the Fund at risk without addressing the matter.”

    The Chairman NSSF Board of Directors, Patrick Ocailap also released a letter appointing Patrick Ayota as Deputy Managing Director.

    “In accordance with Section 39 and 40 of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Act (Cap222), as amended, the Board of Directors submitted its recommendations to the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development (the Minister) for the appointment of a Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director,” the letter read.

    “This is to inform NSSF members, stakeholders and the public as follows; Patrick Ayota has been appointed Deputy Managing Director for five-year period with effect from 30th November 2022.”

    Ocailap added that the processes leading to the appointment of the Managing Director have taken longer.

    “In the interim, the Deputy Managing Director will caretake this office until these processes are concluded.”


    By Kalamira Hope


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