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    WE ARE ADULTS ABOVE 18: How Justice Musene Survived Being Dismissed From Judiciary For Luring Female Judge Into Love Affairs…



    Justice Musene's widow laying wreath on her husband's casket

    Maria Theresa Nabulya, the spokesperson of the Judicial Service Commission has revealed to the might Grapevine that the petition against controversial fallen High Court judge Wilson Masalu Musene on allegations of indiscipline which involved him luring a female judge into a love affair was settled amicably.

    “It is too old, they settled their issue internally. It didn’t reach us but it was there,” Nabulya said.

    Highly placed sources in the judiciary revealed that when the one of the female judges who is currently at the international court of justice was still serving at the High Court, he petitioned the judiciary top management complaining about the then court registrar Musene who was sending her frequent love messages.

    In her complaint, the beautiful judge from central region claimed that it was a sign of disobedience for a junior officer to behave in the manner that insulted senior judicial officers who are already married.

    Sources said that Musene was directed to file a written defense and he admitted to sending messages but denied the allegation of insulting and being disobedient to his superior boss.

    He told his boss that there was no offence he committed by showing interest in a fellow female workmate who is above 18 years old.

    “The man in his defense wondered how an adult person can petition the entire judiciary in the small matter where she can answer in positive or in negative and win the case,” a source said.

    It should be remembered that at his burial last month, justice Musene’s Widow Joyce Nakawooya was shocked to learn that her husband left behind over 48 children yet she knew that as as a married couple, they had only six children.

    The ‘Son of the man’ as his colleagues used to call him left his seed germinating from almost all corners of the world.

    At his burial, some women informed family members that they came from Kenya and the deceased was taking care of the children he sired with them that is why they were supposed to attend his burial.

    Last month, sources within Justice Musene’s family revealed that all the children will be subjected to DNA test to ascertain whether they are indeed his children.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki



    Selfish, Shameless And Proud Of It! M7 Minister Makes A ‘Nyokory’ Of Herself: Narrates Why She Sold Off Ambulance She Had Bought For Voters After They Refused To Vote For Her….



    Minister Evelyn Anite

    Decency and integrity in this .com generation has gone to the dogs, even among those holding public offices.

    Just yesterday, State Minister of Finance for Investment and Privatization Evelyn Anite; you’ve guessed right, the one who kissed her hubby and shared the pictures on X bragged about selling the ambulance she bought for her voters when they denied her votes.

    “I am shameless to the extent that I sold it,” Minister Anite said in one of her replies.

    It all started when African Facts Zone, a platform on X that posts African news took a swipe at Anite with a post, “Ugandan Politician, Evelyn Anite took back an ambulance she donated to her district, after losing an election in 2021.”

    Anite proudly posted back that what they had posted was true, she is proud of what she did and she has no apologies.

    “@AfricaFactsZone, Thank you for bringing this up. First, it’s true I took back my ambulance & I have no apologies for that. Why did I do it? It’s because they didn’t vote for me. So did you expect me to walkaway with nothing? Galatians 6:7 A man reaps what he sows,” Anite answered back.

    When a one Ssesanga tried to call it fake news, Anite told him that it was not fake news, she did it and she is proud of it.

    “Fake news. My best friend @HonAniteEvelyn cannot do that. She has done more for her region than most of politicians from that region,” Ssesanga posted.

    Anite replied, “My dear, I actually did it, and I am very proud of my action. Once they said go away, I packed all my belongings and left them. now I hear people crying as if I was the first one to call it quites. The Bible says the wage of sin is death.”

    From then, Minister Anite went into a war of words with netizens who attacked her for being; selfish, heartless, shameless and a mountain of other insults.

    “They made you who you are today! Without them you wouldn’t be known. It was pettiness! Sometimes we need to appreciate and understand when it’s time to let go! Those are your voters and I believe you’ll come back to them before 2026. Be Real,” Ronnie Roland said.

    Anite replied, “You have no idea what my background is read more about me on how I started.”

    Gabriel K wrote, “Am I reading right? How about the many who voted you? .. these are our leaders? God have mercy!”

    Anite responded, “My dear they should have defended their votes.”

    Dr. Bale wrote, “This is the level of embarrassment we are now happy about. A minister is happy to withdraw service. You wonder, do you still serve the same people as minister? The statement would be good if you rejected the ministerial position and went private as you say.”

    Minister Anite replied, “I am also in private sector. My dear you are not even feeling the pain I went through after losing elections. What makes you think what they did to me was good and what I did was bad. Feel the pain I felt that day.”

    However, there were some who supported her actions.

    John Paul Guminkiriza wrote, “Even if I was the one I withdraw it, if you vote someone else, Let the one whom you have voted buy it for you. You are a true business lady and investor you can’t invest where you don’t expect ROI.”

