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    We Would Like M7 To Attend His Successor’s Inauguration – Muntu Urges Voters To Force M7 Into Retirement…



    ANT presidential candidate Mugisha Muntu

    As the campaign days become fewer every other single day that passes, presidential Candidates have even become busier.

    Mugisha Muntu of Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) headed to the West Nile to convince citizens to trust him with their vote.

    Muntu’s campaign today saw him interact with citizens in Kwania, Kole and Lira.

    He says everywhere he went; the sentiments were not different but the same, that it’s time for change.

    He explained that because of 58 years of broken promises and a regime that has lost all sense of moral direction, some Ugandans have stopped believing in the possibility of a government that works for, of and by the people. He said that for the locals, the upcoming elections are an exercise in futility.

    To the people of Lira, Muntu said, “Our message to you is twofold. First, all humans are born equal. There is nothing other people on this planet are doing that we cannot do or achieve ourselves. We must take this truth to heart and never allow anyone or anything make us feel less human than anyone else. If anything, Ugandans are endowed with all they need to  achieve our dreams. From untold natural resources to an ingenuity that is unmatched globally, we truly are the Pearl of Africa.”

    He added that potential means nothing if no hard work is put in to make it a reality.

    “Yes, we have never had a peaceful transfer of power, but that only means we have the opportunity to be the first Ugandans to do so. Yes, the regime has previously rigged itself into office and the playing field is uneven, but that only means that we must be more determined this time. We must all go vote. And if we all do, we will retire Gen. Museveni and provide the space we need to move forward as a country,” Muntu stated.

    Muntu disclosed that he would like to see Gen. Museveni safe, healthy and retired. “We would like him to attend his successor’s inauguration. But more than that, we would like to see Uganda released from the bondage of mediocrity that has plagued us for years due to politics aimed more at regime survival than national progress,” Museveni’s former war comrade stated.

    “And if you all show up at the polls and let your voices be heard, we are sure that not only will I preside over the next government as your president, but that we shall together resolve the problems we face, unleash our potential and transform our nation,” Muntu added emphasising that where there is a will, there is surely also a way.

    “I am the change you can trust, but also be the change you want to see in Uganda,” Muntu said.


    By Baron Kironde




    Top RCC Warned By Former ISO Spy On Executing Mayiga’s Request To Ask M7 For Buganda Kingdom Properties…



    Charles Rwomushana (L) and Ahmed Kateregga Musaazi (R)

    Former Internal Security Organisation (ISO) Operative and also Constitutional Assembly Delegates member Charles Rwomushana has challenged Ahmed Kateregga Musaazi the Masaka City Deputy Resident City Commissioner (D/RCC) that if he is man enough, let him execute Buganda Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga’s request to deliver to his request to his boss President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

    Kateregga admitted during this weekend’s popular ‘Gasimbaganne ne bannamawulire’ talk show on Radio Simba that he interacted with Mayiga when he was in Masaka city to officiate the reopening of the  Buddukiro building on Saza Hill in Masaka city which is also going to house the Buddu county chief’s office.

    “As a journalist, I have known Katikkiro Mayiga for a longtime. He also knows my capacity very well that’s why he asked me to help Buganda ask for “Ebyaffe” (properties Buganda Kingdom is demanding from Central government). I will help in my capacity,” a soft spoken Kateregga said.

    Mayiga allegedly told Kateregga to use his writing skills through his newspaper and magazine articles, radio talk shows to educate the public about “Ebyaffe”  and plead with the Central Government to release the remaining Buganda properties.

    However, Rwomushana warned Kateregga not to be excited over Mayiga’s proposal and cautioned him on writing articles demanding for “Ebyaffe”.

    Rwomushana warned his elderly colleague that he will lose his job and return to the streets grassing like he was before he was appointed Deputy Resident City Commissioner.

    “You Kateregga to convince Museveni to return “Ebyaffe”? You try and deliver the message as Katikkiro asked you” Rwomushana dared him.

    Senior journalist Peter Kibazo who was the moderator of the talk show also guided Kateregga by narrating to him how a strong minister lost his ministerial job because of being a secretary in one of Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s agencies.

