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    UNTOLD STORY: Shocking Fight For Oulanyah’s Property: How His Brother Stole Money Meant For His Treatment: How Fallen Speaker Disowned Greedy Family Members On His Deathbed… Inside Battle Between Oulanyah’s Siblings And Woman Who Looked After Him Till Death…



    Fallen Speaker Jacob Oulanyah (R) and Patricia Lakiidi (L) the woman who looked after him on his death bed

    As the battle for fallen Speaker Jacob Oulanyah’s properties rages on, theGrapevine brings you the untold story of the fight that he himself witnessed while lying on his deathbed that forced him to disown his family members in anger and pain.

    Family sources have intimated to theGrapevine the issues at the centre of his property fight.

    The fallen Speaker’s final days on earth depict a sad story of an African family member who becomes successful, is envied, and turns into an ATM machine for his family.

    So sad is the story that even before his flesh totally rots away from his bones in the grave where he is, some of the members in Oulanyah’s family have kicked off a war for his property by stepping up their hate for Patricia Lakiidi.

    A war that the late witnessed before breathing his last.


    Patricia is a well to do woman and the Under Secretary to Cabinet who Jacob had been dating for 8 years before his death but never officially wed. Patricia is also the woman who accompanied Oulanyah on all his hospital journeys since he fell sick in 2019 and in whose arms, he died in Seattle in USA.

    Patricia is a daughter to the former Minister Lakiidi and her mother was also Permanent secretary. In a nutshell, she is a no-nonsense woman who didn’t get along with Jacob’s siblings.

    Patricia Lakiidi (L) the woman who stood by Oulanyah till the day he breathed his last


    Like the story in many African families, Oulanyah was the only well to do member of his family who sustained others. The siblings and their children were well settled as dependents at Jacob’s home before Patricia’s arrival in his life.

    His dependants were his father Nathan Lokori, 93, and his three biological siblings and all their children. His brother, Emuna Francis who is 54 years old and a driver at Parliament, Betty Ajok who is 44 years old and works with TREP and Harriet Okori who is 47 years old and an administrator at Jacob’s law firm.


    Jacob had built all his dependants houses, paid their children’s school fees but they were also always at his house for daily meals and taking uncooked food stuff which didn’t go well with Lakiidi who was in in need of private space with Jacob.

    She gave them polite matching orders after explaining to them that they were old enough to take care of themselves.

    He rebuked them that it was high time they stopped milking Jacob, which is the genesis of the hate between Patricia and her in-laws.


    The hate for Patricia grew stronger during Jacob’s illness owing to the fact that Patricia became his only confidant instead of his family members in his battle against cancer since 2019.

    She and Jacob traversed the globe and visited many countries including Germany, Dubai, and Turkey in the attempts to save the fallen Speaker’s life since he was diagnosed with cancer while at the same time keeping tight lipped.

    This angered the family as they tried to probe what was wrong with Jacob but no information was forthcoming since Jacob and Patricia were not divulging any information.

    The hate escalated into the fight of who should accompany him and take care of him while he was in hospital and who would travel with him to the hospitals abroad.

    Oulayah decided to hide the sickness from his siblings because he feared they did not have any genuine reason for his wellbeing but rather the motive behind their intentions to accompany him were based on them gaining material benefits since the family thought Government was facilitating his medical visits and providing money for treatment which to them, Patricia was eating alone.

    Oulanyah finally laid to rest in the grave


    When Oulanyah’s health worsened and he was rushed to Mulago, some of his siblings rushed to fill Mulago hospital to share into the loot.

    When they got information that the President had instructed that he should be rushed to Seattle in the US, they insisted on travelling with Jacob.

    As fate would have it, while Jacob was still selecting who to travel with, his siblings who thought he was never going to make it, stole his money in thousands of dollars from his briefcase while he was on his death bed. Oulayah had saved this money to help him in any medical emergency.

