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    VIDEO: Angella Katatumba Reveals New Secrets Why Daddy Andre Dumped Her – She Couldn’t Cook Or Wash For Him…



    Angella Katatumba (L) Right is Daddy Andre and Nina Roz


    Seasoned singer, Angella Katumba, has revealed that she has no time to take the trouble to know how food is prepared or how dishes are washed.

    That’s acceptable elsewhere, but in a typical Ugandan and or African setting, it pushes away so many men who have any interest in such a woman.

    According Katatumba , she is popularly known for her music career and charity work, not marriage or doing house chores.

    But when her father Boney Katumba died in February 2017, she says she had to step into daddy’s shoes and her main job now is to take care of her late father’s businesses.

    Throughout the week, Katatumba says she goes to the gym daily, attends cocktail parties with diplomats, exercises her philanthropy, and also squeezes some time for music, but not a single minute for housework. She says that’s not for her.

    “I was raised to hustle not to look after a man” Katatumba said in during an interview this week.

    “My Dad taught me to work hard and hire people so you can’t find me in the Kitchen or washing. This doesn’t make me a bad person but that’s how I was raised. I can’t go hustle come back tired and you expect me to do house chores,” the Hotel Diplomate Managing Director added.

    In African tradition, roles have been demystified, and house chores mostly reserved for the female gender, as the male is expected to bring food in the table.

    But for Katatumba, who brings her own food on her table, she can justifiably behave like the masculine gender because she’s doing initial male roles as a woman.

    And Katatumba is not living the African life to say, she spent most of her childhood away in Europe and conducts herself like the elite she is.

    The African setting also has the common notion that boys have a birth right to inherit their fathers’ property.

    This form of discrimination against girls is being demystified as some, although few girls like Katatumba, are proving that they can comfortably step into daddies’ footsteps.

    Her father, Boney Katatumba, was one of the early flamboyant businessmen, who, during the 1980s, bought a small fleet of aeroplanes for his tour and travel company.

    His business empire had hotels, a school and several commercial and residential properties around Kampala and its suburbs. He was also the honorary consul of Pakistan to Uganda.

    Although he had two wives and several sons, it is Angella Katatumba whom he bequeathed role to manage his business empire. She now coordinates some of his businesses and also temporarily inherited her father’s role as the honorary consul of Pakistan in Uganda.

    Angella’s  Love Life

    Wealthy as she is,  Angella is a gorgeous woman who has been involved in several relationships, although many of them have hit rocks.

    She is currently dating a dude identified as Buka Chimney, whom she hooked after falling out with her ex-lover Andrew Ojambo aka Daddy Andre, a music producer and singer, after he reportedly failed to undergo an HIV test.

    After being dumped by Angella, Daddy Andre hooked up with fellow singer Nina Roz, with whom he officially got hitched last year and they are currently living as man and wife.

    But before Daddy Andre Angella was dating a rapper identified as Newton NTO, with whom she enjoyed many a passionate moment for some years before they fell out.

    According to his pals, Newton revealed that the main  reason why he parted ways with Angella was because of her overwhelming dominance, whereby she always wanted to be the ‘Man’ at home.

    But before Newton Angella was some years back married to a man identified as Alonzo Ward during the time she was based in the United States.

    However, as if she was destined to fall in and out of love, still her marriage with Alonzo didn’t last and they ended up divorcing after they suffered irreconcilable differences.


    By Baron Kironde and John Kenny Adenya



    They Wanted To Take Me To Hospital, Remove My Lungs Then Claim I Had Died Of Covid: Wisdom Kaye Castigates Police For Accusing Him Of Wishing M7 Death…



    Blogger Wisdom Kaye

    Celebrity critic turned blogger Wisdom Kaye has distanced himself from allegations that he is one of the suspects on social media who spread news that the president had died.

    Speaking to the Grapevine, Kaye disclosed that when someone becomes a loyal supporter of NRM he will be accused of anything and fought.

    “If you want to confirm go and ask Tamale Mirundi.  He wouldn’t be crying at this level,” he said.

    “I got information that they wanted to take me to police and then Kitalya and after to hospital claiming I had covid where they wanted to remove my lungs then claim I had died of covid,” he revealed.

    Wisdom added that he has so many people who love him despite the haters that is why when he got the tip off, he had to call journalists to tell his story.

    Kaye said that there are some people who don’t want to hear the truth.

    Wisdom told the Grapevine that him loving NRM cannot stop him from telling the truth about the ills of the government so that they are corrected and NRM’s name is cleared from opposition propaganda..

    “These people who are announcing the president dead are the same people who want to shoot him dead,” he said.

    “For you to hold me guilty of the accusations, you will have to confirm that those social media pages are mine,” Wisdom added.


    By Hope Kalamira


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    Ssematimba Always Has Sex With Other Women In The Presence Of My Daughter – Maid Tells Court Why Their Daughter Should Be In Her Custody…



    Former Busiro South legislator Peter Ssematimba and his maid Joan Namatovu

    Joan Namatovu, the former maid to Super FM radio proprietor Peter Ssematimba has pleaded to Court to dismiss with costs the case that the later filed in court concerning the custody of their daughter.

