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    VIDEO: I Killed Him! Jealous Girlfriend Confesses Murdering Journalist As Police Whisk Her Away From Mob…



    Allan Mandela and his lover Loyce Tihaine Mwangiire who murdered him

    Police in Sheema District on Friday arrested Loyce Tihaine Omwangiire, for murdering her boyfriend, King Allan Mandela, a morning radio sports show presenter at Hunter FM radio.

    The deceased’s body was found lying in a pool of blood in his rented room in Rwentuha- Bushenyi, with deep cuts on his head.

    In a video the Grapevine has obtained from a reliable source, Tihaine was picked from her one-roomed house as she confessed to have carried out the brutal murder of Mandela after a fight.

    Tihaine, who appears so frightened and remorseful in the video, pleads with the police officers to be lenient with her as she admits that she killed her lover.

    “Twarwana, nahendera mwisire. Nimbashaba muntwalize mpola,” Tihaine said, which can be loosely translated to mean; “We fought, and I ended up killing him. I beg you to please be kind.

    One of the officers advises his colleagues to whisk the suspect away from the angry people who could otherwise have harmed her too.


    By Baron Kironde



    Heartless Thug Beaten To Near Death After Stealing From Dying Accident Victims Along Jinja Road…



    A yet to be identified thug was clobbered to pulp after he tried to steal money and mobile phones from two people who died following a nasty accident that occurred in Kireka, along Jinja Road, on Thursday.

    According to ASP Luke Owoyesigire, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy publicist, the police are conducting investigations into the fatalities involving  two motorcycles and one van.

    According to eyewitnesses, two boda-boda riders, who both eventually died, collided while riding from opposite directions, whereby a Toyota Noah van rammed into them uncontrollably after they had crashed on the tarmac following their collision.

    Only one of the two victims has since been identified as Akram Sejjemba.

    Owoyesigire said that; “The police have confirmed that the van driver identified as Rashid Kigenyi, is in custody to help with investigations.”

    He added that; “The bodies of the deceased persons have been conveyed to city mortuary Mulago for postmortem.”

    However, tragic drama ensued at the scene when one of the supposed rescuers dug into the pockets of the victims to steal money only to be pounced on by other rescuers who taught him a lesson.

    Other rescuers on the scene, most of them boda-boda riders noticed it, immediately nabbed him and started  interrogating him but each question came slaps, blows in his face, kicks and all sorts of battering.

    The unidentified thug was later whisked away by Police to save him from the angry mob. But by the time police arrived, he had already been beaten to pulp. He looked so helpless and senseless after the thorough beating.

    The citizens were however so bitter with the police for reaching the scene so late to save the victims who didn’t die on the spot, yet they arrived in time to save a thief from being lynched.


    By Baron Kironde


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    CRIME: Mobile Money Vendor Shot Dead By Armed Thugs In Entebbe…



    Nambi Bogiya's body lying at the scene

    A mobile money vendor was shot dead by unknown gunmen last night at Nalugala, Katabi town council, in Entebbe municipality.

    Nambi Bogiya, 30, was murdered at around 9:00pm, a few meters from her rented house in Nalugala, Katabi town council.

    Her killers made away with all the money she had, Police has confirmed.

    Luke Owoyesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Public Relations Officer, revealed that police at Entebbe have established an investigation into the case he defined as aggravated robbery and murder.

    Owoyesigire said; “The police were informed about what happened and responded to the scene with a team of detectives, K9 and Flying Squad operatives.

    Onlookers alleged that the victim was trailed by a group of unknown assailants from her work place in Nalugala before she was shot dead and an unspecified amount of money taken from her.”

    He added that; “Three cartridge casings have been recovered from the scene. They will be examined to establish the firearm used, Police has revealed.”

    Owoyesigire revealed that the body of the deceased has been conveyed to the KCCA city mortuary for a postmortem as further investigations into the murder by shooting continue.


    By Baron Kironde


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    Valentine’s Day Is Passing: No Roses For Stella Nyanzi. She Is Sitting Alone Away From Home In Kenya. Where’s Her Boyfriend?



    Unlike the past two Valentine’s Day celebrations, Dr. Stella Nyanzi will not be getting any flowers today from her passionate lover.

    The feminist and political activist fled to Kenya days back to seek asylum with her three children. And her People Power die hard lover, David Musiri’s whereabouts still remain a mystery.

    David Musiri and Stella Nyanzi have taken turns to spend time behind bars for their provocative activism against the regime.

    The outspoken Dr. Nyanzi claims that her partner was abducted and tortured after last month’s elections.

    After the polls in January, Museveni was re-elected for a sixth term after 35 years of rule, amid a nationwide internet shutdown and heavy security presence in the capital, Kampala, that prevented more mass protests on election week. Bobi Wine, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, rejected the election as rigged up to now. He has a case in court against Mr. Museveni.

    Nyanzi, who had also contested for the Kampala Woman Member Of Parliament but didn’t win the seat claims that a week after the vote, her partner, David Musiri, a staunch member of Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP) was abducted from his car along with his brother.

    She said, “David was pushed into the boot of a private saloon car and driven off to an unmarked facility where he was tortured during interrogation,” Nyanzi said. “His genitals were squeezed so badly, his body was beaten and bruised, and nobody knew where he was for a couple of days.”

    It’s not a mere coincidence though that Valentine’s day brings back so many memories to Nyanzi’s mind; mixed with good and bad evocations, to form a sweet and yet sour taste.

    Nyanzi recounted how on Valentine’s day 2019, probably their first together, her lover, David Musiri gifted her a rose when she was a remanded prisoner in a maximum security prison.

    “The cheap artificial rose flower he brought me carried me through long cold days and nights. It assured me of his love for me even after my womb had lost our only child together,” she said.

    Nyanzi claims she had just suffered a miscarriage of their baby because of torture by prison wardresses.

    A year on, Valentine’s Day 2020 came, and her lover took for her a bouquet of fresh roses, chocolates and apples.

    “He came along with two female friends dressed in red and black. I was a convicted prisoner – still in maximum security prison. I had served fifteen months of a sentence that was later to be declared unlawful,” Dr. Nyanzi said.

    “The fresh rose flowers were surreal in prison. They reassured me of my man’s love even when I was a wrongly sentenced prisoner,” Nyanzi revealed.

    Roughly the 3rd year into Musiri’s romance with Nyanzi, and Valentine’s Day 2021 will only bring back memories of his roses to haunt Nyanzi in exile.

    “I fled from home last month, refusing to become a prisoner of conscience again.

    In the safety of this neighbouring foreign land, I long for deep red rose flowers brought to me in the hands of a lover.

    In this land of newfound protection and safety,” she disclosed.

    The former Makerere research fellow said, admitting that she yearns for the tender look from a youthful Musiri who shamelessly lusts for her.

    “A fresh rose for me in exile would be a miracle! Even a cheap artificial rose would do wonders. Love is love, even in exile,” the doctor poetically narrated.

    By Baron Kironde


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