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UCU Don Who Snatched Woman From Businessman Speaks Out, Snatched Woman Denies Allegations That She Stole Don From Another Woman



L-R: Wasswa, Nanyondo and Ssembatya (inset)

Uganda Christian University (UCU) don who is battling in Court over a woman he snatched from a city businessman has given his co-man two weeks to finish him completely.

Dr. Richard Ssembatya, a top lecture at UCU, Nkozi university and Mbarara university faced off with Waswa at Mwanga 11 Magistrates Court. Dr. Ssembatya warned Wasswa that in two weeks, he will no longer be disturbing his life with his new catch, who is a former girlfriend to Wasswa.

Sembatya said that he is tired of being humiliated by Wasswa, who was is very good friend, that he stole his girlfriend Sumayiya Nanyondo and betrayed their longtime friendship.

“You man (Wasswa) Why don’t you leave us and give us space, you have spoilt my name and you are still following me and her (Nanyondo). Ok, you are saying that she introduced you to her parents but be mature and leave her alone otherwise I will deal with you seriously I am telling you,” Sembatya told Wasswa on the steps on Mwanga 11 court. Ssembatya told Wasswa to admit that  Nanyondo is no longer his wife.

When asked about his relationship with Nanyondo, Ssembatya first refused to speak to us because Nanyondo was around, he told us: “you write what you want to write but what you should know is that I and her are one,” Sembatya said. When Nanyondo left, Sembatya revealed to us that its true they were friends with Wasswa but they got a misunderstanding when Wasswa started suspecting that he was vibing Nanyondo, who was selling timber in Bwaise and was living with Wasswa.

He said that when Wasswa became suspicious about his closeness with Nanyondo, she got into a misunderstanding with Ssembatya and they later separated, and now everybody is on their own right now.

We further asked him why he always moves with military men, he denied moving with UPDF officers and tried to run away from us. We also asked him about his relationship with Nanyondo, who was a known girlfriend to his nemesis Wasswa.

He disclosed that Wasswa never introduced him to Nanyondo. He however refused to tell us how he met her, he instead insisted that they are just business partners. He failed to tell us the type of business he deals in with Nanyondo and ran to his car.  We managed to speak to Nanyondo who was hiding behind Steven Yiga, a lecture at Nkozi University and a friend to Ssembatya.

Nanyondo admitted that she once had a relationship with Wasswa but they separated. She disclosed that right now, she is with Ssembatya. “What you must know and understand is that we are in a relationship,” Nanyondo confirmed.

However, she denied Wasswa’s claims that he established for her a timber business in Bwaise before Ssembatya snatched her and rented for her a ‘muzigo’ in Bulenga. When pinned that she stole another woman’s man, Nanyondo said that she didn’t know that Ssembatya was married and she doesn’t need to know.

Ssembatya is married to Sylvia Zawedde, a lecture at Nkozi University and the two have three children.  The prosecution is expected to start its case on 12th –November -2018 before his worship Julius Mwesigwa.


By Jamil Lutakome



Finally, The Thief’s 40 Days Are Over: Tycoon Don Izo Picked Like A Chicken Thief Hiding In The Ceiling After Conning Over 20 Billion Shillings



Security has arrested socialite Isaac Nduhukire Nasser alias Don Nasser Izo for allegedly conning over 30 billion shillings from different business people.

Don Nasser was picked hiding in ceiling by the time of his arrest. It is alleged that he conned over $10m this year from different people.

Among them included a one Johnny Hill, an American who says he sealed a deal with Nasser that required him to supply 75kg of raw gold at $1.5m (approximately UGX 5.5Billion). Nasser disappeared with the money which forced Hill to hire Interpol to look for him.

“I came to Kampala on February 19 with Massy Mastula, my girlfriend and met Don Izo (Nasser) who told me that he had a connection with gold mines, we talked about it and became partners in business. Nasser told me that the suppliers had given him 72Kgs of gold to sell at market price..Nasser told me that taxes and workers had to be paid, taxes alone were 525,000 dollars. I went to my bank account, messed up my credit card, took a personal loan and sent money through Western Union and I gave him $280,000 cash money,” Hill said.

