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Ugandan’s Blasting Besigye For Telling Lies Have Memory Lapse, We Have Ourselves To Blame That M7 Is Still Here – Makerere University Councillor



Makerere University Councillor Doreen Nyanjura has blasted Ugandans who are calling former president for Forum for Democratic Change Dr. Kiiza Besigye a liar.

Earlier today, a section of Ugandans took to social media and blasted Besigye for making endless prophecys of Museveni leaving power yet he (Museveni) is consolidating his stay.

Nyanjura, who is a die hard Besigye and FDC supporter reminded Ugandans that Besigye is in opposition to see M7 gone, and they have been voting for him because they want to see change. Below is Nyanjura’s post:

“I see some Ugandans with memory laps accusing Dr Kizza Besigye for telling ‘lies’ about M7’s exit in 2006, 2011 and 2016! They accuse Besigye of promising a tsunami, they accuse him of assuring Masaka people that they would witness M7’s departure.

The reason Besigye is in opposition is indeed to see M7 gone, the reason you and me are in the opposition is to see change. You vote for Besigye because you want to see change.

Who would not expect M7 not to be defeated with the numbers that turn up during KB’s rallies? Who would not expect a tsunami when we see M7 desperately paying, bribing and ferrying people to attend his rallies? Who would not expect a tsunami under the current high unemployment rates, high economic prices, land grabbing, nepotism, poverty etc?.

I am still confident, Masaka people will witness his exit.

Fighting for change is not an individual responsibility, is it not ashame that with all the over stinking challenges, we can afford to sit on social media and in front of TV sets and expect full realization of the tsunami to emanate from Besigye alone?

After the 2001 elections, Dr Kizza Besigye was incarcerated permanently at his home, they accused him of forming a rebel group, his life was in danger, many lives were lost. By the grace of God, he escaped to exile. What role did you play after Besigye was forced to exile?

When he returned from exile in 2005, he was imprisoned, charged with rape, treason, murder etc. The temple of justice was raped by the popular black mambas that rearrested KB and his co accused after they were granted bail. He was nominated while in jail. We all know KB won the 2006 election, that wasn’t KB’s victory, it was our victory and we ought to have fought for it until the end.

After the 2011 elections, A walk to work campaign was introduced, KB was at the front line, KB was even shot at, his car was smashed, he was spread with deadly chemicals. The Mulago arrest was such a horror!

KB won the 2016 elections, we was sworn in as the legitimate winner of the elections. Social media was switched off as soon as the video of his swearing in was released. He was brutally arrested, airlifted to Karamoja prison where he survived an assassination. No one was allowed in court during the mention of the charges. He was airlifted from Karamoja to Luzira Maximum Prison and his case transferred to Nakawa court, there were even attempts of transferring the case to Luzira prison in order to isolate him from the public and his supporters.

I vividly and painfully remember how KB used to be transported like a caged dog from Luzira prison to Nakawa court. The caged car had three different caged compartments and KB would be incarcerated in the centre cage, all the compartments would be locked with heavy paddocks.

During his Nakawa appearances, court would start at 7;00am not the official 9;00am! He would appear alone with his tormentors.

When he was finally granted bail, KB made it categorically clear that he had won the elections and he had the evidence which he was ready to produce in court. He went ahead to assure the chief Magistrate that he will was never appear in court again, he said M7 was the supposed to be in the dock answering treason charges because he committed treason by swearing in and yet he had not won the election. Indeed KB has never gone back to Court.

All I am saying is that KB has never let us down, he has always led us, we have ourselves to blame that M7 is still here. Besigye alone can’t defeat an armed ruthless dictator, we have a role to play.

I applaud several Ugandans who like KB have been at the fore front of the struggle.”



Besigye Announces New Cabinet Without Bobi Wine, Appoints Lukwago As Vice President, Vows To Kick Museveni Out Of State House By The End Of This Year



Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president who also doubles the president of the people’s government president, Dr. Kizza Besigye has today announced his cabinet ministers including a number of politicians without Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu.

While addressing a number of politicians from different political parties at Wasswa Brigwa’s beach in Busabala, Wakiso district, Besigye announced the Lord mayor of Kampala district Ssalongo Erias Lukwaago as his vice president in the people’s government.

Besigye also announced a number of activities aimed at forcing president Museveni and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party out of State House before the end of this year.

“This is the right time for this man to go. This strategy is aimed at taking over State House and this is the real time,” Besigye said.

Before announcing the cabinet ministers, Besigye said that his cabinet will not work alone. All government business will be done by a number of people and their job will be to set up standards of leadership. He also added that there will be a presidential council which will be advising and managing all political matters.

