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    Unmasking Derrick Noah Luggya, The Assassin Who Killed Buganda Kingdom Clan Head Bbosa: Locals Narrate How He Has Been Enjoying Beautiful Girls In City Bars, Snatching Married Women; Deceased’s Daughter Recounts How Killers Assassinated Her Father…



    Edward Ssenkumba, the Local Council Chairman of Bulange A Zone Lubaga Division, a Kampala City suburb has narrated how one of the assassins who killed Omutaka Eng. Daniel Bbosa Lwomwa the head of Buganda Kingdom’s Endiga (Sheep) clan has been enjoying life.

    Exclusively speaking to theGrapevine, Ssenkumba revealed that one of the assassins, who is currently fighting for his life in Mulago hospital, is a resident of his Zone.

    Senkumba narrated that last year, this assassin went to his office seeking for his help to process some documents which he wanted to take to the Office of the Administrator General.

    He wanted to use the documents to seek for permission to start managing his mother’s estate.

    “I asked him a number of questions concerning his mother and the estate he wanted to manage. From his response, I realized that he wanted to illegally secure Powers of Attorney and sell his mother’s properties without thinking about his mother’s other children. I told him to go back and bring his siblings as a condition if he is to get my recommendation. Surprisingly, he never came back to my office over the matter,” Ssenkumba said.

    When we asked him to tell us the assassin’s name, Ssenkumba said that he only remembers him as Derrick and his mother was called Auntie Lilian and she had rentals in the same area. She died in 2021.

    Police spokesperson, Commissioner of Police Fred Enanga confirmed the assassin’s name as Derick Noah  Luggya. He is currently admitted at Mulago National hospital receiving medical treatment.

    theGrapevine has exclusively established that over 20 commandos have been deployed at Mulago hospital Casualty ward to keep their eyes on Luggya so that no one helps him to escape.

    The chairperson revealed that Luggya is a bodaboda cyclist at Salaam boda stage and he has been commanding a deadly criminal gang which uses guns to terrorise people in the areas of Mengo, Kisenyi and Lungujja.

    When asked why he did not report the allegations to security so that they follow up the matter, he defended himself that his local council convened and discussed the matter but they failed have enough evidence to pin the suspect.

    He narrated that among the crowd that came to see the bodaboda cyclists and other people beating Derrick after he pulled the trigger and killed Bbosa were three women who tried to calm the charged crowd that the person they were beating was a resident of the area.

    “I told those women to keep quiet because I was very sure that the angry mob were going to turn on them. I even advised them to leave the place which they did,” Ssenkumba said.

    When we asked him about Luggya’s lifestyle, Ssenkumba disclosed that he was told that even his boda boda colleagues on Salaam stage always wondered where he got all the money he used on clubbing with different young girls in bars.

    He also narrated that Luggya was in the habit of sleeping with married women after promising them money, “those people at New Best Hotel in Busega know him very well given that he has been a regular customer there,” the chairperson said.

    However he distanced himself from knowing the other assassin who was killed at the scene of crime by the irate mob who saw them assassinating Bbosa who was driving from Mukono district to preside over a clan ceremony.

    Enanga named the killed assassin as Enock Serunkuuma. The third person assassin is still at large after escaping the mob.

    Ssenkumba revealed that Bbosa has been a longtime friend to him and by the time of his death, he has been constructing a factory in Bulange.

    The deceased recently told him that his life was in danger after unknown people started trailing him.

    Ssenkumba divulged that the late narrated to him how he found people trying to access his gate on three occasions but they took off when they saw his car.

    He informed his other friends including members who sit on the clan leadership committee.

    A Buganda Kingdom clan head who has been a close friend to the deceased told theGrapeine that in 2023, he intimated to him how he survived being poisoned.

    The deceased had just recently lost a case in Buganda cultural Court (Kkooti ya kisekwa) which declared that he illegally occupied the Endiga clan head office.

    He appealed to King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi and by the time of his death, the King who in such cases Is the supreme court had not yet delivered his judgment over the appeal.

    Sources in Buganda Kingdom clan heads council told theGrapevine that Bbosa’s opponents lost hope of winning the appeal because the deceased was a close friend to Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga and has been the treasurer to Buganda Kingdom clan heads council.

    As the council executive, they were expecting to meet Mayiga even though there is a section of clan heads who are protesting the meeting insisting that instead of wasting their time on meeting Mayiga, they should meet the King himself because they have a lot of issues they need to discuss with him as a person and the corporation sole cultural leader of Buganda Kingdom.

    There is a section of Endiga clan members who have been accusing Bbosa of illegally selling their clan land and sharing the money with members who sit on his executive.

    Peace Nambaale the daughter to the deceased


    Peace Nambaale who was seated in the co-driver’s seat when Bbosa was attacked has told theGrapevine he fathre’s last five minutes after the attack.

    She confirmed that she is a granddaughter to the deceased and she was the one instructed to travel with him together with other family members whenever he is going on long distance journeys given that she is the one who understood him very well.

