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    We Have Been Sent To Kill You: Nakawa MP Kabaziguruka Cries For Help As Thieves Steal All The Money He Got From Selling His Cows To Get Treatment In China



    Nakawa MP Michael Kabaziguruka

    Nakawa MP Michael Kabaziguruka has decried the physical and mental pain he is currently going through after thieves attacked him and took all the money he had collected from selling his cows to be able to get treatment in China.
    Kabaziguruka says that the thieves who stole his 55 million hospital money coutined him that they were sent to make sure they finish off his life.

    Below is Kabaziguruka’s submission:

    I want to thank all those who have stood with me through all the challenges that i have faced and endured over the last 2years.

    As you may recall immediately after i was sworn in as MP representing Nakawa Division i was arrested, arraigned before a military court despite the fact that i have never served in the military. I was released in October 2016 and immediately i was diagnosed with diabetes a condition i didn’t have before.

    With the help of doctors and diatery discipline i managed to fight that off. I got better towards the end of February 2017 and engaged in a number of activities in service of the great people of Nakawa that had given me an opportunity to serve them.

    Unfortunately that was brought to a halt by a near fatal motor accident i was involved in on 30. July 2017 while driving an ambulance to save 2 lives of my constituents but most importantly the lives of God’s children. I was operated on on 31.July 2017 and i have not been able to recover fully. I have tried to work through the pain over the last 9 months especially by giving back to the community in terms of safe water projects in parishes that had dire need.

    I have also endured the pain to attend some functions here and there especially those organized by women groups who are engaged in activities to uplift their livelihoods and those of their families (Singa si maama for those who know the song by Rema Namakula). I also went through pain to represent my constituents during the infamous constitutional amendment commonly referred to as Togikwatako. I consulted in various parishes and the people ordered me to go and vote no which is what i did.

    After several failed attempts to get aid from government to have my condition reviewed by doctors outside Uganda, i decided to sell off some of my assets to be able to fund treatment. I was required to pay $18,500 in China to have the bones in my right femur grafted so i could walk again.

    I indeed sold of my herd of cattle for 55Million($15,027). The money was paid to me on 27th January 2018 which was a Saturday at about 5.30pm. On Sunday night on the 28th.January 2018 I was woken up by a loud bang on my bedroom door and before i could process what was happening i saw someone put a panga on my neck and 2 other persons in my room ransacking everything asking for the money i had on me.

    Unfortunately due to my health condition i was completely powerless to do anything about it. They took everything, the money, the parliamentary iPad, my phones, laptop, TV, wireless modem and a few other household items. Fortunately they spared my life despite the fact that they kept telling me that they had been sent to end my life. The security agencies combined and we have been able to arrest 6 suspects who all confess but have refused to refund the money. The only items i have been able to recover is the TV and 1 phone.

    From March 2018 my leg got worse and the pain has become unbearable, i have tried all pain relief remedies to naught. My doctor has therefore recommended that i have to undergo surgery again to relieve the pain. I will therefore be admitted on Monday and operated on on Tuesday 24.April.2018 and God willing i will go through it successfully.

    I want to thank my family who have been by my side, friends and the people of Nakawa who have been patient with me through all my trials and tribulations. I further ask you to keep me in your prayers as i go through this trying time as well. As many of you know by now i am resilient and eternally optimistic and i know this too shall come to pass. I shall bounce back! God bless you all and may he continue to guide and protect you.”




    OPINION: Bobi Wine’s NUP At Crossroads As Internal Strife & Looming Split Paves Way For Gen. Museveni To Reclaim Buganda…



    NUP boss Bobi Wine. Inset is President Museveni. On the left is the writer George Mubiru

    Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu’s personal pursuit of excellence may have inadvertently fueled National Unity Platform (NUP) vanity, creating internal tension.

    The “fearfully high standard” alludes to the challenging expectations one imposes on oneself, potentially resulting in moments of self-loathing when those standards aren’t met. It explores the complex relationship between personal aspirations, the emotional toll they can take and NUP’s aspirations as an institution.

    The young party has no chance of resurrection. Tireless efforts of displacing Hon. Mpuuga has completely buried it with least chances of remaining the chief opposition party ( something Bobi Wine feels comfortable to settle down for) come 2026.

    The storm has erupted through out Buganda and angered the staunch Buganda traditionalists and elite politicians whose mirror is Mpuuga. Bobi wine has  created a small group within NUP that believe in kleptocracy, an egocentric virtue which can not mirror out political, social and economic inclusiveness of all Ugandans.

    Bobi Wine and his small group in NUP that seems to feel satisfied with polluting the masses and hoodwink them in order to exploit, impoverish, repress and lie to make money. This is exhibited in his previous calls on the public to riot and reckless utterances of politics of identity to gain sympathy. He has on several occasions attempted to slash social and economic programs extended to the wanainch from western countries and the global economy. They worship Money and opposition power supremacy.

    When more than three thirds of the current NUP Members of Parliament continue to fume over Bobi wine’s poor administration of the party, it has opened the eyes of majority ugandans that the cardinal intention of NUP is not removing Gen. Museveni from power, but to make money.

    There is continuous accusations and counter accusations with in the party at a prime time NRM is reorganizing itself through structures to massively win the forthcoming polls. For example, Hon Abed Bwanika has on several occasions castigated NUP’s secretary general for calendistinely working for NRM and called upon him to resign. He has also accused NUP top leadership for placing homosexuality on its high agenda, something which is morally unacceptable to Uganda’s customs and culture.

