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    WE WANT BOBI NOT MONEY: Kyagulanyi Makes Heroic Entrance To Mbale After A Scuffle-Filled Day With Police.



    Several locals were left injured, and others unconscious as security operatives were prompted to fire teargas and live bullets in Mbale City to disperse rowdy supporters of Bobi Wine ahead of his campaign meetings as he seeks to keep his presidential bid alive.

    The National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate, real name Robert Kyagulanyi, was forced to abandon his official vehicle which was blocked by a giant police truck.

    Bobi Wine painted Mbale City Red, as he made a mega entry into the Mbale City with a huge crowd chanting his name.

    Earlier attempts by Police to disperse his supporters by firing teargas did not yield much results, as the charged youth continued to run around the city chanting Bobi Wine’s name and NUP slogans in anticipation of their dear presidential candidate’s campaign rally.

    “We Want Freedom. We Want Bobi Wine Not Money,” the crowd uniformly chanted, cheered on by the principal himself.

    On his way way to Mbale, Police had momentarily blocked Bobi Wine’s convoy at Buheri Bridge, Buyobo Sub County in Sironko District, demanding that he makes way back to Mafudu Primary School as initially planned, according to the official arrangement.

    Bobi Wine, who was already behind time however preferred to instead skip the local meeting to make it in time to the mega meeting arranged in the city center, so he justifiably defied Police orders, and teargas was used to disperse his supporters who became raged with fury at Police blocking their candidate.

    “You are breaking the law, you know that I am a presidential candidate doing what I am supposed to do. You should respect the people let us go,” Bobi Wine pleaded, in a standoff with Police in Sironko District.

    The Mbale Municipal Stadium where Bobi was slated to hold his rally had tents of about 200 prepared, but no sooner had the NUP Presidential candidate made his entrance to the venue, than the rowdy crowd forced way inside, bringing down the main entrance of the stadium.

    Bobi Wine started his day with his wife Barbie Itungo and other supporters to a venue in Kumi where he addressed residents.

    “I didn’t come with money. Wait for Mr Museveni he will give you the money. Eat it because it is ours after all but vote for us to make sure our money is not used to buy our conscience so he continues to torture us. We are many and those soldiers you see believe in us. They will join us only when we are organised. We can do this,” Bobi Wine asserted.

    By Baron Kironde



    M7 Should Explain Archbishop Kizito Lwanga’s “Abrupt” Death To The Public Court – Besigye…



    Dr. Kizza Besigye (R) has insinuated that President Yoweri Museveni (L) should explain more of what he knows about Archbishop Kizito Lwanga's (inset) "abrupt" death

    Four time presidential candidate, Rtd. Col. Kizza Besigye has questioned the unanticipated death of the Archbishop of the Kampala dioscese, Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga.

    Besigye has further tasked the president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to explain the Archbishop’s sudden death, insinuating that they have been colliding verbally for a long time now.

    In his opinion here below, Besigye accounts for the Archbishop’s last days on earth and his “conflicts” with president Museveni;

    OPINION: The Sudden And “Unexplained” Death Of Archbishop Kizito Lwanga – Spotlight Is On Mr Museveni And The NRM/M7 Junta – Dr Kizza Besigye

    During Easter holiday of 2018, Archbishop Lwanga made a startling revelation of how he was being spied on by government.

    He said an “anonymous caller” had informed him that he was plotting to overthrow the government. He was informed that his priests and nuns were recruited to spy on him and were paid a lot of money.

    Archbishop Lwanga had been a courageous and strong voice pointing out government excesses, like Human Rights abuses, land-grabbing, corruption etc.

    He had, since the fraudulent “election” of this year, raised his voice again to speak against the outrageous kidnappings and torture of Ugandans, in blatant violation of the law.

    He had, since the fraudulent “election” of this year, raised his voice again to speak against the outrageous kidnappings and torture of Ugandans, in blatant violation of the law.

