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    VIDEO: Singer Angella Katatumba’s Brother Narrates How She Was Beaten To Near Death Over Ketchup And Chilli Sauce



    Musician Angella Katatumba’s brother Allan Katatumba has narrated how his sister was beaten by Chicken Tonight staff. The scuffle was caused by a disagreement over chili sauce and ketchup.

    According to Allan, Angella, who was in company of Jamaican singer Kuzi K, with whom they are working on a number of songs, was severely and senselessly attacked, beaten and robbed by Chicken Tonight (Kabalagala) manager and staff. The Chicken Tonight staff who beat Angella Katatumba and Kuzi are: Olubrwoth Ochoka – The Manager (Assault and Theft), Okirot Denis – Watchman (Assault, the one who kicked Angella and beat her face with a huge bin) and Kaddu John – Waiter (Assault).

    Angella and Kuzi have reported a case of assault and theft under case number CRB353/18 at Kabalagala police station.

    Allan Narrates: What happened that night

    Recently, Angella Katatumba and Kuzi Kz spent the whole day recording their latest song “OUT OF MY HEAD”, at Baltmor Records, after leaving the studio at around 4am, hungry and exhausted they decided to pass by Chicken Tonight Muyenga branch to get a late-night snack.

    Having been served chips and chicken, Kuzi asked the waiter for ketchup. The waiter brought both ketchup and chilli. Being that Kuzi isn’t used to the Ugandan way of branding, he was confused and asked the waiter which of them was ketchup?

    The irritated waiter pointed at the chili sauce saying it was the ketchup. So Kuzi poured quite a huge amount of it on his food, thinking he was pouring ketchup. The food automatically became inedible. So, on realising that, Angella and Kuzi called the waiter to explain. The waiter simply ignored them and walked away. In their frustration, they called the manager who was on duty, but dead asleep on a table behind them. So naturally bored and highly irritated, he walked towards them and did not give either of them a chance to explain their issue. He instead simply told them to get out.

    This is when an argument ensued with the manager, Angella and Kuzi saying that in a professional environment there is a better way of handling such a situation. They kept saying, he could have simply apologised for the mistake or even replaced the food and not chase away their daily customers, who incidentally were there the night before also from the studio.

    The extremely angry manager simply called the watchman, the waiter and the three of them started beating Kuzi in the name of sending him out of the establishment.

    Angella tried in vain to calm the situation down. When she further tried to stop the watchman from beating Kuzi, he surprisingly also started punching Angella in her face. Then the manager also pounced on Angella aggressively pushing her out of the place, leaving her bag on top of the counter.

    The three of them beat and pushed both Angella and Kuzi outside. Then in a shocking turn of events the watchman pushed Angella down, mercilessly kicked her when she was on the floor, then even more shockingly as she tried to stumble up, the watchman further grabbed a whole dustbin full of garbage and violently directly hit her on the face with it, automatically throwing the delicate Angella backwards falling on the ground and landing on the back of her head first, where she passed out for a few minutes.

    During the scuffle, the watchman had already called the police probably for backup, who arrived after the deadly beatings.

    Angella gained consciousness got up and walked to the car to leave. That is when the manager brought her bag directly to her. Angella got into the car and drove off with Kuzi. Upon reaching her place, Angella realised that 6.2Million from her bag had been stolen and the only suspect was the manager who handed her bag to her.

    It is unfortunate because it is public knowledge that Angella always moves with security. We wonder where they were at the time of the scuffle?

    In her latest video “OUT OF MY HEAD”, this is the reason why the gorgeous Angella is wearing sunglasses throughout.

    This shocking and horrible story comes after the death of Radio who died in a similar situation. Had Angella been drunk, she may have also lost her life that night.

    The Grapevine tried to get Chicken Tonight’s side of the story in vain.

    Below are some videos of what happened:



    Is NRM Money Cursed? Panicky Kusasira Speaks Out After Bank Auctioned Her Property…



    National Resistance Movement (NRM) die-hards have revealed how they are now in fear of NRM money because one doesn’t get it and ends well.

    This is after Cranima Associates auctioned singer and Presidential advisor, Catherine Kusasira’s home over failure to clear her loan.

    “Upon instructions from our client a registered Mortgagee, we shall proceed to sell the under mentioned property and developments thereon if any, after the expiry of the thirty (30) days from the date of this notice or thereafter unless the mortgagor/debtor, pays all monies owed to our client, plus our fees and costs incurred in the process,” the advert read.

    When theGrapevine talked to Kusasira, she confirmed the letter noting that it is true the bank is advertising her property because of a heavy loan.

    She however added that the issue will be handled.

    “It is true, I got that loan in 2017 before covid-19 and it was a loan of Shs.100m. I managed to pay Shs.80m before covid-19. So when we reached in covid, they told us to pay after covid and that is how money accumulated,” she revealed.

    Kusasira further told theGravepine that they are currently demanding her Shs.78m with arrears.

    She trashed allegations that she got a loan to invest in President Museveni’s campaigns adducing that her loan was to finance her jelly company.

    When we quizzed her on allegations that she is trying to pull a stunt to attract the President’s attention, Kusasira insisted that she is not a woman of stunts because it is evident that the bank wants to take her property.

