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VIDEO: President Museveni Tours Buckingham Palace, Dines With The Queen



President Yoweri Museveni has held various meetings with several leaders at the sidelines of the CHOGM 2018 including UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson with whom he held a productive meeting, the two leaders talked about strengthening the relationship between the United Kingdom and Uganda. The two leaders agreed to cooperate in tackling regional problems together.

The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (CHOGM) is held every two years to enable leaders of the commonwealth countries come together to discuss global and commonwealth issues, and decide on collective policies and initiatives.

The Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary association of 53 sovereign state. Nearly all of them are former British colonies.

The President also held a meeting with the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi with whom he discussed bilateral issues between the two countries.

Earlier, the President was welcomed on arrival at the Buckingham Palace for the official opening of CHOGM and later at St. James Palace, by the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Theresa May.

The President alongside other Commonwealth leaders was hosted to a reception by Rt. Hon. Patricia Scotland, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth at the St. James Palace.

The President and other leaders were later hosted to a grand dinner by Her Majesty the Queen at the Ballroom, Buckingham Palace.

Today the President joins other Heads of State for a retreat at the Windsor Castle. Later President Museveni is due to hold a bilateral meeting with Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Earlier during the opening session, the UK Prime Minister Theresa May thankedHer Majesty The Queen for her generous invitation into her home, the first time the full Heads of Government meeting has been there in almost forty years.

President Museveni with the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

“I am also struck by the number of Heads of Government we have assembled here today – a powerful demonstration of our commitment to revitalize the Commonwealth, and to tap into its vast potential.And that vast potential has been clear at the forums this week. Our Commonwealth family has spent the last four days sharing perspectives and finding ways to make a real difference to people’s lives. I think I speak for everyone around the room when I say that we have all been inspired by what we’ve seen and heard, particularly from our young people,” she said.

President Museveni with UK Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Theresa May

President Museveni with UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson



The Glass Window They Broke Is Not Armoured: Bobi Wine, Kassiano Supporters Stoned My Convoy, We Reject Such Acts And We Will Punish The Organisers – Museveni



President Museveni has rebuked opposition leaders whose supporters tried to stone his convoy. Museveni says that his security team did not react with fire after being attacked otherwise if they had intervened, people would have died because his security team only had live bullets.


Countrymen, Countrywomen and, especially, Bazukulu (grandchildren)

I always insist on singling out the grandchildren because I want them to be conversant with our rich experiences spanning a period of 58 years. I understand that some of our people were worried about the endless criminal acts of elements of the Opposition, including the incidents of Arua on Monday.

The elements of the Opposition, including Kassiano Wadri, Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) and others, who stoned our convoy, including my vehicle.

The stones they threw broke the rear glass window of the car where we transport luggage. That window glass is not armoured. There was no harm to the old man with a hat.

It is a big shame to have such confused people who want to use violence to intimidate Ugandans. Nobody has a right to intimidate any Ugandan by word or action.

Fortunately, my convoy did not react with fire in response to this attack. This was because we were not equipped for anti-riots. Our intervention could have resulted in people’s death because we only had live bullets.

Unfortunately, this crowd, with a tinga tinga (a grader), apparently continued to the town where they attacked people who were coming from the NRM rally.

They injured quite a number of people with stones. It was in those scuffles that one of the attackers was shot dead. This is due to the weak management by the Police and the criminal behaviour of some of the Opposition leaders.

Why take supporters in processions through congested streets? The legal thing is to go for the rally at the agreed venue and, after the rally, everybody disperses to his/her home.

Processions are illegal and the NRM leaders should not be part of them because they inconvenience the public.

Some leaders have been acting with impunity and it has caused the death of one in Bugiri and, now, one person in Arua. These acts are strongly rejected and will be punished according to the law. Anybody who organizes such groups is responsible for their misconduct.

We went to the bush to fight for the right of making political decisions by Ugandans without intimidation by word or action. Anybody who threatens this will have himself to blame.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Museveni’s car being brought to Kampala


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Kadaga Rejects New FDC PAP Appointments



The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has rejected some of the new appointments that were last week made by the President of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Patrick Amuriat Oboi for failure to satisfy the available rules of Procedure.

The FDC president appointed Busongola North MP, William Nzoghu to the Pan African Parliament (PAP) replacing Prof. Ogenga Latigo as well as Buhweju County MP, Francis Mwijukye to replace Cecilia Ogwal as Parliament commissioner.

The appointments were read to the house last week and the Deputy Speaker promised that guidance will be given after legal interpretation on when the appointments will take effect.

During her communication to the house, Kadaga noted that these changes cannot be effected since the positions are capped with term limits.

The composition of the Parliamentary Commission is provided for in section (2) of the Administration of Parliament Act and Rule 11 of the Rules of Procedure of Parliament to include four bench members of Parliament, section 2 (c) of the Administration of Parliament Act which require that the four MPs serve for a period of 2 and a half years.

In such a situation the appointment of Mwijukye cannot be take effect since Hon. Cecilia Ogwal has not served her two and half years in office.


By Stella Mugoya


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STATEMENT: We Have Bobi Wine And Other Opposition MPs – Police Spokesperson Kayima Speaks Out After Arua Police Claimed They Didn’t Have The Kyadondo MP



Uganda Police has finally accepted that they are holding Kyadondo East Member in Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

According to a statement from Kayima, police is holding Bobi Wine and other opposition politicians to help them with investigations regarding yesterday’s incident.

Arua police has said that don’t have Kyandondo East Member of Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine in its custody. Earlier today, West Nile Police spokesperson Josephine Angucia said that they don’t have Bobi Wine.

Police opened fire on a group of Wadri’s supporters after they failed to give the right of way to President Yoweri Museveni’s convoy. In the scuffle, Kyagulanyi’s driver Yasin Kawuma was shot dead and five others sustained injuries. Below is Kayima’s full statement….


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