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    VIDEO: Bujjingo Is The Most Romantic Pastor: Mystery Woman Confesses Her Affection For The Man Of God…



    Bujjingo with Suzan Makula

    An anonymous lady has in company of her other female friends expressed her desire to have a husband as romantic as House of Prayer Ministries International Pastor, Aloysious Bujjingo.

    In a video clip making rounds online, the unknown lady with profound fondness narrates to her friends how she hopes and wishes for a man as loving as Bujjingo. “He’s the most romantic Pastor!” She exclaims.

    “My only prayer to God right now is that he gives me a man as loving and romantic like Pastor Bujjingo,” she says.

    She justifiably claims how awed she is at the Pastor’s boldness and protectiveness of his lover Suzan Makula amidst controversy.

    During the Lockdown Experience interview on Salt TV on Friday, Bujjingo publicly acknowledged and displays affection to Makula.

    “If I find a man who loves me like Bujjingo loves Makula, I swear I wouldn’t even mind about his financial status,” she added, as her mates mockingly cheered her on.

    The linked pastor, Aloysius Bujjingo who is the founder and lead pastor, House of Prayer Ministries International recently disclosed how he is so in love with Makula, the only love of his life, and that they’ll wed soon.

    The outspoken preacher recently revealed in an exclusive interview with theGrapevine that he is set to wed his lover very soon.

    “It’s only our delayed divorce court case with Teddy that’s hindering my wedding with Makula. We are staunch Christians who wouldn’t wish to attract drama in the church, we’ll have no kids outside wedlock. After our wedding, Makula will surely bear me children,” he said.

    Below is the video:


    By Baron Kironde


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    Celebrities Are For Everyone – Isma Olaxess On Why It Ended In Tears For Nina And Andre…



    (L) Daddy Andre's ex, Angela Katatumba and right is Daddy Andre and Nina Roz

    In just a few months of being so cosy in love, the relationship between singers Nina Roz and Daddy Andre is nolonger a bed of roses, but full of thorns.

    It’s also just a few weeks since Nina Roz introduced Daddy Andre to her parents in a traditional Kukyala ceremony, but the Black Market Records celebrity couple’s relationship is literally standing on sand.

    Commenting on the issue on NBS’ Uncut Sabula Gossip show, blogger Isma Olaxess said the bond couldn’t last because it was not built on love but convenience.

    To hook up Nina Roz, Daddy Andre broke up with another singer, Angella Katatumba.

    “The binding factor in celebrities has never been love. I have always been preaching to people that the celebrity world is called a devil city. Everyone wants to use another and now Nina Roz wanted to ride on Andre to stage a major comeback in music,” he noted before adding that;

    “You can’t stay together for long if everyone knows about your previous and can determine your next step. They be following your relationship closely and any slight mistake, they’re in. It’s just not safe for a relationship to be public, and celebrities can hardly avoid it.”

    “As time goes on you start finding a binding factor. For example Bebe Cool and his wife Zuena, have love as a common element between them” he added.

    He said that celebrities, mostly women are so exposed to “poachers” and can be easily targeted without fail.

    According to the blogger, such is what has failed relationships between Daddy Andre and Nina Roz, Kenzo and Rema among many other celebrity couples.

    By Hope Kalamira


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    MPs On The Human Rights Committee Want Bryan White Arrested…



    Bryan White

    Members of Parliament on the Human Rights Committee want socialite Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White Arrested, after finding him at fault of sexual-related offences that are said to have been committed with the aid of security agencies.

    This, in less than a month since another Human Rights Report pinned the faded city tycoon for sexually harassing  a number of his female employees.

    Notably, in early 2020 before the Coronavirus pandemic emerged forcing the country into lockdown, Bryan White was under fire for allegedly sexually assaulting over four of his former employees at the Bryan White Foundation.

    On the 20th of April, the Human Rights Report indicated that indeed Bryan White had committed the same nature of crime a multiple number of times, victimizing more than just one female.

    Also according to the report, the victims who came up and talked to the committee and other eye witnesses pinned Bryan White who did not defend himself infront of the committee because his health condition couldn’t let him do so.

    According to such evidence, the Human Rights report gave police the greenlight to go ahead with the investigations into Bryan White’s case until the facts are produced.

    Bryan White’s case was so serious it attracted the attention of parliament. Upon the matter making its way to the floor Parliament, the suspect got strangely ill and has since not.

    By Toni Senono


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    Nwagi’s Dad Tells Fans To Let His Daughter Undress If She Wants…



    Singer Winnie Nwagi

    Singer Winnie Nakanwagi alias Nwagi’s father has told off all his daughter’s critics to back off and get something better to do than talk about his dear Nwagi.

    Commenting about his daughter’s indecent and skimpy dressing while in an interview, he noted that he finds no problem with what his daughter does.

    According to Nwagi’s dad, her daughter has the right to do as she wills because she’s an adult. He most importantly understands that his daughter is a performer trying to entertain when she does certain things.

    “If she wants to undress herself in public, let her undress if it’s at all what makes her fans happy,” he said, stressing that he’s behind his baby 100%.

    “I am my daughters number one fan. I always listen to Nwagi’s music in a daily in my car,” he added.

    According to the dad, Nwagi is his third child, though he desisted from mentioning her birth year to avoid pinning his daughter down for age-cheating.

    Locally, Nwagi is a star but her father prays that she does even better than that.

    “My daughter’s mother would’ve been here to see her baby grow up into a beautiful woman to shine so bright. I pray for her to shine even brighter,” he said.

    He also added that he wishes President Museveni lifts curfew and opens bars for her daughter and other singers to perform again.


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