    Below are some of the screenshots of the exchange between Anite and a section of netizens.



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    FROM BEING M7 DIE HARD FAN TO BECOMING HIS NO.1 ENEMY: Inside Story Of How Dr. Kiyingi Turned Guns On M7, Battled Gen. Kayihura, Cursed Family And Opposition Top Politicians; Widow In Trouble As Family Ask Hard Questions Concerning His Death…



    President Museveni (L), Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi (C) and Gen. Kayihura

    The State Minister for foreign affairs Henry Okello Oryem confirmed to theGrapevine that the family of the late celebrated international cardiologist Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi Ssebowa has to first seek permission from President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s government for his body to be allowed into the country for burial at his ancestral home in Busukuma Division, Nasana Municipality, Wakiso district.

    Last week, Mariam Nakayiira, wife to Dr. Kiyingi through her social media platforms, announced that the father of her kids had died.

    In the early 2000s, during the burial of his mother Norah Kiyingi Ssebowa at Seeta village, then Busukuma Sub county Wakiso district, Dr. Kiyingi declared support for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

    By then, he revealed that his family is political and has members supporting different political parties. He gave the example of his young brother Samuel Kagulire Ssebowa who was a staunch supporter and a founding member of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and Dr. Kizza Besigye.

    He welcomed opposition legislators who attended the burial led by Winnie Byanyima, wife to Dr. Besigye.

    The NRM was highly represented and President Museveni sent his condolence message. Among the government officials who attended the burial included; the late Gen Elly Tumwine, Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala the current senior works and transport minister, Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi the current security minister among others.

    Dr. Kiyingi’s father the late Azalia Ssebowa was a strong supporter of Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and Dr. Milton Obote murdered him because of politics.

    Dr. Kiyingi was praised for loving his mother to the extent of taking her to good medical facilities some of the most expensive hospitals.

    Because Dr. Kiyingi was an international cardiologist based in Australia, this attracted to him popularity countrywide particularly in Buganda and his name was always mentioned on Buganda Kingdom’s Central Broadcasting Services (CBS) where he was always praised as the only black cardiologist who operated hearts of the rich and powerful of the world including American presidents.

    Dr. Kiyingi through his Dehezi Computer International built CBS radio website and he started donating computers to schools in Buganda including Namulonge Primary School where his mother was a board member sitting on the PTA Committee before her death.

    He also started donating money and other requirements to churches and one of the beneficiaries was Katuso church at Buziga in Makindye Division Kampala city where he was given a special seat which no one was allowed to use even while he was away.

    Dr. Kiyingi started meeting and holding meetings with high level clergy from the Church of Uganda especially West Buganda dioceses and Namirembe dioceses.


    Highly placed sources at Mengo revealed to theGrapevine that President Museveni was later briefed by intelligence that Dr. Kiyingi was building a political base in Buganda and had started meeting key Buganda Kingdom decision makers and church leaders privately with former Vice president professor Gilbert Bukenya and they were cooking a political coalition.

    As Museveni carried out clandestine investigation, sources claim that Dr. Kiyingi started getting suspicious that his first wife Robinah Kayaga Kiyingi was being used by the State to spy on him.

    He was advised to file a divorce case at Mengo court accusing her of adultery.

    Sources claim that Dr. Kiyingi’s suspicion increased when his secured a well paying job at Transparency International, an organisation fighting corruption.

    Before joining Transparency International, Robinah was struggling with her Kiyingi and Company Advocates.


    When Dr. Kiyingi filed for divorce, his wife opposed it.

    She explained that Mengo Court lacked jurisdiction to handle the matter.

    She filed similar proceedings in an Australia Court, where she thought and believed her property interests and other interests would better be catered for because of the property the family had in Australia and by the fact that the petitioner had a dual citizenship in Australia and Uganda.

    She also further accused Dr. Kiyingi of plotting for her death and she expressed this plot overtly by talking to various.

    She reported one such incident to police and to her relatives whereupon she expressed fear that Dr. Kiyingi, was after her life.

    As the legal battles proceeded in Uganda and Australia, Robinah was gunned down on 11th July, 2005 at around 9.00pm while she was entering her gate in Buziga at 8pm and the prime suspect was Dr. Kiyingi.

    Kiyingi was humiliated at the burial of his wife and his mother-in-law nearly slapped him.

    His children also refused to greet him, his brothers-in-law insulted him and he was saved by security.

    Sources claim that a decision was taken to arrest Dr. Kiyingi at the burial of his wife but Gen. Tumwine advised that he should be given time to mourn his wife’s death as investigations proceed.