    Nambaale narrated that her role was to open for the deceased water whenever he felt thirty, advising him on when to take his medicine, pick his phone calls and talk to people who wanted to talk to him while he was driving.

    She disclosed that they were three occupants in the vehicle Toyota Land Cruiser registration number UAH 637X and they were driving from Mukono district where the deceased had just presided over a clan cultural ceremony.

    She told this website that she was the first to see the assassins

    “I told him that I was scared after seeing some suspicious people driving behind us,” Nambaale said.

    She added that within two to three minutes, they heard a bullet from behind the car and the deceased reduced the speed of the car.

    The assassins then parked their bodaboda in front of their car and one of them jumped off and shot at him randomly. The bullets hit the deceased’s check, mouth and the eye.

    Nambaale narrated that the wife to the deceased who was seated behind started screaming and calling Jesus’ name.

    The assailants then jumped on their bodaboda and took off.

    Enanga said that the bodaboda used to carry out the crime had a forged number UEX 754E


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    Prisoner Escape Scare Forces Dr. Byabashaija To Deploy PSSU Commandos At Jinja Prison…



    The inmates who tried to escape from Jinja Court. On the right is prisons boss Dr. Johnson Byabashaija

    Uganda Prisons Services under the Command of Prisons Commissioner General Dr. Johnson Byabashaija has deployed Prisons deadly Prison’s Special Service Unit (PSSU) to take charge of inmates at Jinja government prison.

    The deadly PSSU soldiers are currently in charge of the prison’s tower where sharp shooters are stationed 24 hours to supervise the entire movements of inmates and are allowed to shoot and kill any inmates who try to escape from prison.

    PSSU Commandos are also responsible for escorting prisoners from both Jinja Main prison where deadly criminals like terrorists, murderers, armed robberies are detained from and those of Jinja Remmand where inmates with minor offences are detained from.

    Highly placed sources in prison service told theGrapevine that PSSU are highly trained commandos compared to SFC Commandos who protect President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, his family members and other State privileged installations.

    He added that the PSSU Commandos are the ones in control of Luzira Upper prison security, especially the tower and that of Murchison bay.

    The development to deploy PSSU at Jinja prisons comes months after inmates tried to escape from a prison officer who escorted them to Jinja court.

    Abel Muwanika Abel alias Abusale (27) was shot several times while escaping, he was rushed to hospital where he died from.

    Ashiraf Senora alias Vampire (25) who was with him when trying to escape survived with bullet injuries and was slapped with other criminal charges related to escaping from prison.

    Both were facing charges of aggravated robbery and prisons spokesperson Afande Frank Baine praised the prison’s officers for preventing the escape.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    More Suspects Arrested Over Equity Bank Multi Million Fraud…



    Godfrey Mukwaya (R) and Robert Mugumya (L)

    Two men have been arrested and detained over alleged fraud in regard to loss of billions of shillings in unsecured loans from Equity bank.

    Police detectives on Thursday evening arrested Godfrey Mukwaya and Robert Mugumya former employees of Airtel Uganda and detained them at Kampala Central Police Station (CPS).

    The duo, according to Police detectives, are facing fraud related charges of causing financial loss to the bank.

    Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed the arrest explaining that they were detained at CPS as the investigation continues.

    He added that the suspects have been slapped with charges of causing financial loss to the bank.

    “I can confirm that the two men are in our custody but I will not give you details because I do not want to jeopardize the investigations” he said in an interview with this website.

    Police detectives revealed that Mukwaya, a former sales manager at Airtel Uganda used different people to open up bank accounts through which the bank was defrauded of more than Shs10bn.

    According to the detectives, Mugumya is linked to 179 fictitious companies that were created to defraud Equity bank using different persons to obtain more than Shs35bn.

    Information available on YouTube channels indicate that Mugumya is the proprietor of Stab group of companies which comprises of mobile money outlets, mobile banking, hotels and a hospital.

    The arrest of Mugumya and Mukwaya brings the number of people arrested over fraud in connection with acquisition of unsecured loans by unqualified persons to seven.

    Last month (March 20, 2024) a group of five people including employees of Equity Bank in Uganda were remanded over accusations of money laundering in regard to disbursement of Shs62bn of unsecured loans to unqualified persons.

    The group was arraigned before the Anticorruption Magistrates Court on charges of obtaining credit by false pretense, money laundering and conspiracy to defraud.

    Those on remand include: the head of Agency Banking at Equity Bank,  Julius Musiime; Erina Nabisubi, a relationship manager for telecom; Fred Semwogerere (Banker), Tumuhimbise Crescent Tibarwesereka (relationship officer) and Wycliff Asiimwe a distribution and marketing consultant with a microfinance facility.

    Prosecution alleges that between the year 2021 and 2024 at Equity Bank in Kampala City, Nabisubi, being a personally employed as a relationship manager in charge of Telecom incurred a debt of Shs6.55 billion from Equity bank falsely representing that the loans were being applied for by Najjemba Gladys who she fronted as having fulfilled the bank requirements for accessing the loans whereas not.