Hill also supplied copies as evidence to show how transferred money to Don Izo. He added that he has opened up a case of fraud against him.

Hill becomes the third victim to conned by Nasser and joins a Dubai businesswoman who cried foul after losing over $5.5M (nearly 18.8 Billion Uganda Shillings) in a similar scam orchestrated by the self-proclaimed Don and another Ugandan lady who also lost USD 360,000 (nearly 1.3 Billion Uganda Shillings).

Don Nasser is known in town for splashing money and driving expensive rides. He dated tycoon Mutaasa Kaferro’s daughter, a one Mastulla Kafeero and the two departed bitterly due to alleged infidelity and alcoholism from the Mastulla.


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British Nigerian Arrested For Conning Millions Of Cash From Over 200 Ugandans



Jinja Road Police has arrested 44-year-old British Nigerian Charles Nwabuikwu Lambert for the second time in a period of four months on allegations of fleecing money from unsuspecting Ugandans in a grand scam.

Charles Nwabuikwu Lambert, the director of Development Channel, was first arrested on 23rd August 2018 by Kira Road Police after angry employees from various transport companies tried to set ablaze one of the premises owned by Development Channel and also trying to lynch over their unpaid arrears.

Richard Kimuli Ssenoga the head of transporters told police that, Development Channel had since February 2018 hired a total of 63 PRADO SUVs to ferry various dignitaries around different parts of Uganda promising the owners daily income of 150000/=.

Lambart sweating like a he goat

Upon his first arrest, Mr. Lambert paid a sum of 17 million and agreed to pay the remaining balance in a period of 2 months which he failed to adhere to hence accumulating to 213 million Uganda shillings as of today 20th November 2018.

His yesterday evening was sparked off as a result of a number of unfruitful excuses fed to the angry creditors by the company director hence a consequent response by Jinja Road Police to solve the concern.

Development Channel has been running a complex scheme under the guise of a poverty alleviation company aimed at empowering Africans with a lifetime payment in a ruse designed to defraud victims located throughout Uganda.

Shock befell the aggrieved clients when they found out that the Bukoto based company Offices had been closed down and all properties sold out. Its indeed true that thousands of Ugandan citizens had been duped into investing in this scam business.

Sharon Nakkazi, a 24-year-old marketeer told police that she paid a sum of 270$ for a No Drop Out tablet in January 2018 and was promised a guaranteed monthly payment of US$ 100 for the rest of her life. However, she had taken (10) months without receiving the promised dividends on her account, she decided to open up a case of obtaining money by false pretenses on SD REF 64/21/09/2018.

In a verbal statement, Mr. Nwabuikwuhe stated that his company had been paying off money to old members through the cash injected by new recruits.

Over 200 complainants were registered yesterday at different police stations which include Jinja Road Police, Kira Road Police, Katwe Police Station and CPS Kampala requesting for police intervention in the process of recovering their lost monies and proper justice against the people that take advantage of the poverty-stricken citizens.

A GEF 07/2018 was opened up at Jinja Road Police Station to investigate the claims by various complainants. This brings it to two general inquiry files opened up against the suspect in a period of four months. Another GEF 30/2018 is still under inquiry at Kira Road Division and other isolated cases at various police stations in Kampala Metropolitan Area.

Nwabuikwu is currently detained at Jinja Road Police Station.


Additional information from Kampala Metropolitan Police


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City Businessman Shumuk Arrested for Forging CJ Katureebe’s Signature To Steal The Late Boney Katatumba’s Properties



City businessman Mukesh Shukla aka Shumuk has been arrested for forging the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe’s signature on documents he used to steal the late Boney Katatumba’s properties.

Mukesh has been detained at Jinja road police station and is to appear at Buganda Road Court at 9am Tuesday, 20th November 2018.

Cases Numbers;

  1. CID HQ GEF 1089/2017 – Forgery
  1. CID HQ LPPU GEF 189/2017 – Threatening Violence, Stealing Titles.

We will keep you posted.


By Mboowa Nathan


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