    One of his sons even went behind his back and started investigating the father’s property, including the forest in Opit and also called his father’s property agent to find out the location of apartments he had bought for his three young siblings.

    Family sources have further told theGrapevine that there was a heated family meeting while he lay in pain in his room at Mulago Hospital.

    Oulanyah was very bitter that he was forced to denounce his family in the presence of some doctors.

    He realised that while he was fighting to regain his life, because of greed, his family was more interested in his property than his health.

    Oulanyah refused to travel with any of them and instead chose none of his family members by blood.

    He instead chose to travel with Patricia Lakiidi his partner, Ocheng Richard his escort, Awori Chirstine his assistant in charge of food and the head of cancer institute Dr. Jackson Oryem.

    These are the names Jacob himself submitted to now Speaker Anita Among and Dr. Jane Acheng, which excluded family members.

    Surprisingly, his brother Emuna Francis still blamed Oulanyah’s decision on Patricia to-date.

    He even furiously expressed it in his speech at Jacob’s funeral while clearly denouncing that Jacob left no women in his life, again the fear being that Patricia could stake a claim on Jacob’s property.

    Emuna also said had he been allowed to travel and not blocked, he would have saved his brother’s life by donating bone marrow since their blood was a match.

    However, it should be noted that Jacob was airlifted not for bone marrow transplant but for a highly technologically advanced cancer treatment CART-T Cell Therapy which only uses the patient’s own stem cells.

    The Speaker of Parliament Anita Among condoling Oulanyah’s dad during burial


    Oulayah’s siblings convinced Mzee Nathan Lokori (Oulayah’s dad), that the most dangerous person in their lives who might take all the property Jacob left them is Patricia Lakiidi, who not only knows where they are, but might also have the necessary ownership documents including a will.

    Mzee Nathan, was then quick to ask Chief Justice Owinyi-Dolo in his speech to ensure Patricia doesn’t take the son’s property. The family speeches never mentioned what Jacob meant to them, or his history and achievements but rather focussed on asking government for financial support, property fights and protection an act that disgusted many mourners.

    Some of Oulanyah’s children and relatives


    In the midst of this property fight, Oulayah’s children acknowledge Patricia’s role in their lives, but also thanked her in their speeches for looking after Jacob while he was sick.

    For example, while at the funeral in Kololo, when the MC called the family to lay wreath, Andrew Ojok picked it and walked alone to lay it.

    When Patricia Lakiidi was called to take a wreath, all Jacob Oulanyah’s children stood up, escorted and hugged her to the anger of her in-laws who have consistently depicted her as hated and a woman who never existed in Jacob’s life.

    In our next article, we will bring you the fight for Jacob’s children and property. The high-level people involved and why. The talk about the will and the corners every stake holder is trying to cut to achieve their interests.…


    By Temuseewo Mpoza



    Why DPP Justice Abodo Dropped Charges Against EOC Boss Ntambi After Selfish Tycoon Vowed To Take Her Down Because Of A Deal Gone Bad…



    Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) chairperson Sylivia Ntambi Muwebwa

    The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Justice Jane Francis Abodo exposed a selfish city tycoon when she dropped criminal charges against Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) chairperson Sylivia Ntambi Muwebwa.

    A letter seen by theGrapevine, dated 18th of January 2021 signed by Justice Abodo to the Registrar High Court Criminal Division states, “Take note that the government of Uganda intended that proceedings against Sylivia Ntambi Muwebwa charged with 14 counts embezzlements, 7 counts of conspiracy to defraud, six counts of abusive of office, and 7 counts of corruption shall not continue.”

    Abodo’s letter comes after Ntambi was committed to the High Court Anti-Corruption Division after being charged in 2020 with forty-five offences related to corruption.

    State alleged that in 2019, Ntambi together with three others conspired to defraud the government of Uganda thirtyfive million shillings using her office as the chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission, she was remanded to Kigo prison but later released.

