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    Ugandans Are Not Your Slaves, If You Don’t Release Our People We Shall Take The Matter To The Public Court –Bobi Wine Tells Museveni…



    Bobi Wine (L) inset are some of the family members of the abducted and jailed NUP supporters

    National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has assured president Yoweri Museveni that he should release all Ugandans who were abducted by security forces and those in jail, or else he will take the matter to the Public Court.

    Bobi Wine made the remarks today at the NUP headquarters in Kamwokya, Kampala, where he was addressing relatives, children, parents and families of his supporters who were abducted and those currently languishing in prisons across the country.

    Bobi Wine, who recently withdrew the petition he had filed in the Supreme Court challenging president Yoweri Museveni’s re-election for the sixth term, said that Ugandans are not Museveni’s slaves and that if he doesn’t release all the NUP supporters currently in detention, they (NUP leadership) will be forced to take the matter to the public court.

    He said; “I want you all to know that Museveni ordered for the abduction of your children. If we do not get justice for our people that were abducted and arrested, we will bring the matter to you, the people’s court. If we call upon you, rise up in numbers and we demand for our children, our husbands, wives, and friends.”

    Bobi Wine added that; “Museveni, we are not your slaves. The rights we are demanding are ours, clearly written in the constitution, it is not a favour.”

    Commenting about the same event on Facebook, Bobi Wine stated thus; “We just had a very moving session of prayers for our comrades who are under detention, those in hospital, those who were abducted by the state and are still missing and those who were murdered by the state. I am motivated by the strength of their families and relatives. Museveni can torture and oppress us but he surely cannot break our resolve to pursue a better country. We know that God is on our side.”

    Speaking at the same event, Joel Ssenyonyi, the NUP spokesperson said that their objective was registering, identifying and commiserating with the families of the affected Ugandans.

    “We want to identify with the victims. We also continue to demand their release from prison because they are not criminals. They were only arrested because they chose to support a change agent,” Ssenyonyi said.

    According to Bobi Wine, hundreds of his supporters and  NUP well-wishers are languishing in jails and safe houses around the country, others are missing, while some have turned up dead after being tortured for days.

    Besides those who were abducted, there is another category of Bobi Wine supporters in various jails, among them being his singing partner Ali Buken aka Nubian Li, his personal bodyguard  Eddie  Ssebuuwufu aka Eddie Mutwe, plus others who are remanded at Kitalya prison.

    Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe and 34 others are facing charges in the General Court Martial of allegedly being in possession of a gun and ammunition, which they allegedly committed on January 3, 2021, yet they were arrested on December 30, 2020, in Kalangala District, where they had gone to be part of Bobi Wine’s campaign trail.

    In other words, this means that they are in jail for a crime they  committed several days after their arrest and detention, something that has since tickled the common sense of many Ugandans, as they wonder how possible this is.


    By Grapevine Reporter



    M7 Urges Ugandans To Study European History



    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has urged Ugandans to study European history in order to gain relevant knowledge to develop the country.

    Museveni, who was represented by Vice President Jessica Alupo, made the statement at a symposium to address the role of universities in responding to Africa’s problems and development needs. The symposium was held on March 30th at Makerere University.

    Museveni told Ugandans to study European history and get exposed to the world.

    “Have seen some people saying what is the use of studying European History. It is very important to study European History cause when you know about the world, it is like a laboratory. You can know how the world is and how society evolves,” he said.

    Museveni said Africans should borrow good ideas from the Europeans and have them implemented in their own countries.

    He also expressed his dismay with colonial influence that is washing away the African culture and values. He said Africans are buying ‘acids’ to bleach themselves due to colonial influence.

    Museveni further said that University education must help Africas regain their confidence.

    “The education system or university education must put confidence back into the African people,” he said.

    The president also urged universities to incorporate integration in the scope of what they teach to students. He said universities should not teach economics without integration or political science without regional integration.

    Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, Makerere University’s vice chancellor urged the government to prioritise postgraduate studies, saying that these help countries transform faster.

    “Economies of countries are transformed much faster if you have a mass of PhD and masters’ graduates,” he said.

    According to Nawangwe, postgraduate students are able to conduct research that leads to national transformation.

    Makerere University will in the next academic year cut the number of undergraduate students to create space for postgraduate and PhD students.

    The institution has also called upon government to increase sponsorship slots for postgraduate students. This is aimed at turning Makerere University into a research led institution.

    By Nickson Maberi


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    Karamoja Iron Sheets Protest: Eight Remanded To Luzira Prison



    Court has remanded a total of eight youths to Luzira prison who were involved in a protest on Tuesday calling for the arrest of ministers involved in the Karamoja iron sheets scandal.

    The eight were arrested along Ben Kiwanuka Street as they called for the arrest and persecution of those involved in the Karamoja Iron Sheets Scandal.

    These include Kawooya Sharif, Ssegawa Shafik, Bukenya Moses, Ndyasiima Nelson, Matanda Augustine, Nayebare Gilbert, Najjume Sanyu and Ssemakula Teddy.

    The eight, who allege to be victims of torture, were arraigned before court and remanded to Luzira prison till April 12th, 2023. The group is accused of assaulting a police officer ASP Flavia Musimenta.

    Police on Monday said it was concluding investigations of ministers involved in the Karamoja iron sheets scandal.


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    Minister Rusoke Endorses ‘Jajja Tova Ku Main’ Campaign



    The Minister of State for Local Government Hon. Rusoke Victoria has endorsed the ‘Jajja Tova Ku Main’ campaign and urged Ugandans to rally behind president Museveni and make him president again in 2026.

    Rusoke said during the launch of the disbursement of Parish Development Model (PDM) funds to beneficiaries in Lwengo District that Museveni is the only leader that has shown love to the people of Uganda.

    Rusoke told Lwengo residents that by voting Museveni again in 2026, they will make it possible for him to continue with the implementation of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) manifesto.
    The beneficiaries were selected from 43 out of 45 Parishes in Lwengo District.

    The ‘Jajja Tova Ku Main’ is a campaign manned by youth across the country with an aim of promoting Museveni’s 2026 Presidential candidature.

    Mr Kitatta Ibrahim Almalik, the Lwengo District LCV Chairman hailed the regime for remaining truthful to its core Ideological principles of Nationalism, Pan Africanism, Social Economic Transformation and Democracy.

    Kitatta said the Parish Development Model will help households overcome poverty through establishing income generating projects using the PDM funds.



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