    However, detectives at the police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) claimed that the Australian government was planning to help him run out of the country to survive arrest.

    Security was heavily deployed at his Buziga home.

    He was slapped with murder charges together with Charles Berwanaho and No. 22682 D/C Mugisha Bob.

    The late Joan Namazzi Kagezi, a nonsense prosecutor with the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP), who was also a close friend to Robinah led the prosecution team.

    They told the now late Justice Robby Opio Aweri that Dr. Kiyingi masterminded the brutal murder of his wife because she was threatening to have a share of their multibillion empire.

    Dr. Kiyingi was saved by the criminal law giant MacDosman Kabega who put up a spirited legal fight and he was exonerated when Justice Aweri ruled that he had no case to answer.

    Once the judgment was delivered, Dr. Kiyingi immediately ran out of the country after being advised to do so to avoid re-arrest because the State was planning to appeal the ruling.

    Counsel Kabega was supposed to attach some properties of Dr. Kiyingi because he disappeared without paying him fully.

    Another remembered scenario in Kiyingi’s case was the death of the prime suspect whom State accused of pulling the trigger that ended Robinah’s life, he died in the prison’s bus while he was being driven back to Luzira prison.


    Dr. Kiyingi was humiliated to the born marrow in court when his own children testified against him in the murder case. He later told his close friends that his young brother Kagulire Ssebowa and their maternal and paternal uncles and aunties influenced them and he cursed them.

    Sources in the Ssebowa family told theGrapevine during our investigations that Dr. Kiyingi claimed that his family members wanted him to be sentenced to death so that they could grab his multibillion empire.

    However, theGrapevine has learnt that he forgave them and by the time he breathed his last, he was on good terms with children.

    Sources told theGrapevine that as years went by Dr. Kiyingi’s fellow doctors here and in Australia advised him to get another wife because he was lonely, always in deep thought.

    That is how he was connected to Nakayiira, a singer from Gomba in Masaka District.

    They later got married and had children but some of the family members told theGrapevine that she has been controlling him and preventing them from talking to him.

    These family members also allege that they want the Australian government to investigate Nakayiira because they are not buying her narrative concerning the cause of Kiyingi’s death.

    “We haven’t yet received the postmortem report, we are sure that the Australian government is investigating the death of Dr. Kiyingi because has been an asset,” a family member told theGrapevine.

    Nakayiira is a young sister to Aisha Nakasibante who was charged with terrorism, murder and treason charges together with tabliq sheikhs led by Sheikh Yunus MUhammad Kamoga and her boyfriend Sheikh Multerd Bukenya who is also young brother to Sheikh Kamoga.

    They were later exonerated at the Court of Appeal after appealing at the Crimes War Division of the High Court.


    Former Makindye East legislator Ibrahim Kasozi was among the many opposition politicians and journalists who survived charges and detentions on allegations of cooperating with Dr. Kiyingi to overthrow President Museveni’s government.

    Former Inspector General of police Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura, in one of the briefing to President Museveni told him that Dr. Kiyingi had entered a deal with Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) founding Commander Jamil Mukulu Kyagulanyi and he had become one of the funders of the terrorism group.

    Gen. Kayihura also accused Dr. Kiyingi of masterminding the murder of Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya, Sheikh Mustafah Bahiga and government officials.

    During the whole saga, Gen. Kayihura wrote to the then speaker of parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga asking her to pass over criminal summons to MP Kasozi asking him to appear before Kibuli CID to record a statement on allegation of supporting terrorism and rebel activities in the country.

    Sources claim when summoned to collect his summons, Kasozi cried in Kadaga’s office and pleaded with her not to hand him over to Kayihura’s men.

    He denied being a supporter of Dr. Kiyingi. Kadaga told Kasozi that the only thing she can do for him is to help him get audience with President Museveni which Kasozi welcomed with open hands.

    Kadaga herself drove Kasozi to State House and they met Museveni and he pleaded his innocence. Museveni made a phone call to Gen. Kayihura stopping him from pursuing Kasozi.

    When Dr. Kiyingi received the information that Kasozi had betrayed him, he revealed to his supporters that he had dismissed Kasozi as his director for mobilization under his political party the Uganda Federal Democratic Organisation (UFDO).

    Dr. Kiyingi through political journalists like Siraje Lubwama kept on threatening that he is coming back to contest for president in 2016.

    However, Gen. Kayihura influenced the move to slap criminal charges on him noting that the State was going to arrest him once he steps foot on Ugandan soil.

    Gen. Kayihura even planted spies and commandos to follow Dr. Kiyingi’s movements.

    He survived being arrested in Nairobi Kenya when he came for a high level meeting with his party mobilizers from Uganda. He had to change the venue of the meeting to South Africa.

