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UNTOLD STORY: How Kaka’s Blue Eyed Boy Spied On Sheikh Kamoga’s Tabliq Community And Planned Move To Deliver William Street Mosque To Mubajje….



Hajji Ayub Nyende and Sheikh Mubajje (inset)

On Sunday morning, the Muslim community especially the Tabliq communities under their umbrella of the Jamiyyat Al-Dawat Assalafiyyah were shocked when their mosque, Masjid Noor along William Street in the city center was surrounded by security forces.

Patrick Onyango, the spokesperson of the Kampala Metropolitan police told this website that the deployment was to enforce the takeover of the mosque from the Tabliq community to the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) who are the registered owners of the property and custodians of Muslim properties.

Onyango further explained that they arrested 14 people who were trying to incite violence against the peaceful take over of the mosque.

It should be remembered that UMSC lost William Street mosque after the tabliq community led by incarcerated Sheikh Muhammad Yunus Kamoga, late Hassan Ibrahim Kirya, Sheikh Noor Muzata Batte accused Mubajje of selling the mosque to city tycoon Drake Lubega who wanted to build an arcade.

The battle ended in court but Mubajje was found not guilty.

Towards the 2016 General elections, President Yoweri Museveni compensated Drake Lubega all the money he used to buy the property including the losses he incurred when he was denied access to the contested property.

After compensating Lubega, a meeting was held at state house to decide who should be registered on the land title. It was agreed that the title be registered in the names of the UMSC but the President refused to give the land title to Mubajje and promise that he is going to keep it in a safe place.

After learning that the land title was registered in the names of the UMSC, Mubajje started strategizing on how he can take over the administration of the juicy prime property which has many shops and warehouses.

Multiple sources at UMSC told this website that Mubajje tried to compromise former Inspector General of police General Kale Kayihura to assist him to take over the property. Kayihura sent his blue eyed boy Abdullah Kittata who is a son-in law to Mubajje to evict the Tabliqs.

Kittata with the help of police officers from Kampala Central Police Station (CPS) commanded the attack to evict tabliqs from William Street but the attack was foiled by operatives from SFC, CMI and ISO who were under the direct command of Kayihura’s nemesis Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde who was the then Security Minister.

Sources added that Hajji Ayub Nyende, the General Secretary of the Tabliq community started plotting on how he could consolidate his power so that he is not evicted, he made an alliance with intelligence agencies including a one Hajji Musa Lukandwa, a blue eyed boy to Col. Frank Bagyenda Kaka the commandant of ISO.

Lukandwa used his position as the Kampala UMSC General Secretary to coordinate negotiations between Tabliq community and UMSC.

Sheikh Kamoga was briefed on whatever was going on.

Kamoga later reached an agreement with Nyende to share the money they collected from William Street.

Sources further revealed that Mubajje’s UMSC was later hit by a serious financial crisis, they could not even pay their water and electricity bills.

Mubajje ran to Nyende for help but he kept tossing him around.

“That man Nyende is a liar and I am very sure that if Kamoga was out, Sunday’s incident would not have happened. Mufti went to him for financial assistance, he asked him for the account where he can deposit both electricity and water payments because he feared that they may mismanage the money if he gave him cash. Both accounts were given to him but he didn’t deposit the money like he had promised. The mufti was very annoyed and reported the matter to Sheikh Kamoga in prison,” one of the secretaries to Mubajje revealed.

He added that from that day, the two started laying strategies on how to evict Nyende from William Street.

They agreed with security agencies that to avoid violence, the takeover of the mosque should be done during the Covid19 lockdown.

Sources at Nakasero mosque, the headquarters of the Tabliq community told this website that when Nyende leant of the UMSC attack, he tried to talk to his men in security but they were already compromised by Lukandwa and no one was willing to help him.

Sources added that a panicky Nyende tried to incite tabliq youths under their umbrella (Zivugidewa) to help him fight for their property but many of them were too far and others feared being re-arrested since some had just been released from prison on terrorism related charges.

Those close told him that they cannot help him because he has been eating the money alone and even failed to help the families of their colleagues who were arrested.

Other leaders like Sheikh Yahaya Mwanje the acting Amir Ummar feared to interfere because he is still on court bail on charges of killing Major Muhammad Kiggundu and his bodyguard Steven Mukasa.

Sources further told this website that when Nyende was put in a tight corner, Mubajje directed a financial audit on the way he has been using all the funds he has been collecting.