    State further alleged that other EOC staff who included; Agnes Enid Kamahoro, the former senior secretary to the chairperson EOC, Moses Mugabe, senior monitoring evaluation officer, Harriet Byangire, the senior accountant, Ronnie Kwesiga, the Acting Accounts Assistant, Evans Jjemba, the Principle Compliance officer, Mannaser Kihangana, the senior compliance officer, Sarah Nasanga, the office attendant and Nicholas Olwar were all interdicted.

    Ntambi used her well connected and established lawyer MacDusman Kabega to reach out to Justice Abodo and explain to her that she never committed the said offences.

    Ntambi told senior prosecutors at the DPP’s office that all her troubles started when she refused to sign and enter a Shs.2bn deal with a certain city tycoon.

    She told prosecutors that the said tycoon, who is good at using his money and influence to start up fights with anyone he disagrees with wanted her to sign an agreement where EOC was supposed to rent on his new building around Nile Avenue something she rejected because it was not suitable and it did not follow proper procedures.

    Sources said that Ntambi later told Justice Abodo that from then, this city tycoon declared war against her and he started paying the media to put her in bad light so that she loses her job.

    It is alleged that Justice Abodo was convinced with Ntambi’s explanation after analysing the evidences prosecution had again.

    She later reached to a conclusion that the evidences were cooked.

    Justice Abodo decided to drop the charges against Ntambi and set her free.

    However, close friends to Ntambi say her life may be in danger because this tycoon never forgives his enemies especially when it comes to money.


    By Jamil Lutakome


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    SHOCKING: Rural Electrification Agency (REA) Bosses In Huge Sex Scandal, Details Of How Supervisors With Huge Sexual Appetite Terrorize Married Women, Single Mothers And Interns….



    One of the big people at Rural Electrification Agency (REA) has been exposed as a sex monster who has ruined many young women’s marriage in the last 15 years.

    The elderly wrinkled manager has for a very long period been celebrated as a leading Casanova who uses Viagra and wooden sex toys to wound private parts of babes working at REA head offices in Kamwokya.

    The sex pest sometimes uses a wooden toy which looks like a whooper and many of the girls who have faced the wrath of his wooden whopper have had to go to hospital to be operated after their Kandahars were badly shattered.

    Some of the victims we talked to anonymously told us that the light skinned senior manager who is soon reaching retirement has always used his position to witch hunt junior male bosses who try to compete with him on the shafting field. He also bonks interns and buys them cars from a prominent bond along Jinja road near Nakawa where he has his supplier of 2nd hand cars.

    For the interns, he bonks once or twice and what happens to her after he doesn’t want to know.

    The manager is very rich and bonks while using a special room at Speke Apartments or hotel Africana which is nearby. On a good night, the elderly manager can meet around 4 babes. He likes booking two in Speke Apartments and another two in Hotel Africana in separate rooms.

    Sources withing REA told theGrapevine that he sometimes chews babes of the night from MacKinnon suites.

    He makes sure he gives juicy tips to hotel room managers so that his secret doesn’t leak anywhere. He books the rooms on the day he will be coming around during the day so that the manager prepares to host him in advance. By 11pm, the REA manager will be done servicing at least two babes and then spares time for the remaining two who he slaughters up 1am and then drives home.

    At home, he tells his wife that he delayed in long meetings or drink ups with his friends in Ntinda. The wife has been quarreling about this even though she knows that her man isn’t a joking subject when it comes to chewing fresh sumbis.

    In the Ministry where the elderly man worked before, his wife once stormed the Minister’s office and threatened to kill one of the Ministry employees for sleeping with her husband.

    The wife is a dark-skinned lady and when she got to know that her husband had turned his office at REA into a brothel, she planted spies there and at the hotels she suspected were being used by her husband as away grounds like Speke resort Munyonyo but the clever elderly man had already changed location to Hotel Africana and Speke Apartments where he even booked permanent rooms preserved for him.