    State contends that Nabisubi incurred a debt of Shs300m from Equity Bank falsely representing that the loans were being applied for by Nagawa Latiffa who she fronted as having fulfilled the bank requirement for accessing the loans whereas not.

    It is alleged that between 2021 and 2024 at Equity Bank headquarters situated at Church House in Kampala, Nabisubi intentionally impeded the establishment of the true ownership of Shs6.5bn which she fraudulently obtained from Equity Bank as loan through account number 1032100370335 in the name of Najjemba Gladys purporting that the said funds were applied for by Najjemba Gladys as a loan whereas not knowing that the said funds were a proceed of crime.

    State further alleges that Mr. Musiime intentionally concealed the true ownership of Shs18m which he received as gratification from Mutuuza Stella for having fraudulently processed a loan of Shs700 million from Equity Bank by requiring her to deposit the said gratification on the account number 1013101211316 in the name of Gilbert Rwaiheru Kiiza knowing that the said deposits were a proceed of crime.

    According to the charge sheet, in the year 2021 and 2024 at different places in Kampala and Wakiso districts,  Mr. Musiime, Nabisubi, Ssemwogerere, Tumuhimbise and Asiimwe conspired together to defraud Equity Bank of Shs62 billion by fraudulently causing the disbursement of unsecured loans to unqualified people.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Top Menzie Uganda Bosses Under Probe Over Allegations Of Sexually Harassing Female Staff, Human Trafficking…



    Some of the Menzies aviation staff, Inset is Joseph Abilla the Human Resource Manager

    Entebbe Handling Services Limited trading as Menzies Aviation top company management has kicked off investigations into allegations that some of their senior male staff are involved in sexually harassing young girls and women working under their supervision and human trafficking.

    An internal memo GM/11/03/24 dated 11th March 2024, seen by the might Grapevine to all staff, copied to General Manager Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) and other concerned authorities at Entebbe International Airport confirmed that there are ongoing investigations to put in line the accused sex predators.

    “Following the receipt of serious allegations and communications, we wish to appeal to all employees, our partners and the concerned parties for understanding as the Company takes all the necessary steps to conduct neutral investigations as required by the law. We shall take every opportunity to update you on our progress regularly,” a statement reads in parts.

    It further revealed that the Company has suspended two employees mentioned in the whistleblower’s statements to pave way for investigations.

    The statement encouraged any employee with credible evidence which will help provide the investigation team to send it through

    “We remain committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and to provide a harmonious working environment free from harassment or intimidation for all of our employees. Let’s all work together to maintain a positive and productive work environment,” the statement further reads.

    theGrapevine has exclusively seen several complaints from female whistleblowers narrating how they made several attempts to reach out to Menzies Group top managers using its Speak Up portal to report the accused persons who were sexually exploiting young girls and women.

    The victims who are also staff of Menzies Uganda explained that their managers’ silence forced them to take their complaints to the Aviation community of Entebbe International Airport in an effort to end the rampant sexual harassment going on in their company.

    theGrapevine established that the Acting Station Manager, Peter Ochieng is one of the Company bosses suspended after a number of victims accused him that in different locations, he has been sexually harassing them.

    One whistleblower claims that Ochieng sexually harassed girls and women working under the passenger services department.

    They further accuse Ochieng of using the company’s unregulated contract workers’ policy to abuse staff by promising them permanent contracts and threatening them with imprisonment if they expose him hiding under the false premise of being a Chief of military intelligence (CMI) officer .

    theGrapevine established that Staff of the said company have been kept out of contract for more than two years which is illegal as per Uganda’s employment act.

    Some Whistleblowers added in their statements that their contracts were terminated when they refused to sleep with Ochieng.

    When one male staff tried to challenge Ochieng on sexually harassing young girls and women, his contract was terminated and he was replaced with another person.

    They added that only staff who covered him and praised him are the ones who he promptly gave permanent contracts in just three months after joining the company yet many staff spend two years after joining to be confirmed as permanent staff.

    The Whistleblowers also claim that there are top managers who are involved in human trafficking and they mostly traffic illegal immigrants out of the country.

    They promised to provide evidence on how a huge number of Ugandan girls are trafficked to Middle East countries in connivance with foreign Airline companies.

    The Whistleblowers claim that they reported Ochieng to the company’s Human Resource Manager but nothing was done.

    They added that Joseph Abilla the Human Resource Manager suppresses their complaints and even boasts to the complainants that as long as he is still the head of Menzies Human Resource manager Africa division, all complaints will be sent back to him regardless of how far they were sent.

    theGrapevine has exclusively established that Abilla is also under investigations over allegations of covering his senior assistant who has been involved in multiple cases of sexual misconduct.

    “He sleeps with the women and promises them jobs though in the end nothing materializes. The General Manager is never at the station to receive our complaints and any efforts to get in touch with him are blocked by the Human Resources Manager who insists that he is his representative,” one of the whistleblower’s statement reads in parts.

    theGrapevine made several attempts to talk to Ochieng and Abilla to comment on the allegations but all their known phone numbers were off and sources at the Entebbe International Airport said that they are out of the country.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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