Efforts to speak to Nyende were futile since his known phones were not going through, however Siraje Kifampa the publicity secretary of the tabliq community told us that they will not accept the takeover of their mosque by people who once sold it.

He said Mubajje fraudulently sold Muslim properties including 2 square miles in Mawogola.

Other sources told this website that the tabliq community is under threat and their Nakasero headquarters will soon be taken over by city tycoon Mutasa Kafeero who already has the land title in his custody.

Mutasa Kafeero bought Nakasero mosque from UMSC.

Other UMSC sources told this website that their next target is Sheikh Sulaiman Kakeeto’s clock tower mosque.

However, other sources told theGrapevine that the clock tower land is registered in his names and tycoon Hassan Basajjabala who was recently fired by UMSC.

In the same development, Sheikh Noor Muzata Batte, a sworn enemy to Sheikh Mubajje and also the spokesperson of the Kibuli based Muslim faction has declared a fresh war to liberate Muslim properties that Mubajje has fraudulently sold.

Muzata told this website that he is not going to fold his hands and see Mubajje evicting Muslims from their mosques because he wants money.

“I am going to sit down with those boys from William Street and see how we can stop Mubajje’s illegal actions,” Muzata said.


By Sengooba Alirabaki



I Swear Upon God It Wasn’t Me: Saleh Distances Himself From Ndeeba Church Demolition Before Kazimba…



Gen. Salim Saleh, the coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) has distanced himself from the demolition of St Peters Church Ndeeba in Kampala.

There were media reports that had started linking Saleh as the invisible hand funding Dodoviko Mwanje, the man who facilitated the demolition of the church.

While addressing the House of Bishops led by Archbishop Stephen Kazimba at Kawanda Research Institute, Saleh said that he was saddened by allegations that he was behind the extinction of the church.

“I’m (always) here in Kapeeka, I haven’t got time to respond, I’m hearing Saleh you are grabbing land, am I a mad person to grab a church? So for that matter, I want to swear before you the Bishops and Archbishop that in the name of God I’m not involved in that church demolition issues,” Saleh assured the House of Bishops from the Anglican faith on Wednesday.


By Grapevine Reporters


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I Want To Look At Bobi’s Academic Papers, Someone Born In  1982 Cannot Join Primary One At Two Years Of Age! – Mabirizi Questions EC Over Kyagulanyi Nomination…



Contentious city lawyer, Male Mabirizi has petitioned the Electoral Commission to avail him with the academic documents of Kyadondo East Member of Parliament (MP) and National Unity Platform (NUP) leader, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

On Tuesday, The EC announced that Kyagulanyi was among 8 other candidates picked nomination forms to stand for presidency, taking the total number of applicants to 19, after 10 others collected theirs on Monday.

In a petition dated 10th/August/2020, Mabirizi wrote to the Electoral Commission secretary requesting for certified copies of Kyagulanyi’s nomination academic papers for the Kyadondo East by-election, in which the latter eventually emerged victorious.

The introductory part of the petition read; “I address you in my capacity as a civically active Uganda well aware of your constitutional duty as elaborated under Article 61(1)(d) of the Constitution to organize, conduct and supervise elections and referenda in Uganda and you indeed held a bye-election in Kyadondo East bye-election where Robert Kyagulanyi participated as a candidate and declared winner and now a sitting Member of Parliament.”

The lawyer noted that section 4(3)( C) of the Parliamentary Elections Act ,2005 provides that a person is only qualified to be an MP if that person has completed a minimum formal education of at least Advanced level standard or its equivalent of the Ugandan Education system, a fact he says he wants to prove.

Mabirizi persisted that the EC must have therefore have been availed with his academic documents to prove Kyagulanyi completed the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or its equivalent before nominating him. Mabirizi now demands to have a look at the NUP leader’s papers.

“The required documents are required to satisfy my doubts that the said Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu possesses the said qualifications given that as per his details via the parliamentary website, he was born in 1982 and sat A- level in 1998. Implying that if the birth year is true, he sat A-level at 16 years, O-level at 13 years PLE at nine years and joined primary one at two years,” Mabirizi insinuated.

The lawyer insisted that his doubts can only be satisfied by looking at the academic documents tendered to the Electoral Commission in 2017 at nomination prior to the Kyadondo East by-election.

Robert Kyagulanyi is currently legally battling allegations of illegally obtaining, taking over and changing the National Unity, Reconciliation and Development Party (NURP) into the National Unity Platform and later assuming it’s presidency.