    The internal strife has further been worsened by another persistent battle for the true ownership of the party between Bobi Wine and the Kibalama group. This has recently failed the approval of pro Bobi Wine’s new NUP constitution by the electoral commission.

    Various NUP MPs, have on several occasions come out to condemn their party of extortion and continuous money demands. They have expressed regret of landing into the wrong hands of the NUP leader. Others have fallen out with their party on refusal to implement dirty missions which could lead the country and wanainch into turmoil as revealed by hanji katerega when he recently appeared for an interview.

    What is the implication of the  Mpuuga-Bobi Wine-Kibalama fight?

    1. The young party has split into two groups and this division has left Bobi Wine and his group with out the capacity to bridge it. It should be remembered that the same happened to Busoga, the only sub region Bobi Wine won outside Buganda and currently there and two parallel groups; one led by Moses Bigirwa and another by Andrew Kaluya.
    2. NUP has lost its only remaining strong hold of Buganda. Hon Mpuuga is seen as the leading politician in greater Masaka and therefore perceive the allegations against him as witch hunt by Bobi Wine.
    3. A looming political party or pressure group by the elite politicians and majority NUP members of parliament is on the cards. This will be the last straw in the back of NUP. Some people especially the youth, well knowing that NUP cannot cause the change they desire, will definitely follow the new anticipated wave.
    4. President Museveni and the NRM will gain back it’s support from Buganda because of consistence and good will to the country. People would rather revert to NRM for stability. I prophesize victory for Gen. Museveni and the NRM in Buganda come 2026.

    Gen. Museveni is like a cliff. He can’t betray the mission he accepted from the people of Uganda as a revolutionist and freedom fighter. He stands firm and tames the fury of the water around him and strikes with a win.

    He once said; “All those in NUP are my children. You will see. I’m in there, everywhere and work with my children. Kyagulanyi’s group, I will finish it. You just wait. I work from underground as you’re up there shouting oye! Oye! Oye!”


    The writer, George Mubiru, is a researcher, political analyst & Ass. RCC JINJA City.

    Tel. 0754877595



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    Mukono Municipality In Crisis After NUP Mayor Nkoyoyo Is Admitted To Mulago Hospital Without Money For Treatment…



    Bedridden Mukono Municipality mayor Erisa Mukasa Nkoyoyo. Inset is the area MP Betty Nambooze

    Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakireke has confirmed that the Municipality’s mayor Erisa Mukasa Nkoyoyo has been admitted to Mulago Specialised Hospital.

    Nambooze explained that last week, she went to hospital to check on him and discovered that his health condition was worsening.

    She said that Nkoyoyo needs very expensive medicine which he has to buy from one of the big pharmacies near the hospital because inside the hospital the medicine is not there.

    She added that because of the expensive medicine, Nkoyoyo is buying it in piecemeal which places his life in more danger.

    She disclosed that the Municipality has no money for his treatment.

    Few months back, theGrapevine reported how Mukono Municipality town clerk Majeran Luboyera and other technocrats rushed Nkoyoyo to Butabika mental hospital but he was later discharged.

    Friends and family members cited witchcraft in Nkoyoyo’s sickness claiming that his political competitors who want his office come 2026 are the ones who want him dead.

    Luboyera confirmed that Nkoyoyo’s absence has created a leadership crisis in the Municipality because currently, it is like the Municipality has no mayor.

    Since the day Nkoyoyo decided to attend the local government retreat at Kyankwanzi leadership training, National Unity Platform principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) him a betrayer.

    The party leadership stopped Nkoyoyo from attending the said retreat but he defied them and attended.

    Nkoyoyo later explained that his decision was based on his hunger to develop the Municipality and they could not achieve the development they wanted without working together with the ruling party.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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    RDC Mbabazi, Sseninde In Secret Tug Of War Over NRM Ticket For Wakiso District Woman Legislator…



    Rosemary Nansubuga Sseninde (R) and Justine Mbabazi (L)

    The mighty Grapevine can exclusively reveal that Rosemary Nansubuga Sseninde and Justine Mbabazi are in a secret fight over the National Resistance Movement (NRM) ticket for Wakiso District Woman Member of Parliament.

    In the 2021 parliamentary election, Sseninde was defeated little known Betty Naluyima who held the National Unity Platform (NUP) ticket.

    After the defeat, President Museveni dropped her as the junior Minister for Education.

    However, because of the good relationship Sseninde has with the first lady maama Janet Kataha Museveni, she was appointed as a Director at NRM Secretariat in charge of mobilization.

    When theGrapevine asked her whether she is coming back in elective politics, she only responded with “don’t wake them up”.

    We have established that she is making clandestine mobilization to contest for the same seat come 2026.

    But political observers in Wakiso told theGrapevine that Sseninde is going to find a hard task to secure the NRM ticket because Mbabazi is also interested in the same ticket and she is also doing clandestine mobilization.

    “Mbabazi is on the ground, she always stands with people when it comes to the situation of challenges, especially on the land issues. Minister Sam Mayanja has also helped her to popularize herself because whenever he goes for a land matter, he has to go with her and praise her before the public as a very hard working lady and an NRM cadre,” one of the political observers said.

    However, Sseninde is also not sleeping. She is using her position NRM director Mobilisation to hit two birds with one stone.

    She is popularizing President Museveni’s achievements across the whole country and at the same time doing ground mobilization among the locals in Wakiso district.

    Others interested in the seat are Rose Kirabira, Sylivia Namutyaba, Naluyimba is also coming back among others.


    By Hadijjah Namagembe


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