    One of the victims told us that to maximize on his bonking energy, the old man takes a lot of Viagra and when he gets tired, he uses artificial means of the wooden artificial sex toys which are specially made for him by a guy from Kubiri near Mulago.

    These toys look like a whopper and once his natural energy runs out, the old man wears it in the place of his whopper and uses it to bonk especially when he lands on huge babes that are waterlogged.

    Hotel sources say the old man enjoys wreaking havoc and causing pain and wounding his victims especially if they are huge and bummy.

    Sources add that sometime back, the elderly REA manager almost killed an Acholi babe who couldn’t even walk on her own to leave the hotel room in the morning because of the way she had been wounded her using the wooden sex toy.

    He bonked her senselessly and left the room at mid night to go to sleep at his home located somewhere in Nakawa division. The old man has been affected by excessive consumption of manhood enhancing drugs and these days changes blood every week to remain alive because of the cardiac related complications resulting from prolonged Viagra consumption.

    Sources also told this website that when he has no new prey and needs to satisfy his apetite, he calls a babe called SB who is always his dangerous substitute.

    SB and this REA boss have been enjoying themselves for many years since their days at the ministry where they worked before joining REA.

    SB lives in Kiira Namugongo side and she is married with kids but considers herself a permanent side dish to the bonking manager who supports her to get juicy trips and projects to manage. SB’s kids know there is some chemistry between their mum and the old manager and they call him uncle.

    The manager doesn’t spare even cleaners and sometimes chews them from the office on weekends when others are at home. He will pretend to be coming to complete a certain report yet in actual sense he is coming to slaughter cleaners who keep telling each other how he bonked them at a fee.

    He one time sponsored a cleaner to travel with him to South Africa and later bragged before his friends that, ‘ha that cleaner is very sweet I can’t let her go.’

    There is a female manager at REA who the IGG was going to arrest for embezzling  Ugx799m but the old manager offered to refund the money for her because she was his bonkmate.

    There is another unmarried manager in her early 40s who the randy manager always shafts at Hotel Africana and Speke Apartments. The two sometimes sit at Hotel Africana coffee terrace as if they are discussing office work and once it clocks 11pm they enter the room and bonk senselessly.

    Another female manager is called SK and she also bonks with this old manager as they discuss engineering project planning work inside the hotel room each time they finish a bonking marathon. SK is in her late 30s and stays along Entebbe road. There is another manager married to a URA enforcement officer in Nakawa but also sleeps with the old manager at REA behind the back of her husband.

    She is in her late 30s. The manager calls these babes his chocolates and is always defending them as star performers in company meetings.

    Many years ago, the same old manager was chewing a legal officer called BA who in the end resigned after the other female workers wanted to poison her for bonking their elderly ‘kibubu’.

    In her late 40s, the legal officer relocated from Uganda to live in one of the Island nations because the old manager’s other girlfriends wanted to kill her.

    There is another married babe called DN who is an engineer at REA. The elderly manager bonked and after that marketed her to sit on a powerful committee that awards big procurement deals at REA. This put DN in position to get kickbacks from service provides and to also travel abroad for per diem. When the babes try to refuse by saying they are married, the sexually insatiable manager tells them that where he comes from a thief doesn’t steal in deserted houses [ekifulukwa] but in houses where people live.


    By Grapevine Reporters


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    How LDUs Are Killing More Ugandans Than Covid19: Is M7’s Good UPDF Now Turning Into A Force Worse Than His Predecessors Because Of LDUs? Top Human Rights, Security Experts Speaks Out….



    Since the liberation war in the bushes of Luweero Triangle, President Museveni has always stressed the need to have a professional disciplined army that respects the rights of the citizens.

    Numerous stories have been told by those who fought with the old man with a hat of how officers who infringed on the rights of citizens were punished and even killed.

    The President has on several occasions warned that the UPDF and other security forces must not replicate the atrocities committed by armies of past regimes.