    During the course of investigating this story, theGrapevine has established that Dr. Kiyingi never talked to Jamil Mukulu even though he sent him a number of requests to meet him so that they discuss plans to overthrow Museveni. However, Mukulu did not trust him since was not a Muslim.

    Sources in intelligence told theGrapevine that because Dr. Kiyingi wanted to meet Mukulu, he decided to start recruiting Muslim sheikhs through his sister-in -law Aisha Nakasibante but before meeting Mukulu, he was arrested in Tanzania and extradite back to Kampala.

    Mukulu is currently detained in Luzira prison while he awaits for his trial on murder, terrorism and treason charges.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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    Inside Story Behind One Million Match To Entebbe Airport As Security Moots Arrest Of Bobi Wine And University Lecturer Dr. Spire…



    NUP boss Bobi Wine (R) and Dr. Spire Ssentongo (L)

    National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters are organizing landmark grand celebrations to welcome their principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) who is expected back in the country on Thursday this week.

    Bobi Wine traveled abroad to hold high level talks with the international policy makers and Ugandans in the diaspora especially in the countries of Canada, United States of America and concluded with South Africa on Thursday.

    Bobi told Ugandans in the diaspora that they have a role to play in the fight to oust President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s government and advised them to wake up and fight for what he termed as a good Uganda.

    Bobi Wine who was accompanied by his wife Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi also held music concerts and collected huge sums of money.

    He boasted that he used his recent political tours to deliver a strong message to the extent that it woke Ugandan intelligence up and they got to know that the political struggle is still on.

    He for the first time confirmed that he was possessed by his grandfather’s spirits ‘Mitembo’  when delivering his moving speech which shocked many in Luwero district and the country at large.

    He explained that when he was dressed with backcloth, given a spear and gin, everything changed including the words that came out of his mouth.

    It should be remembered that in Luwero, Bobi accused President Museveni and his son who also doubles as his Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operations Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba of practicing tribalism, nepotism and supporting land grabbing.

    Highly placed sources in NUP revealed that Bobi Wine knows very well that the State has to react very seriously to the statements he made in Luwero and it is highly likely that he will be charged in the courts of law.

    Sources added that an order was issued that on Thursday, all NUP leadership especially members of parliament, local councillors, division mayors have to participate in organising a one million march to welcome their party boss.

    They are supposed to look for transport and other requirements to facilitate their journey from Entebbe airstrip.

    Sources allege that the celebrations are going to be colourful and their movement is expected to be peaceful under their slogan ‘One Million march’ unless it is disorganised by police.

    When asked what they are celebrating, a NUP insider noted that they want to show love to Bobi Wine for the strong decision he made to lead the deadly struggle against President Museveni.

    He added that they are not going to use cars or motorcycles when they reach Kampala city because they will disrupt the traffic movement. Intead, they plan to walk.

    When contacted, Julius Katongole one of the Personal Assistants to Bobi Wine who also doubles as the Lubaga Division NUP youth leader denied the allegation that the one million match is organised by the party Secretariat.

    He insisted that the celebrations are organized by Bobi Wine supporters who want to show him some love for his decision to lead the political struggle against Museveni’s government.

    He explained that as supporters of Bobi Wine, they don’t expect any clash with security agencies especially police because they are not the first people to do so.

    He gave an example of the NRM supporters who welcomed Museveni from America in big numbers after firing his former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi.

    He also confirmed that they have landed on classified information that there is an ongoing move to slap criminal charges on Bobi Wine once he lands on Ugandan soil.

    Other security sources told theGrapevine that Bobi Wine will be charged together with Dr. Spire Ssentongo, a university lecturer and social media influencer.

    Without revealing the details of the file, sources claim that Bobi Wine and Ssentongo will face charges related to participating in the subversive activities against President Museveni’s government.

    He added that last month, a General Inquiry File was opened up at Central Police Station Kampala the headquarters of Kampala Metropolitan police and at Kibuli based Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headquarters against Bobi Wine and Spire.

    These sources claim that after making a moving speech in Luwero district, where Bobi Wine accused President Museveni and his son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba and the NRA veterans of practising tribalism, nepotism and supporting land grabbing, Bobi Wine assigned Spire to fuel his message on social media.

    Katongole added that they suspect that Bobi Wine will be arrested immediately once he steps out of the plane.

    According to these sources, once arrested, Bobi Wine will be driven to Court or to his Magere home to avoid any processions.

    During his address to his supporters in America, Bobi Wine admitted that he used his recent countrywide political tours to provoke president Museveni into arresting him or doing something bad to him but he was advised by his advisers not to do so because it was going to give him bad publicity internationally.


    By Sengooba Alirabaki


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