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VIDEO: President Museveni Tours Buckingham Palace, Dines With The Queen



President Yoweri Museveni has held various meetings with several leaders at the sidelines of the CHOGM 2018 including UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson with whom he held a productive meeting, the two leaders talked about strengthening the relationship between the United Kingdom and Uganda. The two leaders agreed to cooperate in tackling regional problems together.

The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (CHOGM) is held every two years to enable leaders of the commonwealth countries come together to discuss global and commonwealth issues, and decide on collective policies and initiatives.

The Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary association of 53 sovereign state. Nearly all of them are former British colonies.

The President also held a meeting with the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi with whom he discussed bilateral issues between the two countries.

Earlier, the President was welcomed on arrival at the Buckingham Palace for the official opening of CHOGM and later at St. James Palace, by the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Theresa May.

The President alongside other Commonwealth leaders was hosted to a reception by Rt. Hon. Patricia Scotland, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth at the St. James Palace.

The President and other leaders were later hosted to a grand dinner by Her Majesty the Queen at the Ballroom, Buckingham Palace.

Today the President joins other Heads of State for a retreat at the Windsor Castle. Later President Museveni is due to hold a bilateral meeting with Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Earlier during the opening session, the UK Prime Minister Theresa May thankedHer Majesty The Queen for her generous invitation into her home, the first time the full Heads of Government meeting has been there in almost forty years.

President Museveni with the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

“I am also struck by the number of Heads of Government we have assembled here today – a powerful demonstration of our commitment to revitalize the Commonwealth, and to tap into its vast potential.And that vast potential has been clear at the forums this week. Our Commonwealth family has spent the last four days sharing perspectives and finding ways to make a real difference to people’s lives. I think I speak for everyone around the room when I say that we have all been inspired by what we’ve seen and heard, particularly from our young people,” she said.

President Museveni with UK Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Theresa May

President Museveni with UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson



It Is Stupidity To Say That Bobi Wine Cannot Be President Because He Is Not A Military Man, Obote Commanded The Army But He Was Not A Military Man And They Respected Him – Matembe…



Controversial former ethics and integrity minister Miria Matembe has warned that it is stupidity to say that Bobi Wine cannot be president because he does not command the military.

In an interview with Ono Bwino, a local Luganda investigative newspaper, Matembe attacked UPDF’s Sulaiman Serunjogi who came out during the ‘Afrika Kwetu’ trek and declared that as UPDF, they will not allow People Power strongman Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine to be their Commander in Chief. Matembe reminded Serunjogi that the late Milton Obote commanded the army but he was not a military man but the military respected him. She noted that such stupidity has been brought by Museveni who militarized all the government institutions as a way of saving his seat.

Matembe also revealed that Museveni recalled his former Prime Minister from suspension which he had slapped on him. “Who told you that Museveni and Mbabazi separated, Mbabazi has been on suspension, now the big man has recalled him, he had to report,” Matembe said. 

To prove her argument, Matembe challenged us to show her any time we heard Mbabazi abusing Museveni like her and other collegues who left NRM, she said that, it’s a sign of respect.

She revealed that the Museveni/Mbabazi rift was a small separation after Museveni became furious with Mbabazi for declaring that he was going to challenge him in the internal NRM party primaries. He decided to fire him to save his presidential seat.

She told Ono Bwino that Mbabazi did exactly what Col. Kizza Besigye did in 2001 when he defied Museveni’s instructions of not standing against him.

Matembe said that it she is ok with Mbabazi working with Museveni because most of the politicians in the opposition are not working to liberate the country but are working to satisfy their stomachs.

She said that such greed is affecting their unity, that is why they are failing to even front one candidate to challenge Museveni.

Matembe said that these greedy opposition politicians are only thinking of protecting their current political offices instead of the country.

Matembe also blasted police spokesperson Fred Enanga for speaking nonsenses, “Really that man is stupid, how can he say that they have banned family meetings, so if he found me with my husband Mr. Matembe and family taking tea, they immediately arrest us!”

By Jamil Lutakome


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You Can’t Block Rebels From Attending National Conference – NRM’s Legal Director Warns Lumumba…



National Resistance Movement Party (NRM) legal Director has warned Justice Kasule Lumumba the Secretary General of the party on blocking some party members from attending the National Conference.

In a letter dated 15th January 2020, Oscar John Kihika the NRM party legal director noted that the rebel legislators must attend the National Conference since there is no evidence showing that they were expelled from the party.

“As we are well aware, the 30 members of parliament were entitled to attend the upcoming National Conference by virtue of Article 11(2)(1) of the NRM constitution which lists them as members of the National Conference. To the best of my knowledge, these MPS have thus far not been dismissed from the NRM,” Kihika noted.

He advised the party secretariat to allow the rebel members to attend the National Conference because refusing them is illegal. On Tuesday, Lumumba told journalists at the party’s headquarters that they have already written to the police force informing them that the rebel legislators will not be allowed to attend their National Conference.

Kihika’s letter

She reasoned that they stopped them because they did not support the party’s decision in parliament to remove the age limit from the constitution.

She also said that the party has invited independent legislators who supported the lifting of age limit from the constitution because they showed them love in the time of need. The National Conference is expected to take place on 25th January 2020 at Namboole stadium.

By Jamil Lutakome


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Bobi Wine Is A ‘De Facto’ Leader Of Opposition He Does Not Need Besigye – Mirundi…



Senior Presidential Adviser on Media Joseph Tamale Mirundi has said that Kyadondo East Legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine is the De Facto opposition leader.

According to Murundi, the torture, arrests and detentions of Bobi Wine, a presidential hopeful, just show how the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) government fear him.

“Bobi Wine is now a ‘De Facto’ leader, he does not need support from Besigye, Mao or any other opposition leader. He is capable of challenging Mr. Museveni in the forthcoming elections that is why Museveni tortures him,” Mirundi revealed.

“When Besigye was fighting Museveni, his petrol stations were working and his cattle were not touched, but this boy’s sources of income (organizing music shows) have all been blocked,” Mirundi said.

Mirundi, who looked weak said that the actions of Police and the military towards Bobi Wine only raises his support and sympathy from the public.

“Bobi Wine being brutally arrested, blocked from holding his meetings clearly shows that the ruling government fears him. He is the footballer with the ball in the match. So, this does not threaten him but instead motivates him to continue his struggle,” he Added.

Murundi Further revealed that President Museveni is in his last term and he is ready to face any one against him and the mafias around him are also struggling to get their share before he departs.

“Museveni is in his last terms in power, but before he departs he is willing to fight whoever comes way, even the Mafias in government are struggling to loot the little resources available before Museveni departs,” Murundi said.

He added that the Mafias who are looting the little resources available are also fighting those who are on Museveni’s side.

“Surprisingly, the Mafias don’t stop at looting but also fight us who support Museveni, they want to kill us, this has made my family hate the ruling party (NRM),” Mirundi revealed.

He further added that he saw a big government official bribing people to vote for Bobi Wine during the 2016 Kyadondo East by-elections with intentions of weakening President Museveni.

By Joseline Kauma


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