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WE DON’T WANT HIM HERE: Bunyoro Kingdom Rejects Police Boss Who Fired Tear Gas At Top Buganda Officials And Catholic Bishop Over Bobi Wine…



Bunyoro Kingdom premier Andrew Byakutaga (L) and Alex Mwine (R)

The Bunyoro Kingdom administration has strongly rejected police boss who fired tear gas at top Buganda Kingdom officials and Catholics clerics ovbecause of the presence of National Unity Platform (NUP) party supreme leader Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine.

Bunyoro Kingdom premier Andrew Byakutaga protested the deployment of Alex Mwine as the new police commandant Hoima because of his questionable discipline.

“As the Bunyoro Kingdom, we have written to the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola requesting him to rescind the transfer of Mr. Mwine to Hoima and instead deploy befitting disciplined officers,” Byakutaga stated.

Mwine is accused of commanding police in Mityana to teargas and disperse mbogo clan meeting upon getting information that Kyagulanyi, who is one of the prominent members of the clan, was going to attend.

Among the top senior citizens who were affected include retired Masaka Diocese Bishop John Baptists Kaggwa and mbogo clan leader omuttaka Kayiira Gaajuule.

The ceremony was to commemorate the good work done by the mbogo clan in Buganda kingdom especially when Kayiira successfully served his king as the kingdom clans head.

Police bosses are currently on a tour publicly apologizing to everyone who was affected by Mwine’s lugubrious  actions, they have so far apologized to Buganda kingdom and the Catholic community.


By Sengooba Alirabaki



Say No To Tribalism: Should A Family Of 15 People Be Penalized For One Unruly Child Who Stole A Neighbour’s Food? – Lawyer Mabirizi Educates Ugandans On Why Westerners Are Suffering Like Any Other Tribe….



As more Ugandans continue to show discontent and advocate against tribalism that was evidenced during the free Bobi Wine riots, controversial city lawyer Male Mabirizi has opined that westerners are suffering like all the other tribes in Uganda hence they should not be targeted during riots..

In his opinion, Mabirizi reminded those playing the tribal card that the people from the western part of the country never supported president Yoweri Museveni to fight late Milton Obote’s government in 1981, an Museveni himself said it.

Below is Mabirizi’s full opinion

Fellow Ugandans;

  1. In recent riots, I have heard and saw several tribal talks, violence, threats and other actions targeting people from Western Uganda because Museveni comes from the same area. This makes me pose a question; should a family of 15 people be penalized for one unruly child who stole a neighbour’s food? No. This is Museveni and his gang.
  2. Bad governance has no tribe, has no religion, has no clan, has no region. Instead, it is a selfish behavior in a particular individual which develops into corruption, crime and later atrocities. The people of Western Uganda have never sent Museveni to the bush, in fact, in one of his speeches, he said that except for saying ‘Agandi’, they never helped him in any way. They refused to vote for him in 1980. They did not tell him to remove both term and age limits through illegal and violent means. They did not tell him to borrow to the extent of the debt exceeding Uganda’s budget, they never told him to murder people in Kasese palace in 2016, they did not tell him to rule Uganda like his home, they have not told him to kill Ugandans on streets as he is doing, name it.
  3. True, they come from Western Uganda but they never convened a meeting with the common people from Ankole, Kigezi, Tooro, Rwenzori, Bunyoro, etc…to wage a war, indeed the war started in Buganda. These people never told Museveni to remove term and age limits or to use methods which derogate our human rights. They are like many of us.
  4. As I earlier this year wrote when Bizonto were arrested, regional balance in government positions is Constitutional requirement under Paragraph II (iv) of our Constitution’s National Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy which states that “The composition of Government shall be broadly representative of the national character and social diversity of the country.” Therefore, it is illegal to concentrate government positions in one are.
  5. However, what I do not agree with is the hype with which some Ugandans not coming from Western Uganda give to Museveni’s trick of fooling Ugandans that he has a regional/tribal base and those fooled end up calling it tribalism to the extent of discriminating people from the West on a false picture that they are occupying government positions yet the reality is they are also facing the same monster whom other areas face.
  6. This is the same mistake the haters of Obote did by thinking that Obote was favouring his fellow Langis yet he even refused to marry them in preference for a Muganda, Binaisa who drafted for him quack 1996 & 1967 constitutions was a Muganda and Paul Muwanga who aided his 1980 Elections Fraud was equally a Muganda. The haters of Amin also mistaken his dictatorship to be tribal and religious based yet one of his assassins, Bob Astles was a White Christian man. The 2009 Buganda Rioters made the same mistake when they painted a picture that the riots were tribal yet the source of riots was breach of the Constitutional freedom for any citizen to freely travel in any part of Uganda. In reality, Kabaka Mutebi sired Children with women from Western Uganda, Mutesa’s son Prince Kintu Wasajja is mothered by a Munyankore and recently, Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga gave away his daughter to a Munyoro in addition to former Mengo Lands Minister Kasekende who gave away his daughter to Minister Bright Rwamirama’s son.
  7. Treating dictators’ misdeeds, corruption and atrocities as tribal works very much for dictators since it gives them a sense of security by their tribesmen whom they make to believe that they are only safe when they are in power yet in reality, the same tribesmen are victims of the dictatorship. With 1994 Rwanda genocide, modern dictators like Museveni claim that those opposing them want to create genocide thereby getting foreign and local sympathy.
  8. To obtain this sympathy, they don’t give government jobs to their tribespeople, they instead give them to their relatives and since these relatives are also from the same area and tribe, others think that it is tribalism yet it is nepotism. Take an example of Museveni; he employs his wife as an education minister, his son as a Commander of his elite force and his brother as a handler of a non-verifiable Operation Wealth Creation Scheme. What you forget is that just like any African person, Musveni, wife, brothers & sisters have extended relatives in the African sense who are not easily known to the public. These are the people who fill these sensitive positions and due to ignorance of our comrades, they call it tribalism thereby threatening the already starving tribespeople of Museveni and giving Museveni some sort of security.
  9. Therefore, singing tribalism is very disastrous to the struggle since it robs us of competent people who are threatened that any change will make them suffer and give the dictator security. Instead, our emphasis should be on corruption, misdeeds and atrocities committed by the tormentor which are so many and currently contained in indiscriminate shooting- to kill unarmed people by state agents.
  10. Fundraising for The East African Court of Justice anti-age limit removal case is ongoing via 0701881231/0779869880.