    Kibazo said that a furious Museveni placed the minister who was a lady on the spot to explain to him how she demoted herself and undermined his ministerial job by working as a secretary at Mengo, the Buganda kingdom administration center.

    Kibazo disclosed that the lady thought that Museveni was joking, she told the President that even before appointing her a minister, she was working with Kabaka, Museveni rested his case.

    Few weeks later, Museveni reshuffled his cabinet and fired the woman from his cabinet.

    It is alleged Mayiga trusts Kateregga since he is one of the few remaining journalists who understands the relationship between Uganda and Buganda throughout the annals of history and he can help to guide the young generation.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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    Former State House Boss Narrates How Kabushenga’s Spies Exposed New Vision Editor Who Authored Dossier To M7 Over Company Mismanagement…



    Tamale Mirundi the Senior presidential advisor on media. Left is the New Vision offices.

    Former State House boss has narrated how the former Chief Executive Officer of the New Vision Robert Kabushenga planted spies in State House to stop reports not in his favour from reaching President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

    Joseph Tamale Mirundi the Senior presidential advisor on media revealed that most senior government officers spend part of their monthly salaries and allowances enriching the pockets of the spies they planted in State House to make sure that they get to know of plans and information the big man has concerning them.

    Mirundi explained that the reason why Museveni is sometimes green about the bad things especially corruption involving his government officials, and gets to know through the media is because intelligence reports made by Internal Security Organisation (ISO) and other intelligence agencies are vetted before reaching him and if a staff realises that his pay master is on the spot, he hides the report.

    He added that the corrupt and mafias in government know that once Museveni gets to know their bad side through media, they make sure that they control the media and nothing bad is written against them.

    He revealed that when Kabushenga was still at the helm of the New Vision, one of his staff, a one Ahmed Katerega Musaazi, who was a political editor in Bukedde Newspaper which is under New Vision wrote a dossier to the big man exposing corruption and mismanagement in the company.

    He said that Katerega made a mistake, and signed the dossier thinking that the person he gave to deliver it to the president was trustworthy.

    “Katerega was shocked the next day to report to office and find the dossier he privately wrote to the president on top of his desk, as everyone was looking at him. He received a phone call from Kabushega’s office to go and pick his documents, and was given the very dossier to prove that his hypocrisy had been exposed. Katerega was embarrassed,” Mirundi said.

    He added that fellow staff started isolating him and he became a laughing stock. He was witch hunted to the extent that they planted people who stole his car from New Vision Offices.

    He later stopped going to New Vision offices and started lobbying for a government job until the president was briefed about his situation and he appointed him the Deputy Resident City Commissioner Masaka City.

    Mirundi said that he was not surprised upon seeing Katerega writing articles in papers praising Museveni because he knows where he picked him from.

    Highly placed sources in State House told theGrapevine that fired New Vision staff have already started authoring deadly dossiers against the current management.

    They accuse them of mismanaging the company by hiring incompetent staff and firing the competent ones who expose their small gods in positions of power, religious leaders and cultural leaders.

    They claim that the company leadership sealed deals with those leaders not to write about them that is why the publications have run short of scandals on prominent people which has affected sales.

    However, it is not clear whether the big man received the said dossiers or not.


    By Grapevine Reporter


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    More Trouble For MP Nambooze As NUP Zeros On Lawyer Musisi To Replace Her, Mpuuga Camp Determined To Slaughter Bobi Wine Before 2026…



    L-R" MP Betty Nambooze, Lawyer George Musisi and NUP boss Bobi Wine

    Exclusively speaking to theGrapevine, Human Rights lawyer George Musisi confirmed his readiness to oust Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament (MP) Betty Nambooze Bakireke.

    In a short interview, the soft spoken Musisi noted that the three terms Nambooze has been MP are enough for her and she should gracefully retire in 2026 to give other people a chance to serve the people of Mukono.

    Highly placed sources at Magere the home of Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) the president of the National Unity Platform (NUP) have told theGrapevine that their principal received Musisi’s news to contest against Nambooze with open hands because he has been quietly looking for a suitable replacement.