    However, with the incorporation of the LDUs in the UPDF as a reserve force, the good image is slowly being tainted with dirt and blood and the indiscipline of the LDUs is eating into police and the once cherished UPDF.

    theGrapevine takes a deep look into what went wrong.


    In March last year, president Yoweri Museveni the Commander in Chief (CiC) of the armed forces passed out over 6,436 Local Defense Unity (LDUs) to beef up police, army and other security agencies in the fight against the rampant crime around the country.

    In 2018, in his security address to the nation, Museveni ordered the recruitment of over 24,000 LDUs to fight urban crime and most of them were deployed in urban centers especially in Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono.

    However, president’s dream of fishing out criminals in the society has turned into a nightmare and innocent Ugandans are losing their lives and hundreds have survived with serious injuries.

    The situation worsened when the president declared a curfew and lockdown among other directives to fight the deadly COVID19 pandemic.

    Many LDUs knowingly or unknowingly misinterpreted the presidential directives.

    President Museveni passing out LDUs


    According to investigations made by this website, LDUs have killed more Ugandans than Covid19 in the months of March, April, May and June.

    Uganda currently has 977 Covid19 positive cases with no death and over ten deaths as a result of LDU brutality with many causalities.

    Most Ugandans we have talked said that you have 99.9% chances of surviving death if you contract Covid19 but 1% chance of surviving if you meet an angry LDU officer.

    Most of the affected people are boda boda riders, pregnant women and people in upcountry areas.

    On May 8th, an LDU officer killed a man and a pregnant woman in Masaka Municipality along Elgin Street.

    On May 12th 2020, an LDU officer shot dead 46-year-old Alfred Mwanga of Kapkwata village in Kapkwata Parish in Kapkwata Sub County in Kween District and injured David Denis Chemusto.

    On 7th July 2020, UPDF 5th division Court Martial sentenced an LDU officer Pte. Jolly Thomas Opoka to life imprisonment for killing Francis Ogwang, a 65 year old man.

    Recently in Lukaya, an LDU officer hit a boda boda cyclist with a gun killing him instantly.

    Today, during the opening of plenary, the Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LOP) Betty Awol Ochan disclosed that LDUs killed one person in Oyam, one in Kasese and one in Agago.

    Female youth MP Anna Abaju Adeke revealed that Emmanuel Tegu, a third-year Veterinary Medicine student of Makerere University was allegedly beaten to death by LDU officers even though police denied these allegations.

    Among those who have survived the wrath of these LDUs with serious injuries include; Ali Waswa a journalist with vision group based in Mbarara was badly beaten by UPDF soldiers and LDUs attached to Makenke in Mbarara district.

    Ms. Olivia Pita, a resident of Moyo district sustained deep wounds on her forehead after being beaten by LDUs. She claims that she was found burning rubbish in her home.

    Beatrice Kabatembuzi, a resident of Kanara Town Council in Ntoroko district claims that she was beaten by LDUs when they found her cooking food on her verandah.

    On Tuesday, Mulengeranews reported that Soroti Resident judge Wilson Masalu Musene and David Wangutsi, a High court judge of the commercial court admitted that they were beaten by LDU officers.

    On Tuesday evening, Joseph Luzige, the Mityana district chairperson was humiliated and insulted by LDU officers for trying to stop them from beating a boda boda rider who was carrying a pregnant woman.

    These are some of the cases that have seen the light of day, but many go unnoticed.

    Security expert Egesa


    To establish how deep this rot is, this website went an extra mile and talked to prominent human rights defenders and security experts.

    Celebrated private investigator and security expert David Fredrick Egesa, he revealed that recruiting LDUs was a wrong project.

    Egesa guided that the president was supposed to first weigh his decision of deploying people who are not well trained in society.

    Egesa said that LDUs were supposed to cook food for UPDF not to put on their uniform because they even lack the basic law.

