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We Are Scared Most Of Our Witnesses Might Go Missing Like It Has Been In Many Criminal Cases: Akena Lawyers Plead With Court After Judge Pushed Kanyamunyu Trial To Next Convenient Session…



The Top management of the High Court Criminal Division Kampala is set to decide the fate of Matthew Kanyamunyu and his girlfriend Cynthia Munangwari in the murder trial after the presiding judge pushed it to the next convenient session.

Steven Mubiru, the presiding judge revealed that he cannot proceed with Kanyamunyu’s trial because the time allocated to him by his bosses to handle criminal sessions including Kanyamunyu’s case expired on Friday 21st of February 2020.

“I adjourn this matter to the next convenient session; I have to go back to my circuit because I am the only judge there and my absence has affected many court users. It’s now two months when I am not there and it affected the fixed cases. The file of this case should be taken back to the head of the Division and it will be the head of this division to determine when this case will be fixed again” Mubiru said.

The Judge’s statement was welcomed by the defense lawyers led by MacDusman Kabega but the prosecution said they were saddened. Jonathan Muwaganya tried to convince the judge to extend the session but he refused. The judge told suspects to report to the High Court Criminal Division Registrar once every month as part of their bail condition.

However, on Thursday Muwaganya told court that they are scared that most of their potential witnesses and court assessors might go missing like it has been happening in many criminal cases.

He said that as prosecution, they were ready to proceed with the matter to its conclusion speedily because it’s a public interest case.

Earlier in the day, court received testimony from senior police detective Steven Walimbwa.

Walimbwa said that he led a team of investigators who  searched Kanyamunyu’s car, a Toyota Prado registration number UAW 548M and that of the late Kenneth Akena. Walimbwa testified that they found a brown shoe for the right foot which corresponded with the one they found with the deceased at Nakasero hospital and was missing. They also found a sharp pocket knife, two phones and keys. They captured all these items and recorded them in the police exhibits books.

He further explained that on 28th of November 2017, he received a letter from the deputy Director of Public Prosecution instructing police to give Kanyamunyu his car. He said that the deputy DPP acted on a complaint from Kanyamunyu’s lawyers of Ochieng Associates and Solicitors. He told court that he also went to victory hospital Kamwokya where he took statements from four medical doctors; he cited a statement made by Doctor Peter Kigonya who told him that they received the deceased but refused to admit him because he was bleeding profusely and needed to be taken to the intensive care unit.

He testified that doctor Kigonya told him that while they were giving the victim first aid, they asked Kanyamunyu and his girlfriend, who brought the patient to identify themselves but they refused.

Kanyamunyu even told them that he doesn’t have any identification because his identity card was at his home.

Walimbwa further told court that doctors told him that when they recommended that the decseased be taken to Nakasero hospital, Kanyamunyu pleaded with them to take the patient to Nakasero hospital using their ambulance. When they told him that the ambulance was not available, he suggested that they use his car. He told court that he also participated in the reconstruction of the crime scene and Kanyamunyu told them that Akena was shot by a person who he was moving with in his car.

However, he said that when they took Kanyamunyu’s girlfriend to the crime scene she said that Akena was alone in his car and she didn’t hear the gunshot that killed him.

State claims that Kanyamunyu shot Akena a social worker along Jinja Road opposite UMA show ground after he scratched his posh Toyota Prado.

By Ssengooba Alirabaki



Makerere University Student Beaten To Death During Curfew….



Kampala Metropolitan police has kicked off investigations into circumstances under which a Makerere University student was beaten to death.

According to Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, the deceased has been identified as Emmanuel Tegu, a third-year student at the Faculty of Veterinary.

“Unfortunately, the victim has passed on today at 3am before he could record a statement to give us his last moments. We are yet to find out the reason why he was moving at night at that time, but a murder offence is being vigorously investigated,” Onyango stated.

He explained that at around 11pm, police received a strange call that there was a mob beating up a suspected thief near Lumumba Hall in Makerere University.

He said that their men swung into action and found unidentified person lying on the ground unconscious with several injuries.

He explained that the police patrol arrived and he was taken to Mulago hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Onyango denied allegations that the deceased was beaten to death by LDU personals with the help of policemen and branded.

“No single LDU personal is deployed at Makerere University. The security of the university is being managed by police and private security firms,” he said.

Onyango said that as police, they condemn mob justice and any person found guilty of participating in this criminal activity will be arrested and prosecuted.


