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    WANTED! How Court Pronounced Matthew Kirabo Guilty Of Killing Girlfriend; Slapped With Other Charges Of Absenteeism During Court Trials…



    Matthew Kirabo (R) has been found guilty of killing Desire Mirembe (L)

    Mukono High Court judge, justice Henry Isabirye Kaweesa has pronounced Matthew Kirabo, a former doctor at Mulago Hospital guilty of killing his girlfriend, Mirembe Desire.

    Appearing before court today, 30th May, 2022, Justice Isabirye said that based on the evidence on record, and the court assessors report, he finds Matthew Kirabo guilty of murder.

    Justice Isabirye started by introducing the case which he said is a murder case and that the accused is indited under section 188 and 189 of the Penal Code.

    He noted that, “It was alleged in the particulars of the offence that on the night of 10th to 11th July, 2015 at Lugazi, Kawoolo, Buikwe district, the accused murdered Mirembe Desire Jemima. The accused pleaded not guilty and prosecution has a burden of proving the case against the accused beyond all reasonable doubt.

    “This burden doesn’t shift to the accused person and he can only be convicted on the strength of the prosecution’s pace, not because of the witnesses of the defence.

    “Since the accused person pleaded not guilty he has therefore put in issue each and every essential ingredient of the offence with which he is charged.

    “It is therefore the duty of the prosecution to (provide) evidence that proves all the ingredients that constitute the charge of murder and that should be beyond any reasonable doubt.

    “Therefore, to prove the offence of murder, the ingredients should be that one, there was death of a human being, that the death was unlawful, that the assailant acted with malice and that the accused participated and was the culprit who committed the crime.

    He further added that with that in mind, he will review the evidence on record.

    Justice Kaweesi revealed that the prosecution’s evidence constituted of 15 witnesses including, PW1, Musoke Emmanuel, father to the deceased, PW2, Naturinda Darius, PW3, Morai Ismail, PW4, Isaiah Mbuga, PW5, Corpora Kibuuka Patrick, PW6, Detective corporal Mugabi, PW7, Sendiwala Amina, PW8, DIP, Manyi Dominic, PW9, DAIP, Katumba, PW10, Kirabo Joseph, PW11,Dr.Kizito Julius, PW12, DIP Joel, PW13, Ahimbisibwe Crysotom, PW14, DSP Wanyoto Herbert and PW15, Onen Godfrey.

    Some of Mirembe’s relatives who attended court today

    He furthermore divulged that the defence witnesses included, PW1, Dr.Onzia Sylvester, PW2, Andrew Rumanzi and PW3, Anthony Tisasirana.

    He stated, “The prosecution led its cases through a number of exhibits which were marked, so did the defence also rely on recorded exhibits.

    “In the trial, the prosecution filed a report to support their case as the defence.”

    He disclosed that the background of this case is that the accused and deceased are said to have been in a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.

    “On 10th, July, 2015, according to the prosecution both in their evidence and submission, they allege that the accused called the deceased so that they could meet at Oasis Mall where they had a discussion about  their relationship which (seemed not to be working out) as the deceased was told by the a Church minister to stop relating with the accused,” Justice Heny told court.

    According to justice Kaweesa, the two had a heated argument and because they could not come to an agreement, they after boarded a vehicle which was driven by the accused towards Jinja and after branched off to a sugarcane plantation in Lugazi where he murdered the deceased at the right hand side of the neck.

    “In their submission, the prosecution alleged that immediately after committing the offence, the accused used the deceased’s phone and started sending false messages to friends and relatives of the deceased claiming the deceased was stuck in Jinja with a strange person and after proceeded for an overnight at Deliverance Church Makerere.

    “One of the relatives of the deceased received the strange message and got suspicious and started looking for the deceased whose known telephone numbers were now switched off and then reported to police.

    The late Mirembe’s parents

    “The prosecution further alleges in their submission that on the 11th July, 2015, residents of Kibuku village who were moving within a sugarcane plantation saw a body of a girl lying in the sugar plantation and informed the village LC chairperson who also called the DPC at Lugazi and the body of the deceased was then recovered and taken to Kawolo Hospital where it was later identified by relatives to the deceased to be that of Mirembe Desire.

    He then informed court that tracking began with the deceased’s phone and on realising she had last talked to the accused, police in Kampala invited him to give a statement where he gave uncoordinated information about the deceased and was arrested for the murder.

    “The prosecution further submits that both the charge and caution statement and reconstruction of the scene was done under a video recording and the accused confessed to have killed the deceased where he was after charged hence giving room for investigation.

    “I request to be excused, I definitely participated and apologised. I ask to be pardoned and be given another chance to complete my career as a Born Again person such that I become a better person,” Matthew pleaded in a recorded video.

    It is on that note therefore that Justice Kaweesa ruled that the evidence which has been handed to him by prosecution has no other explanation or hypothesis except that which is being offered by prosecution that it is Matthew Kirabo who killed Desire Mirembe.


    “In conclusion, I therefore find that the prosecution as proved their case beyond reasonable doubt that it is Kirabo Matthew who participated in this offence of murder.

    “I therefore find him guilty of this charge and I do convict him of the same offence.” he pronounced.


    Speaking to theGrapevine, the deceased’s father Musoke Emmanuel said that, “After seven years we have received the judgement for the death of our daughter, Mirembe Desire and it has been proved that Matthew Kirabo murdered her.