The provocative lawyer has in the past been notably known to contentiously dare the head of state, the state itself and various state officials to legal battles in the courts of law. And for a traditional Muganda man who has petitioned his cultural leader before, Mabirizi’s latest move is significantly so typical of him. For many however, mostly Kyagulanyi’s fanatics have deemed his action as an attempt to seek relevance to shelter his ambitious political career, on a hint that he could vie for the upcoming 2021 general election.


By Baron Kironde


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You Cannot Pay Katureebe For Doing Nothing – Mabirizi Challenges Former CJ’s Retirement Package, Stands In Matembe’s Way Back To Parliament….



L-R: Matembe, lawyer Mabirizi and former CJ Bart Katureebe

Controversial city lawyer Male Mabirizi Kiwanuka has asked the East African court of Justice to stop the election of the five representatives of the elderly and the elections in the new 46 constituencies until his main suit is determined.

Mabirizi petitioned the regional court challenging the bills passed by parliament and accented to by the president during the COVID19 lockdown.

He insisted that all the bills which include the parliamentary elections Amendment bill which turned into an Act, the passing of the Uganda Administration of the Judiciary Bill which turned into Act, the passing of shs1.8trn supplementary budget on the 25th of June 2020, the Uganda Minister of Justice and Constitutional affairs making and Uganda parliament approval of the Republic of Uganda’s political parties and Organization Conducts of meetings and Elections Regulations 2020 and President Yoweri Museveni’s appointing of Dorothy Kisaka as the new Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) all contravene the constitution of Uganda and the East African Treaty.

Former ethics and integrity Minister Miria Matembe has declared interest to contest for one of the five seats to represent the elderly in the eleventh parliament.

She revealed that God told her to put all other assignments aside and go back to parliament to represent her fellow old people something that lawyer Mabirizi says is illegal.

In his petition to the regional court, Mabirizi claims that the decision of the parliament of Uganda and president Yoweri Museveni through assent, to commit colourable legislation by amending article 78(1) of the constitution, altering the composition of parliament as stated there under by creating the five seats for elderly persons through the parliamentary elections amendment bill 2020, are lawful and infringements on the fundamental and operational principles of the East African Community  which include good governance including adherence to the principles of democracy , the rule of law, accountability, transparency and the maintenance of universally accepted standards of human rights.

Mabirizi insisted that the bill was passed without quorum, public participation or debate and the bill for amendment of the constitution.

The controversial lawyer also challenges the passing of the Judiciary Administration bill 2020 because there was no quorum in the house.

“Section 29 grants retirement benefits to surviving spouses and dependent children of the deceased judicial officer for 15 years which defeats the principles of good governance, equity before the law and common sense,” Mabirizi stated.

He wondered in his petition why the retiring judicial officers are given salaries and other benefits equivalent to those of the serving judicial officers when the retired one is no longer working.

He also challenged section 20 which allows judicial officers to work in other institutions contrary to Article 128(1-2) of the Constitution since this creates a window for the president to compromise judges through such appointments.

Mabirizi insists that section 5(d) and 18-12 give the judiciary council a function to maintain ethics and integrity within the judiciary and set up an inspectorate of courts within the judiciary, contrary to Article 147(1)(b) of the constitution which prescribes one of the functions of the Judicial Service Commission as to receive and process people’s recommendations and complaints concerning the judiciary and the administration of justice and generally to act as a link between the people and judiciary.

He noted that the establishment of the judicial service in the new law contravenes Article 148 of the Constitution which provides that the Judicial Service Commission may appoint persons to hold or act in any judicial office other than the offices specified in article 147(3) of the constitution and confirm appointments in and exercise disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in such offices and remove such persons from offices.

He further revealed that the new law creates the secretary to the judiciary to be appointed by the president under article 174 of the constitution contrary to Constitutional court decision which held that being an independent arm of government , the judiciary cannot have its secretary appointed by the president.

He further explained that it’s very clear in the constitution that parliament shall not pass any law to alter the decision or judgment of any court as between the parties to the decision or judgment.

In the same suit, Mabirizi also challenged the creation of the 46 new constituencies saying they were passed without quorum, without debate and without suspension of parliamentary Rules of procedures requiring debate which is contrary to article 63(2) of the constitution which requires the demarcation to be made by the electoral commission, article 63(3).

He added that the Constitution requires the electoral commission to review the division of Uganda into constituencies within twelve months after the publication of results of the census of the population of Uganda and may as a result redemarcate the constituencies.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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