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We Shall Arrest You If You Cause Chaos Or Campaign During Consultations – Police Warns Bobi Wine…



The Uganda Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has cautioned Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine not to use the chance of national wide consultation to cause chaos or campaign because it is not yet the right time.

In a phone interview with the Grapevine today, Enanga said the Kyagulanyi is supposed to use the consultations to get options and views from the public.

“According to the Public Order Management Act (POMA), every one aspiring to become president has a right to consult but it depends on how you look at the POMA law. No one has a right use the consultations to create chaos or campaign,” Enanga said.

Enanga added that if Bobi Wine starts campaigning or creates chaos in areas where he is going to consult, police is ready to arrest him.

“Bobi Wine should not risk to start campaigning now or create chaos. He should respect the law or else police will deal with him,” Enanga added.

Yesterday, Bobi Wine released a letter on his social media accounts informing the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola about his nationwide consultation starting on Monday.

In the letter that Bobiwine released, he claims to have fulfilled with all police and Electoral Commission requirements.

Today morning, Bobi Wine said, “Fellow citizens, As you all know by now, we start nationwide consultations on Monday next week, beginning with Kyadondo East and then six districts in Northern Uganda.

For the past months, our Policy team of experts has been working on compressing our ideas into a policy document which we hope to launch soon. The reason why we did not release it earlier was because we deliberately want to include the views of the PEOPLE OF UGANDA which we hope to get through these consultations. We are PEOPLE POWER and we believe the PEOPLE understand best what kind of country they would love to live in and leave behind for future generations.”

Bobi Wine also called upon his followers on social media to start giving him views. “So what if we begin the consultations right here with you friends? Type in the comments the Uganda you would love to see. What is that one, two, or three things that you would love to see change about our motherland? What is your definition of The New Uganda? We shall analyse these comments together with our policy team,” he wrote.

By Josephine Kauma



I’m Still In CJ Race – Justice Buteera Brags After Joining Judicial Service Commission…



Richard Buteera

Justice Richard Buteera of the Supreme Court has insisted that being appointed to the judiciary discipline and recruitment body of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) doesn’t mean that he is out of the race to replace retired Chief Justice Bart Katureebe.

President Yoweri Museveni appointed Buteera to join JSC, a government body, charged with the recruitment and disciplinary of errant judicial officers after the retirement of Justice Jotham Mwesigye.

The commission is now fully constituted with nine members who include; Justice Faith Mwondha (deputy chairperson), Dr Laban Kirya (representing public servise), Ms Rosemary Nyakikongoro and Ms Christine Amongin Aporu, (both representing the public), Ms Ruth Sebatindira and Ms Norah Matovu Winyi (Both representing the Uganda Law Society) and the Attorney General as the ex-officio.

Speaking to journalist immediately after being sworn in, Buteera insisted that he is still in the race of becoming the Chief Justice and he is very sure that his name will be announced by the appointing authority.

Buteera is among the three short listed candidates to replace Katureebe, others are; Alofonse Owinyi Dollo the acting Chief Justice and also the substantive deputy chief justice, and justice Esther Kisakye of the Supreme Court.


By Sengooba Alirabaki


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Energy Boss Turyahikayo Who Defied Gen. Saleh Over Shs.130bn Power Lines, Finally Gets Fired For Staying Too Long As Executive Director REA…



L-R: Kasande, Turyahikayo, Kitutu and Gen. Saleh

At the beginning of 2019, the office of Gen Salim Saleh under OWC wrote communicating to REA’s powerful executive director Eng. Godfrey Turyahikayo asking him to look into the concerns that were being raised by Ugandan businessman Cosmas Elotu the MD who owns a rural electrification company called C&G Andijes.

Elotu was bitter that the multi-trillion Sub County project to extend power lines to many politically very strategic districts of Uganda, where President M7 had promised rural electrification during his 2016 campaigns, was being messed up. He was particularly concerned to see that Turyahikayo as ED was determined to have the multi-billion contract awarded to an Indian firm called Larson & Turbo Ltd (L&T) which was more expensive and with limited experience in doing similar jobs of that magnitude.