    Mr Museveni and his NRM/M7 Junta came out publicly to blame their electoral defeat in Buganda on the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church was (again) warned to concentrate of church work or “if you want to join politics, put off the robes”!

    Towards end of March, a Ugandan tabloid, known for close links with Uganda’s Security Organisations, carried shouting headline stories about impending removal of the Archbishop and there were social media stories echoing the threats on the Archbishop’s life.

    Three years since the Easter holiday that he publicly talked about threats on his life, he once again raised his voice (on Good Friday) against Human Rights abuses and government excesses; carried the cross along the symbolic “way of the cross”; went home and never woke up.

    Understandably, the shocking news of his sudden death, was bound to stir up speculation of foul play.

    What would have helped reduce suspicion of foul play is a postmortem report that conclusively showed a “natural” cause of sudden death. This would be easily demonstrable; like a blood clot blocking blood supply to the heart, lungs or the brain; or, a ruptured blood vessel in brain.

    The day-long postmortem exam that was carried out didn’t show any such cause; it’s reported to be INCONCLUSIVE!

    At this point, those who have been threatening the Archbishop must be strongly considered as suspects.

    Regrettably, the Uganda Police doesn’t have the professional competence, institutional independence, or enjoy public trust and confidence  to conduct such an investigation.

    The only way that Mr Museveni and the NRM/M7 Junta can avoid to be immediately convicted by all of us (Uganda’s Public Court), is to urgently seek the help of internationally respected criminal investigation organisations to work with Uganda’s Catholic Church and try to get to the truth.

    Meantime, let me once again convey my deeply heartfelt condolences to the Catholic Church in Uganda and worldwide; the family and relatives of the Archbishop; to all Ugandans and to all people of good will.

    Archbishop Kizito Lwanga has been a rare mixture of courage, intelligence, wisdom, humility and a good-hearted man of God.

    May be, his passing during the most important time of the Christian calendar signifies the impact of his 43 years of committed service.

    He’ll be very greatly missed; especially, by the oppressed and downtrodden millions in our country. Sleep well.

    Dr. Kizza Besigye Kifefe, known as Colonel. Kizza Besigye, is a Ugandan physician, politician, and former military officer in the Uganda People’s Defence Forces.


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    Enough Is Enough: Stop Eating Players’ Money – Cranes Ex-Player Mutyaba Attacks Magogo, Tells Him To Chose FUFA Or Parliament…



    Mutyaba (R) insists Magogo (L) should resign as FUFA president

    Uganda Cranes ex-international, Mike, also known as Sulaiman Mutyaba has accused the FUFA President, Eng Moses Magogo of swindling national soccer team players’ wages.

    After consultations, theGrapevine established that no Uganda Cranes player is on pay roll, except the coaching staff. The players however survive on allowances and hand-outs which sometimes never reach in time, or never reach at all.

    But Mutyaba, who also formerly played for Congo’s TP Mazembe and KCCA FC without holding any word back boldly called upon the FUFA President to stop “eating” players’ money, claiming that enough has already been seen.

    “If I don’t have the right to talk about Ugandan football then who does? I agree to be hated but let me be the players’ voice,” the aggressive forward said, before attacking without looking back, spitting venom without regret.

    “Today I am here to talk about the monthly salaries paid by the government to Uganda Cranes players,” Mutyaba said before revealing that 50m is released every month by the government through the national council of sports and signed by FUFA CEO Edgar Watson to be paid to players but to his disappointment, it never gets to the rightful beneficiaries.

    “It’s now coming to three years and none of them has ever received a single coin. That brings us to a conclusion that the money is being eaten by Eng Moses Magogo,” Mutyaba said.

    “Besides the shillings 10billion FUFA Uganda receives for Uganda cranes, I believe they would have considered players welfare as a key area if we wanted to promote the beautiful game. Lets also reflect on the allocation of COVID1919 funds from FIFA, so the entire point is Eng Moses Magogo is the greatest among FUFA presidents but has failed to account for the money,” he added, arguing that Magogo should be more considerate to suffering football players.