Among those appointed in the presidential council include Amb. Wasswa Birigwa, the Chairperson, Eng. Patrick Oboi Amuriat, Hon. Ken Lukyamuzi the man and Hon. Betty Aol Ochan.

Other Cabinet and State Ministers are:

1.Vice President: Ssalongo Erias Lukwaago

2.Prime minister: Hon.Salam Musumba

Deputy:  Ibrahim Semujju

3.Speaker: Oduma Okello

Deputy: Cissy Nabatanzi Ssempa.

Ministers and State ministers accordingly.

4.Presidency: Wafula Ogutu

State:  Francis Mwejukye

5.Internal Affairs: Ingrid Turinawe

State: Mubarak Munyagwa selunga

6.Finance: Nandala Mafaabi

State: Wilberforce Kyambadde

7.Local government: Nabbosa Joyce sebugwaawo

State: Harlod Kaija

8.Trade and industry

State: Kasibante Moses

State: Kaginda Mugume Roland

9.Works and Transport: Akolo Frank

State: Hon.Onzug

10.Information Kampala.Nambooze Bakireke

State: Okello Kennedy

11.Youths and Sports: Allan Sewanyana

12.Tourism: Doreen Nyanjura

13.Water and Transport: Ann Adeke.

In his speech, the Lord mayor Erias Lukwaago said that this is the right way to go. Lukwago warned that the opposition should prepare well knowing that they can win Mr. Museveni even if an election is held today.

However, Lukwago said that he doubts if Museveni can accept to hold an election unless he is put under some pressure.


By Mboowa Nathan


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MP Kyanjo Rushed To India With Level Four Cancer, Cautions Opposition – Don’t Cry, Keep Strong, One Soldier Down Should Not Break The Struggle, Never Sell Out To The Enemy, Keep Fighting



Former Makindye West MP Hussein Kyanjo has today been rushed to India for medication after he was diagnosed with cancer at Level Four.

Kyanjo, who was once a very vibrant shadow minister in charge of the Presidency graced the 8th and 9th Parliament. During his five years in the 8th Parliament, the Makindye West legislator was one of the most vibrant politicians through the now banned open air live broadcast radio debates popularly known as Bimeeza. He had metamorphosed into one of the finest and some would say hardest hitting legislators Uganda has known.

Kyanjo recently travelled to South Africa and London hospitals where doctors told him his condition could have been caused by any of three factors, an inheritance of the disease, effects of a serious accident or poison.

Since returning in 2014, Kyanjo has kept a low profile while receiving serious treatment from local doctors.

Different opposition members have come out to commiserate with the soft-spoken legislator.

Harold Kaija, the FDC deputy Secretary General said, “We shared an emotional talk this morning and his message was; “Don’t cry, keep strong. One soldier down should not break the struggle. For that loss does not in any way strengthen the enemy. He will collapse. I know that many people are hungry for property like land and arcades. They will go with nothing. I only ask u that never sell out to the enemy, keep fighting.”

Hon. Kyanjo is my idol, friend, mentor and Big brother. I ask God for once, pliz give us a MIRACLE. Give Kyanjo more life to see the change he worked for.

Colleagues let’s put him in our prayers and show him love. I am broken but the good thing is that he is strong amidst the pain he is going through.”

Mukono municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakireke said, “Put a prayer through for Hussein Kyanjo… God Lord, do us a miracle… The great soldier leaves today for India after being diagnosed with Cancer….Let this medical journey be done triumphantly…..I know that in most cases….the darkest hour of the night is the first hour of the new day. I have talked to Kyanjo and though he is in pain he sounded firm,strong and trusting in Allah the most gracious.

When someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, it is hard to know what to say. That’s okay… but Experts tell us that the worst you can do is to say nothing. If you are open and honest with the person you love, a simple text message or short email may remind them that they are in your thoughts. Let’s kindly show Kyanjo love at this greatest hour of test in his life. Lord hear us.”


By Doreen Menezer


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As Opposition Members Fight Among Themselves, Museveni Is Laying Strategies For 2021, Meets Kabaka



As Bobi Wine, Besigye and his other rivals are busy forming reunions and fighting amongst themselves, President Museveni has started laying strategies for 2021.

President Museveni met the Kabaka at his palace in Banda, Nakawa Division.

“I paid a courtesy call on my brother, His Highness Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, at his palace in Banda, Wakiso District. I thank him for the invitation.

We held a cordial meeting where we agreed that all pending issues involving the kingdom’s property, land and financial arrears be resolved soonest. I thank the Kabaka for the hospitality extended to my entourage and myself,” the president wrote on his social media pages.

During times like these (towards the elections) president Museveni normally meets traditional leaders. Recently, he held a meeting with the Omukama of Tooro Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru IV..


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