    Sources said that a section of NUP leadership in Mukono met Bobi Wine in late 2023 and sold to him a proposal of recruiting former Mukono South legislator Johnson Muyanja Ssenyonga into NUP and thereafter give him the party ticket to contest against Nambooze.

    Since early 2023, Mukono NUP leadership and Ssenyonga have been in talks but Ssenyonga, who is deeply rooted in NRM has been evasive on joining NUP.

    In one of the meetings, he even told members present that he is still the flag bearer for NRM for Mukono South and chances are high that he is going to win the 2026 parliamentary seat there.

    “He fears that Museveni will order all government machinery to crush him if he makes a decision to join NUP.  The principal is also not convinced that Ssenyonga will be loyal to him and the party if trusted with support to oust Nambooze,” a source said.

    Robert Peter Kabanda the Mukono Municipality NUP chairperson has been holding meetings with NUP leadership in Mukono to make sure that Nambooze’s political career is officially buried in 2026 if she decides to contest.

    Kabanda and other NUP leaders in Mukono like; Peter Bakaluba Mukasa the district chairperson and councilors at all levels are very happy with Musisi’s declaration to contest against Nambooze because of his influence at Magere, at NUP’s Secretariat and among local and foreign funders who are ready to facilitate his political campaigns.

    Musisi is a close friend to Benjamin Katana the NUP treasure. He is also his partner at PACE Advocates, a law firm in Kampala city.

    Many foot soldiers in NUP and other party members are seeing Musisi in the picture of late Anthony Wameri who was the party Chief Legal Officer who fought for their rights.

    Musisi is also one of the external lawyers who advise Bobi Wine on legal matters and is in cahoots with influential people like; Lawyer Nicholas Opio and Livingstone Ssewanyana, his former boss at Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI).

    The development comes at a time when Bobi Wine has started the process of cleaning his house.

    There is a silent battle in NUP between Bobi Wine and some members who joined him from DP Bloc who are accusing him of sidelining them and having plans to replace them come 2026.

    They claim that Bobi Wine is the one behind his elder brother Fred Nyanzi and Masaka city mayor Florence Namanja Mukasa who are fighting to kick Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba the former Leader of Opposition in Parliament and also the NUP Vice president in charge of Buganda region out of Parliament.

    Recently, Butambala county MP Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi noted that all positions within and outside the party will be contested for. He encouraged youths to show interest in all positions.

    Former DP spokesperson Paul Kenneth Kakande while appearing on Peter Kibazo’s Olutindo talk show on Radio Simba revealed that he advised Bobi Wine that even though it is easy to contest for presidency, leading a political party is hard.

    He explained that a political party leader has to be very careful when it comes to balancing his members’ ambitions to take or control power.

    “When we were still in DP, we slaughtered our leaders. I used to stand up in meeting and place late Dr. Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere on the wall because our leaders accepted positive arguments because I was making them for the good of our party, and it is healthy,” Kakande said.

    He added that internal party fights are normal and healthy because they show that the party has brilliant members who want to take or control state power.

    Kakande narrated that him and other DP youths convinced the late Boniface Byanyima (the fallen party national chairperson) to join them in the fight against late Al-Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala and Francis Bwengye who they accused of plotting to sell their party to president Museveni’s government and they won the battle.

    Kakande is one of the members of the DP Bloc who were denied NUP ticket in the 2021. He stood as an independent but was defeated by the current Leader of Opposition in Parliament and Nakawa West Legislator Joel Ssenyonyi.

    Abed Bwanika a strong Mpuuga supporter has already warned Bobi Wine that NUP candidates in the 2026 general elections will not be determined at the party headquarter as it was in 2021.

    Bwanika also cautioned that they will not allow Nyanzi’s Kunga in Masaka because they have reliable information that it is targeting certain individuals including himself and his man Mpuuga.

    NUP insiders are still claiming that Bobi Wine is likely to front a one Alice Nannungi, who is mayor Namayanja’s henchwoman to contest against Mpuuga for Nyendo-Mukungwe MP seat.


    By Hadijja Namagembe


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