By Grapevine Reporters  


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Boda Boda Rider Burns Himself To Death In Traffic Officer’s Office For Impounding His Bike And Asking For Shs.150,000 Bribe….



The late Walugembe (inset)

SECURITY operatives in Nyendo, Masaka municipality were forced to fire live bullets in air to disperse huge crowds of bodaboda riders who attacked Nyendo police station after the death of their colleague.

Hussein Walugembe, a businessman in Masaka burnt himself inside the office of Masaka traffic department.

In the process, one traffic officer was injured and very many files were burnt to ashes.

It is alleged that trouble started when officers impounded Walugembe’s motorcycle on Tuesday at 7:30pm during curfew hours and took it to Masaka police yard for safe custody.

At around 8:00pm, Walugembe followed them and pleaded with them to return his bike because it was his only source of income.

Police officers with jerrycans of water and a fire extinguisher trying to put out the fire

According to his colleagues, police officers ordered him to pay the Shs.150,000 if he wanted his bodaboda back.

When he pleaded that he could not afford the huge amount of money they were asking for, the officers insisted that they will not give him his bike until he pays the money.

Early the next morning at 8:00am, Walugembe stormed the traffic office with a Rwenzori mineral water bottle full of petrol and threatened to kill himself if they do not give him his motorcycle.

The officer in charge told him to pay the money they had asked from him.

Walugembe’s body being taken for burial

Walugembe swore that if they did not give him his bike, he was going to die with the officer.

He then opened the bottle and showered himself with the petrol and poured some in the office, he removed a matchbox from his pocket and lit himself.

He tried to grab the traffic officer to burn with him but he sneaked through his armpits and took off.

Police officers panicked and looked for fire extinguishers to stop the fire. By the time they got some extinguishers from the nearby petrol station, most of the traffic files had been destroyed and Walugembe was dead.

ASP Muhmood Nsubuga the greater Masaka police spokesperson said that the body of the deceased was taken to Masaka mortuary for postmortem as investigations kick off.

According to Dr. Seenyonjo from Masaka Regional Referral Hospital, the deceased died from severe extensive burns.

Police has opened a file under SD:35/02/07/2020.

Walugembe’s body was taken to his home area at Kyajubira for burial.

He has left two children and a wife.


By Ahmad Kavuma, Masaka


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Lawyer Ssemakadde Threatens To Sue Lt. Col. Nakalema For Arresting M7’s Alleged Land Grabbers, Guides On How Whole Saga Would Be Legally Handled…..



Celebrated Human Rights Lawyer Isaac Ssemakade has threatened to sue Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema, the head of the State House anti-Corruption unit in her personal capacity over abuse of office and illegally detaining Ugandans.

Speaking to this website, Ssemakadde disclosed that he is concerned with the way Nakalema is being used to abuse the law to the extent of arresting and detaining people because she has been appointed by the President.

“Land owners if aggrieved must seek redress from the land division of the High Court, we must not duplicate and multiply processes. She will be sued individually because she is not the first woman Museveni is using to fix land matters. All of them who tried have been sued individually after burning their hands,” Ssemakadde said.

Ssemakadde advised the President to move to the High Court lands division in his capacity as Mr. Museveni and file a case in his personal name.

He insisted that in Uganda, no person has powers to give remedies to Museveni concerning his allegedly grabbed land apart from a High Court judge at the land division.

Ssemakadde directed President Museveni that once he files a case at the High Court, he should be ready to testify and tell court how he obtained the land in question otherwise no one will accommodate the impunity of imprisoning Ugandans because they are accused of grabbing president Museveni’s land.

He advised the authorities with immediate effect to release on police bond Peter Segane and Jimmy Suuna who were arrested on orders of Lt. Col. Nakalema who accused them of encroaching on president Yoweri Museveni’s land at Katwekambwa in Kabulasoke sub county, Gomba district.

He revealed that the public understands the pain the old man from Rwakitura is going through but he is not the only one suffering at the hands of land grabbers, many Ugandans are crying after their land was grabbed.

He insisted that Ugandans are offended when the law is abused to profit Museveni.

Ssemakadde further revealed that if Uganda was like other Democratic countries, by now the process of impeaching the president will be underway for abusing government systems.

However, Nakalema insists that Segane and Suuna fraudulently acquired five land titles on the land already registered in Yoweri Museveni’s names.

She said that her team have already identified a number of lapses in the processing of the land titles from the level of the area land committees, district land boards and the Ministry of Lands.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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