    He insisted that the country is sitting on a time bomb, “LDUs will one day exchange bullets with police because each of them thinks that they are superior to the other.”

    Lawyer Nicholas Opiyo told theGrapevine that you cannot divorce the actions LDU from UPDF because it’s under its command.

    He insisted that whatever LDU is doing is supervised by UPDF and one time a top commander of UPDF told them to kill Ugandans because they were trained to kill.

    Human Rights lawyer Nicholas Opiyo

    “LDUs are mere sub-contractors of the UPDF on serious crimes which would have been committed by the army. In every election cycle we have paramilitary groups that commit the same crimes, we had crime preventers do the same crimes, there is a pattern here of the use of paramilitary groups to collude elections, from Kiboko squad, crime preventers now LDUs and they all come during elections. You cannot look at LDUs in isolation but in the context of being used as a paramilitary group sub contracted by the state to carry out violence,” Opiyo noted.

    He bears the same opinion with Constitutional lawyer Peter Walubiri who stated that UPDF which is essentially president Museveni’s NRA has been leaving a deceptive life and what the LDUs are doing is to show the true character of the UPDF.

    He insisted that NRA from the days of Luwero, Teso insurgency, Congo have been implicated in human rights abuses including torture and murder.

    “When you read reports from human rights Commission and Amnesty international for the past 30 years, you will see that all these things are not new. Who killed people in Kasese? Who killed people when Buganda Premier Walusimbi was stopped from going to Bugerere in 2009? It wasn’t LDUs but UPDF. People have been tortured in safe houses, Kireka Special Investigation Units and Nalufenya by the military,” the soft spoken lawyer said.

    Veteran investigative journalist Stanley Ndawula wondered why LDU was put under the command of a professional army of the UPDF, he explained that some of the LDU commanders are disgruntled and drunkards who are excited because they are getting a lot of money through extortion.

    He prayed to the appointing authority to disband LDU and allow police to take over their duties before the two groups exchange bullets.

    He noted that he witnessed a scenario where an LDU officer took over the command of an operation from a DPC including the suspects they had come to arrest.

    Journalist Stanley Ndawula


    Efforts to speak to Major Bilal Katamba the spokesperson of the LDUs were futile since he was not picking our calls or responding to our messages.

    When we contacted, UPDF spokesperson Brig. Richard Karemire did not pick our calls while his deputy Lt. Col. Deo Akiika’s phones were off.

    However, on the Mityana incident, Brig. Karemire released a statement today regretting that the incident happened.

    “The UPDF regrets this gross act of indiscipline that is not characteristic of the UPDF as a people’s army. We wish to restate that discipline remains a core value and bedrock on which the UPDF was founded. Anyone who deviates from this will always be punished according to the established laws. There are examples to prove this in the recent past like a soldier in Kasese was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment and an LDU personnel were yesterday sentenced to life imprisonment all because of unprofessional conduct.

    We therefore strongly condemn this act meted out against one of our senior civilian leaders,” Brig Karemire said.

    He added, “The UPDF wishes to reiterate its full commitment and loyalty to the people of Uganda and will always remain subordinate to the civilian authority as provided for under Article 208 of the Constitution.

    There is no need to lose heart over these incidents.  A comprehensive review of these deployments to enforce anti-COVID 19 measures is soon to take place and we expect better results.”

    Speaker Kadaga


    The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga today directed the Minister of Internal Affairs Gen. Jeje Odong to explain to Parliament and the country, the circumstances surrounding the death of Emmanuel Tegu, a third year student at Makerere University, allegedly killed by LDUs.

    “You would imagine that the University is a safe place for our children to be but this has happened. Secondly, I think it’s time Government explained to Ugandans what they have done to the LDUs who have beaten and killed people – because the reports are there,” she said.

    She added, “We want answers. Why is it that no LDU has been prosecuted? What action has been taken against these LDUs? We want answers from the Minister of Internal Affairs by Tuesday next week.”


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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