MALE H. MABIRIZI K. KIWANUKA                                                                   


NOTICE: theGrapevine management and team is against Tribalism, we have decided as a platform to expose this vice and help those fighting it. We may speak different languages but we are all Ugandans, the people in the diaspora trying to create this hate speech will be exposed and fought. We are all Ugandans regardless of tribe.


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We Had To Stop Fire With Fire – Gen. Elly Tumwine  Defends His Position That Security Did Well To Forcibly End Riots Within Two Days…



After a series of accusations ranging from arrogance to inhumanity, security Minister Gen. Elly Tumwine still maintains that those who started the protests should be blamed, and not those who worked to protect the lives and property of other Ugandans.

While defending how necessary it was for Police and the military to counter the protesters raging anger, Gen Tumwine narrated that, “In my culture, when one starts a fire here, you go and start a fire the other end, so that when the two fires meet, they can’t continue burning.”

After protests broke out following the detention of presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, Gen Tumwine has since unapologetically praised security forces for a job well done, commending the decisiveness with which they man-handled what he called a pre-mediated riot across the country last week.

Up to 45 and even more people have now been officially reported dead, most of them from direct or stray bullets shot at them by security officers.

Tumwine has also trashed genocidal talk on social media, arguing that it’s not in the interest of any tribe to make genocidal statements, urging cultural leaders to come out to condemn the act.

The army general almost lost his cool as he appeared on a heated UBC’s Behind The Headlines Political show, with Kira Municipality MP, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, who repeatedly mocked him of being so violent and intolerant, as he also accused Tumwine and his cohorts of being so high handed.

Ssemujju suggested that Tumwine and his security agents should be prosecuted for extra-judicial killings. Tumwine shrugged off all the accusations.

Ssemujju told Tumwine, “The General blames everybody except himself. Majority of the people you killed were bystanders, and you don’t feel sorry? You should change the way you speak. You’re an elder now, you shouldn’t be speaking like an iron fisted young man who went to Luwero.”

In response, Gen Tumwine once more reassured that, “All security forces have one responsibility, protect the sovereignty of the country, protect the life and property of the people.  I really congratulate our security forces for what they have done, restoring peace and order within two days was not an easy thing for a premeditated plan to burn Kampala and destroy property.”


By Baron Kironde


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EC Boss Byabakama Speaks Out On Allegations That He Was Arrested At Mutukula Border Trying To Flee The Country…



Electoral Commission boss justice Simon Byabakama

Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama, the chairperson of the Independent Electoral Commission (EC) has finally cleared the air on allegations that he was arrested at the Uganda/Tanzania border trying to run out of the country.

Last week, information leaked on different social media platforms alleging that Byabakama feared for his life over the free Bobi Wine riots, where over 45 people were killed and hundreds were left nursing serious injuries.

This was after the arrest of Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine, the National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate for violating COVID-19 guidelines.

However, while appearing on NTV’s My Rights My Power Campaign, under the theme “Law Enforcement during elections”, today afternoon, Byabakama denied the allegations insisting that there is nothing that can force him to run out of Uganda.

“If I’m to run out of the country, the only country which I can run to is Uganda, not any other country,” Byabakama said.
He said that he is still doing his mandate as EC chairperson and has not faced any intimidation which can force him to run out of the country.

He encouraged presidential candidates to stop encouraging Ugandans to participate in criminalities, he gave an example of a presidential candidate who mobilized his supporters not to leave the polling stations after casting their vote.

“How can a presidential candidate rally over 500 voters to remain at the polling station and wait for vote counting? How can you do such a thing?” Byabakama asked.

He disclosed that EC put in place guidelines on how each presidential candidate can monitor proceedings at a given poling station.

“Each candidate is allowed to have two poling agents of his choice at each poling station. These agents monitor the whole process from start to finish and even sign on the declaration forms to confirm that what has been tallied is right,” Byabakama said.

The Court of Appeal Justice noted with concern that statements that incite the public are very dangerous and no candidate should make them.

During the same program, ACP Anatoli Muletelwa, the Head of Community Policing assured Ugandans that police does not maintain law and order to satisfy their own goal, they do everything on behalf of Ugandans.

“Last week, people took the law in their hands to set ablaze major installations in this country, some people even attempted to attack police. In that regard, what should the Uganda Police do? We want to ensure that sanity is brought back to life. It has never been intended by Uganda Police to apply excessive force. Our first line of engagement is not force but dialogue,” he said.

He added, “In the constitution which I’m to enforce and uphold, there is nothing like I must use a gun although a gun is my tool of operation. I can only be able to use it under clear circumstances for which one of them is, if my life is under threat.”

Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) Deputy Spokesperson, Lt. Col. Deo Akiiki cautioned Ugandans to ensure that what happened last week does not happen again.

“Unfortunately, the violence that happened last week led to the passing on of 45 Ugandans, this is very regrettable and it should never happen again. Looking at the nature of the riots that happened, it called for an abrupt action that did not require anybody to prepare but to make sure the country is put back to a stable situation and that called for the involvement of the UPDF,” Lt. Col. Akiiki said.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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