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We Are Fade Up: KCCA PAC Members Vow To Resign Over Salaries



Minister Benny Namugwanya

Members on the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) have threatened to resign over delayed salaries.

The members claim that they have not received any salary since February. The members add that to date they have even never been told how much salary they are supposed to earn.

The five-member committee is appointed by the Lord Mayor to serve for five years but are eligible for reappointment for only one more term. The current committee is headed by Bob Kabaziguruka while others include Pontian Kaweesa, Ms Maria Nabbanja Ssentamu, Ms Betty Bainomugisha Ntuhe and Mr. Michael Tugyetwena.

Section 58(13) sates that the expenses of the city’s PAC are charged on the consolidated fund, but it doesn’t stipulate how much members should earn.

When contacted, the state minister for Kampala Affairs, Benny Namugwanya said, that the matter was presented to Public Service ministry and the ministry was still reviewing the salary structure as directed by the President that’s why the process delayed.

She also begged the PAC members to be patient saying the salary review exercise has been completed.

However, the Principal Communications officer at the ministry of Public Service, Joseph Ngobi punched holes in the Minister’s Remarks saying that, the ministry of public service has not yet received any communication from KCCA in regards to the salary of the PAC committee members.

“ I have consulted with the responsible officers in the ministry but they are all saying there is no communication to that effect,” Ngobi said.


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I Hope You Are Not Jealous and Envious Of Bobi Wine, The Kid Is A Talent – StarTimes Boss Aldrine Nsubuga Stings Pastor Sempa



StarTimes boss Aldrine Nsubuga has warned Makerere Community Church pastor Martin Sempa to stop judging Bobi Wine over his new ‘Tuliyambala Engule’ song.
In a post on his facebook page, Aldrine asked Sempa what he has been doing for the past 30+ years of his ministry life if his version of Tuliyambala Engule is as old as christian tradition.

He cautioned him to stop being envious of the kid’s (Bobi Wine) talent. Below is his post verbatim:

Hello musumba Martin Sempa (a friend of mine from old days by the way) ….I’ve learnt that you are up in arms with a certain song called ‘Tuliyambala Engule’ by BW. You may ignore others but I know you can’t ignore me..we come a long way.

A couple of questions for you.

1) Were the words ‘Tuliyambala Engule’ invented by the church? Aren’t those Luganda words just put together to mean something? If so, are they worldly or christian?

2) Did God write the so called ‘original’ christian version of ‘Tuliyambala Engule?’ I ask this because you used the word ‘blasphemy’

3) Bobi Wine’s ‘Tuliyambala Engule’ is his original version.True or false?

4) What have you been doing for the past 30+ years of your ministry life ….if your version of Tuliyambala Engule is as old as christian tradition and you are so passionate about the ministry, how come you didn’t make it a personal mission to popularise it to the extent that by now it should have become a national anthem?

You wait until BW creates his original version , he lauches it, it sounds so beautiful in your ears and then you wish you had done this 2000 years ago??

My message to you my old friend;

1) Stick to the message of the gospel. It doesn’t include judging or planting seeds of hatred.

2) I hope jealousy or envy is not playing a part here. It’s the same God who gave this kid talent. Incredible talent of creativity. Praise God for it instead.

3) This season Liverpool will win the Premier League and am already writing the ‘Tuliyambala Engule’ version for Liverpool for use later this season. Where do you place me in the line of blasphemous humans? Where do you place Liverpool fans around the world already humming to the tune?

4) Out there people dont know what a talented artist you are…musician, dancer, of the best I’ve ever worked with in the business and ministry. You surely know talent when you meet one especially when it is music talent….Martin!!! Try listening to Liverpool’s ‘ You Will Never Walk Alone’ anthem..the lyrics…you will swear they were taken straight from the bible and the director was God. The words are all spiritually inspiring. But that’s just a football club….It’s called creativity.

Finally pastor, a piece of advise. Don’t retract your statements, I know you can’t….but try taking your original christian version (not BW original version) to a new level and re-launch it. Give it the spiritual tonality and pray for it. Do clips and share them across the spectrum. Give copies to FM stations and Tv stations..rally christians behind it and push…..soon Ugandans will be listening to 2 versions and believe me, they will each choose which version to relate with. Its called competition. The same thing churches are doing…each putting out a different message and waiting for christians to decide which church..

God remains the same.

Stay away from this business of judging a young man whose only problem is excess creativity. I think this is the calling for everyone…make use of the talent that God gave you. We shall all be held accountable. Isn’t there a particular scripture for this in the new testament? Talent is biblical. Its Godly.

The kid is a talent. Hold your hands up pastor Martin and say Amen.

I love you pastor. Remember our good old days when we celebrated our talents. You the dancer, jaw dropping actor and director. Me…the magical footballer and song bird. That’s what I remember….the you I know. COME ALIVE …is what we called ourselves. That talented group. Our group name.

Let this BW kid be. He’s just got a bigger platform. Not a crime, is it?


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Breaking News: Engineer Andrew Kitaka Mubiru Appointed New KCCA Executive Director 



Engineer Andrew Kitaka Mubiru

Engineer Andrew Kitaka Mubiru who is substantively the Director Engineering and Technical Services at KCCA has now been assigned duties of Executive Director KCCA following the resignation of Dr. Jennifer S Musisi.


Press statement by minister of Kampala Hon. Betty Kamya

More details to follow


By Remmy Atugonza


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Court Orders Makerere University To Pay Dr Nyanzi Arears



Dr. Stella Nyanzi

High court presided over by lady Justice Lydia Mugambe yesterday ordered, Makerere University to pay costs to Makerere Research fellow  Dr Stella Nyanzi for failing to give a reply to her application challenging the failure by the university to reinstate her.

The ruling stems from an application filed by Dr. Nyanzi challenging the University for failing to reinstate her following a ruling by the university. In October Dr. Nyanzi sued the institution for failing to abide the university tribunal orders which declared that her suspension was illegal, to be paid all her salary arrears and to be reinstated at office.

The same tribunal also ordered the University to promote the Jailed Researcher, as well as effecting orders in seven days but the University failed to abide the orders and it is against that back ground that, Nyanzi through her lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde dragged the University to High Court civil division for failing to implement the tribunal orders. However, Yesterday the case was coming up for hearing but the case did not proceed after Makerere University wasn’t ready to proceed on ground that they received hearing notes yesterday.

However, upon checking court records, Justice Lydia Mugambe found that the University was served on November, 20th, 2018 and she ordered them to pay Nyanzi costs for delayed trial and Lady Justice Mugambe has also issued summons to the Director of Human Resource Makerere University to appear on January 9th 2019 to be cross examined, on the evidence he tendered in his sworn in affidavit opposition Nyanzi’s application.

By Remmy Atugonza


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