Clearly against BuBu and local content requirements, L&T demanded UGX130bn and Turyahikayo was okay with them taking the job yet one of the local companies with a lot of experience doing similar work had quoted UGX88bn only for the same job. Elotu tried to ask Turyahikayo to look at the more than UGX40bn the government was going to lose as a result of favoring L&T but the ED from Kanungu ignored him. This prompted Elotu to petition the PPDA Authority which agreed with him directing that Turyahikayo does the right thing. The REA ED ignored PPDA and went ahead to give the job to L&T. It was then that Elotu petitioned Gen Salim Saleh because his OWC is very much interested in rural electrification because it can boost value addition, processing and marketing of agric products. Gen Saleh’s people at OWC wrote to Turyahikayo asking him to move carefully and consider looking into the money-saving grievances Elotu was raising but Turyahikayo didn’t heed. He continued counting on his powerful wife and the hope that powerful Ministers like Rugunda and Bahati would plead his case.

Mr. Elotu’s letter that moved Gen Saleh

Gen Salim Saleh being a man of peace ignored Turyahikayo and let him do things the way he wants but in the end, the government lost UGX40bn which was the excess of giving the job to L&T. As of today, L&T hasn’t done much work even when Turyahikayo gave them their first payment of more than UGX20bn [USD6M] more than one year ago. Voters are waiting to roast Museveni for promising them air under the Sub County based Power Access project that was funded by a loan from ADB. In places like Luwero, Bugisu, Acholi, Lango and Kaliro of MP Margaret Mbeiza, NRM MPs are bitter that old man Turyahikayo’s stubbornness is going to cost them a lot at election time.

The only good news such MPs now have is that Energy Minister Gorette Kitutu has finally found a solution to eliminate the very paranoid Turyahikayo out of the REA offices. She has prepared a new statutory instrument to regulate REA and it even came out in the gov’t gazette last week meaning it’s now in force. The new instrument demands that to be REA CEO you must be less than 60 years of age and you can only be there for 10 years only. You must be 55 or below at the time of getting the job that is going to be competitively advertised. Turyahikayo has ruled REA with an iron hand for 20 years already and has been its ED since it was started.

Kasande’s letter asking Turyahikayo to prepare to leave at the beginning of June

In that period many REA managers have got into big problems with auditors after their bosses asked them to squeeze their budgets and give them weekend money for their side dishes and girlfriends on a weekly basis and when auditors came, the young managers had no way to explain. Yet Turyahikayo, even when he had reports and knew everything, would never act to punish such extortionist bosses putting junior managers into big problems with auditors and IGG. This is why many will be happy when Turyahikayo finally leaves in just 2 weeks from now.

Already the REA Board Chairman Robert Kasande has written a tough letter asking Turyahikayo to leave the job in June next month because he has become too old to deliver the work. Other two managers who have been at war with Turyahikayo have also been suspended namely D/ED Geoffrey Werikhe and Eng John Turyagyenda.  Since the days of Amama Mbabazi, Turyahikayo has been surviving on narrow escape and even last year when Energy Minister Muloni said he must leave after clocking 70 and exhausting his contract, his supporters sweet talked the President who became sympathetic and allowed him to stay for one more year on humanitarian grounds which can’t be extended now that June is here again.

Gen Saleh’s letter inquiring into the multi-billion power deal in which govt lost Shs.40bn

This means a tearful Turyahikayo will have to be chilling at home in Kyambogo while responding to summons of CIID and Auditor General who is continuing to investigate the procurement deals of the last 10 years which rotated around Turyahikayo as the accounting officer and ED. Turyahikayo’s supporters like Tamale Mirundi have tried hard to protect him while abusing Grace Akullo and his supervisors at the Energy Ministry calling them all sorts of names but it’s now clear his final day at REA has come and the man has to go and look after his grandchildren. Even before Museveni came in to say let him stay, the Board and Minister Simon Dujang had last year wanted Turyahikayo out because donors were bitter that their money wasn’t going to proper use because many projects were slow and not being implemented. Even in Parliament, a group of objective-minded MPs led by Anna Maria Nankabirwa wanted Turyahikayo out of the job long time ago because they would see results were poor yet billions were being spent on power lines which don’t last long.

President Museveni has bee complaining against corruption at Turyahkayo’s REA

Turyahikayo’s period was also characterized by too much wars at REA because the old man was always scared of young vibrant engineers who he thinks wanted to grab his job at earliest opportunity. Turyagyenda and Werikhe are among those he hated most while favoring some few.

Muloni failed to remove Turyahikayo at REA because she was operating under the very old instrument of 2001. Kitutu has now solved the problem of ‘EDs for life’ at REA because you can only be CEO for 10 years and no more. And you must be below 55 or else you have no job at REA. She is also reorganizing the Board to bring in private sector and professional bodies so that there is less politics and more results-oriented approach. The other big fear now is that with Turyahikayo out of the REA top post, many MPs from especially his home area of Kigezi are going to sweat plasma getting reelected because they would benefit from Turyahikayo-era power lines to present themselves as delivering services to their people. Some MPs were planning to request him for cars and fuel to use during their 2021 campaigns but now this won’t be possible because the big man they wanted to beg from won’t be able to influence anything at REA effective next month.


