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    VIDEO: If My Face Is The Problem, I’m Willing To Leave For Someone Else – Besigye



    Former Forum for Democratic Change party president Kizza Besigye has told the media today that he is willing to step down and give the mantle of opposition leadership to a more powerful leader.

    Besigye who was addressng the media at his office on Katonga road in Kampala said, “no one should be worried about the face of Besigye. If my face is the problem. Let us put another face and we move on. It’s urgent that we recover this country,” the opposition kingpin said.

    The former bush war doctor who fought to bring Museveni’s government into power was joined by FDC president Patrick Oboi Amuriat, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Ingrid Turinawe, Muhammad Segirinya, Kawempe South MP Muhammad Munyagwa said that he is ready to step aside and rally behind another leader of opposition for the common goal of removing the government of president Yoweri Museveni from power.

    “I will not allow my face to be the problem and an obstacle to the liberation of this country,” Dr. Besigye added.

    “The atrocities that have been committed against Ugandans are enough for every Ugandan to act against this dictatorship. We now stand together as we say Museveni must go,” Besigye charged.

    There were media reports that the Besigye camp is scared of the rise of Kyandondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi’s people power movement with many saying that he is fighting two enemies, one is president Museveni and the other being Besigye loyalist who see him (Bobi) as a threat to the leadership of the opposition.

    Many political commentators came out today on various radio stations and asked Bobi to be careful with the people he recruits into his camp because his fellow opposition henchmen, who see him as a threat might infiltrate his camp and commit crimes to soil his name and his movement.

    Below is Besigye’s full address:



    VIDEO: Bobi Wine Is An Agent Of Illuminati, He Is Involved In Things You Would Not Wish Your Child To Be In –  EALA MP Tiperu Tells People Of Sironko…



    Nusura Tiperu (L) and Bobi Wine (R)

    Former EALA MP, Nusura Tiperu Omar has accused Bobi Wine of associating with foreign forces aiming to destroy Uganda’s peace.

    Tiperu asserted that the singer cum politician, real names Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu who is also running for presidency, is an agent of Lucifer, and that he’s so closely related to the illuminati movement.

    While Campaigning for incumbent president Museveni in Sironko, Tiperu said, “Bobi Wine is an agent of Lucifer, he is a suspect of homosexuality, he is involved with everything you would not wish your child to be.”

    Mentioning all that, to Museveni supporters that had gathered, she asked, “Can such a person be the president of Uganda?” To which the crowd hummed in chorus, “no.”

    Tiperu emphasised that Bobi Wine is an agent of foreign forces, and closely associates with individuals who wish to destabilize African states.

    She disclosed that the same group have an initiated plan to make Kampala unbearable should Museveni turn out the winner of the 2021 general elections.

    Tiperu added that Bobi Wine is now preaching tribalism, claiming that he’s being persecuted for because he’s a muganda. She refuted all the claims, and stated that Museveni has never segregated Ugandan’s based on religion, tribe, gender or status. She affirmed that it would be so unrealistic go back to the time where people joined political parties because of tribes and religion.

    She said, “Today as we move, since the president has created other 16 cities, we’re all transcending regardless of where you come from. Today an individual wants us to hate each other, is that really a nationalist?”

    “He went bouncing to America saying he was going to be killed, he has since stayed and lived upto now. Isn’t that shame on him?” Tiperu asked, suggesting that while Bobi Wine campained in the North, some of the people followed him because of his music, and he mistakenly thought they supported him for presidency.


    By Baron Kironde


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    VIDEO: Bujjingo Is The Most Romantic Pastor: Mystery Woman Confesses Her Affection For The Man Of God…



    Bujjingo with Suzan Makula

    An anonymous lady has in company of her other female friends expressed her desire to have a husband as romantic as House of Prayer Ministries International Pastor, Aloysious Bujjingo.

    In a video clip making rounds online, the unknown lady with profound fondness narrates to her friends how she hopes and wishes for a man as loving as Bujjingo. “He’s the most romantic Pastor!” She exclaims.

    “My only prayer to God right now is that he gives me a man as loving and romantic like Pastor Bujjingo,” she says.

    She justifiably claims how awed she is at the Pastor’s boldness and protectiveness of his lover Suzan Makula amidst controversy.

    During the Lockdown Experience interview on Salt TV on Friday, Bujjingo publicly acknowledged and displays affection to Makula.

    “If I find a man who loves me like Bujjingo loves Makula, I swear I wouldn’t even mind about his financial status,” she added, as her mates mockingly cheered her on.

    The linked pastor, Aloysius Bujjingo who is the founder and lead pastor, House of Prayer Ministries International recently disclosed how he is so in love with Makula, the only love of his life, and that they’ll wed soon.

    The outspoken preacher recently revealed in an exclusive interview with theGrapevine that he is set to wed his lover very soon.

    “It’s only our delayed divorce court case with Teddy that’s hindering my wedding with Makula. We are staunch Christians who wouldn’t wish to attract drama in the church, we’ll have no kids outside wedlock. After our wedding, Makula will surely bear me children,” he said.

    Below is the video:


    By Baron Kironde


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    VIDEO: Give Me Back My Party – NUP Founder Kibalama Now Speaking In Tongues, Says Bobi Wine’s People Power Has Failed To Pay Him $5M…



    National Unity Platform (NUP) founder Moses Nkonge Kibalama has started speaking in tongues and disowned People Power leader Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine for failing to clear $5M (Shs18 billion) for buying his party.

    In a video circulating on social media, Kibalama says he founded the party in 2004 (16 years ago) with other colleagues of his under the name “National Unity Reconciliation and Development Party(NURP) without knowing that Kyagulanyi’s team would one day emerge and take over its leadership.

    Kibalama says that while negotiating with People Power officials, Kibalama left out other influential original founders who later felt aggrieved and went to Court.

    “When we were changing the party from NURP to NUP, we invited 41 members, this did not please our other members and they decided to run to court. As we speak now the matter is before court. But much as the matter is still before court, we had already taken a change of mind that we should not deal with these men because they have not yet fully fulfilled what they promised,” Kibalama says.

    “We were promised something like $5 million and other pleasantries, but up to now we have not seen anything. All we see is excitement. We have therefore decided to take back to our party,” Kibala adds.

    Kibalama says that he has been intimidated by People Power Group who have even threatened him for failing to adhere to the memorandum of understanding he made with them.

    “We have made a decision to retain NURP since Mr. Kyagulanyi and his group cannot follow the objectives of the party,” he says.

    Below is Kibalama’s video:



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