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We Are Sold Like Cows In Middle East, Girls Rescued From Oman Slavery And Torture Cry Out To Government



Walugambire Hasifah and Adikini Teddy

Girls who were taken to Arabian countries particularly Oman for greener pastures have cried out to the government of Uganda to rescue their colleagues who are being sold by some companies to work in Middle East countries.

Adikini Teddy one of the girls who was rescued by National Organisation of Trade Union (NOTU) says many youths particularly girls are being tortured, mistreated and sold like cows in the middle East and are suffering.

“I went to Oman through a friend and I was taken through Kenya, I applied for two jobs, as a waitress and receptionist but I was taken to the big house where I was told to work as a maid, disappointingly ,the one who took me to Oman took my one million five hundred thousand shillings that I had worked for yet I paid four millions for the whole process while leaving, I was always beaten and mistreated by my boss,” Adikini narrated.

Adikini says the government should intervene and rescue other girls who are taken abroad in this modern-day slavery. Walugambire Hasifah, another girl rescued says they promised her a bank job but when she reached Oman, she was taken to a big house to work as a maid.

“Girls are sold like cows, I witnessed Arabs selling one of the girls at fifty-five million shillings, this means when you are bought, they don’t pay you for all the work you do,” Walugambire narrates.

The Chairperson of NOTU Ursher Wilson Owere warns that it’s time for them to spearhead the registration of all Ugandans who want to go abroad for work. Addressing the press at Najjera a suburb in Kampala, Owere says the majority of Ugandans are misled and they are taken through short cuts in Kenya. He adds that surprisingly, some officials from the Kenyan authorities deal directly with the people who smuggle Ugandans to the Middle East.

Adikini’s video where she was crying helplessly for help after being beaten and assaulted went viral on social media platforms recently. She says that her world almost ended the day her passport was taken, it took the intervention of NOTU for her to be rescued.


By Mboowa Nathan


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Fire Guts Ntare School Headteacher’s House, Destroys Car…



Mr. Jimmy Turyagyenda and the car which was burnt

Mbarara police is investigating the cause of fire that gutted the house of the Ntare School headteacher, Mr Jimmy Turyagyenda, destroying his car.

There was a fire outbreak in the school at the headmaster’s residence.

Rwizi region police spokesperson Samson Kasasira said that the head teacher’s vehicle, a Toyota corolla, which was in the garage that is connected to main house and other household property was destroyed in the fire which started at around 2pm on Saturday, May 23.

The Mbarara fire team put out the fire that had gutted the garage that is connected to main house.

Cause of the fire is suspected electric short circuiting from the car battery.

Mr. Kasasira said police preliminary findings indicate that the fire could have started from electric short circuit in the garage connected to the kitchen.

Mr. Turyagyenda’s story


By Sandra Mukisa


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Museveni Commissions Wargame Centre At Kimaka…



President Museveni has commissioned a wargame centre at the Uganda Senior Command and Staff College in Kimaka, Jinja District.
Speaking at the occasion, the President thanked the army, the training teams and the Indian Association of Uganda who mobilised to build the center, saying it will definitely contribute to the quality of training.
‘This centre is also a great gesture of the wider cooperation and support we enjoy with the government and the people of India’’
The President hailed the relationship between the UPDF and the Indian army which he said has a lot of knowledge, experience and heroism.
“Our relationship with India has existed for centuries. We were colonised together by a small group of people who came from Europe, but when we all woke up, and the small groups ran away.
During that time, we fought together first against the Japanese in Burma. The heroic Indians are the ones who stopped the westward expansion of Japan at the famous battle of Kohima.

Mahatma Ghandi struggled with our elders against colonialism, Jawaharlal Nehru too struggled with our elders against colonialism and now we are working with Prime Minister Narendera Modi. I salute the Indian political class for choosing to always work with us.
The epitome of India’s importance to Uganda is engraved in the fact that Mahatma Ghandi’s ashes were immersed in Jinja.
President Museveni commended the the Indian Community in Uganda, for its contribution to building Uganda through business and investment.
The Uganda Senior Command and staff college is a training facility for senior commanders in the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF), including the army, air force and Special Forces

War games also known as military simulations are simulations in which theories of warfare can be tested and refined without the need for actual hostilities. Military simulations are seen as a useful way to develop tactical, strategical and doctrinal solutions.
Simulations exist in many different forms, with varying degrees of realism. In recent times, the scope of simulations has widened to include not only military but also political and social factors, which are seen as inextricably entwined in a realistic warfare model.


From: PPU


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VIDEO: Gov’t Should Pay All Teachers’ Salaries, Schools Bills And Give All Schools Food Relief If They Are To Re-open Them – Musician Jose Chameleone…



Musician Jose Chameleone (Courtesy Photo)

Musician Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone has advised government to pay salaries for all teachers including those in private schools and schools bills if they are to reopen them.

In a five minute video on his social me page, the Lord Mayor aspirant warned that it would be suicidal to send kids back to school without a proper plan because currently, every parent is struggling financially.

“On Monday 18th May, when the President made his speech on easing the lockdown, I felt that many issues were not addressed well. I have picked only three – Schools, Public transport and small businesses – for today, to respond. I have made mention of their status and presented a number of Proposals for us and the state to consider,” he said.

Here is his video:


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