    “It can’t be a stunt because you have seen evidence in the newspaper, and you can’t pull stunts when dealing with the bank.”

    When we asked her whether she had reached out to the President for help, being that she is a senior presidential advisor, Kusasira intimated to this website that the comptroller is handling the matter and it will be solved anytime soon.

    Commenting about Kusasira’s woes, events promoter, Andrew Mukasa alias Bajjo noted that she used the money recklessly by investing it in Jelly company which made losses.

    He further revealed that it’s not that they love NRM, it is just business and all they want is money.

    “No one truly loves NRM, it is just business. For us we were there for money,” he said.

    Bajjo added that NRM money has curses and you can’t get it and end well. He revealed that they give people a lot of money yet hospitals don’t have medicine and they think it can help them.

    “Don’t you see that Kusasira is suffering? How can they give you Shs.1bn yet people in hospitals are dying and you think that money can help you? That is why no one enjoys it.”


    By Kalamira Hope


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    I’m A Big Fish, They Will Soon Vomit Me – Sipapa Brags In Prison, Lawyers Threaten To Withdraw From His Case…



    Incarcerated city socialist Charles Olim alias Sipapa in trouble after his lawyers threatened to withdraw from his case because he is not being cooperative.

    Robert Rutaro, the lead counsel of lawyers representing Sipapa and his wife Samirah Nakiyimba revealed that they are going to inform Makindye Chief Magistrate’s Court and their clients that they are planning to withdraw from their matter if they insist on playing games when it comes to giving them their legal fees to run their file.

    He revealed that since Sipapa’s arrest last month, he has been promising to pay their legal fees but he has failed.

    “He is always telling us to wait but enough is enough, we need money to run his files,” Rutaro said.

    However, sources at Luzira prison where Sipapa is detained revealed to theGrapevine that he was advised by inmates including maverick city lawyer Male Mabirizi, who is also detained at Luzira not to waste his money at this time.

    Mabirizi advised Sipapa to wait for the dust to settle while he studies the overall situation concerning his criminal cases.

    Sources further revealed that Sipapa based on the said advice to play his lawyers and family members over the particular place where he keeps his money.

    He even told one of his family members that faded television presenter Phiona Nabitengero alias Fifi Da Queen is the one with his money which resulted into her arrest.

    Sources at Kabalagala police station investigating Sipapa’s file revealed that Nabitengero denied allegations that she is the one who keeps Sipapa’s money even though they are friends.

    Sources at Luzira said that Sipapa recently boasted before fellow inmates that very soon he was going to be released because he is a big fish and if the state continues with his file, a number of top security bosses will join him at Luzira prisons, that is why they will soon vomit him.

    Detectives are following a number of journalists who are suspected to be in Sipapa’s cartel.

    Sipapa and others are facing charges of aggravated robbery.

    State claims that the accused persons robbed Shs1.65bn from South Sudan government official Jacob Arok which they denied.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    LET THE BLAME GAMES BEGIN: Top Busoga Female Politician In Land Saga Cited In Speaker Among Marriage Woes, As Town Clerk insists He Signed Marriage Certificate At Gunpoint…



    FUFA boss Moses Magogo (L) and his sweetheart Anita Among (R)

    Kasambya County Member of Parliament (MP) David Kabanda, has disclosed that a wealthy person in a top government office who was recently accused of grabbing Naguru/Nakawa land has been cited in scandalizing the marriage between Speaker Anita Among and Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) president, Moses Magogo.

    Geoffrey Rwakabaare, the Makindye Division Town Clerk petitioned the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola and his bosses at the Uganda Registration Service Bureau(URSB) claiming that he was forced to sign the customary marriage certificate of Among and Magogo.

    However, Kabanda, a close friend to the couple claims that Rwakabaare is being used by a senior Busoga female politician who declared war on speaker Among.

    He further pointed at other top tycoons who benefited from the controversial Naguru/ Nakawa land grabbing.

    “The fight against corruption and impunity in Uganda is very costly and deadly, it can lead to loss of your life. All the wars against the speaker Anita Among originate from her brave decision to save Nakawa/ Naguru Land from opaque land grabbers,” Kabanda claims.

    Rwakabaare petitioned IGP Ochola to investigate the allegations that he was forced to sign the customary marriage certificate of Among and Magogo arguing that a due process was not followed.

    He accused Uganda’s ambassador to Sudan Dickson Ogwang of putting him at gunpoint to sign the alleged agreement.

    He pleaded with the IGP to beef up his security because his life is in danger claiming that he is receiving a number of threats to his life.

    Sources at the IGP’s office in Naguru Kampala revealed that Ochola instructed Dr. Maj. Tom Magamba, the commandant of police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to kick off investigations into the allegations.

    Efforts to speak to Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson were futile because he has been not picking our calls.

    Recently, the State Minister for Housing and Urban Development Persis Namuganza was convicted by a parliamentary Committee instituted by the speaker of parliament Among over her involvement in giving away government land hiding under president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s directives.

    Parliament recommended disciplinary action against Namuganza and she is under investigation on allegations of disrespecting the person of the speaker and the parliament at large.

    However, Namuganza also claims that she was recently attacked by unknown people who wanted to kill her. (Read story here >>>)


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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