    “Atleast we have reached this far and we appeal to the general public that whoever knows Kirabo’s whereabouts to report him to police. Court is awaiting for his arrest so that he can be sentenced,” Musoke said.


    By: Kalamira Hope



    Security Operatives Ordered To Respond Fire With Fire If Attacked By Assailants…



    Police mouthpiece Fred Enanga

    Security operatives have been tasked to answer fire with fire if assailants attack them.

    This directive comes after a number of attacks that have been happening on different police stations.

    Addressing press today, Police mouthpiece Fred Enanga noted that orders have been issued to security personnel, especially commanders to respond to any armed attacks with fire.

    Enanga added that any assailant who tries to attack security personnel will face a similar response from security.

    He disclosed, “The leadership of the joint security agencies has tasked all territorial commanders RPCs, DPCs, commanders of police stations, police posts, detaches, checkpoints to be prepared to respond to any form of violence that targets their personnel or facilities.

    “Whereas security personnel are trained on how to protect the public, they are also trained on how to use tactics and proportionate force under violent and unpredictable incidents like ambushes, attacks at checkpoints, detaches and other security facilities.”

    Enanga insisted that they want to inform all security personnel that the leadership of joint security agencies stands with them and that they are doing everything possible to prevent such unprovoked attacks and ambushes on them.

    “There should not be tolerance of attacks on security personnel and robbery of guns which are fundamental to public safety and security.”

    He also revealed that they are trying to build the intelligence on attackers, especially in Luweero and most recently in Kapeeka.

    He further honoured the comrades that died in the line of duty in Luweero, Busika, Gadaffi barracks, Iganga and Kapeeka.

    “We want to assure their families that all these fallen comrades are our heroes, and we are inspired by their selfless acts of bravery.”


    By Kalamira Hope


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    Stop Provoking People With Guns; Controversial RCC Burora Warns…



    The deputy Resident City Commissioner (RCC) of Rubaga Division, Anderson Burora has urged public to stop provoking people with guns.

    Burora’s statements come after an incident that claimed Mr. Waliggo Ronald (38), a Boda Boda cyclist who was a resident of Kirinya Bigo, Kawanda in Wakiso who had a misunderstanding with Ssali Abdul, who was driving a Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) car.

    Appearing on a TV show, Burora noted that in the Army, one is trained that if someone points a gun at you, you do as that person says.

    Burora warned Ugandans not to blame individual acts on the institution but rather blame the institution if the individuals who do malicious acts are not brought to book.

    “Yes, there could be some insecurity, but this insecurity can be handled. We have faced several situations, but they have always been solved. The issue of attackers will be solved too,” he added.

    Burora contended that they have to work with the people because, by the time someone steals a gun from the police, it means ordinary people are vulnerable too.

    “So, we need to work together and avail information about any suspicious people,” he said.

    Former Kawempe South Member of Parliament, Mubarak Munyagwa noted that the Army rarely announces that they lost people in attacks.

    “Seeing the UPDF Spokesperson coming out to announce the loss of their officer, the motive is to create a state of emergency.”

    He also emphasized that they need to be careful when dealing with security officers.

    “They have misguided anger. How can you pay someone with a gun a salary of UGX 300,000?”

    According to National Resistance Movement (NRM)’s Rogers Mulindwa, the Army is the most disciplined force and by the time shots are fired, it means the scuffle is big.

    “There could be a few undisciplined elements in the forces, but not all of them are like that. We also don’t have to provoke these officers,” he added.

    He divulged, “We should stop joking about matters of security. We all need to be vigilant and conscious. Even the officers who have lost their lives are human beings like us.

    “When we have such issues of insecurity, we have to look at them from a national perspective, work together with the authorities and provide the necessary information.”


    By Kalamira Hope


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    REBELS OR CRIMINALS! Fear As Attacks On Security Personnel Increase, UPDF Warns…



    Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) has kicked off an onslaught on gun hungry criminals.

    According to Defence spokesperson, Brig. Felix Kulayigye, a UPDF foot patrol was ambushed at 1030hrs in Kikondo cell in Kapeka town council by two assailants armed with one AK 47 rifle.

    He added, “On contact, the assailants shot dead a UPDF soldier RA/260979 Private Tufeyo Obed.

    “His colleagues fired back on target, killing all the two assailants instantly, and recovered the gun they used in the attack, no weapon was lost by UPDF.”

    Brig. Kulayigye further disclosed that in a related incident, an intelligence led operation working together with Uganda Police and other sister forces in Iganga district on Saturday 26 November 2022 Put Out of Action the assailant that carried out an attack on a sentry along Ambercourt road in Gadaffi Barracks, where one soldier was killed and two SMG rifles stolen.

    “All the two guns were recovered from the assailant.”

    He adduced that the UPDF and sister security forces have therefore launched a full scale on slot on criminals interested in picking rifles to make unpalatable the appetite for gun acquisition.

    “The criminals attempts on our forces shall be met with full force.”

    This comes after a number of attacks on several police stations.

    Early this week, Nakulabye police station officer survived an attack from unknown persons.

    According to Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson, ASP Luke Owoyesigyire, investigations into the matter commenced aided by CCTV cameras to try to identify the attacker and their movements.

    Also, in Mbale district, unknown assailants broke into Bungokho police station and stole two guns and a radio call.


    By Kalamira Hope


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