    Through her lawyers of C/O M/S Nalukoola and Company Advocates and Newmark Advocates, Namatovu informed Court that before it proceeds with the matter, she is ready to raise a preliminary objection challenging the competence of Ssematimba’s case.

    Namatovu started by telling Court that her former boss filed his suit in a wrong Court. She added that both parties are not residents of Makindye where the case was filed.

    In her affidavit, Namatovu admittedly told Court that she was hired by Ssematimba to work at his home in Rubaga Division as a maid.

    She added that Ssematimba used his status as her boss to trick and lure her into having sexual intercourse with her and they produces a one Kisu Seku.

    Namatovu said that when she got pregnant, Ssematimba rented for her a house in Zana not Namasuba as he allegedly told Court in his suit.

    She further narrated that she stayed in Zana for three years until the landlord asked them to vacate the house because she wanted to renovate it.

    Namatovu disclosed that and she shifted with her new born daughter to Lungujja, a suburb in Rubaga Division Kampala.

    She further told Court that by that time, she was still working at Ssematimba’s home and they used to have sex every time he came back home from work.

    Namatovu divulged that after satisfying Ssematimba’s sexual appetite, he used to drive her back home with her daughter.

    She added that Ssematimba still paid their rent but other basic welfare needs were catered for by herself and her elder sister.

    Namatovu pleaded to Court not to allow Ssematimba’s application. She told court that Ssematimba is a short-tempered man and on several occasions, he acted violently towards her daughter including assaulting her which one time forced her to quit the maid job at the peririoner’s home.

    She narrated that she later got another job in Muyenga but Ssematimba pleaded with her and persuaded her to go back and work for him.

    “I continued working for him as a maid but at the same time cohabiting/ sleeping with him. However, on several occasions, he would bring different women in the house and have sexual intercourse with them in presence of my daughter. He also kept demanding for sex from me and when I denied him, he could force himself on me,” she narrated.

    Namatovu’s lawyers

    She added that when the applicant embarked on studying for senior six exams, he kept sleeping with several women including but not limited  to his teachers that came to coach him at home in presence of their daughter which she vehemently disagreed with.

    Namatovu told Court that in 2019, Ssematimba become frequently quarrelsome and picky at home, he was very abusive towards her and their daughter which forced her to quit her maid job again and even change location. She rented a house in Mutundwe.

    She declined to allegation that she took her daughter out of school and denied the applicant access to her daughter arguing that Ssematimba knows where they stay and on has several occasions visited them in Mutundwe.

    She disclosed that in April 2021, Ssematimba took their daughter and cut off all communication with her which tortured her emotionally and mentally.

    “I am worried that my daughter will learn immoral behaviours if she is allowed to stay with the applicant, he sleeps around with different women at his resident and a ten-year-old girl cannot be exposed to such conduct,” she pleaded.

    Namatovu insisted that she has the capacity to look after her daughter.

    “I pray that custody be granted to me and the applicant be allowed to access the child. It is in the best interest of both justice and welfare of the child that the applicant’s motion is dismissed with costs and custody of our daughter is maintained with me,” she pleaded.

    Court is set to start hearing the matter in which Ssematimba wants Court to grant him the sole custody of their daughter on 29/06/2021.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Top Lawyer Sets Grounds To Defeat MP Ssematimba In Battle With Maid For 10-Year-Old Daughter…



    L-R: Lawyer Nalukoola, Namatovu and Peter Ssematimba

    City lawyer has set promising grounds to be relied upon to win a legal battle against Busiro South legislator Peter Ssematimba over the custody of a ten-year-old daughter who he sired with his maid.

    Ssematimba petitioned the High Court Family Division and asking to be given powers to stay with his ten year old daughter who he sired with a one Joan Namatovu, his former maid.

    In his suit, Ssematimba told court that Namatovu does not have the capacity to provide good education and health for their daughter because she doesn’t have a recognised source of income.

    However, Namatovu’s pro bono lawyers led by Erias Luyimbazi Nalukoola have vowed to put up a suitable legal fight to save her from losing the custody of her daughter.

    Speaking to theGrapevine, lawyer Nalukoola said that Ssematimba lacks moral authority to be given custody of a young girl.

    “You have read what the man did to his maid now how can you leave him with a young girl, we are very sure that court will agree with us and dismiss his entire suit,” Nalukoola said.

    He added that the laws of Uganda state that all parents have equal rights to their children and Ssematimba cannot use his economic status to bulldoze his client and take away her right to stay with her daughter.

    He explained that Ssematimba can still provide the good education and health care he is talking about to his daughter even though she still stays with her mother.

    Nalukoola revealed that they are set to file their defense in two weeks time.

    Namatovu recently told the media that while working at Ssematimba’s home at Lubaga Kampala in 2005, she entered into a love relationship with her boss which bore fruits of a beautiful baby girl.

    She added that before Ssematimba ran to court to take her daughter away, they have been in good talks and he has been seeing their daughter on a regular basis.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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