By Temuseewo Mpoza


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I Have Lost A Comrade Who Pioneered Nude Protest In Uganda – Stellah Nyanzi Sends Moving Poetic Tribute To Barbra Allimadi…



Makerere University research fellow Dr. Stella Nyanzi has poetically narrated how fallen Political activist and International Affairs Secretary of the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), Barbara Allimadi pioneered nude protest among Uganda’s elite.

Barbara Allimadi was found dead in her house in Kiwatule, Kampala on Monday April 27 night.

Nyanzi said that Barbra Allimadi fearlessly fought to liberate Uganda and stood with her in crisis

Below is her Poem:

Kitalo nnyo ekya Barbara Allimadi!

(1) The world has lost a brave warrior.

I have lost a determined comrade who sought me out and stood with me in crisis.

She was of such singularity of mind.

She needed no bandwagon to support a cause she believed in.

Kino kitalo nnyo ekya Barbara Allimadi.

(2) The feminist collective has lost a courageous Commando.

I have lost a radically innovative ally who pioneered nude protest among Uganda’s elite.

She was fearless when fighting patriarchs.

She found peace in wholeheartedly giving her solidarity to underdogs she identified with.

Kino kitalo nnyo ekya Barbara Allimadi.

Stella Nyanzi with Barbra Allimadi

(3) The liberation struggle in Uganda has lost a committed strategist.

I have lost an exemplar who never allowed womanhood to exclude her from politics.

She was at the forefront thinking for freedom.

She led by example; majestically pushing through the trenches battling our oppressors.

Kino kitalo nnyo ekya Barbara Allimadi.

(4) ANT has lost a Minister of International Affairs.

I have lost a passionate source of inspiration whose resilient tenacity was boundless.

She never gave up even if it called for resurrection.

She always picked herself up after a fall, hoisted herself up her horse, and marched on.

Kino kitalo nnyo ekya Barbara Allimadi.

(5) Milton has lost an amazing sister.

I have lost a candle that will no doubt ignite many fires in my daughter’s generation.

She is indelibly written in my history of the revolution here.

She is Uganda’s heroine who will henceforth lead us from the world of goddesses.

Kino kitalo nnyo ekya Barbara Allimadi.

May Barbara Allimadi rest well! We shall not rest until the freedoms she fought for are attained. Rest, mighty warrior, rest in power


People Power movement boss Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine, in his tribute to Allimadi said she was a freedom fighter and a true comrade in the struggle for freedom and democracy in Uganda.

“It with with deep shock and profound grief that I have learnt of the untimely passing of our dear sister in the struggle, Barbara Allimadi. There are many things we shall say about her in the coming days, but in brief, Barbara has been a freedom fighter- a true comrade in the struggle for freedom and democracy in Uganda,” he said.

He added, “My deepest condolences to her family, especially my comrade brother Milton Allimadi. My deep condolences to Gen. Mugisha Muntu and the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) Party where she served as Secretary for International Affairs. In honoring the family’s request for privacy in this tragic time, we’ll be praying for her soul to rest in perfect peace.”

Barbra Alimadi during the semi nude protest


In his tribute, Dr Kizza Besigye, former president for Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) where Allimadi was also once a member described her as “an impactful and a fearless frontline activist.”

“Barbara has been an impactful and a fearless frontline activist of the ongoing liberation struggle in Uganda. Her sudden (and still inexplicable) demise is as shocking and painful as it’s debilitating. Heartfelt condolences to family and friends,” Dr. Besigye tweeted.


Barbra Alimadi is one of 17 children born to the late Otema Allimadi, a former Prime Minister of Uganda during the Obote II regime between 1980 and 1985, Allimadi attended Nakasero Primary School before joining Gayaza High School for one year prior to her family’s exile to the United Kingdom following the 1985 coup that ousted Dr Milton Obote. Until her return to Uganda, she worked as a network engineer in the UK. In 2007, she returned for her mother’s funeral, and eventually decided to stay.

Allimadi became a popular activist in April 2012 when she stormed Police together with other activists in a semi -nude protest against police brutality against fellow activist Ingrid Turinawe whose breasts were squeezed by police officers during her arrest in 2012.


By Ronald Kisekka


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