    Mutyaba also appealed to FUFA and all its subsidiaries to grant its players a moderate freedom of expression through free speech.

    Ex-Cranes star, David Obua also notably pointed out the same, revealing that there was a lack of freedom of speech in the Cranes camp in 2011 after the team had failed to qualify for AFCON 2012.

    You Can’t Serve Two Masters At A Go – Mike Mutyaba Calls On Magogo To Retire From FUFA…

    Before his latest outburst, Mutyaba had just a day back called upon Magogo to chose to serve either as a Parliamentarian, or FUFA president, but not the two at once.

    Apparently, the FUFA president is also just waiting to swear in next month as the Budiope East MP having been elected in the just concluded January 14 polls.

    Since FUFA is registered as a trading company and not a direct government entity, there’s no law forbidding Magogo to hold both offices. But Mutyaba stresses that however good Magogo is, he should retire from the FUFA president position because he can’t serve two masters at a go. He insists that the two responsibilities both require so much commitment to be effectively handled by just one man.

    Regardless, Magogo who has seemingly structured his FUFA institution relatively well doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere away from the Mengo establishment, but the former player insists “It’s time Eng Moses Magogo resigns” as FUFA president.

    “The country appreciates all the achievements and development towards football but the question stands, will football still get the best out of you after going to parliament?” Mutyaba adds to his argument.

    According to Mutyaba, the FUFA should be now headed by anitjer person; like Justus Mugisha, Mujib Kasule or Rodgers Mulindwa who have also have played a big role in the development of football in Uganda.

    By Baron Kironde


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    They Have Unfinished Bussiness in Parliament: NRM SG Explains Why Kadaga, Oulanyah Will Not Be Allowed In Kyankwanzi…



    Speaker Rebecca Kadaga (L) and her deputy, Jacob Oulanyah (R) will not attend the NRM Kyankwanzi retreat because they have to chair parliamentary meetings.

    The National Resistance Movement (NRM) has organized a three week long Leadership Retreat for its incoming NRM Parliamentary Caucus of the 11th Parliament.

    The deputy NRM Secretary General, Richard Todwong has said Rebecca Kadaga and Jacob Oulanyah who are both vying for the speakership position will not be part of the leadership retreat that will run from Wednesday, 7th April to Thursday, 29th April, 2021 at the National Leadership Institute, (NALI); located in Kyankwanzi District.

    Addressing journalists on Thursday, Todwong said the two week retreat will only be attended by the newly elected MPs and that the incumbents will not be allowed to attend the retreat.

    “Because of the current tight parliamentary schedule , the incumbent NRM Members of Parliament numbering 137 and the independent NRM-leaning MPs numbering 18 who got re-elected to the 11th parliament will not be attending the session of the leadership retreat,” Todwong said.

    Todwong said that the retreat will therefore be attended by a total of 243 newly elected NRM MPs plus the 27 Central Executive Committee members and those from the East African Legislative Assembly.

    Both Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and her deputy Jacob Oulanyah could attend in their capacity as members of the NRM’s Central Executive Committee, but Todwong said both of them will not attend the retreat since they have to chair parliamentary proceedings.

    He said the Speaker and deputy speaker will not be able to attend the retreat because the business of parliament must continue.

    “We were guided out of consultation from the parliamentary commission that helped us understand the timetable of parliament and the speaker chaired meetings. It was from parliament that we were advised that the current Members of Parliament will not be able to attend because there is a constitutional requirement to pass the national budget. Definitely parliament can’t sit minus the speaker and deputy speaker,” Todwong said.

    President Museveni in his capacity as the NRM national chairman directed that campaigns for the speakership be halted and that the Central Executive Committee will have the final say on the next course of action.

    Museveni’s comments sparked speculation that Kadaga and Oulanyah’s fate will be decided in Kyankwazi in their absence, but the NRM deputy Secretary General insisted that the retreat is meant to ideologically reorient the new NRM MPs.

    By Baron Kironde


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